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thank you so much for making this blog omg T_T can i request what it would be like on a blind date with the boys?

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A mutual friend set the two of you up, seeing that neither of you would have much hope in the dating world. Let alone any hope for marriage. And honestly, Ryosuke was going through a lonely period and trusted this particular friend. Surely they were familiar with you and knew you weren’t just trying to land a date with Yamada Ryosuke, the idol. During the first half of the date, anxiety and shyness was getting the best of him and it had been hard pulling more than a sentence from the man. A little more into it, however, and he was able to be himself more.

Maybe this could actually blossom into something.

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He’s honestly apprehensive and would’ve have even went if he didn’t owe his friend a favor. Who does blind dates anymore? Do they even work? Thinking on it, it probably works more than online dating. Maybe. Either way, he begrudgingly went with no expectations in his mind. Upon the date, Yuto was actually a little surprised to find that you were attractive and he’s a little dumbstruck to be honest. Why do you need help finding love? And, that was the first thing he said to you as well – before apologizing for the poor choice of words. By the end, he hardly wants to admit that his friend might’ve actually helped him a lot. Though the date might’ve been set up, the feelings he’s starting to develop for you are natural.

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It wasn’t actually a blind date, but a small group gathering that a friend set up. Chinen would’ve never went for a blind date with a random stranger, mutual friend or not, so the friend pulled strings and invited you both to a video game night at their home. Bonding over video games is much easier than bonding over a quiet dinner and having nothing to talk about. Little by little, Chinen opens up to you and becomes friendlier throughout the night. The friend conveniently steps out to get some snacks and leaves the two of you alone, still playing games together. By the end of the night, you may not have a date right away but you have Chinen’s email and his interest gotten.

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Well, why not? He decided to give his friend the benefit of the doubt and go on the date. He had been a bit too anxious to put himself out there, so this would be a nice change. He went into it lightheartedly and the date went pretty smoothly. He’s actually glad that he went through with it, you’re a really interesting person!

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