hey senpai did you notice i

Hey Nicole!

I should say likewise since I grew up and adopted the behaviors from such a sweet girl. Heh, you still know how to fluster me with your cute compliments. You know I’ve always loved that. Not only that, but I love you in general.  I wonder if you’ll blush from this one: you are as cute as a button and as kind as a bird’s song. …Did you blush? If you wanna hear more, I’ll tell you in-person. Let’s meet up somewhere else besides the café, shall we? 

With Love,


Hey Ri-Ri chan, 

Pft, there is no competition between Pyo and I. Pyo beats me no doubt. As for my hair, I don’t regret cutting it at all. There are some days where I miss it out of habit, but at least now I don’t have to go through the long process of keeping it like that. Plus, I did it for you to show you how much I was willing to change my ways. I’m glad that you thought I was handsome with or without it though. It’s good to know I have someone by my side who would see it like that. As for watching Pyo together… How about we watch it tonight? You know, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

See you soon, 


ok first of all, before i begin, i just want to say to tumblr user
hey-senpai-did-you-notice-i, yes i did notice u asked me, hello

ok, now for the main attraction, how do i feel about sourdough bread?

let me just say, and this may surprise you, idk. sourdough bread weirds me the fuck out. like wtf. it’s fuckin bread. but it's sour what is this?!

i mean, it’s fine, i guess, it’s just fuckin weird?

like i like it, but no stop. being. sour.

why this?

the first time i had sourdough bread i was like “lol why is it called that its bread it can’t be sour’ BUT IT FUCKING IS souR




(also im considering both of u friends from now on tell me ur names)