hey sam you don't have a tag!!


I’m really not used to this new tumblr posty thing. Wow
Okay so anyways
I’m bringing back those silly “plz give this post __ notes i need them for a thing,” thing!
My boyfriend refuses to read Homestuck because the thinks it looks stupid. 
But I know he would really, REALLY, like it if he read it! Also it’s kind of payback in a way for something he did. Not gonna get into that. 
Anyways, we argued a lot and he said if I can get 500 posts on tumblr, he will read it. I’m not asking for follows or anything, I just really want him to convert. 
Plz give this post 500 notes i need them for a thing.

Also, he is giving me till the 16th of February to do this `A`