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Don’t Deserve Me - Bryce Walker

Bryce Walker x reader

Request: “can you do one where the reader was dating [Bryce] and found out what he did and is horrified that she even dated him and apologizes to Jessica, Hannah’s parents, Hannah at her grave after dumping him in front of the entire school?”


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I woke up to sound of my phone ringing on my bed side table. I groan and grab it sitting up.

“Hello?” I said hoarsely.

“Heyyy sexy, wake your fine ass up!” Bryce screamed in my ear. It was obvious he was with his friends at 7 in the morning. I rolled my eyes, he always act different when he’s with them.

“First stop yelling, and why did you wake me up, I don’t have to be to school till 9:30 babe”

I get up since I’m already wide awake and click on my TV.

“Because I’m going to pick you up so we can come to my place first”

Really sex before school Bryce? Leave it to him to have dumb ideas

“No way babe, and plus I already said Tony can drive me.”

“Tony?” I heard his friends laughing in the background, “why is Tony giving you a ride home, you want to fuck him instead?”

Again I heard his friends laughing and I wanted to hang up the phone and call back when he’s by himself. 

“You sound stupid babe, Tony is gay.”

There was a silence followed by an “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh. But I’ll call you later cause I need to start getting ready since I’m already up.”

“Okay, text me when you get into that creeps car.”

Again I rolled my eyes cause now he’s just being an ass.

“Good-bye by Bryce, see you by your locker”

“Okay sex-”

I hang up and start making up my bed. When I heard the news talking about Hannah on the TV I froze. I turned it up and glued my eyes to the picture of the beautiful girl on the screen. Even after weeks, I still find myself crying. Me and Clay were so close to her. Hell, me and Jeff were the ones to practically throw them together. I didn’t even know she was down that path and I hated myself for it. What kind of friend doesn’t see when another needs help?

I wiped my face, not even realizing I was crying and started getting dressed. I went downstairs and made a quick bowl of cereal while I waited for Tony.

As I scrolled through my news feed seeing things like ‘Hannah Never Forgotten’ and “Always Remembered’ I laughed cause none of them even gave her the time of day. I then got a text from Tony saying he’s outside. I grab my bag and jog down the steps to his bright mustang. I open his door and is welcome by his smile.

“Hey T” I smile

“Hey y/n/n”

He drives off as we start small talking about stuff like his boyfriend and this crazy project Ms.Kirchen is having us doing. In the middle of our conversation, my phone starts blowing up with texts from Bryce. Tony’s face changed, but then again it always changes when I bring up anything about Bryce.

“Okay Tony, stop holding your tongue.”

“I don’t know what your talking about” 

“Your a terrible liar, I know you don’t like him. A lot of people don’t, but they don’t know the real him.”


“I mean come on he’s not that bad…”


“I mean sure he can be an ass sometimes but who isn’t…”


Everyone’s an ass, that’s what led Hannah t-”


I stopped rambling to catch my breath and hold my anger. The anger isn’t even towards Tony not liking Bryce. It’s to everything.

“I have to show you something” he whispers. 

“Show me what”

He doesn’t say anything, he just pulls the car over and goes through his car compartment. 

“Tony show me what?”

Again, total silence as he picks up some tape labeled ‘12′ and put it into his tape player. 

“Tony your worr-” my ears got the best of my mouth as I heard a voice I thought I’d never hear in my life. More importantly who the person was talking about.

It was Hannah….

Talking about Bryce.


I storm into school, my faced painted in tears not even caring that people are staring at me. I need to find Bryce. Now. I push people out my way and look down every hall until I find him by Justin’s locker with his little crew. I storm to his side, anger and disgust in my eyes. He looks at me and smile, obviously not understanding how much I hate him right now.

“Hey baby, what’s up, little Tony touched you?”

His friends started dying, but Zach sensed something else.

“Bro I don’t think sh-”

“How could you!” I screamed.

Now I got people’s attention, including Bryce’s.

“Babe w-what are you talking ab-”

“Don’t call me that you prick!”

“Calm down and let’s go somewhere else to talk about thi-” he tried to grab my arm when he noticed people gathering around looking at the scene.

“Don’t fucking touch me you..you RAPIST!”

People started whispering and Bryce’s faced got red.

“Are you okay? what is wrong with you rela-”

“Don’t tell me to relax! You raped Hannah Baker!” I pushed him with every word I said, tears and anger coming out of me.

“Your acting crazy!”

I kept pushing him into his locker screaming curse words and scratching at him. People recording and being dumbfounded. 

“Your fucking disgusting!” I screamed “I fucking hate you” I kicked at him “fucking RAPIST!”

