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Do y'all have any fics were tons of people flirt with Stiles, but he is totally oblivious to it? Preferably ones where Derek is really jealous. Thanks so much ♡

HEY-O yesiamanerd (rockin’ URL btw)

You’re not the only one who asked this:

We got an Anon for it! And, your fanfiction wish is our fanfiction command! Enjoy the jealousy (and flirting)!

Delirious by eeyore9990

1,238 I Scent Marking
Teen and Up
When Stiles shows up to a planning session in Danny’s shirt, Derek is unhappy.

Monsters of the Green-Eyed Variety by lielabell

1,261 I Established Relationship
Derek is not jealous because Derek doesn’t do jealousy. It’s pointless. A waste of time. So, no. Not something he indulges in. He’s above all that.
Or at least that’s what he tells himself, anyway.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk by bleep0bleep

1,285 I Brief Deputy Parrish/Stiles
Teen and Up
Kyle catches Derek’s eye briefly, and Derek twitches and mentally tries to prepare himself for an confrontation or argument with his ex, but what happens next completely takes him by surprise.
Stiles comes out of the Baked Goods aisle next, a bright smile lighting up his face and flailing wildly, thrusting two boxes of brownie mix box at Kyle, and then throws his arms around Kyle’s shoulders.

A Jolt of Espresso by Leela, and qafmaniac

1,718 I First Kiss, First Time
Teen and Up
Unwillingly, one begrudged step at a time, Derek makes his way over to the table where Stiles is sitting with that guy.

Five Times Derek Is Jealous and One Time Stiles Is by thecheekydragon

1,990 I Cuddling and Snuggling
Teen and Up
Just like it says on the tin: Five times Derek is jealous and one time Stiles is

Deputized by WhoNatural

2,423 I Unrequited Parrish/Stiles
Teen and Up
temporarily act or speak as a deputy.
synonyms: stand in for, sit in for, fill in for, cover for, substitute for, replace
””He’s too old for you,” Derek grunts, and, shit - Stiles looks indignant.

Jealousy is a Fickle Beast by stileskolpath

3,005  I  Knotting
“The guy walked by the bar and paused. Literally stopped. in. his. tracks. He gave Stiles the up-down with his eyes, practically undressing him where he stood next to Derek. He flicked a small smile toward Stiles, a sharp, sour scent oozing from his pores and sticking to the back of Derek’s throat with want. The werewolf fought down a gag. Stiles nodded at the guy politely, and Derek let a deep, instinctive growl slip from his throat.
He was not okay with that. Any of it. At all. And the frequency with which it happened when they went out was… yeah, too much. Was Stiles like, everyone’s type, or something? Just his luck.”
a.k.a. the one time that Derek gets jealous of the guy hitting on Stiles, and immediately regrets it.

If You’re Wondering by Meeya8587

3,134 I Fluff and Crack
Teen and Up
If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that he’s got a spell or jinx on him that warns the packs back home whenever his V-card’s in danger of being punched. Every. time. Stiles has been this close to getting it on with someone (and once, someones), someone calls him with an ‘emergency’.

It’s Not so Much Old Fashioned Traditionalism (as it is that Derek is in love with Stiles) by paradis

3,558 I Original Female Character
Teen and Up
“You don’t want kids?” Derek pounces on her question immediately.
“You do want kids?” Lauren asks Stiles, pointedly ignoring Derek.
“Wow, this escalated really quickly,” Stiles squeaks. And then, “I think I smell something burning!”

Pining With a Side Order of Courtship— Done Backwards, of Course by lielabell

4,126 I Pining, Fluff and Angst
Stiles isn’t exactly sure how much time he spends detailing the wondrous miracle that is his beautiful, magical gift of comics, but Derek doesn’t snarl or snap at him or anything. In fact, he seems oddly indulgent. And does that weird scenting shit again— this time just his neck, thank baby Jesus. Stiles is sure that having a fully human Derek rub his face against Stiles’s crotch would end in the most awkward and uncomfortable situation of all time. So, yeah, it’s a good thing that Derek just, you know, sniffs and licks at his neck. Because all that does is make Stiles squeak. And that’s pretty par for the course as far as his interactions with Derek have been going lately.

