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He Keeps Me Warm


Special thanks to @pat-on-verge and @bonnybee for helping me with the vows because I could not figure out how to write them for the life of me.


Pairings: Logicality, slight Prinxiety

Warnings: Implied/referenced homophobia, split lips, AND NOTHING BUT DISGUSTING FLUFF

Word Count: 4,837

Summary: Today’s the day, and Logan can’t help but look back at the memories that got him to this moment.

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If I say yes will you go to the meeting? (Tony Stark x Reader)

Pepper leaving ruined him. He couldn’t deny that to anyone, they could all see it. He stopped sleeping, he barely ate, and he was far more crude and grumpy than usual. They were even worried he’d drink himself to death.

Then you showed up. Despite how little he wanted to, he knew he needed to replace Pepper. He couldn’t get through the day without an assistant. That’s where you came in. You had a stellar resume. You had worked for the best of the best. After interviewing at least twenty people, you were the only person who could keep up with everything he threw at you. He hired you not realizing that you were exactly what he needed.

He had hired you over two years ago. From the time you came he started getting back to his old self. He didn’t see it but the others did. He was sleeping, eating, and he actually tried to keep up his appearance. You were a good assistant too. You kept his schedule pristine and you got him where he needed to be better than Pepper ever had. Even if he could be difficult, you loved your job. What you didn’t love was the constant flirting.

“Come on (y/n). I’m the most, I repeat, the most eligible bachelor in New York. Don’t you want to change that?” He leaned over the kitchen counter you were sitting at and tilting his head a little.

“Really? Last I heard Steve was the most eligible bachelor. So you’re second. Sure I’ll change that. Hey Steve I’m free on Saturday morning.” You answered him not taking your eyes off of the computer you were typing on.

Steve’s head shot up from the comic book he was reading his eyes snapping to look at you. He opened his mouth to say something but Tony sent him a glare. Steve shook his head turning back to his book.

“Just one date. Then you can decide whether or not iron man is your favorite avenger.” He gave you a charming smile.

“No. Besides my favorite avenger is Natasha.” You answered reading over another email.

Tony huffed a little sitting down and sipping his coffee that you had picked up for him before work. He watched you run a hand through your hair and bit your lip like you always did when you were frustrated. He frowned unconsciously and put his coffee down.

“You have a meeting at 4 with the governor.” You sighed as you typed.

“No. I’m not going.” He shook his head.

He didn’t want to go. Those meetings never ended well and he couldn’t stand them. He’d rather work on his suit. He almost took back his words though as you looked up from the computer. Your eyes narrowed and he could see the tired bags under your eyes.

“Anthony Stark. You are going.” Your voice was low and he almost flinched at the sudden change.

“Not gonna happen….unless….” his lips twitched into a smirk.

“Unless what?” You sighed exasperated.

“Unless you make it worth it.” His voice seemed to purr out at you.

“Fine. If I say yes to a date will you go to the meeting?” You asked looking him in the eye.

“That sounds worth it to me.” He smirked.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” You sighed putting your head in your hands.

“I’ll pick you up at eight. You know how to dress.” He turned grabbing the coffee and walking away.

You picked up your tablet following him your heels clicking as you ran to keep up. You followed him briefing him on everything he needed to do for the day. Surprisingly he did everything without complaints. You helped him pick out his suit for the day, picking a navy blue suit. He didn’t really need your help but he knew if you picked it out it meant you liked it.

You ushered him into the car you had waiting as fast as possible before he could decide not to. He complained the whole ride and you couldn’t help the smile that crossed you tired face. There were times when he really could make you laugh.

“I swear this whole meeting is just an excuse to jump down my throat about Steve.” He huffed fixing his sunglasses.

“Just get through this without causing a fuss please?” You asked him leaning back into the seat of the car.

“Fine fine but just because you can’t be mad at me on our first date.” He teased laughing.

You smiled softly to yourself. His laugh always did sound like music to your ears. It was rare you heard his real one. Mostly he was sarcastic and mocking when he laughed. You glanced over at him once more as the car pulled up to the governors office. The two of you made your way up the stairs and into the office. The governor was waiting for you as you stepped inside ushering you into his private office. You sat off to the side taking notes. Tony had been right, this was awful.

You rubbed your temples as the two of you left. Tony was even in a slightly bad mood as you sat back down in the car. You busted out laughing the moment you had started back to the tower. Tony raised an eyebrow but couldn’t stop himself from laughing along with you.

“Oh you were right. I can’t stand those meetings.” You breathed out when you were done laughing.

“Told you. Hey. You can head home early. Gotta get ready for our date.” He smirked at you lowering his sunglasses a little.

“Okay Stark. I get it. We’re going on a date.” You huffed closing your eyes for a second.

You rode in silence the rest of the way. You fought to keep your eyes open only really waking up when you got out and the cool breeze chilled you. You packed your things saying goodbye to everyone quickly before rushing home.

You weren’t quite sure why but you were on edge. You weren’t sure you even had something nice enough for wherever Tony was bound to take you. He rarely if ever went small. You were about to give up when you remembered the dress Tony had bought you for your birthday. You had never had a chance to wear it before now. It was a knee length navy blue dress that had a lace overlay. You slipped it on pulling on a pair of navy heels. You left your hair down and you put on a silver bracelet. Checking yourself in the mirror a few times, you liked what you saw. You grabbed a nicer silver purse putting your wallet in it and stepping outside just in time for Tony to pull up. He got out of the expensive sports car opening the passenger door for you. You smiled at the gesture getting in.

Tony was awe struck as you walked over to the car. You were stunning normally but now, now you were more beautiful than he thought was possible. He sat in the drivers seat looking over at you. He took a deep breath gripping the steering wheel. He couldn’t seem to get out any words.

“I’m surprised you didn’t switch suits.” You smiled glancing over at him.

“Oh… yeah. Well since you picked it I figured you’d like it.” He mumbled his confidence gone.

“I do. It’s my favorite one of your suits.” You mused.

“You look beautiful.” He blurted before sighing.

He sounded like an idiot he was sure of it. He couldn’t keep the picture of you standing there out of his mind. He pulled up to a huge fancy restaurant. Your eyes were wide as you took in the sight of the gorgeous white pillar and huge oak doors. You felt slightly out of place as he helped you out of the car.

“Like what you see?” Tony finally smirked getting his confidence back.

“It’s beautiful.” You breathed out looking around.

Tony held his arm out to you leading you into the restaurant. No one stopped him as he walked you back to a booth hidden away from everyone else. A waiter was there in an instant and Tony ordered white wine for both of you.

“Tony this is… wow. This is too much.” You glanced around at the velvet seating and oak table.

“Hey. Nothing’s too much for you.” He winked flirting.

You blushed a little. Sure he flirted with you all the time but this was different. The way his eyes softened as he looked at you. You were about to respond when the waiter came back to take your order. Tony ordered for both of you somehow knowing exactly what you wanted.

The night went amazing. It was one of the best dates you had ever been on. He made you laugh and blush and at one point you almost spit wine out of your nose. As you finished your meal you realized how late it was. Both of you had work in the morning and it was almost 11 o'clock.

“Tony this was amazing. But we both have work tomorrow. You have a 7 am meeting.” You reminded him yawning a little.

“Told you any date with me would be amazing. But you’re right. Don’t want to be tired for another boring meeting.” He teased before dropping down the cash to pay for the bill and a large tip.

He offered his arm to you leading you to the car. You tried to fight it as he drove but eventually your eyes fell shut. You’d been up all night the night before getting Tony’s speech ready for the next big event. Tony glanced over at you seeing you asleep. He smiled driving to your house.

He didn’t want to wake you up as he parked in your driveway. He moved gently unbuckling you and lifting you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck burying your face. He gave a low chuckle as he grabbed your spare key. He was suddenly very grateful he knew where it was. He shut and locked the door behind him carrying you to your bed. He tried to set you down but you wouldn’t let go.

“Come on (y/n). You’re home.” He said rolling his eyes at you with a smile.

“Stay?” You mumbled quietly and he almost didn’t hear you.

“Okay. Let me do something real quick. You put your pajamas on.” He laughed setting you down.

You slowly kicked your heels off as he left the room. He sent a few emails canceling the 7 am meeting. When he walked back into the room you were in a tank top and shorts already curled up into your pillow. He smiled down at you kicking his own shoes off. He was glad he wore an undershirt as he carefully took his suit off. He had just taken off his button up as you reached out and grabbed his hand. He smiled even wider as he flopped next to you. You cuddled up to him letting sleep take over.

Tony didn’t expect this to happen. He wasn’t complaining though as he felt you lay your head on his chest. For the first time in a long time he fell asleep without a drink in his hand or his head on his work table.

