hey say dorks

you: we haven’t even met dammek yet!! give him a chance :(

me, an intellectual: although hiveswap has alluded to some non-shitty qualities he might have, dammek has, so far, been shown to be disproportionately Awful. we may very well gain a better understanding of him and his actions in later games that could change the current perception of him, either through backstory or character development. and when that time comes, i am more than willing (excited, even!) to edit my opinion of him to something more accurate to who he is as a person. however, until then, if i have to hear xefros apologize to me One More Time, i will personally track tetrarch dammek down and shove a flashlight through his face, killing him instantly

  • Finn: Just now, I lost Poe in the crash on Jakku.
  • Poe: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!
  • Finn: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.
  • Finn:
  • Finn:
  • Finn: wAIT WHAT