I kept hitting him as he shielded himself. I kept screaming, yelling, and kicking until I felt a pair of hands pulling me off.


I kept screaming until I was pulled around the corner. I heard teachers yelling “go to class” and “break it up”. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt betrayed and disgusted like I needed 1,000 showers. Jessica. Hannah. Bryce. Fucking Bryce. He raped them, both of them. Tony stopped pulling me and started talking to me, but I couldn’t hear him. It’s like his voice was blurred out as I saw Jessica down the hall looking at me. I apologized and ran from Tony towards Jessica and started rambling and crying.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! I swear I didn’t know, I didn’t! I would have never even dated hi-”

She cut me off with a tight hug “It’s okay y/n. I didn’t know either.”

We both were crying on each other shoulders and hugging. I needed this hug. I felt so used, so disgusted with him and with myself for even being with him. I heard he was not a person to date but I didn’t listen. I suddenly needed to do something important.



“Can you take me somewhere?”


She didn’t have a headstone yet. Just a piece of paper with her name written perfectly on it. Jessica stood behind me as a knelled beside her grave. My tears fell endlessly as I look down at her, realizing that Bryce, my boy- ex boyfriend was one of the causes of her death. He broke her. I then broke down. 

“I-I’m s-so sorry Hannah” I cry.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you, you will not die for nothing.”

With that I took a necklace out my wallet. It was the other half of the friendship necklaces she gave us. It was on my porch the night she died and I didn’t find it till the day after. I let her down. I let her down by not knowing. But not anymore. I set her necklace down on her grave as I held on to mine.

“I love you Hannah” I whispered.

I got up and brushed the dirt off my pants still looking at her name. 

“Where do you wanna go now?” Jessica asked nicely. I breathed in and turned around towards her. I know exactly where I wanna go.

“The police.”

my future child: tell me a story 

me: i walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I left my scarf there at your sister’s house and you’ve still got it in your drawer even now. Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze. We’re singing in the car, getting lost Upstate. Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it after all these days and I know it’s long gone, and that magic’s not here no more, and I might be okay, but I’m not fine at all. cause there we are again on that little town street you almost ran the red 'cause you were looking over at me, wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well. photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red. you used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed, and your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team, you taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me and I know it’s long gone and there was nothing else I could do and I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to…cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light down the stairs, i was there, i remember it all too well, yeah. well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest, i’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here cause I remember it all, all, all… too well. time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it, i’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it, after plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own, now you mail back my things and I walk home alone…but you keep my old scarf from that very first week cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me, you can’t get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah. 'cause there we are again, when I loved you so back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well, wind in my hair, you were there, you remember it all, down the stairs, you were there, you remember it all, it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well


idk if someone’s written on this thing before but im p sure someone has bc GODDAMN WHO WOULDNT

I just?? I love the context of the necktie-pull. I love that it’s because Viktor’s attention was caught by the audience and Yuuri wanted to remind him that “hey, you’re here to watch me, remember?” When he says that the performance has begun (and oh boy, look at those bedroom eyes lmfao), it adds emphasis to the fact that for every performance, ever since the first time he skated for Viktor, Yuuri wants Viktor’s eyes to be on him and only him.

ep 3:

[additional thing: someone made translation notes on this, saying that the actual translation is closer to “Please keep your eyes on me and only me.”]

ep 6: 


I love the consistency of it? I love how it evolved- from a hug to clasped hands + forehead-to-forehead contact, to necktie-pulling….god only knows what we’re getting next. Yuuri went from half-shy, still somewhat embarrassed “Watch me, okay?” to 98% confident & sure “Hey, keep your eyes on me, Viktor.” It’s not just an evolution of their relationship- it’s an evolution of Yuuri himself, as he’s getting more and more comfortable in his skin, enough to be able to tell Viktor that hey, you’re my coach and you’re here for me.

i’m just. so damn proud of my boys. SO DAMN PROUD.

“Hey You”

Hey you, it’s really good to see you,
I’ve got so much to tell you,
But you should know, I’m doing fine

Hey you, had a story to tell you
But honestly, I can’t even remember
Really doesn’t matter

Never seen you this happy,
Never seen you so peaceful
Even though you can’t hold me
Hurts you, hurts me, that you’re here

And when the days are getting dark, nights are getting hard
I see you
And when I laugh until I cry, I don’t even know why
I feel you

Hey you,
Funny thing, I found that old t-shirt
We’d thought you’d lost it, it’s still the softest
You know it made me put on your favorite Radiohead song
It took me back to, when we were driving, down Laurel Canyon
Too fast, you know you never slowed down

Final days were the hardest, I didn’t think they would be your last
Hope you know I forgive you, give anything to get them back
But know that everything’s okay,
I’m doing okay without you
I know you had to go away,
I’ll tell you everyday, I miss you.