The next morning you shot up checking the clock. Seeing the bright red numbers you made out the time. 12:30. You jumped out of bed waking Tony up as you did. He sat up on his elbows watching as you threw your closet open.

“We’re so late Tony!” You shouted grabbing a shirt.

“Calm down. I postponed all of my meetings. I told everyone I was sick.” His voice was low and rough with sleep.

You calmed down but you gave him a disapproving look. You sighed dropping the shirt and getting back into your bed. Tony smiled laying on his side and pulling you into him. You blushed as he did your body pressed against his.

“You know… I don’t want to get up. We’re staying here.” Tony laughed sleepily running his hand down your arm.

“Sounds good to me, Mr. Stark.” You laughed a little your hand on his chest where the reactor was.

“I don’t want to wake up without you… ever again.” Tony whispered softly his eyes half lidded as sleep tried to grab him again.


Request:Can I request a fic where dark-skinned  Reader and Tony are together and fight for their relationship despite an abundance of outside negativity? Rumors are flying around like she’s only with him for his money, or that she’s a prostitute, or that he’s only with her to try to seem politically correct, or that he’s slumming, etc. Maybe an Avenger or two (doesn’t matter which) think they are helping by suggesting that Reader and Tony break up? The other Avengers are supportive though?  @smile-it-wont-suck-forever

You were sat watching one of the many shows that got their ratings by gossiping about celebrities. You didn’t usually watch these shows, but you heard your boyfriend’s name  in passing as you were flipping the channels and curiosity got the better of you. He wasn’t usually featured on these channels anymore; it was usually just the news channels fussing over Iron Man.

“It has been a while since Mr. Stark made it onto our radar, but it seems he took a break from saving the day to be with a mystery woman over the weekend. The couple was seen leaving a restaurant in Manhattan, sharing a little PDA,” the woman spoke, you rolled your eyes. You’d thought you saw a camera flash while you were out. It was only a matter of time before the  media caught wind of you two. You lasted a while though, almost a year without anyone being the wiser.

“Who is this mystery woman you ask? Your guess is as good as ours, but don’t expect to see her for too much longer, we know Tony Stark’s game, there’ll be a new one next weekend. In other news-” the T.V. suddenly turned off. You looked around to figure out why and found Tony.

“I never changed out women weekly… that would have been too long a turn around,” he complained. You rolled your eyes.

“I told you going out to Manhattan was a bad idea.” you chastised, crossing your arm in front of your chest. He smirked and came over to where you were sitting and sat on your lap. You fought to keep a straight face while he sat there.

“I wanted to take you to dinner, is that so bad? Is it so horrible of me to want to spoil the woman I love? Tell me is it?” he asked playfully moving closer and closer to your face as he spoke. His playful smile pulled your own smile out of you. You pushed his face back with a laugh.

“I guess not, now get off of me, fool.” you pushed at him. He got up but not before kissing you.

“I’ll talk to someone about it, yeah? Let them know you’re not just my Saturday night… occasionally you get Sundays.”

You threw a pillow at him, which he easily caught and tossed back on the sofa. His smile faltered for a moment and he gave you a concerned look, “You do know that the vast majority of those journalists are idiots right? I want you every day.”

“You better,” you grinned.

“Great, rom-com moment over, come on  I have something to show you.”

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Best Friend Jae x Reader

(this is my first time ever posting any of my writing so I’m sorry if its bad!! Thank you sm for reading<3 ANY feedback is 10000% appreciated)

Y/N ran her fingers through her highlighted brown curls as she read the text from her boyfriend again. 

“We need to talk.” 

What possibly could be wrong now? Minjun was a good boyfriend, though he sometimes seemed cold or demanding, he seemed to have a special place for the smiling, cheerful Y/N. 

Y/N  sighed and thought of calling Jae and asking his advice, but then she remembered that Minjun would be furious if he  found out she went to Jae again before him. His jealousy was cute and flattering in the beginning, but now honestly it was annoying. So what her best friend was a boy? Had Minjun been there for her since 2 years old? NO. Jae knew her better than anyone else, but that didn’t necessarily mean that she liked him romantically! Honestly, even Jae’s girlfriend had a problem with their friendship. Y/N realized outwardly it could look odd because both Y/N and Jae were naturally very affectionate towards each other. They always held hands, exchanged hugs and acted caring since they were little, they hadn’t seen a reason to stop until their significant others worried over it. On their double dates, Y/N and Jae would often end up laughing over each other’s jokes while Minjun and Sian (Jae’s girlfriend) sighed with their reserved faces blank.

The two realized this later and sheepishly made an effort for their significant other’s… 

Y/N was a complete people pleaser and always tried to make everyone happy, especially those close to her. But Minjun’s grasp became too controlling even though the gentle-hearted girl didn’t notice. Y/N highlighted her lovely mahogany hair because Minjun wanted it. Then she started wearing the contacts that she had always hated because Minjun didn’t like that she and Jae matched with their cute framed glasses. She started dressing different, changing her casual, comfy style to a preppy pretty classy feel. Even though she didn’t like the changes she never said anything… Her thoughts and words were drowned out by Minjun anyways. Minjun would twist it so it seems as though he wasn’t forcing her, so Y/N accidentally kept letting him tell her what to do. Jae often worried over her telling her not to let him do that, but she would smile, ruffling Jae’s hair, and tell him that Minjun just had a suggestion and it was her decision. She didn’t realize that she let her own thoughts and ideas be muted by Minjun, though she always listened carefully to Minjun’s.

An hour later, Y/N sat at the coffee shop in a jean skirt and white blouse waiting for Minjun. She had his favorite kind of makeup on and her feet were in pretty white heels, all of these facts were things Y/N hated, but Minjun liked. Minjun strode into the cafe, his dark eyes scanning and when they landed on waving Y/N, they narrowed. 

Y/N felt her stomach turn uneasily as he strode swiftly over. 

“We need to talk.” He said harshly as he sat down with a thud, his broad shoulders looking bigger in his leather jacket.

“You don’t say…” Were the kind of words that Jae would have said with one of his over exaggerated eye-rolls, but Y/N just nodded patiently, pushing down those thoughts while fighting a smile.

“You have stop being friends with Jae.” Minjun said bluntly, his eyes careless as he looked over the menu.

Y/N’s mouth literally fell open and she felt her face heat in anger. Thousands of words came to her mute mouth, but all she could think of is ‘this is the last straw.’ 

Snapping her mouth shut, she lowly said in a tone that Minjun had never heard before, “No.”

Minjun’s neck snapped as he looked up at her. Y/N had never shut him down so fast, usually she worked it out with him, letting him win in the end due to his stubbornness.

“What did you say?” He asked, as he couldn’t believe it.

“I said no.” Y/N said firmly.

He scoffed in amazement.

“Your friendship with him is too much.” Minjun said, Y/N looked away as she thought about the fun that she had with Minjun, and the kindness and warmth Minjun had singularly gave to her.

“It’s him or me.” Spat Minjun, when he saw Y/N look away in thought. 

Thousands of images of Jae flashed through her mind. When they were five years old and they built sand castles on the beach. When they were eight years old and they pushed each other on swings. Each day of school, the two walked together to it holding hands. She remembered him holding her when she cried over her grandfather’s death. He was the only one who she could be completely honest with. The only one she would ever show her hidden pains to. She remembered the late nights they stayed up talking. The times they wore themselves out dancing to loud music in his room. Of the countless midnight car rides to get ice cream they had. She smiled as she thought of him. He had always been a part of her life, he was more important to her than anyone else. Jae was like a thread that was woven into the entirety of her past, woven deeply into her heart.

“Well if that’s the case, that’s unfortunate. I’m never giving up Jae.” Y/N said, her voice strained as she looked up at him.

Minjun laughed in amazement, “How are you gonna live with that choice? You’re madly in love with me. You listen to me like a puppy and you shower me with affection. What’re you gonna do if you lose me?”

Y/N’s voice was a sarcastic hum when her inner Jae spoke up saying, “I’ll live.”

Minjun’s eyes widened, and he tried again, “Once you lose me I’m gone.”

Y/N sighed heavily, as if she was tired of the conversation. Sitting back in her seat, she said, “My mind is made up. You can’t change the outcome without changing yourself.”

Minjun grunted and stood up, “You’ll regret this, Y/N.”

“This is one decision that I know I’ll never regret, Minjun.” Y/N said firmly.

They met eyes and Y/N smiled, “I wish you best.” 

Standing up, she walked out her head held high.

In pajamas, her glasses on, and her hair in a messy bun, Y/N reached for her phone to call Jae. She lifted it and was surprised to see Jae calling her. 

Picking up, she let out her greeting, “Hey Jae-Bae.”

He responded with his familiar, “Hola Y/N-Boo.”

After their mutual chuckles, there was a silence.

“Sian broke up with me.” “Minjun broke up with me”

Their rushed sentences overlapped each other, making them laugh.

