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Aww, this blog is so adorable! 💞 Can I request a fanfic of Inoo Kei and Yamamoto Mizuki? 💜 The genre would be fluff. 😊 Really tho, this blog is my stress reliever. I'm loving the fics. 💕

Y'all are so sweet I swear, I gush so hard whenever I get asks like this. Although I will admit I’m not sure how to write about these two, but I hope I satisfied your needs! It was pretty fun to write as well <3

Title: Cuddles
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Inoo Kei/Yamamoto Mizuki
(Set in a school environment)

“Mizu-chan did you hear?” Rindo ran up to her best friend, shaking her shoulder during the beginning of the school day.
“Hear about what?” Mizuki asked, used to her friend’s behavior.
“About how class 2-B got too full, so they were transferring a couple of students into each class!” Rindo announced proudly.
“Really? Everyone has heard about that. What’s that got to do with me?” Mizuki shrugged and turned away, losing her interest in a flash.
“Ah Mizu-chan you’re so slow. We’re getting new classmates!” Rindo groaned, smacking her friend.
“And you’re hoping for someone aren’t you.” Mizuki smiled, failing to hide her blatant amusement.

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I’m beginning to feel like I’m repeating myself every 100 followers or so, but seriously, thank you guys so much for deciding to follow yet another Hey Say Jump blog (I can never get enough myself lolz).

That being said, I’d love to get to know my lovely followers better. Don’t hesitate to message/ask me literally anything about Jump, Johnny’s, other Jpop, me in general… I may be socially awkward, but I want to get to know more tobikkos :D

Sorry for being MIA for so long, you guys! For a long while, and even a bit now, I wasn’t able to write anything that I was totally satisfied with (even when making up headcanons) and it actually depressed me. It came to the point where I hated looking at the blog, because it reminded me of how I was neglecting my duties. And, I know some will think ‘I’m sure whatever you write is good!’ but sometimes that’s just not enough for writers. We want to give you the very best of us, so sometimes we have to take a bit of time away to get ourselves together.

I love Hey Say Jump, this blog, and appreciate the other mods so much that I hate that this happened, but I’m (semi) back now. I admit, I’m still not 100%, but keep sending in those headcanons and I’ll get to them while working on drabbles.

Anyway~ There’s my little explanation on my disappearance. Now, back to business 🔥

– Mod L

I want members to have their own solo song, WITH A PV too! Maybe like 2-3 members in one album? I want Takaki to be the first..he deserves a solo

(I apologize for the quality of the photo! My program is going whack at the moment and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. Also stay tuned for the fake solo album edits I’ll post on my personal blog)

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Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.12.03 - Arioka Daiki, Inoo Kei

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