Hey you, I know you always like to get the last words in
Before you go, you should know
I love you more
I said so

Celebrity Relationship Starters

“Who leaked these to the press?" 

"They can’t know about us." 

"Listen, we can’t be seen in public. Just trust me." 

"How can you be with them in public and me in private?" 

"Ugh… the paparazzi are outside again." 

"Wait you want to start a fake relationship?" 

"Did you really think you could cheat on me? The paparazzi see everything" 

"Baby… before you see this I just want you to know that I love you very much, and the tabloids lie about a lot of things." 

"Remember, when we leave you have to pretend to be mad at me for the whole scandal thing, but in advance I still love you." 

"I’m sorry, I want to believe you but these pictures are very convincing." 

"Uh… the paparazzi are outside again. How do you want to sneak out this time?" 

"Do you really think this’ll work? I mean I’ve seen the tabloids." 

"Hey look. Our relationship made the front page." 

"Do you ever think about what our relationship would be like if we were normal?”

“Can we just try to have a normal relationship?”

“Want to sneak away to your/my/our private island this weekend?”

“One weekend out of the public eye is all I’m asking?”

“I want to announce our relationship at the awards ceramony.”

Okay but imagine Marcus and Oliver start making bets on the outcome of Quidditch matches during their final year

  • Before the last match, that will decide who wins the Quidditch House Cup, Marcus tells Oliver “I bet you my first born child that Slytherin wins.” 
  • Oliver smirks and says “You’re on, Flint.” 
  • The Monday after Gryffindor wins the Cup, Oliver looks over at Marcus before Potions and asks, “Oi Flint, you really going to give me your first born child since my team beat yours?” 
  • Marcus replies, “Well, maybe we could have a kid together so I could keep my firstborn and still fulfill the bet. ‘Course, we should probably go on a date first. You free Saturday?”
  • Oliver stands stunned for a full minute before giving Marcus a small smile and replying, “Hogsmade?”
  • Years later, when they’ve both retired from professional Quidditch, Oliver is sitting in their living room reading the Daily Prophet when Marcus walks in and says, “Hey, remember when I bet you my first born child over the Quidditch House Cup?” 
  • Oliver looks up, incredibly confused because how could Marcus think he forgot about the thing that made them start dating in the first place? 
  • And then he realizes Marcus is holding adoption pamphlets. 
mino; more than you know

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“I’m terrible with making the right decisions, but I’ve never been so right when it comes to you.”

Dad! Mino, (so much fluff I might cry)

scenario of 2.3k words

A slight crackle from the baby monitor was all it took to cut off the sleep she barely had. Funny how it had only been a few weeks since their little one came, yet going through all this already scraped ten years off her entire lifespan. At least that was how it felt like.

Carrying her baby girl for nine months was a piece of cake if she compared it with what comes after. Oh god, what really comes after.

She reminisced arriving home from the hospital, coming through that door with a new-born bundled up in her arms. The overwhelming realization was horrifying; this whole new responsibility in form of a screeching tiny human being made her weak in the knees. Minho and her shared an awkward laugh, throwing each other a string of confused looks while having no clue on how to start with any of this.

A week later and he was still deathly terrified of holding her, convinced that he might drop her because, “Johnny weighs more than her, babe.” She remembered glaring at him, “Did you just compare our baby to a cat?!”

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Soul Mark: Bucky Barnes

Summary:  You were a winter soldier, but you remember someone between each scrub-brain-wash: the brunette soldier kept frozen between missions next to you.  

Some violence, soul-mate idea

Hey guys, send me requests, please! I need to get writing again.  -Love Eve

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The world was made of finite things, you figured out.  Finite people, and you helped make it fewer, and finite resources, which you might have to take.  But, the universe was made of infinite things, you figured, so something out there might be able to save you.  

There were very few things that you knew about your life before Hydra.  They erased that.  But when the base was overtaken, it was odd.  

It was strange that as you went punch for punch with the man whose dark hair was in a ponytail, you felt like you knew him.  And a memory of him seized you in the middle of the downswing of your kick.  The memory was a flash of a man, who looked just like him, tied to a table near you and yelling out as he was scrubbed.  You have never heard him speak, but God did you know his screams.  

You paused for a moment too long and he bashed into you, sending you flying.  

You grunted as you hit the wall, and remembered lying near each other, in what seemed like caskets, before being frozen, paused in the moment your eyes met.  Then the memory went black as you went under the freeze, just like you were blacking out now.  