“Wow. We must be connected, dumped on the same day, dude.” Y/N laughed sarcastically.

“Ice cream at your place?” Jae asked as she heard his keys jingle in the background.

Y/N hummed her agreement and sniffled, trying not to cry.

“Don’t you dare start crying until I get there.” Jae said and Y/N smiled.

Two hours later they were hugging each other crying watching a sad movie with two empty cartons of ice cream beside them. As the end credits rolled, Jae turned to Y/N.

“You wanna talk about it now?” He asked gently.

Y/N smiled and nodded, “Let’s spill. You first.”



“Who got the ice cream!”

“Who’s blanket are you covered in!”

“YAh!” Jae screeched, flapping his feet at her and accidentally sticking one foot into the sticky ice cream carton, causing them to burst out laughing.

“I’ve missed hanging out with you.” Jae said pinching her cheek.

“Me too.” Y/N said leaning onto his shoulder.

There was a moment of silence, then Y/N said, “He made me choose between him and you.”

Jae paused, then laughed, “Does that idiot even realize how long we’ve been best friends?”

“ThAtS wHaT I tHoUgHT!” Y/N said.

They huffed in unison.

“What about Sian?”

Jae rubbed his neck.

“She made you choose between her and me?” Y/N joked.

Jae looked at her with a sheepish glance. “Weeeelllll….”

“NO. WAY.”

Jae and Y/N laughed, then Y/N started sniffling. Jae pulled her into a hug, his chin on her shoulder as she cried into his neck.

“Personally I’m glad that Minjun is gone.” Jae said, matter of factly. (trying to make her laugh)

A giggle was muffled against his wet shirt. (he succeeded)

“He was a jerk. He thought he knew fashion, he thought he was hot stuff, but in reality he was about as hot as a noodle.” 

More giggles came.

“And he kept trying to change you…” Jae said, his voice a little more serious. “That’s something you do NOT do to my best friend.”

Y/N smiled up at him from his shoulder, “He just changed my exterior a little, never my interior.”

Jae smiled down at her and kissed her forehead, surprising her. “If he had, I would’ve killed that big ham and made him into bacon.”

Y/N laughed and pushed him.

After that night, they spent everyday together, like they used to. Eating, singing, dancing, watching TV, studying, eating, eating, and holding each other, it seemed as though everything had turned back to normal. But their was a silent hidden shift in both of their hearts… Y/N tried to not think about how she felt so much better in Jae’s arms, then she ever did in Minjun’s. While Jae tried not to turn red when Y/N would constantly hug him and tried to calm his racing heart every time Y/N would grab his hand.

“Dude, we should do that thing that they always do in movies!” Jae said one night, as they finished the third movie of the night.

“Hmm?” Y/N asked rolling over to him.

“Go out and rub our greatness in their faces.”

“Like, strut our stuff like the independent woman we are. We don’t need no men, we got ourselves, then our s/o’s are like SHOOT. Like that…???” Y/N laughed.

“YES! Except I’m a dude….. BUT that doesn’t matter! Let’s go out and be ourselves! Aren’t you satisfied with who you are now? Confident in who you are?” Jae asked.

Y/N smiled at his bright eyes and nodded.

Jae made everything better.

“THEN LET”S GO!!!” Jae yelled and bounced up.

“Dude.” Y/N said as they stood up. “We should wear the matching outfits we used to wear.”

“Perfect.” Jae said with a grin.

So that’s how they rolled up to the ice rink in ripped jeans and grey sweatshirts, their glasses on and their smiles so bright, they were blinding. 

As the two got on their skates, Jae leaned over to help her with her ties and then for some reason, his ears turned red when Y/N ruffled his hair and thanked him. 

When they got onto the rink, Y/N was super wobbly and tipped forward, but Jae stopped her grabbing her hands. They both smiled a little…a little oddly, but Jae held on tight and stabilized her while he skated backwards leading the hesitant Y/N across the frosty rink. 

As he carefully pulled her, he softly hummed to the music playing from the speakers. Y/N looked up at him, his gentle brown eyes and beautiful face for some reason sent a warmth in her left ribs. She couldn’t help but smile lovingly up at him. 

In that moment, she felt warm with the knowledge that she would never regret choosing him.

Jae noticed her looking and both of their cheeks flushed, leaning away from each other when they realized how close their faces were… Y/N didn’t understand why her heart was beating so fast.

oh my gosh.” breathed Y/N as she looked across the rink at a couple coming on the ice.

Jae spun around to see Minjun and Sian holding each other very close, giving small kisses her and there.

no way” Jae murmured.

“We’ve been played.” He said in amazement and Y/N giggled. 

“I can’t believe this.” He said.

“Me neither!!”

“Wah! I’m so mad!” Jae said, shaking his arms and twisting his head.

But Y/N interrupted him, tugging on his sleeve. Hoarse in her anxiousness, she whispered, “they’re about to look over, what do we do?!!

Jae looked over at them, then looked at her with an unsure, unidentifiable look, “Don’t hate me.”

“Wh-“ Y/N started, but was interrupted by Jae’s lips on hers.

Her mind went blank, the feeling of his warm lips and his cold hands holding her face erased every thought present. After a moments hesitation, she kissed him back, pulling him in by the corners of his hood. She felt him smile against her lips then wrap his other hand around her waist and pull her closer.

To put it lightly, Minjun and Sian were gaping in shock, but Jae and Y/N didn’t even care about them anymore. There wasn’t room for any other thought except for each other… That’s the way it had always been, and that was the way it always would be.

Fame is a Lonely Road

Summary: Kylo Ren is the lead singer of the Knight’s of Ren, one of the most well known bands of late. Despite his success in career he still feels lonely, cold, and afraid. That changes when he spots you. 

A/N: ughhhh im a sap, sorry hope you guys like this fluffy oneshot, trying to get back into things, also thanks @fanfictionauthoress for the idea 

Sweat trickled down his brow, the sound of the crowd dying out to the roar of his heartbeat. In that moment he forgot everything, in that moment his world was you.

You didn’t even notice that the lead singer was staring straight at you, completely love struck. You were looking around, observing, waiting, wondering why you were even here. Sure the Knights of Ren was a popular band, and they put on a great show, the music was good but you just didn’t feel that connection, and you were just here because you got such good tickets for free, so you only felt more out of place.

It felt like everyone was staring at you, like they knew that you weren’t a true fan. You slumped in your seat, trying to shy away from the uncomfortable itch of a burning gaze. You quickly get bored of staring at your hands, and wonder when the band is going to play their next song. When you look up you find the source of the gaze, brown eyes molten with passion, framed by dark strand of hair scattered on his forehead. Maybe you were imaging things, but was Kylo Ren staring you down?

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Tyler Seguin

“ (Y/N)? (Y/N) ! Hey! Wait  (Y/N/N)!”

Your heart in your throat and stomach at your feet. Flashbacks ripped through you while the man you hoped to never see again became closer to you.Y you picked him up and kept walking faster hoping to lose the man you never wanted to see again in the crowd of people.


It was after prom night you and Tyler were sitting on the roof above his bedroom.

“I’m really glad you came back for tonight, it means a lot to me, I know you are under a lot of stress and pressure right now.” you said playing with the tiara you won tonight.

You and Tyler had dated right through high school, so it wasn’t a huge shock to anyone that you two had one pro king and queen even though Tyler wasn’t really enrolled at your school anymore.

“You thought I would miss this? Your crazy Beth. You know I wouldn’t even with everything. I still want you to be happy. Plus my mom would have been pissed if I didn’t come too.”

You laughed, “She would have been for sure. I knew you would have tried to come but you’re starting all the stuff for the draft soon. I didn’t know if you would have been able to make it with all that.”

“I leave soon,” Tyler said not meeting your eyes. You knew he felt bad about leaving you back in Brampton after everything you have been through over the past 4 years. “But until I leave I am all yours and you are going to be all mine.”

You just smiled enjoying the night.

“ (Y/N) you okay?” Tyler asked you could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m just worried about what’s going to happen after this summer ends. I’m going to college and you could be in god only knows where.”

“Beth, together for ever, remember. We have had that promise since we were, what? Eight?”

“I know but things are changing? And we were eight, everything was less complicated back then.”

“Hey look at me.I love you and nothing is going to change that. I meant it when I was eight and I still mean it knows at eighteen. Together for ever. I promise.”

“Together forever Seguin. I’m holding you on that.”

“Hey, I give you my full permission to hit me if I break that promise.”

“I’m holding you on that one too.”

“I know you are.”

“I love you Tyler.”

“I love you too.”

And in that moment everything with Tyler felt right.


Stuff happened that night. And at the end of summer you left for college and Tyler left for Boston. Over the first month he was gone he rarely called or texted you by the second month it was like he went MIA.

