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Who are BgA? I never heard of them. Educate me please?

oKAY LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!!!!!! this is the most life changing information of your life’s life. BgA stands for Boys generally Asian. They are a 5 member boy group signed under RHP (Ryan Higa Productions). Their debut music video was released on May 13 2016. the song is titled  똥싸야돼 (Dong Saya Dae).

It was released on iTunes on May 19 2016 and went to no 4 on the kpop charts (america) the day of release.

Their second music video released only recently is titled Who’s It Gonna Be.

 It reached no 1 in the itunes kpop charts (america) within an hour of the release of their music video. i call them KINGS. 

other links related to BgA are:

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Dong Saya Dae MV BTS

Dong Saya Dae Dance Version

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Dong Saya Dae Dance Rehearsal

ToppDogg reacting to BgA (technically not BgA but a video worth watching)

My K-pop Boyfriend (Jeungri ft BgA)

Who’s It Gonna Be MV BTS

Here are the character profiles for the members.

They’ve had a private fanmeeting once before but it is unconfirmed if they will ever have more fanmeets or concerts.

Los Santos is a big city. It’s a big black smudge on the map with dark alleys teeming with unforgiving creatures, a breeding ground for thieves and murders alike. Everyone’s trying to get to the top, clawing and fighting their way up the criminal web, defending their territories viciously. Los Santos is a big city, but it’s controlled by only a select few. These seven people that wear the crowns weren’t always sitting pretty at the top of the food chain. They were all common criminals, nameless faces trying to survive in a place where your life is only worth as much cash you bring and chaos you cause. Not everyone had impressive backstories, but they all made the Fakes who they are today. 

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mash a to flirt

Pairing: Ryan/Ray


crossposted on ao3

Summary: Ray wouldn’t quite say he fell in love with the dorky streamer at first sight, but, well…

He can’t deny that he’s glad he and Ryan (eventually) become friends. (He’s simultaniously not that glad, because one-sided crushes are horrible).

(and press b to fall in love)

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Perfect GTA!Ryan x Cop!Reader

“ I swear to God when i get out of here im gonna fuckin murder Gavin.” Ryan mumbled angrily as he was thrown into an interrogation room the door slam shut behind him. 

Today just wasn’t his day. 

First, Gavin slips the silent alarm in the bank they were robbing, second Gavin accidentally fucking locks him in the goddamn bank alone. 

So now he’s sitting in an interrogation room alone. trying to plan his escape and how he’s gonna fucking murder gavin. 

his thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and an officer walked in silently and sat down n front of him without saying a word. 

Meanwhile Ryan was staring at the police officer sitting in front of him. Usually he didn’t give two shits about them, but he’d never seen one so…cute. 

She sat there wearing the police uniform with her h/c locks pulled into a pony tail, she was average height, but short compared to ryan. She didn’t look like a threat, with big e/c doe eyes and soft features, looking so soft and fragile. God knows how she became a cop. 

“ This is surprisingly silent for what seems to be an interrogation.” Ryan spoke finally, catching the attention of the attractive officer. 

She looks up and raises a brow and then shrugs.” well theres not much to say now, is there?” she asked and he then shrugs his shoulders.

“ i dont know, usually they want to rough us up ya know?” he said and she chuckled and laid her head on her hands, tilting her head to the side with a small smile.

“ do you want me to rough you up?” she asked playfully and he chuckled , raising his hands in defense, which were previously handcuffed but he was able to unlock them without the woman noticing.

“ no. im just saying your surprisingly calm for somebody whos in a room with a dangerous criminal, who just got out of his handcuffs by the way.” he said, holding up his hands for her to see and wiggling his fingers.

she rolled her eyes and let out a huff.” because im not afraid of you.” she said and calmly and he raised his brow.

“ oh?” he asked and she nodded.

“ i know you and your crew are extremely capable of killing me or anybody who gets in your way, it’s just not something im afraid of.the only thing that really bothers me is the body count you guys have. and i know that soon your buddies will come and get you and theres nothing i can do to stop it, so why waste my time?” she asked and his emotionless face broke out into a sly smile.

“ oh i like you.” just as you were about to retaliate a large explosion sounded out through the building, causing you to stand up and grab your gun.

Ryan stood up and yawned, stretching his hands behind his back.” well, i guess i got to go.” he said before walking towards you and slipping something into your pocket and sending you a wink while walking out the door.

“ call me sometime!” he called out over his shoulder right before the door shut behind him.

you merely stood there , completely shell shocked.

well, that just happened.


ever since then ryan had been thinking about the cute police officer. and though he wouldn’t tell the others, he had started to drive slower when on a heist when he knew you were chasing him, giving you a smile when he tells you he’s on a murder break after you telling him you had a problem with the body count.