When you came to, you were strapped to a table.  The first thing you felt was panic, then a sense of resignation.  Here, again, you thought.

In the other room, Bucky and Steve stood side by side, looking at the footage of you, now waking up.  

“She’s not fighting the restraints,” Steve noted.  “Maybe she’s reasonable.  Maybe she remembers like you do.”

“It took seeing you to start making me remember.  I doubt she’s fighting because she thinks she’s just in another lab,” Bucky replied, with some remorse in his voice.  His nonmetal hand went to his metal arm.  Once he had that arm, and it was marked with the words, ‘I’m here, too.’

“Do you remember her?” Steve asked.

Bucky turned his eyes from the screen, grunting.

“What, Buck?” Steve probed, trying to catch his friend’s gaze.

“We had cryotubes near one another.  One time I was defrosted and she was there, still frozen, staring at me.  Every time I woke up, I saw her looking at me.  She was frozen looking at me.”

“You think she knew you?” Steve asked, when Bucky had paused for a long time.

“I don’t think so.  I have this memory.  I’m getting put in the tube while she’s getting injected for her freeze, and she just is looking at me with those big eyes.  And she says, ‘I’m here, too.’  And then before I can speak she’s out.” Bucky said.  His eyes went up to Steve’s for a moment.

Steve was turned to stone for a moment was surprise.  “You never mentioned her before.”

“I didn’t think I’d ever see her again.  One time I woke up and she wasn’t there.  She had been brought to another lab where she could be more useful, I figured.  I thought she was just… dead,” Bucky mumbled, staring at the place his soulmark ought to be.  

“Do you know if her soulmark matched yours?” Steve wondered.

“I’m not sure, I never spoke to her,” Bucky answered.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” Steve offered.  “She’s waking up.”

Bucky entered the room slowly.  

You strained about, then looked at him.  You felt panic at first, and then saw it was the dark haired man you had spent so long watching.  For some reason, you had wished him a better life.  And here he was.  Was he free, like you hoped?  Did that mean you were free?

“You’re here,” you said, so softly.  

Bucky caught the words and nodded, walking to you, “I’m here, too.”

He came to your side, and you moved your arm a bit so he could see the words on the inside of your bicep as he went to loosen your restraints so you could sit up.  On the inside of you bicep, he saw ‘I’m here, too’ written.  

Bucky held your lower back and shoulder, helping you sit up.  You leaned on him for support.  Then he looked at the camera and nodded at it, hoping Steve would get the message.

When he turned back to you, you were still looking at him, at his dark hair and deep brown eyes.  You couldn’t help but feel safe, somehow and finally safe.

“You’re here,” you murmured, knowing you learn to be free if this man was here.  You didn’t remember soulmarks, but you knew his words were on you, and he felt good.  You didn’t need much more than that, as it was more than you had had for a long time.

i walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I left my scarf there at your sister’s house and you’ve still got it in your drawer even now. Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze. We’re singing in the car, getting lost Upstate. Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it after all these days and I know it’s long gone, and that magic’s not here no more, and I might be okay, but I’m not fine at all. cause there we are again on that little town street you almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me, wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well. photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red. you used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed, and your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team, you taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me and I know it’s long gone and there was nothing else i could do and I forget about you long enough to forget why i needed to…cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light down the stairs, i was there, i remember it all too well, yeah. well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest, i’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here cause I remember it all, all, all… too well. time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it, i’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it, after plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own, now you mail back my things and I walk home alone…but you keep my old scarf from that very first week cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me, you can’t get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah. 'cause there we are again, when i loved you so back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well, wind in my hair, you were there, you remember it all, down the stairs, you were there, you remember it all, it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well

Happy Birthday uniquepizzacollectionblog!

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Posting this possibly early for you @uniquepizzacollectionblog (it’s May 16 in Australia), but we at @everlarkbirthdaygifts wish you a happy birthday :) We present you with a lovely fic by @booksrockmyface that she has written especially for you! Enjoy!

Title: Let the Light Illuminate these Hopeless Places

Rating: M

Author’s note: Happy birthday!! I hope it’s the best day ever and that this meets your wishes. The title comes from a line in the Paramore song Idle Worship.

Katniss was always early to everything. Even dragging her feet she still arrived at the high school gym a couple minutes after seven.

Delly, their class president, was sitting at the entrance with a table full of nametags. “Oh, Katniss!” Her smile was as bright as ever. “I’m so glad you came.”