He called you one day but you missed it because you were in a lecture and boy do you wish you haven’t had missed that call.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s me. Listen we really need to talk. Um, geez okay. I think it would be best if we just went our separate ways. You deserve better and I won’t be able to come home a lot anymore. They took me (Y/N)! I made it! I’m on the roster for this season. They said they saw great potential in me and I could be a real asset to the team! I’m really sorry Beth I didn’t want it to end this way between us, but I think that it’s better for the both of us if we go our separate ways you in college and me in Boston I just don’t see it working for us. Be (Y/N), I know you’re gonna do well in school and probably go farther than I ever would have! Good Luck!”


You actually had intended on calling him that night. You had just found out that you were pregnant and you knew right away it was his. Who else’s could it be? You never got the courage to call him and tell him.

You dropped out of college to have the baby. Your parents had been so mad that you kept the baby. Saying that you weren’t going to be able to handle it. They turned their backs on you. The only people that supported you where Jackie and Paul. Tyler’s parents.



“Hi Jackie! It’s (Y/N) I was wondering if you had a minute so we could talk?”

“Hi Sweetheart! Ya of course! Whats up?”

“Um I was wondering if we could meet up for coffee or something?”

“I’m not busy right now if you want to meet up…, Is everything okay?”

“Kind of. I’d rather talk to you about it in person.”

“Okay, that’s fine I’ll see you soon?

“Okay, great see you soon.”


“Jackie, I’m pregnant.”

Jackie said nothing. The silence became so uncomfortable it made you want to vomit.

“Is it Tys?”

You looked down ashamed. “Yes.” You whispered unable to meet her eyes.

“Does he know?”

“No. Only because he broke up with me. I don’t know what to do. And I’m not ready for him to know. Jackie please don’t tell him until I’m ready.”

“What have your parents said?”

“They kicked me out. And all my stuff because I can’t get rid of the baby. I would never forgive myself.”

“I know sweetheart. Hey, I’m here for you. I’ve got you covered.


” (Y/N)? (Y/N)! Hey! Wait  (Y/N)!“

Your heart in your throat and stomach at your feet. Flashbacks ripped through you while the man you hoped to never see again became closer to you. You knew you should have said no, coming here tonight was a mistake.

But how could you say no? Your sons favorite player was his Dad. His dad that he had never met. But all he wanted was to watch his favorite player. His favorite player that he looked so much a like too, even at five he was a mini-Tyler from looks to personality. You picked him up and kept walking faster hoping to lose the man you never wanted to see again in the crowd of people.

You made it out to the parking lot before you felt someone grab your arm. The grip that felt oh so familiar. The one that was always there for you when you needed it. The one that disappeared so quickly.

“Bethany, please I just want to talk.”

You set your son down who immediately hid behind you with a tight grip on your right leg, every time. It was always the right leg.

All you could think to do was slap him hard. You knew it had to have hurt him if your hand had immediately turned red and stung so bad. You clenched your fists trying so hard not to hit him again in front of Grayson.

The silence was so uncomfortable. You were just about to pick Grayson up and put him in the car when Tyler finally spoke.

“I knew that was coming, ya know. I think that’s why I always avoided coming to see you when I came back to Toronto. You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Ya well I wish I could say the same about you but,”

“You look good.”

“What do you want Seguin?”

“What’s his name?”

You debated on telling him and staying or picking Grayson up and leaving. “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

“Hi Buddy, whats your name? I’m Tyler.”

Grayson’s grip just became tighter as he stared at the man crouched down in front of him.

“Go ahead honey you can tell him.”

He peaked his head out from behind you, and you immediately saw Tyler’s expression change.“Grayson”

Tyler stood up. “He’s mine isn’t he.” The tone of his voice gave away it wasn’t a question, but a statement.

“I think you already know the answer.”

“Can we go somewhere and talk, please. I think I deserve an explanation.”

You just laughed. “You don’t deserve anything. YOU broke OUR promise. Don’t ya remember.”

“Bethany please.”

You thought for a moment. “Fine, where do you want to meet.”

“There’s a coffee shop down the road.”

“Okay, I’ll follow you.”


The three of you all sat at a back booth in the corner of the coffee shop.

“How old is he?”


You watched as Tyler leaned back and thought for a moment. “The night after prom?”

You nodded.

“How did your parents take it?”

“Not well.They kicked me out.”

“Why didn’t you call me then? I would have helped…. How did you manage?”

“Don’t get mad.”

“I won’t get mad, I just want to know.”

“Your parents. They helped me with everything. And I asked them not to tell you. I just, I just didn’t know how to tell you because I wasn’t ready to tell you. I was so young and confused.”

You looked over at Grayson who had fallen asleep leaning on you. Tyler noticed too he was already handing you his jacket to put over him before you could even try to take tours off.


“No problem. And (Y/N) ?”

Beth. The name you hated so much, but never hated it when Tyler called you by it.

“I want to be in his life.”

“I know, and I was prepared for that possibility.”

“Why are you out here anyway?”

“I got relocated for work. Listen, I should really get him home to bed. I’ll give you my number and we can work something out.


You did.

At first, it started with small visits and Tyler watching Grayson if you had to stay late at work. Then it became longer visits which lead to you and Tyler spending more time together. At first, you thought it was an act for Grayson and for a few months that’s what you convinced yourself it was.

But you realized it wasn’t. You didn’t realize how much you missed Ty until now.

It took a while for you to be able to trust Tyler again, but after a few months, it came back along with new feelings.

You eventually spent so much time at his place that he asked the two of you to move it with him. You were finally starting to feel like a family for the first time.

One night you were sitting with your feet in the pool enjoying the quiet night in Dallas when Tyler came outside and sat down next to you.

"I know it been over a year since we ran into each other and honestly, I’m glad we did. I love having Grayson in my life and you back in it. I’m not proposing to you but I want to give you this ring because it’s my promise to keep you and Gray in my life forever. Because I love Grayson and I love you, and not those teenager I love you’s. I really mean this one Beth I love you with everything I’ve got.”

“I love you too Ty. I really do love you. I’m glad your back in my life. And I’m glad that Grayson apart of all this too.”

Tyler put his arm around you and you put your head on his shoulder remembering all that old times that you used to do this. But this time it felt different. A good different, as in there is no place you would rather be than right here right now.

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Hi! Do you have any fic recommendations already where Derek and Stiles are best friends? If you have, can you please link it? Thank you very much! I'm starved for these kinds of fics.

  • This MIght Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • Little Dumplings by DevilDoll (G, 8k) “You and Derek are going to sit next to each other,” she said. Derek had already put his mat down off to the side, near the window, and was sitting on it, glaring at his Batman sneakers. “And you’re going to hold hands.“ "What?” Stiles blurted. He looked over at Derek, who was looking back at him, mouth fallen open in shock. His eyes were so wide that for once his eyebrows weren’t his most noticeable facial feature. “If you refuse to apologize to each other, you’ll have to make up another way,” Miss Blake said firmly, steering Stiles over toward Derek and standing there while he obediently—if somewhat grudgingly—put his mat down.
  • Mating Habits of the North American Domesticated Werewolf by lielabell (M, 35k) Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.
  • Help me get in touch (with what I feel) by alenie (E, 3k)  “Stiles, what happened?” Derek says as sternly as he can (which isn’t very). Nevertheless, there is a pause on the line, and a small sigh. “I was just…having some Stiles personal time, you know? And…I may have gotten something stuck. Um, in me.” “In you?” Derek says incredulously. “What do you…oh.” Enlightenment strikes. “Like, in your…” “Yes, in my butt!” Stiles snaps.

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Bucky x Reader Drabbles

This is my 300 follower celebration post! These are various drabbles, sorted by the [completed] fic I imagine them being a part of.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been liking and reblogging my posts and following me. You guys are absolutely amazing and I thank you for your continued support and love of my writing.

Featured: Running from the Past, Impossible, and By Chance.

Warnings: Swearing, sexual themes/mentions of sex, blood.

Originally posted by there-and-always-back-again

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ChiTown- Lafayette X Reader

day 4 of the write-a-thon: write a fic that happens where you live or somewhere close. celebrate your culture and where you are!

place chosen: chicago


“Oh my god why are there no people here?” I heard someone exclaim and I looked at them weirdly.

“I don’t know, my friend.” Someone else replied. They both sounded like they were from the east coast although the latter had a predominantly French accent. However, judging from their reactions, they were probably from New York City. I made my way over there and I tapped one of them on the shoulder before I could decide that it was weird to do so.

“Well there is much less trash here.” I added and they looked at me in surprise.

“You live here?”

“Yeah. I lived in the suburbs before but more job opportunities up here.”

“How did you know that we are from New York?”

“You guys are blatantly from a big city and New York because it is kinda shocking to notice that not as many people are walking here.”
“You’ve been to NYC before?”