You’re The Obi-Wan For Me by lupus

4,697 I First Kiss, First Time
Based on an anon’s prompt (which I don’t have verbatim sorry!): Parrish paying attention to/flirting with Stiles at the station and Derek being really jealous but Stiles just thinks he’s being an asshole.

all you’re giving me is friction by drunktuesdays

4,707 I Original Characters, Crack (Like ridiculous as fuck)
Stiles is Alpha bait.

Tease by katrint

4,852 I Established Relationship
Stiles is used to Derek being all growly, claiming and rough when he gets jealous, but when something that usually would make Derek all the above happens, and Derek shows no interest in Stiles whatsoever, Stiles starts to worry.

An Alphas Claim by superpotterlock (fvalconbridge)

5,333 I Future Fic
Apparently, Stiles was some kind of magnet for hot, older guys. Which would all be fine and dandy (and really flattering) if they didn’t howl at the moon on a regular basis. Not that it really bothered him, because Derek’s werewolf stamina - yeah, that was freaking amazing. But now, the only guys who wanted to fuck him were psychopaths! Not that he was calling Derek a psychopath… Except he kind of was…

Hot Damn by Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

6,324 I 7/7 I Everyone Wants Stiles
Tagged: Rape/Non-Con Elements
Stiles has no idea why all the werewolves suddenly see him as the most attractive guy in the universe, on a scale of 1 to GQ he was maybe a game show host, good looking enough to put in front of a camera but with a stunning assistant to keep the audience engaged. He just wishes it would stop, it was seriously getting into the bad touch and he was seriously considering asking Derek to make them stop.
or, Stiles is suddenly hot, werewolves in heat all want a piece of that and Derek has a little green monster on his back called jealousy.

We’re Just Friends by Destroyingtocreate

6,468 I Car Sex
Danny and Stiles are lab partners and Derek always comes around when they’re together and repeatedly tells Stiles to not hang out with Danny.

Big Teeth Small Kiss by scottstiles

7,678 I 5/5 I Girl!Stiles
Stiles starts dating and Derek doesn’t handle it well.
The one where Stiles starts dating and Derek gets irrationally jealous. Then he comes up with stupid, petty reasons as to why (insert Stiles’s current fling’s name here) isn’t good enough for her and (not so subtly) sabotages her relationships.

the weird awkward family reunion of the hales by chupachups

8,032  I  Getting Together
“God,“ Stiles breathes out, his jaw hanging somewhere around his knees.
The wall of muscles, dark and tall and handsome, laughs and says: “It’s Dan, actually.”

The Summer Pact by AbandonShip

8,681  I  8/8  I  Soulmates, Packmom!Stiles
Set right after the Season Two Finale. This is based off the theory that Stiles helped Derek over the summer. Derek, Isaac and Peter seek out Stiles’ help to find Boyd and Erica:
“So uh, I get to do all the dirty work, huh?” Stiles says. “Miss out on all the action you’ll have to deal with…” Derek already has one his legs swung over the ledge.
“Trust me,” Derek slowly looks Stiles up and down. “You’ll be getting plenty of action.”
The alpha swings his other leg over the edge and jumps, leaving Stiles to wonder what the heck that even means.

Okay, I hope this pleases you and that you like the jealousy! 

Love and internet hugs,

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Mollyhall! Billy Gilman auditioned for The Voice tonight! As the only other person I know of who shared my preteen obsession with him, I had to tell you.

you know what’s a weird thing? a weird thing is that i have never met, interacted with, or even seen billy gilman perform live and yet i would follow him onto a battlefield just because of the brief shining moment that i loved him with the ferocity that only 9-year-old girls can