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first post!! starting off with my most favourite boy in the entire world 💛

  • you’ve just moved house and your parents are all like “hey!! go introduce yourself to your neighbours” so u knock on the door of the house on the right with like a bag of cookies 
  • and the door opens to a beautiful radiant boy with a slightly confused look on his face
  • and i mean you’re shook bc um how often do u see boys who radiate positivity and happiness so ur kind of silent until he opens his mouth to be like “can i help u??” 
  • so u kinda stutter and say “i’m your new neighbour!! uhh these are from my family we live next door gTG bye!!!!!!” and u kind of just like shove the bag into his arms then run away lmao 
  • but then both of your parents decide to have dinner and get close so things happen and turns out renjun’s school and your school are super close to each other!! which means now he walks u to school :)) 
  • and u become really close to renjun and you’re like best friends ok
  • one morning you ended up meeting your friends while you were walking to school with renjun which ended up with your friends being all like hey y/n whos this :))) and ur abt to be like “oh this is renjun he’s my nei-” and u look to the side but he’s gone?? he ran away????
  • so u text him and he’s all like “i got kind of shy sorry!! i ran off like that djfksja” but ur all like no it’s ok!! bc like lbr ur friends were probably thinking he was ur bf and analysing his entire being.. but renjun still feels bad nd keep apologising
  • u promise him it’s all fine tho but now ur friends think ur dating renjun (which isn’t a bad thing heyy foreshadowing) and wont leave u alone omg
  • speaking of friends,,, after school on some days when both of u are free u walk home together too and one day renjun’s friends aka the rest of the nct dream members are with him and u were like running up to renjun bc u wanted to give him a moomin figure u made in art with clay ok
  • anyway renjun introduces u to all of them and they’re all like grinning but stay silent and just say hi to u but after a bit ur all having a fun conversation
  • at some point chenle leans over to u and in a not-so-quiet voice is all like ‘u kno renjun talks abt u all the tiME!! i think he really likes u hahah’ and renjun like actulally almost dies on the spot but on the outside he just gets all blushy and now you’re all blushy and it’s just everyone giggling at u two 
  • renjun and u like don’t talk that much for the rest of the time once u get to renjun’s house to hang out bc u kno there were liek 6 other ppl but after they leave ur abt to leave with them when u remember u didn’t give him the moomin figure u made him!! 
  • so ur like “wait renjun!! i have something for u” and u put it in his hand
  • and he like looks at the figure then u with these really adoring eyes and is like “hey,,,, u know that thing chenle said before,,,, about me,,, liking,,, u,, it’s tru,,” and hE’S BLUSHIGN AGIAN
  • and he’s like looking away thinking u dont reciprocate his feelings but then u like “um renjun. i have liked u since like the first time we met” and hes like wait wHAt and suddenly this really happy wide smile is on his face and u can see the little snaggletooth and it’s CUTE 
  • u smile back and he’s like “so i’m,,, ur boyfriend now,,, right??” and ur like “yes!!” and from then on ur that cute blushy couple who love each other v much and are always smiling it’s wonderful
  • extra: donghyuck probably told chenle to pull the whole ‘renjun really likes u’ thing on the bus and he probably made a bet with mark that u nd renjun woudl get together by the end of the day. $4.50 for lee donghyuck
If You Wonder

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Im Jaebum x Reader

Based off: If You Wonder by Jeff BernatI strongly suggest you listen to it, it’s honestly the sweetest song ever.

Genre: Fluff/a little angsty?? (maybe not? I don’t know lol)

A/N: I don’t usually write since I’m pretty self conscious and critical of my non-existent creative abilities but this is one of my favourite songs and the idea has been rolling around in my head for a while so I figured I’d put pen to paper and see how it goes.

If you wonder why

Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday

12 dozen roses at your door

You opened the door to your apartment early in the morning only to be met with an assemblage of roses shoved into your face. The arrangement was so large you could barely see the person behind it, the only aspect giving them away was the peek of their shoes from underneath, “I’m sorry about last night…” you heard a mumble from behind the flowers and suppressed a giggle. You grabbed the bouquet from your boyfriend, almost tumbling backwards since you didn’t realise how heavy it actually was.

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Pet Pages

Hey there journalers! I have come up with a new page that will help all of those with fur babies. 

I have two dogs and gave them both their own pages that are side-by-side. I made a small chart in which you can write the date and the activity I did with them. I also wrote a small list of things to remember about them and to talk to my vet about. For fun, I added their birthdays at the top. 

This is perfect for people who have a hard time remembering when the last time they bathed, groomed, trained, treated them to the dog park, or even gave them medications. 

As a bonus, I decided to give you all a small snapshot into my life. These are my babies, Luna (the pit bull) and Koby (the chihuahua mix). I’d be lost without them. Remember to take care of your pets, okay? They deserve the best. 