“Mhm, I was visiting a friend who had just gotten back from France or something.”

“So are we going to do stereotypical Chicago things and get deep dish pizza and go to the bean or something?” One of them asked, pulling the others arm.

“Do you want to be our tour guide?”

“I don’t even know you guys? You could be axe murderers?” I pointed out and they laughed.

“I’m Alexander Hamilton and this is Lafayette.” He said and I raised an eyebrow.

“Y/N L/N. My friend- Thomas Jefferson- he’s told me a lot about you.” I said and Lafayette laughed at Alexander’s reaction.

“Man how many people will I run into that know him and are friends with him.”

“Well if it means anything, you are certainly not what he described.”

“Did he describe a man who fights with him over political and economic things because that’s him too.” Lafayette added and I smiled a bit.

“He also said that you are ‘out of your goddamned mind’.”

“Sounds like him.” Alexander replied and I laughed.

“What did he say about me?”

“That you were very handsome and that he had a crush on you.” I said and Alexander fell over and laid on the ground, laughing. Lafayette was blushing intensely and I looked at them both, amused. “Hey I don’t think you should lay down on the ground, we are in the city.”

“Does he still have a crush on Lafayette?” He asked, standing up and I shook my head. “Damn. What other dirt do you have on him?”
“Plenty, he is my friend though.”

“Laf it’s official, Y/N my new favorite person in this world.”

“Should I tell Laurens or you?” Lafayette responded and smiled when he noticed that Alex was flustered now. “Anyway- I’m starving. Where should we eat?”

“Depends, do you want to wait forty five minutes for a deep dish pizza?” I asked them and I felt bad as soon as I said it because his smile just disappeared.

“Is it worth it?”

“I don’t remember, the last time I ate deep dish pizza I was like eight years old.”

“That settles it, we are taking you out for deep dish pizza.” Lafayette announced and he grabbed my hand and started walking away from where we needed to go.

“Wrong way.”

“Where are we even going?”

“Lou Malnati’s.”

“Ah okay. Alex c'mon.” He said, turning around. We had to go several blocks and when we arrived, Alex was complaining about how his phone battery was almost dead.

“Table for three, please.” Lafayette smiled and the waitress smiled back and led us to a table and passed out the menus to everyone.
“I’ll give you a couple of minutes to look over the menu, do you guys know what you want to drink already or not?”

“I’ll just have water.” I smiled.

“Coffee please.” Alex said.

“I’ll have water as well, thank you.” Lafayette ordered and she walked away.

“Do you guys want to go to the Sears Tower after this?” I asked them.

“Don’t you mean the-”

“I know what I said and I meant it.”

“Oh! Can we also go to Navy Pier as well?”

“Alex, the Sears Tower and Navy Pier aren’t close to each other.”
“Well how long does it take to get to the Sears Tower from here?” Alex asked.

“Twenty minutes, give or take a few.” I replied quickly and he nodded, in thought.

“Well we can always get a taxi as well or call an uber.” He suggested and I nodded. We waited for our drinks and when the waitress gave them to us, we ordered a deep dish cheese pizza. For forty five minutes, we talked about Chicago and New York, them trying to convince me that the latter was better the entire time. When the pizza arrived and we all ate, I stood up.

“You guys won’t need me as your trusty tour guide anymore then if you are going to get an uber or a taxi. I will be going back to my apartment if you guys don’t need me.” I told them and I pulled out my wallet. “Lunch is on me, okay?”

“Wait- how do we get in contact with you if we need to?”

“Call Thomas.” I smiled. I paid for the meal and left some cash on the table as a tip for the waitress and I walked out.

I heard someone knock on my door and I looked through the peephole, seeing a nervous Lafayette outside. I opened the door and he smiled when he saw me.

“It’s been four hours since you’ve seen me.”

“Yes and I bought you some flowers to thank you for getting me and Alex off to a nice start here.”

“It’s no problem. You really didn’t have to bring me flowers, thank you Laf- can I call you that?”

“Sure. I’m sorry if this seems weird as well- Thomas gave me your address because I think he thought that I like you.”

“Well I mean people don’t usually get flowers for saying thanks yet here we are.”

“Here we are.” He smiled and he handed the roses to me. “And I know that this may be a little forward considering we’ve just met but I want to ask you on a date to the Shedd Aquarium? I mean we can of course just go as friends or something but I’ve never been to an Aquarium before in general and I wanted to share that experience with you?”

“Yes. Thomas has been telling me about you all day since I left you guys.”

“All good things I hope.”

“Yeah, all good things. Anyways, it’s getting late. Do you want to stay over for the night and we can eat the rest of my stash of icecream and watch Criminal Minds?”

“Yes, I would love to.” He smiled and he came inside and closed the door while I grabbed the carton of icecream and two spoons.

I sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to me, turning the tv on.

“I thought I wasn’t going to like Chicago.” He told me and he sat next to me and I looked at him, amused.

“What changed your mind?”


Getting To Know You Again

Ao3 Link

Anonymous Tumblr Prompt: an amnesia fic in which both of them loose their memories and don’t remember each other and other people try to make them understand how important they are to each other which results in a “getting to know you all over again” kind of thing.

TW: None


When he awoke, he felt different. Something was off but he wasn’t able to pinpoint what. Blearily opening his eyes, he realised he had no recollection of where he was or how he ended up there. All he knew was that there was an irritating beep that rang in his ears and a blinding light that made him wish for sleep. He forced his eyes open and was met with a clinically white room that stung his retinas. The beeping from earlier appeared coming from one of the many machines next to him. Looking down at his body, there were pads attached to cords and a hospital robe that covered his body.

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Pretty Bird (Nightwing x reader)

(This includes a Community tv show reference.)

(Y/n) was finishing getting ready for her special date. She snapped her earrings on her earlobes and brushed her hair. The tv in her bedroom had been showing a marathon of Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore appeared on screen looking handsome as ever, (Y/n) thought. He had nice eyes and a nice mouth and a nice chin - overall he was lovely! He couldn’t compare to the man she had known for the past five years. A two year beautiful friendship plus a three year intimate relationship.

She sat on the bed, putting on the pair of shoes that went with her outfit and brought out her eyes. Her cellphone buzzed next to her. (Y/n) picked up the phone to find that her date, Dick Grayson, texted her. “Are you sure you want to meet up? You don’t need me to pick you up?” It said. She replied, “I’m sure. Thank you, though. :)” Dick always treated her with respect. (Y/n) called a taxi, waited, and when it arrived, was on her way to meet her boyfriend.

Shortly after she had arrived and paid the driver, who drove like a race car driver because she said she was going on a date and politely said she didn’t want to be late, pulled out her phone and texted Dick, letting him know that she was there. He called her number resulting in her answering, “Hey! Are you here?” “Yeah, babe. I can’t see you though. There’re so many people here!” (Y/n) smiled and told him, “Hold on, let me try something.” She moved the phone away from her mouth and ear and yelled out “PRETTY BIRD!!!” to which Dick responded “THAT’S ME!!!”

(Y/n) giggled and followed the sound of his voice. Soon they stood in front of one another and embraced each other. Dick pulled away just enough to kiss her. When they separated he wrapped an arm around her waist and started walking with her to her favorite restaurant; it became his favorite restaurant too since the day he decided to try every single freaking thing on the menu.

“How are you, (Y/n)?”

“I’m much better now, and you?” She smirked up at him earning a smirk from Dick.

“Same here,” he pecked her cheek. “I know you’ve mentioned how busy the past few weeks for you have been, so I wanted to do something for you.”

“I really appreciate, Dick. Thank you so much. Oh! And the mission?”

“The mission,” he sighed from recalling the incident, “…almost intolerable. Guess what happened at some point.” (Y/n) guessed correctly that Superboy and Wally had a bad argument. “YES! This time it was actually kinda funny to watch. I know I know. It sounds terrible.”

“I mean I kinda have to agree with you. Sometimes their fights can be…” she tried finding the right word.


“More or less. Pretty much, yeah!” She laughed. “Remember when I told you about Rease?” Dick nodded his head interested in everything she told him. “Well after he tried to take credit for the thing I did, someone caught him trying to do the exact same thing with someone else’s project, and he was let go!” Both of them laughed at the incredulity of the situation.

“No way! I thought the bastard would be sneakier than that!” He laughed hard enough to where his eyes slightly watered.

“After all the other things I told you about him, after eight years he finally got his karma! I need some tea because I know it stopped being my business when he stopped trying to mess with me, but oh my God!!!”

“You need your gossip tea? Shame on you,” he joked.

She lightly nudge him in his side with her elbow while trying to hide her smile.

They reached the restaurant and sat at their reserved table. (Y/n) and Dick continued talking when their waiter appeared with a pompous look on his face.

“Hello, my name is Marcus and I will be taking your orders. What would you like to drink?”

