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Patater Week - Feb 8 - Fake Relationship

Kent doesn’t know why he says what he does. Literally any other explanation would have been better. 

Literally. Anything. Else.

But no. Kent is standing outside Alexei Mashkov’s hotel room with a bucket of icy water in his hands, fully prepared to lean it against the door and then quickly knock and ditch, when someone two doors down yells, “Parson? What are you doing here?”

Kent freezes and snaps his head. It’s the goalie, Snowy. The guy’s wearing a frown, which makes sense, because there’s no reason for Kent to be on the Falc’s floor when the Aces’ floor is one down. It’s pure dumb luck that the Falcs hadn’t yet cleared out of Minnesota by the time the Aces had arrived and settled in, and Kent had thought, Hey, Mashkov’s been ribbing me all over Twitter for the last two months, wouldn’t it be hilarious if I pulled an IRL prank on him? 

That is the exact explanation he should give. The words “I’m pulling a leaner on Mashkov, wanna help?” should come out of his mouth. But they don’t.

Instead, what Kent says is, “I’m making a booty call, duh.”


“What?” Snowy’s eyes don’t bug out but he does look poleaxed. “You–And Tater? Since when?”

None of your fuckin’ business,” Kent says, instead of what he should say, which is “Since never, oh my god you should have seen your face!”

What is he saying? Why is he lying? His hands are going numb from the bucket of ice water and meanwhile he’s sweating bullets under his sweatshirt.

Snowy doesn’t look pleased by the brush-off, but he also looks–apologetic? “Tater’s out,” he says. “He didn’t tell you?”

“I thought I’d surprise him,” Kent says, still going along with this, why the fuck is he still going along with this lie. His feet, mercifully, carry him a few steps back from Mashkov’s door and back down the hall in the opposite direction from Snowy. “Guess I’ll head back.”

Confusion is plain on Snowy’s face. “I’ll tell him you stopped by?”

“No, no, I’ll text him, it’s cool!” Kent’s grin might be manic and his voice might be a shade too high. His voice might be several octaves too high. “No need to bother him!”

“If you’re sure–”

“Insanely sure!” Kent waves and fucking flees.

Forts and Ribs

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Hey guys, this one is really fluffy and I never though I could right anything like this but I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it…. I stole a couple of lines from the song “Ribs” by Lorde… I love this song and also I am Australian so there was a couple of words there that I had no idea what the rest of the world calls them,  so my apologies for any confusion. Let me know what ya think 😁


Coming home was seriously the best part of your day…. Shawn had time off finally… so at least he could relax. This particular afternoon you cloud hear Shawn singing ‘Lights On’ from inside as you pulled up to the drive way. Slowly turning the knob to your apartment door you could see Shawn standing up just jamming in his own little world with the grandeur windows shedding a soft light that illuminated him rather coincidently, the same way that his face was when he released the illuminate album…. Not wanting to kill his vibes you darted into you room and got changed into some trakie - dacks and a jumper … but as you tried to sneak out, you cold see from his cheeky little smile that he knew you were home. You crept up behind him as he continued to sing, folding your arms around him from behind like origami…. “Your skin’s so perfect up against me. Your lips are talking when we don’t speak…” on that note you planted soft kisses around his neck and clothed back…. well the parts you could reach anyway. Once the last words were strung together and tied in a pretty melodic bow, Shawn wriggled around to face you, his sidechick…. the guitar… taking your position on his back. You both did the nose scrunch and nuzzle that was kind of your ‘thing’ then he gave you a quick peck on your lips.

“Hey short person” he said after you opened your eyes

“Hey Tower” you breathlessly laughed knowing your crappy pet name were ridiculous.


After a somewhat burnt but edible dinner and a long shower, you came out in the living area to find your bed’s mattress in the centre  of the room with a tub of ice cream, Nutella, a Bluetooth speaker, a wide eyed dork that you fell in love with and every single towel and sheet in the house stacked neatly near every single pillow that you shared your home with.

“ What are you doing love…. spring cleaning or something?” You asked mildly confused as to what was actually happening.

“ Well, every king and queen needs a fort so we are going to build one…. It’s happening, otherwise I will make a moat and lock you out of it.” He jokingly said  in a little kids voice.

Well it was a fort alright… after eating way to much ice cream and the whole jar of nuttela, your voice was sore from singing at the top of your lungs and you were exhausted from having a peg war with Shawn, using the pegs that were meant to secure the sheets together. Finally it was ready and the fairy lights were strung to the sheeted roof over the mattress. Both you and Shawn crawled into bed and just lay there talking about random stuff like ducks and toothbrushes.

“It feels so scary getting old” Shawn added randomly out of nowhere…. “ I mean… when did it all just stop, the dreaming and playing with toys and constantly making a mess.”

You both went quiet for a minute…

“Honestly  Shawn I don’t know but I don’t think it just stopped I think it just kind of grew up with us like the dreams become more realistic…. the toys become more expensive and the mess just is more of spilling alcohol.”

“ Yeah I guess you are right… besides look at us y/n… your the only friend I need, sharing beds like little kids, laughing till our ribs get tough… and I can never get enough of you”

“I wuv you” you said in a toddlers voice

“I wuv you more” Shawn replied as the fairy lights glistened of his soft hair and he pulled you in, with sleep slowly taking control, leaving the night to wrap you both in its arms and wake to see the reflections of warmth on the man you loved so much.

Translation: Hey, we’ll make ribs tomorrow in my house with the dudes so you can drop by

L was one of my 2 best friends ever since 7th grade. We’re now 23. She told me she’d always be there for me, even after my other friend, H, stopped being my friend. H was the greatest friend I could ever had, she was a piece of me. We were 1 person in 2 bodies. I was depressed, and L was there for me. I knew I’d be alright because I had her.

She was getting married, and she never told me anything about it being cancelled. When I asked, she ignored the question. I went to San Diego for 4 days to visit my then fiance, who is now my husband. I told her I wasn’t in town, and after that she never messaged me again. She deleted me from everything. I was devastated and heartbroken. I was alone.

A while had passed, and since her ex-fiance is my childhood friend and my roommate’s friend, he comes over to visit us often. One thing led to another and he ended up telling us how L demanded him to remove me from social media because, according to her, I was stalking him and was obsessed with him. That caught me off-guard because he rarely got on Facebook and I didn’t even have his phone number saved. Now that L has a new boyfriend, who was also a good friend of mine, I noticed he had deleted me from Facebook as well.

I guess she wasn’t that much of a good friend as I thought she was, and I’ll never really know why she did what she did. It pains me and I find myself thinking about her from time to time, but oh well.