They are only a piece of your life, but you are their whole life. 

Johnnyx reader x Dallas smut...


Johnny liked you, it wasn’t a secret to the gang, they had found out when the crush first started. He would always blush when you called him cutie, or hugged him, or even looked at him for more then a second. Yes they all knew their little Johnnycakes was head over heels, everyone did, except you. But the gang didn’t know as much about Johnny as Dally did, Johnny told Dally everything, and so when Johnny told Dally of his dilemma-Dally took it upon himself to find a way to help him.

The wind was chilly that night, you were making your way up to Buck’s. Dally had invited you, and having nothing else to do, you took him up on his offer. Now you weren’t much of a drinker, or partier for that matter. But you didn’t mind Buck’s music, and figured you could just shoot some games of pool with Dal. Upon entering you were met with the smell of smoke and alcohol-and the sounds of talking, laughter, glasses, and Hank Williams. Shuffling through the crowd you made your way over to the pool tables and let out a sigh of relief when you saw they were somewhat empty.

“Hey there pretty lady, come here often?” You heard a husky voice ask as an arm wrapped around your waist. Looking up you were met with the deep brown eyes of Dallas Winston.

“Hey Dally, how ya been?” You asked hugging him for a moment.

“Pretty good, though better now that you showed up” he winked, you laughed and shook your head. You were used to Dally’s playful flirting by now, he knew you liked Johnny anyways. He was the only one who you told about your secret crush. You set up the pool table, and you and Dallas began to play.

Six games later you were up by two games, which Dally wasn’t very pleased about.

“How the hell?” he asked you, to which you only laughed before shooting another ball into a pocket.

“If you would quit staring at my ass you could maybe play” You told him, it was true, Dallas had been staring at your body all night. Not just his usual playful flirting, this was something more. You were a bit confused, you would have been lieing if you said you never thought of him that way. But that was before your feelings for Johnny. Sweet little Johnny, he was one of your best friends, you talked to him all the time, saw movies together-you were pretty much always by his side…It was really no reason you loved the boy.

“H-Hey guys” You heard that soft shy voice say, and at first you just thought your mind made it up, your thoughts having been on him and all. No, it wasn’t until Dally spoke that you realized Johnny was actually there.

“Hey Johnnycakes, glad you could make it” he said ruffling his hair, which Johnny quickly smoothed back down.

“Hey {y/n}” He smiled, that blush already forming on his tanned cheeks.

“Hey cutie” you smiled back as you hugged him. Dally laughed and said he was gonna go get Johnny a pop, leaving you two alone.

“So what are you doing here? Didn’t peg you as a bar type” You laughed, Johnny looked down at the ground for a moment before answering.

“I’m not, Dally invited me” He told you, something in your brain clicked…Dally was the only one who knew you liked Johnny…That boy was not trying to set something up, was he?

“Here ya go Johnnycakes” Dallas said, returning and handing the soda to Johnny. You returned to your game and beat Dallas for the third time that night.

“Beginners luck is all” Dallas scoffed, you just rolled your eyes.

“How is it beginners luck when that is the third time?” You asked smirking, earning a laugh from Johnny.

“You’re just mad cause you know I’m better” You stuck your tongue out at Dallas.

“Oh ya your better, ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life, but you’re better” Dally replied setting up the table again.

“Hey I’ve done stuff!” You told him, he just smirked and looked at you.

“Name one” You thought for a moment…Ok so maybe you had always played it safe, but still.

“See told ya” he said, turning back to the table.

“You wouldn’t even do something on a dare” he added

“Oh ya? Dare me then” You told him, hand on your hip as you waited.

“Kiss him” he smirked when your face when red.

“W-what?” you asked

“You heard me, if you are so bad and not afraid of a dare. Kiss him” he said nodding over to Johnny, who at this point was as red as a tomato.

“A-Alright” You stuttered as you took a step and closed the gap between Johnny and yourself. His eyes met yours for only a moment before you leaned in and captured his lips. He was hesitant at first, before you felt him lean into the kiss as well. You were about to pull away when you felt his hand rest on the side of your neck, his other on you waist, and his tongue running across your lips. Smiling, you gave in and let him have access-though you were a bit surprised by his boldness. His tongue played with your, enticing it in it’s game as you noted that he tasted like cigarettes and coke. You hadn’t even felt your body backing up, but you soon felt the hard wood of the pool table hit your lower back.

“Whoa kids, get a room” Dallas laughed, causing you both to snap out of your little world. Johnny pulled back first, his face red as he tired to catch his breath-you were sure you looked the same in his eyes. The next half hour was spent filled with awkward silence between you and Johnny, except for a few flirty glances. Though it seemed that Johnny and Dally had their own silent conversation going, as they would both glance at each other before looking off into the crowd. When the bar started getting more and more full, you could see the uneasiness in Johnny, and you supposed Dally could see it too.