(Y/n) and Dick ordered their drinks when Dick saw a tattoo of a cult classic film he recognized. “Nice tattoo, man.”

“It’s cool that you know the reference, too!” (Y/n) smiled.

“Yeah. It’s way better than Die Hard which is a piece of garbage.”

Dick stiffened and frowned, “… I’m sorry?”

“Die Hard has got to be the worst movie ever. I mean seriously? The plot is so unoriginal.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened in shock when the waiter spoke that way about her boyfriend’s favorite film. “Oh sh**,” she thought.

“Die Hard is an amazing movie with a great plot, a great cast, and great suspense. How is it the worst movie ever? Where is the logic in your statement, Mar-”

“Hey, Marcus! I think I’d also like to ask for the ninety drink listed, please.”

“I’ll have your drinks in a moment.” With that, the rude waiter walked away. (Y/n) exhaled in relief and held Dick’s hand to calm him. “You okay?”

“I’m not sure. He just totally dissed Die Hard! Can you believe the nerve of that guy? I mean sure we have our own opinions. I just wish I didn’t have to hear those words come out of anyone’s mouth.”

“He ruffles your feathers?” (Y/n) tried not to laugh at her own joke. Dick tried not to be amused with the question, but failed miserably. “I’m sorry he made fun of it. It was kind of inconsiderate. He doesn’t know good movies and it’s sad, but life goes on and he’s missing out.” Dick smiled affectionately at the woman who understood him and kissed her hand.

After the dinner, they walked hand in hand in comfortable silence. Everything felt right.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Do you like Die Hard?”


“Do you love me?”


“Will you marry me?”

“Yes- WaIT WHAT?”

Dick got down on one knee and pulled out a small box with the ring.

“Will you marry me? I promise to be the bestest friend and husband, to stick by your side, and to help you continue to become the best version of yourself as that is the meaning of life.”

(Y/n) felt her heart beating out of her chest. Her eyes teared up, her cheeks turning red, and her mouth curling up to form a bright smile. “Yes.”

@dccomicsimagines I hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

How long has it been since you last slept? For the Angst meme with Kaoru

( Angst Me No More — Ask Meme )

“How long has it been since you last slept?”

pairing: Kaoru x Reader

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 1742 words

insp: “Six Degrees of Separation” — The Script, “How I Met Your Mother”

a/n: this one is a bit of a songfic! it’s also differently written, a new challenge for me.

“Oh, [Name]-san!” An elegantly-dressed lady, well into her 40s, waved at you once she caught sight of your lone form. A few of her friends also walked towards you.


“Kobayashi-sama.” You nodded in respect, although fully aware your family’s empire could easily overpower her husband’s. “Semi-sama, Izumi-sama, Ushijima-sama.” You acknowledged her friends, all as well-dressed as the former, and all decked in the same glistening jewelry. 

“Oh, dear! We heard about you and Kaoru-chan..” Kobayashi said.

I knew it. 

You nodded, with a slight smile. “Yes, Hitachiin-kun and I have parted ways, after three years.” You spoke of your ex-boyfriend with his last name, feeling discomfort with the thought of using the first name you had called him ever so lovingly for three years.

Semi frowned, and put her hand on your arm. “We were shocked, you know. We really thought you two fit together. We even thought you two were going to get married.”

I thought so, too.

You pulled another perfect yes-i-feel-sad-too-but-life-goes-on look. “Thank you, Semi-sama. Unfortunately, it seems Hitachiin-kun and I were just two very different people..” 

That’s not it, though.

“Are you okay though, honey? How have you been holding up?” Ushijima kindly asked, and you smiled. Her eyes spoke of genuine concern, which was nice.

“Truthfully, Ushijima-sama, I’m still adjusting to the change.. Three years is quite a long time, after all.” You chuckled. “But I think, this change is good, actually. I’m doing good.”

Really, now?

“But you know, I have a nephew who would be perfect for you! I’ll introduce him to you next time.” Izumi remarked. You held back every urge to cock an eyebrow at the 47-year-old. 

Instead, remembering your manners, you chucked softly. “Thank you for the offer, Izumi-sama, but I think I won’t be dating for a while.” 

“That’s understandable, dear. Anyway, good luck!” Kobayashi bid farewell, and you watched as the quartet moved on and talked to the others that caught their interest.

You sighed. It’s going to be a long night.

You closed your eyes for a moment.. and the eight months before this flashed into your mind.

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tinybluehouses  asked:

polyfrogs flower shop au

Monday was almost too much.

“Oh man,” Chris said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Anybody who said running a flower shop wasn’t hard had obviously never worked in one. “Why does everyone always come on Monday?”

“Because we were closed yesterday and everyone always comes in to get the bouquets they forgot to get over the weekend,” Derek said. He placed an empty vase on the counter.

There was a smudge of dirt on his cheek. Chris reached up and wiped it away with his one ungloved hand. The other was covered in soil and old leaves.

“Thanks,” Derek said, smiling softly. He bent down to quickly kiss Chris’ cheek and only moved away when the chime above the door rang for the millionth time that day.  

“Hello, sir, how may I help you today?”

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anonymous asked:

PLEASE do 'ex-sex where they can't get enough of each other ' :):):):)

They broke up for really legitimate reasons, honestly. It was completely, 100% the right call; Bellamy was going off to college, Clarke would be in college the next year, and long-distance during college just seemed like an awful idea. They’ll be in different places, with different people, making new friends. If they tried to tie themselves down with a high-school relationship, they’d just end up resenting each other.

But when Bellamy comes back to town for his first Thanksgiving break, he still calls Clarke, because of course he calls Clarke. She was one of his best friends, and he misses her. They still talk, of course, text and chat and occasionally Skype, and she’d probably kick his ass if he didn’t call.

He really, really didn’t mean to hook up with her. He hadn’t been planning on it. It was honestly an–not an accident, but it wasn’t intentional.

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Spring Has Come

This is based on a prompt sent in to @omeliafics:
‘Amelia and Owen find a woman in the park while on a date. She’s in labor and needs their help.’

Thanks @magicalpostface for tagging me to do this prompt! This takes place several months after the ectopic pregnancy, which can be read here:


Spring was around the corner, and was making itself known by the blossoming of the flowers in the park and the chirping of birds.

Amelia inhaled a deep breath of the fresh air of spring. She always loved spring, it has always been her favorite season of the year. Spring signified the end of winter. Spring signified hope. Spring signified new life and new beginning. She in particular really needed a new beginning, with everything that had happened to her the past few months- being kicked out of the house by Meredith, being ignored and falling out of love with Owen, Meredith being attacked, and then her ectopic pregnancy bringing both of them back together. Sometimes she herself wondered how she could keep it all together.

During those trying few months- she had learnt to appreciate everything she had because she knew that anything she had could be taken away from her in an instant. Therefore when she and Owen got back together, she made it a point to cherish every single moment she had with him.

She stole a glance at Owen who was walking beside her, also breathing in the spring air. She could never get tired of studying his features- his face, his broad shoulders and broad chest. She grabbed hold of his left hand and linked it with her right hand as they walked side by side through the the park. She smiled up at him, her dimples showing, and he gladly returned the smile. She leaned her head on his shoulders as they slowed down their walk and paused in front of a pond full of ducks.

It was very early in the morning, and there were hardly any people around. In fact, it was just the two of them in the huge park.

’ Looks like it is just the two of us here.’ Amelia announced. ’ I kind of like this because it is so peaceful and quiet, but it is unsettling at the same time.’

’ Well, if I recall correctly, you were the one who suggested we drive all the way to this remote park 2 hours away from the city just to enjoy the peace and quiet’ Owen teased.

’ Yep, I did say that I like the peace and quiet.’ Amelia defended. ’ it makes this date more romantic.’

’ Oh so we are on a date now?’ Owen asked surprised.

’ Yeah- me and you together, holding hands , with no one else around, in a park. Isn’t that considered a date?’ Amelia teased. ’ What is your definition of a date then huh?’ She challenged him, winking.

’ Alright so it is a date then.’ Owen winked back.

He was pleasantly surprised in fact that Amelia would consider this a date. He couldn’t remember the last time they had actually dated, it was well before all the crap that happened the past few months.

In reply, Amelia stopped in her tracks and looked up at Owen, causing him to stop in his tracks too. Suddenly without warning, she brought both her hands up to the sides of his face and caressed the rough contours of his face. In return, he cupped her face in his hands, one hand tracing the outline of her dimple, and the other hand stroking her smooth silky hair.

They pulled in closer to each other and their lips were millimeters apart from touching when they were rudely interrupted by a noise being emitted a few meters away from them. It initially sounded like a wounded animal groaning. Amelia was the first to hear the noise, as she pulled away from Owen, frowning in concentration.