Every time he was in custody you were the one to watch over him, your cold one-sided conversations turning into chats about how your week went, sometimes you would even sneak him in a bag of chips and a cigarette.

Jack was the first to notice, when he got caught more often, when he stopped killing so much, whenever he escaped from custody he would come back with a small smile ( which jack could tell even when he was wearing his mask.( it was the tone in his voice)

so after a heist when they were all back home, she pointed a gun at him and everybody froze, wondering what the fuck was going on.

did ryan double cross them?

was jack double crossing them?

was jack going to kill ryan?

were they all going to die?

but all there troubles were put away when ryan sighed and said. 

“ her name is y/n and i think she really likes me.”


“ ryan remember treat her like a lady, that means no manhandling, got it?” Jack said as she fixed the collar of his shirt.

“ unless she totally into it, then you can fuck her.”

“ GEOFF!” Jack hissed. “ this is his first date with this girl, do you really want him to ruin it?”

“ who said he would be ruining it?” geoff asked as he took another swig of his drink.

Yes, tonight Ryan was going to have his first date with you, with took a little convincing from you when he sneaked into your house after a robbery ( you almost shot him in shock) but you sad yes, so now he is currently being dressed by jack, and being given horrible advice by everybody.


“ hey ryan, ready?” you asked and he nodded, trying to find words to describe how you look.

this was probably the first time he’d seen you out of your uniform, and you looked great. 

wearing a turquoise dress that fit you perfectly but flares out at the waist and stops mid thigh, with a pair of black vans to match. looking cute but casual.

and fuck did you look good.

“ uh uh um yeah im ready.” he stuttered and you laughed, taking his hand and leading him toward a tall building.

“ where are we going?” he asked and you smiled.

“ well , since we can’t go to a lot of public places since things may get out of hand-”

“ im on a murder break!”

“ ive decided for this instead.” you said and gestured to the ladder, having him climb up first to the roof of the building.

“ holy shit you did this?” he asked and you grinned.

“ yup, you like it?”

on the building was a large blanket set out, with a box of pizza and wine sitting on top of it. candles on the edge of the building.

“ this is amazing y/n.” he said and you smiled.

“ i know right? well lets not dilly dally, lets drink some wine and eat some pizza like classy people.”

“ yes mam.”

After some drinks and slices of pizza Ryan is lying down with y/n in his arms, staring at the sky. You could see all of los santos from where they were.

“ This is nice. “ you said and hummed as he hands ran through your hair.

“ hey ryan?” you ask and look up at him.

“ yeah ?” he asked fearfully, scared of what you were about to say.

“ i think i might be falling for you.” you said quietly, sure it was your first date, and the wine probably has something to do with this confession. but it was all true, ever since the first time you saw him you couldn’t get him out of your head.

he let out a breath of relief.” oh thank God.” he said and kissed you. 

your arms wrapped around his neck and you eagerly kissed back, your lips moving in sync.

“ ray, ray? whats going on?” jack whispered through the comm they all had, all except ryan.

ray was currently four buildings away, watching their date through a pair of binoculars, it was jack’s idea to spy on them on their date, she just couldn’t miss this.

“ theyre kissing jack!! theyre kissing it up!” he said and she grinned.

“ really! oh thats great!”

you pulled away from ryan with a smile.” you know theres a guy watching us right?” you ask and he sighed, hanging his head.

“ yeah.”

“ is he a friend?”

“ sadly yes.”

Long story short, your first date was amazing, and ray got the ass kicking of a lifetime.


“ hey ryan?” gavin asked as ryan cleaned on of his guns.

“ yeah gavin?”

“ we should all meet y/n!”

Out of pure shock ryan’s hand slipped and a bullet flew out of the gun, breaking the window across from him.

“ NO!”


Meeting the crew for the first time was….. an interesting experience.

you were currently chasing down another gang after they had robbed a bank when you got a phone call.

“ hello?” you said as you continued speeding after them.

“ hey babe so i was wondering….” ryan began and you groaned.

“ baby im a little busy right now. im currently chasing down some robbers.besides, you really want me to meet your family?” you ask and he rolls his eyes.

“ no i want you to meet the-”

“ ryan stop lying because theyre your family if you hadnt noticed, so stop shitting with me okay? besides, i dont think they will like me very much. im a cop in case you hadn’t noticed.” you sassed and he let out a nervous laugh.

“ yeah about that….” he said and your eyes narrowed.

“ ryan…..” you said slowly, he could hear the anger rising in your voice and it was not something good.

“ yes sweetums?”

“ james ryan haywood what the hell did you-”

your question was cut short when a car slammed into the side of your car and you swerved away frantically. when you did numerous voices from he car began to shout.