“Come on, lets head up” he spoke as he put the pool stick down and made his way to the stairs. You and Johnny followed, happy to be away from the ever growing crowd of drunks. Dally led you to the biggest room on the second floor, and once you entered, the music blaring downstairs became muffled.

“This room is huge” Johnny noted looking around.

“This bed is huge” You laughed as you jumped on it, bouncing slightly. Dallas and Johnny shared a look, before Dallas smirked and walked over to you.

“Hey {y/n}, remember when I say you ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life?” He asked sitting beside you.

“Ya and I proved you wrong” You told him

“Na you just did a dare, but I got an idea how you can prove me wrong” he told you, his smirk growing wider.

“Oh? And what is it?” You asked, honestly curious.

“Have a little fun with me and Johnnycakes tonight” he told you, his smirk never leaving, even as your face grew hot and red.

“W-What?” You asked, stunned by his statement.

“Come on {y/n}, Johnny likes you too, and I know you told Evie you wanted to have a romp with me” he told you, this time you and Johnny both flushed red.

“Dally she ain’t got to if she don’t want to” Johnny said stepping closer to you both. Even in such an awkward situation, he was still a sweetheart. Your thoughts wondered for a moment. Johnny liked you back? You could feel the smile before you even knew it was there. You were ok with the idea of being with Johnny, and it was true, you had told Evie when you first joined the gang, that you wanted at least one romp with Dallas.

“O-Ok” you told them quietly, both of the boys stopped the conversation they had been having and turned to you.

“R-Really {y/n} you don’t have to” Johnny started, but you shook your head, smiling up at him.

“But I want to” You told him, earning a chuckle from Dallas.

“That’s more like it {y/n}” he stated before pulling you to him, crashing his lips on yours. You were shocked at first, but soon leaned into the kiss as his tongue pushed past your lips, exploring the new territory before wrapping around your own. You felt your jacket being slipped off of your shoulders, before hands began crawling up your shirt, soon massaging your bra clad breasts. You moaned in his mouth as he worked your body, soon pulling away to rid you of your shirt. You turned your head as Dallas began trailing rough kisses along your neck his hands never leaving your breasts. Opening your eyes you saw Johnny watching, his lip almost bloody from how hard he was biting it, smiling, you grabbed his jacket and brought his lips to yours. One of his hands rested on the bed behind you, while his other landed on your upper thigh as he kissed you. You moaned in the kiss when Dallas bit your soft spot and Johnny’s tongue rushed in to play with your own. You hadn’t even felt your bra being taken off until Dally’s lips left your neck to trail down to latch onto a hardened bud.

“Shit!” You moaned, breaking the kiss as your fingers tangled in Dally’s hair. Another moaned bubbled out of your throat when Johnny’s lips attached to your soft spot. You felt Johnny’s hand leave your thigh, soon pressing against your clothes heat. You groaned at the feeling, you head falling forward. You opened your half lidded eyes to see Dally’s hand leave Johnny’s, and then it suddenly clicked. Dally knew Johnny was a virgin, and he was helping him. You soon felt Dally’s mouth leave your breasts and travel back to your neck, his hand taking it’s place. The hand against your heat slowly made it’s way to the button on your pants, undoing it, before traveling inside your panties.

“S-Shit Johnny” you breathed as his hand skimmed over your clit while it made it’s way to your wetness. His fingers ran along your folds, your core soaking them in no time, before he began to ease one inside you. Your breath caught while your fingers tangled in his raven hair. He began pumping, slowly at first, and you can’t help the moans that leave you. Dallas pulls away and begins to take your pants and panties off. Johnny’s hand speeding up due to the more room, and you couldn’t help but throw your head back when you felt the rough suck on your clit. Looking down you watched as Dallas’s mouth teased your body, Johnny watched as well, his hands faltering only for a moment. Dallas soon left your body completely, standing up as he began to undress. Though your body wasn’t left for long as you felt another rough suck on your clit along with another digit being added to your pounding core. Johnny picked up where Dally had left off and Dally smirked at the fact. You could read the “kid is a fast learner” thought clear on his face. Johnny picked up his pace and had your eyes rolling back as you felt your release coming to it’s peak. You let out a moan of his name when he began flicking his tongue over your clit, successfully pushing you over. He watched as you slowly came down from your high, his fingers slowly coming to a stop while you tried to catch your breath.