’ What’s wrong Amelia?’ Owen asked, frustrated at having their near kiss being interrupted.

’ Nothing- it’s just…. Did you hear that sound?’ Amelia asked.

’ What sound? I didn’t hear anything’ Owen was puzzled.

’ That sound’ said Amelia pointing at the northeast direction of them towards a shady spot in between a group of trees.

Owen strained his ears to listen. Sure enough, there it was- a low groaning sound coming from the direction of the trees.

They both exchanged glances. What could it be? A wounded animal?

Cautiously, they both walked towards the source of the noise. The nearer they approached, the more obvious it was that the noise came from behind a tree at a picnic spot near where they were standing.

Amelia stopped dead on her tracks when she spotted a young woman sitting on a spot beneath a tree, groaning. Her hand was clutching her swollen stomach- it was obvious she was in a lot of pain.

Both Amelia and Owen snapped into their doctor mode immediately.

Amelia rushed over to the woman’s side.

’ Hey, are you ok? What’s your name?’ she asked gently, so as not to startle the young lady who seemed frightened enough.

‘A…. Amy…. I…. My water just broke and now the contractions are becoming more frequent…. I just can’t…. OUCH!’ the woman doubled over in pain again as another strong contraction overtook her.

Meanwhile, Owen was already taking out his phone and calling the ambulance.

’ Ok Amy, my name is Amy too. I need you to breathe ok? Just take deep slow breaths.’ Coaxed Amelia calmly. ’ How far along are you?’

’ Eight months plus’ Amy muttered through clenched teeth as yet another strong contraction subsided. ’ Baby is not due for another 2 weeks. I thought of just taking a walk in the park to clear my mind after quarreling with my boyfriend. This is our first child.’

’ Where is your boyfriend?’ Amelia asked softly. ’ Are you alone here?’

’ He doesn’t know that I’m here.’ Amy said. ’ Please don’t tell him that I’m here’ she added looking at Amelia with wide eyes.

’ Why not?’ Amelia asked confused.

Amy didn’t have the chance to reply as yet another strong contraction ripped through her body.

’ The ambulance is on the way.’ Owen interjected. ’ It’ll take at least half an hour to arrive from the nearest hospital, Grey Sloan.’

Amelia stole a glance at Amy- who was moaning in pain again.

’ I don’t know whether her baby will be able to wait that long.’ she muttered. ’ Looks like we might have to deliver her baby here if need be.’

Although she looked calm on the outside, Amelia’s heart was pounding on the inside. She couldn’t remember the last time she ever had to conduct a delivery … Perhaps it was almost 10 years ago during her residency. Her Obs & Gyn knowledge was rather rusty. So was her Paeds knowledge.

But she needed to stay calm for the frightened young woman in front of her.

’ Could you lay out the picnic blanket for me?’ she whispered to Owen. ’ And get the towel and sterile scissors and sterile clamp from the first aid kit in our car.’

’ Ok Amy.’ said Amelia , sounding calmer than she actually felt, after the picnic blanket had been laid out and Owen had held a towel in front of them for privacy. ’ I’ll need to examine you ok? I need to see how far your labor has progressed.’

’ I …. I need to push right now!’ Amy exclaimed with a sudden sense of urgency.

’ Ok wait Amy- let me examine you first.’ said Amelia calmly. ’ Don’t push first.’

’ Alright listen Amy’ said Amelia after a quick vaginal examination. ’ You’re fully dilated, I can feel the baby’s head. I need you to push right now ok?’

’ I … I can’t !’ Amy cried in panic, tears rolling down her face. ’ I can’t do this…’

Amelia crouched down next to her. ’ Listen Amy’ she said softly but firmly ’ Yes you can. You can do this. I need you to push for me. Your baby is almost here.’

Amy suddenly took a deep breath and pushed with all her might.

’ Yes, that’s good,’ Amelia encouraged , as Amy collapsed against her chest, panting in exhaustion. ’ A few more pushes.’

’ I can’t , I’m too tired.’ Amy cried. ’ Yes, you can, do it for your baby. It’s almost here.’ Amelia urged on calmly as Amy took another deep breath and prepared to push again.

After a few more pushes, a baby’s wail could be heard piercing the air.

’ Oh my God’ Amy exclaimed as she rested her head back on the ground in exhaustion, tears of joy and relief rolling down her face as Amelia clamped the umbilical cord. Amelia could feel tears rolling down her own cheeks as she wrapped the wailing newborn baby up in the blanket Owen had passed her. Owen, who had been witnessing the entire scene unfold before him, was also blinking back tears.

’ Congrats, you’ve a beautiful baby boy.’ Amelia announced as she proceeded to place the baby on Amy’s chest. ’ Do you have a name for him?’

’ Daniel’ Amy answered . ’ After my late father.’

’ That’s a nice name’ Amelia smiled. ’ Ok, Amy I need you to relax ok, I need to deliver your placenta.’

Right after the placenta was delivered, the ambulance arrived to send both mother and baby to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for postnatal observation.


A few hours later, back in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Amelia sighed contentedly as she stood at the nurses counter outside Amy’s hospital room, looking into the room. Amy’s boyfriend Kevin was inside there, and the young couple were peering down at the baby in her arms smiling at each other. It was such a delight to watch. Amelia was so engrossed in the scene before her, that she didn’t notice Owen creeping up beside her. She jumped up in surprise as he tapped her shoulder.

’ You haven’t been moving from your current spot for the past 10 minutes ’ he observed, chuckling in amusement.

’ Look at them’ Amelia pointed out,!nodding her head in the direction of Amy’s room. ’ What a beautiful family.’

’ Yes, they are’ Owen nodded in agreement. ’ Maybe we should try for another baby.’ he added, half joking. He suddenly realized too late how insensitive that statement might seem. They had just lost their baby several months ago.

Amelia looked up at him, studying his face intently. ’ You want to start trying for another baby now?’

’ I’m just joking.’ He replied quickly. ’ Maybe eventually , not now.’

’ Well, maybe we can try right now if that’s what you want’ she winked, grabbing his arm as she lead him to the nearest on call room.

’ Wha… ’ Owen was speechless as he let himself be dragged into the on call room.

“ I’m just joking , not right now.’ she added quickly. ’ I’m on the pill remember? But we could use some practice .’ she whispered huskily , as he locked the door behind them.

Author’s note: I hope you like it! Again, I would love to hear from you- comments, messages and reblogs are very welcome!! ❤️ I just received a great prompt today- will be working on it the next couple of weeks. :)

@rainbowcolouredrain - the fic you’re waiting for

What is Love?

This is an almost prequel to ‘I Like How I Am With You’. This would take place two days before the first story, so consider it in the same universe and enjoy. Also available on AO3.

One day, the question hits him like a freight train. Nico had been in the middle of a training session, younger campers whacking each other with wooden swords. It has been three years since the battle against Gaea, and Nico was feeling better than ever. He has gradually grown into his role as a camp counselor and he was a favorite among the younger generations. Perhaps it is because he was willing to play silly games with them, give piggy back rides, inspire confidence in those who were ashamed with their confidence, or hold them when they cried, homesick and missing their parents. So, when little Vera came running to him, he expects a request not a question. Not a question that would stump him at the age seventeen…

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Red Silk - Olicity AU - Oneshot

Summary: Felicity’s shower breaks. Luckily, her neighbor Oliver is a good friend.
Rating: PG-13

Read at AO3

Felicity stared angrily at the shower knob, desperation and frustration building in the pit of her chest. It was the third time in as many months that her shower refused to turn on. After the second time, her landlord had personally promised it would not happen again, hiring a brand new technician to come out. Desperate to believe him, she had trusted the repair technician when he promised his short, twenty minute repair would do the trick.

That was a month ago.

Staring at the evidence of his blunder in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel anger.

Normally, she was a level-headed and composed individual.

Normally, she would’ve taken it with a grain of salt and would’ve headed to her gym for a quick workout and simply caught a shower there while she waited for her landlord to get someone out.

Those were the things she would do, if she didn’t have a date coming to pick her up in an hour and a half.

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Who you'd be today

A what-if, where Caroline died with Bonnie rather than Damon.  Blame ravenclawslibrary, as she was the one who suggested writing about Caroline dying (told you I was gonna throw you under the bus).

1. Liz

Beloved daughter and friend.

It didn’t suit her at all.  It was far too simple an epithet, for a personality that had been so large. Black marble, sparkled with silver threads, and a simple statement carved there for the world to remember her by.

Caroline Forbes

October 2 1992 – May 5, 2011

Beloved daughter and friend

                Liz set the bouquet at the base of the stone and traced her fingers over the letters.  She had been killed by Tyler-who-was-not-Tyler, and then she had sacrificed herself so that Damon could cross through to this side.  Liz tried not to begrudge the eldest Salvatore life, she truly did.  It was Caroline’s nature, to sacrifice for her friends.  She wouldn’t be her, if she didn’t.