“ IM SORRY MICHOO! IM SORRY MISS Y/N!” A British voice shouted. your tuned your head to see two men in the front of the car, one of them looking pissed at life with curly brown hair, the other one looking like he might faint, with short brown hair and a large nose.

you knew who they were, they were michael jones and gavin free from the fake ah crew.

“ im guessing you know who we are right?” michael shouted through his window and you nodded, both of you still speeding.

“ yeah, it’s nice to finally meet you guys!” you shouted back, the back door of the car opened and revealed a girl with red hair and a big smile.

“ hi i’m Lindsey and were gonna have to steal you for a bit if that’s cool.” she said.

oh, you are going to kill ryan.

“ so your y/n it’s nice to finally meet you.” geoff said and patted you on the shoulder.

the ride to the crew’s house was not as awkward as you thought it would be, since lindsey was constantly asking you questions about your life.

do you like cats?

which do you like better, marvel or dc?

whats your favourite food?

apparently from yours answers to all of her questions she decided your her new best friend, which you were okay with. she seemed like a nice girl.

but anyways.

you nodded.” yeah, nice to meet you to.” you told geoff and he sighed.

“ well , theres not reason to beat around the bush.” he said.” have you and ryan had sex yet?” he asked and you and ryan both went bright red.

“ GEOFF WHAT THE HELL?!” Ryan shouted.

“ e-excuse me?” you squeaked and geoff rolled his eyes.

“ theres no reason to be embarrassed, were all adults here. so, have you guys fucked or no?”

“ ohmygod ohmygod oh.my.god.” ryan mumbled, hiding his face in his hands, leaving you to speak for both of you.

“ no, we havent had sex yet.” you said and geoff nodded.

“ okay, are you suing him?” he asked and everybody froze. i guess it was a question on everyones mind, since you were a police officer, even ryan looked up from his hands.

“ no.” you said firmly and geoff raised a brow at you.

“ oh? and why should we trust you?”

“ the same reason i trusted him enough to bring me here.” you said with a shrug. “ i know you all must not like me very much but im not using him. if you hadn’t noticed whenever the cops go after you guys , they’re not as violent? i believe everybody has a chance at life, that’s why i gave ryan a chance. because i dont judge him for choosing a different life style than mine. you guys cant think whatever you want  about me but that’s not gonna change how i feel about ryan. i love him.” you said with crossed arms. 

ryan look at you with a smile. “ you love me?” he asked and you nodded with a small smile.

“ i always have.” you told him.

geoff walked forward and he gave you a big grin.” welcome to the family kid.”

the rest of the night was you all shoring stories about your life, and you telling embarrassing stories about ryan.

even telling them the dreaded gnome story.

who knew someone could attract so many Chihuahuas?

the crew had decided, you were perfect. perfect for ryan, perfect for the crew.

the perfect addition to their fucked up family.

okay so this was a ton of fun to write and i loves it! i love writing about the fake ah crew and i have another idea for one to write that’s kinda like a sequel to this one. but if you guys want to request for anything like these ( do it dudes) especialy anything with baby reader and fake ah crew, that i also love. also i have starting writing for rwby so if you want a rwby x reader i’ll do it! please request for anything and everything! see ya later!

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i'm a slut for anything where Brendon and Ryan find each other beautiful at random moments. Like Brendon walks into the bathroom in the morning and Ryan's brushing his teeth and Brendon just hugs Ryan, nuzzling into his shoulder, or Brendon's sleeping at night and Ryan comes in to join him and stops in the doorway to marvel at how at peace Brendon looks and he crawls into bed and wraps himself around Brendon, who wakes up groggily and Ryan whispers how gorgeous he is, to Brendon's surprise.

Oh my god I love this too like also
-when they’re in the studio together and Ryan’s deeply focused on something with his guitar, staring at the strings with a look of concentration and Brendon just freezes when he sees him bc he’s so perfect and Brendon is like “hey Ryan?” And Ryan looks up at him with those big doe eyes and Brendon can’t help but tell him he’s beautiful

-when they’re onstage and Ryan will be comfortable enough to look over at Brendon as Brendon is pouring himself into his microphone, giving it his all, grinning to himself sometimes and Ryan can’t resist walking over to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek or neck and whispering in his ear that he looks stunning

-when Ryan’s getting dressed in the morning right as he’s pulling his clothes on Brendon stops him and tells him he is too gorgeous and promptly takes Ryan’s clothes off again

-when Ryan makes brendon breakfast in bed for no other reason than he felt like doing something nice for him, as Brendon is waking up, really blearily and struggling to open his eyes and even keep them halfway open, Ryan leans in to kiss his lips and tells him how pretty he is