                But there was a bitter part of her that hated them all, because they still existed, when Caroline did not.

                We’ll get them back, Liz.  Care and Bonnie.

                Those had been Elena’s words, as she clutched close to Damon.  She had made assurances and cried her tears at the funeral, then she had turned to Damon and smiled as though her whole world existed in him.  Damon had seen the look on Liz’s face, had tried to reach out to her.

                We’ll figure out a way to get the town back, too, Liz.

Liz remembered feeling so very wrecked.  She wore the one black dress she owned, one that Caroline had helped her pick out when she was still human, telling Liz that she needed at least one article of clothing that made a fashion statement.  She doubted her daughter had ever thought it would be worn to her funeral.

                Don’t bother. She had told Damon, but the vampire had been quick to pick up on what Liz really meant.

                A simple don’tDon’t come back.  If you do, you’ll regret it.

                She’d already been forced to bury her daughter outside of Mystic Falls for her friends.  She was done making sacrifices for them.

                She got to her feet, after smoothing a petal of one of the roses.  It was large, ostentatious bouquet.  Caroline would have loved it.  She rested her hand on the top of the gravestone, praying to whatever deity might be listening for strength – praying to Caroline for strength, because her daughter had always been the strongest of them.

                She heard a twig snap behind her, spun around, her hand already going for her gun.


                “Hey, Sherriff,” he said softly.  He clutched a simple bouquet of daisies in one hand, tulips in the other.

                “Matt,” Liz replied, her hand dropping away from the weapon.  “You’re here for the girls?”

                “Yeah,” Matt agreed.  “You know, Damon and Elena and Alaric… they say they’ll find a way to bring them back.”

                “I know,” Liz replied, turning back to her daughter’s grave as Matt stepped up to her side.  “But they won’t.”

                “You can’t know that,” Matt replied.  “You have to have faith.”

                “I do know that.  They aren’t Elena Gilbert, and the price that would need to be paid to bring them back will be too high to pay for anyone else,” Liz knew the bitterness was ripe in her tone, would be apparent on her face.  But her daughter was dead while Elena got her brother, her boyfriend, and her… Alaric back.

                A parent shouldn’t outlive their child, but Elizabeth Forbes had.

                She turned from the grave, away from Matt, and walked away.

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note: its short but i like it

pairing: luke and y/n

word count: idk tbh


Liking someone is never easy. Movies make it seem like after days, weeks, months of finding that one potential person will come easily and then you’ll have one little argument, realize you miss them, and then live happily ever after. They get the shots of couple having a blast as they fall in love, but they never show how they feel whenever something like this happens.

When you begin to fall in love, you get this feeling inside of your chest. It’s basically a balloon that swells up whenever you see this one person and it just keeps swelling up, making your chest feel tighter and tighter. It keeps getting bigger. As this person speaks, smiles, blinks, breaths you can feel the balloon. You can feel it anywhere and everywhere as this person just exists.

But don’t be fooled. One day, this balloon will grow and grow and grow and then it will pop. And this “popping” is what is called heartbreak. It will feel ten times worse than the feeling of that balloon growing. Along with the popping, come the downfall of everything great in your life.

Soon, your self-esteem will crumble and your mindset on life will change forever. You can’t keep this from happening because heartbreak is inevitable.

So me being silly, ol’ me thought I could escape the popping of this balloon in my chest.

I was sixteen years old when I realized I love the boy that is Luke Hemmings. He was the epitome of what a person would call awkward and dorky. He made terrible jokes—they still made me laugh though, even if I hate to admit it. Luke was always looking good. It could be six in the morning and because of his raspy morning voice, I’d fall deeper and deeper into his spell. He didn’t seem to notice, and I’m glad he hasn’t because imagine being the girl in love with your best friend who only wants to best friends.

It took a whole to realize whether or not I really loved Luke. How could I have known? Feelings like these were always hard to decipher. Was it basic puppy love? Or was it the type of love that was more than just love? I didn’t know.

But on one particular day, when it was raining as hard as it possibly could on the windows of my room, Luke lazily strummed on his guitar. The sound was beautiful and it made me feel at ease along with the pitter patter noises on the window. He began to sing and I smiled.

The familiar sound of “Somewhere in Neverland” started to emit from Luke and his worn down guitar. By the time the song was done, Luke plopped his enormous, lanky body beside me on my twin bed. He was oddly long in height, so it was amusing to watch him curl up in a bed as small as the one we were lying on.

“Do you think we’ll ever run away together? We could like just go. I don’t think anyone would notice. It’s not like we have any other friends,” Luke said, shifting to lie on his back and stare up at the ceiling like I was.

I hummed lowly. “I don’t know. I mean we could do it.”

“So why don’t we run away? Do you not like me, Y/N?” he teased, pinching my cheek slightly.

I paused. It was only for a standard waiting time, but in my head it felt like years. “Oh but Lucas, I like you a lot.” And I was telling the truth, but he only laughed, and surely I did too. But this laugh wasn’t as genuine as the others we shared.

Fast forward a couple years to college where the two of us share an apartment and a bathroom, which is hell. I’m still in love with the nerd and there’s a huge chance that he might feel the same way.

People always tell me Luke has a crush on you! It’s so obvious or something like Wait you and Luke aren’t dating? Well you two definitely should. Also, he’s been telling me of this person who he likes a lot but will never like him back. If that doesn’t scream me and a terrible way of confessing feelings, then I don’t know what does.

If he liked any other person other than me, he would’ve already told me their name. It’s me and I have never been happier.

“Hey, um, can you come to that little place of ours in the woods close to home? I need help with something,” he called me one night. He was visiting family and I was studying for finals, but Luke confessing his love for me would trump any type of homework.

After pulling on a nicer outfit than usual, I left our apartment, blasting music as loud as I possibly could in my car. This was it. It’s finally the time to tell him I love him. The balloon was getting bigger and bigger, but I didn’t mind this high I was feeling.

I parked my car close to the woods and started my walk through the trees and dirt. My heart was beating so fast. My hands were starting to sweat and I could feel my lungs tighten. From the distance, I could see the clearing already and there was a beautiful picnic table of my favorite foods and a nice candle. And then there was Luke who was a mess holding fairy lights.

Squealing, I sprinted towards him, engulfing him into a hug. “Wow, you look hot. Do you have a date?” Like asked, holding me close to him.

“Um, duh,” I cheered, staring at the scenery before me.

“Oh sorry, then I’ll make this quick. Help me
with the lights before Jordan gets here.”

And that my friends is when the balloon decided to pop. It popped and my self-esteem crumbled and my mindset on life changed. “Who?” I said, as calmly as I possibly could.

“The girl I’ve been telling you about.”

“But this is our spot,” I breathed out while I helped him set up the lights that illuminated the dark clearing. “I thought it was just for us two.”

“I know that but remember in year eight when we said we can bring someone here if we think that they’ll be the real deal? Well, I think this might be it,” Luke smiled. The lights were up now, bright and happy and I tried my best to keep myself from crying over the dumb boy that was Luke Hemmings.

“Yeah well, I guess so. I’ll be going now. Wouldn’t wanna be late for my date,” I said, all the while I was holding back the tears and starting to walk away.

Before I could leave just yet, he quickly enveloped me in an embrace and I sorrowfully smiled into his warm body. “I hope you have fun, babe. You deserve it.” He pecked my forehead and pushed me away slightly. “Now go get some.”

Instead of driving to my so called date, I went home to the apartment we shared and cried. I cried a lot.

But I knew it was for the best because I loved him, and another thing about love besides all of the balloons growing and popping, is sacrifice. I’ll always sacrifice my happiness to make sure Luke always had his.

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Chapter 3

Originally posted by thedisneydiaries

(Not even sorry for this gif anymore)

Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes: I am floored by the response to the first part of this fic. Thank you so much. Happy second night of Chanukah!

Chapter 1 2

Author’s Notes: Welcome to night/part three. I am again so floored by your response to this fic. Thank you so much! Happy reading and happy Chanukah!

Belle hurried into Granny’s carrying two dresses. Ruby frowned at her as she looked up from pouring Archie’s coffee. Belle unbuttoned her coat to reveal she was wearing a third dress and held the other two up beside her.

“Which one?”

“Which one for what? Do you have a date?”

“No, I…” She paused. “I’m just going over to Mr. Gold’s again for the third night of Chanukah. I want to look nice.”

Ruby put the coffee pot down. “You do have a date. You’re dating Mr. Gold.”

“I am not…” She paused. “Which dress, Ruby?”

“The lace one is too summer,” said Ruby.

“Okay, that’s one out.”

“Have I seen the one on the right?”

“I don’t know?”

“Well, put it on.”


“Just jump into the laundry room. Nobody’s there.”

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