“Way to go kid, you made her cum first” Dallas smirked while Johnny blushed at his statement. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at Dally’s remark as you grabbed Johnny’s jacket and gently pulled him back to your lips. Dallas began fingering you next, entering a third digit as he stretched you. He told Johnny to go ahead and undress, stating that the real fun was about to start. You rocked your hips in time with Dally’s fingers as you watched Johnny undress himself, letting out a small whine when Dally pulled his fingers away. He chuckled and brought you up to stand beside him, he told Johnny to sit back on the bed. Johnny did as he was told, backing up until his back hit the wall. Dally then smirked at you and with a remark of.

“You know what to do” he held your hips and bent you over the bed. You looked up at Johnny, his brown eyes wide as he watched your every move. Gently, you wrapped your hand around him, watching as his breath caught in his throat, before spilling into a moan as you began pumping him. You ran your tongue along the vein before gliding it over the slit, Johnny grabbed the sheets tighter as he watched you wrap you lips around him, taking him in your mouth.

“S-Shit” he groaned when you hollowed your cheeks and gave a rough suck. You could feel Dally’s finger running along your core, before you felt them leave, soon being replaced as he began sliding into you. He let out a few grunted curses when he settled inside, your warm slick walls clamping tightly around him. You on the other hand, had let out a moan at the fullness, and Johnny’s hand tangled in you {h/c} locks when he felt the vibrations. Dallas didn’t start out slow and gentle, and you hadn’t honestly expected him to, this was Dallas after all. Your body jolted forward at his first thrust, causing you to deep throat Johnny. When he pulled away you did as well. This went on as Dallas set the fast and hard pace, holding your hip with one hand, as the other reached down and played with your clit. By now both of Johnny’s hands were knotted in your hair as he guided you along him, his hips bucking every now and then while he moaned your name.

“Shit!” he moaned when you let out a loud moan around him. Dallas smiled as he began hitting that spot inside of you more often, causing your moans to become louder. You could feel your release coming again, Dally’s pace on your body making you peak faster then you had hoped.

“{y-y/n}” Johnny moaned, you could tell he was almost spent as well. You let out a light yelp when you felt your hair being tugged out of Johnny’s grip, your head tilted back as you released him.

“Not yet” Dallas grunted, still holding your hair. You were about to ask him what he meant when you lips were captured in a heated needy kiss. Dallas let go of your hair and Johnny’s took their place as your tongues battled. The kiss was only broken when you let out a scream of Dallas’s name, your release finally coming as you trembled and tried to keep your body up. You heard Dallas moan your name before you felt his body slow to a stop. You felt him back away from you, slowly pulling himself out until you couldn’t feel him anymore. The room was quiet for a moment, as you laid down, nothing but the sounds of panting, before you heard jeans being zipped.

“I’ll let you kids have some time to yourself” Dallas said picking up his shirt as he looked at Johnny, then you.

“It was fun {y/n}” he smirked and leaned in to kiss you, before standing and leaving.

Johnny looked down at you, his breath was just as fast as he kissed you, trailing kisses down your neck while he settled between your thighs. He looked up at you, asking for permission. Even after all you guys had done, he still wanted to know you were ok with this. Smiling at him, you nodded. He slid into you easily, your previous actions making it easier. His pace was so different from Dally’s. Johnny was slow and soft, he trailed soft kisses down your neck and back, capturing your lips in a gentle embrace. Dally was a romp, simple as that, Johnny though-Johnny made love. You could feel it in every kiss he gave, every gentle caress, every soft “I love you” whispered. But you could also tell that he was holding back, your previous actions on him had his body yearning for release. Right now you could see the amount of self control he had to stay that soft slow pace.

“Johnny” you moaned, earning a sudden hard thrust.

‘So he really is that much on the edge of losing that control’ you thought

“Johnny..Ahh! F-Faster” You moaned, your hands grabbing at his back while you wrapped your legs around his waist. He didn’t need to be told twice, his body wasn’t letting him even think about turning down your request as it sped up. His control had slipped and he knew he wouldn’t get it back. Not with the way you clawed at his back, or the way your head was thrown back as moan after moan left you-and definitely not with the way your hips rushed forward to meet his.

“D-Damn…{y-y/n}” He moaned against your neck as his hands reached under your arms, hooking around them as he grabbed your shoulders and brought you down harder against him. Your moans were louder now, while he sped up a little more, bringing you down onto him when..

“Johnny!” You screamed as he hit that spot inside you, Dallas had told him about it, said if he found it to make sure he didn’t lose it again, and he was about to make dang sure he didn’t. One of his hands left your shoulder as it grabbed your hip, holding you steady as he thrusted into you, hitting that spot every time.

“S-Shit! Johnny..Ahh! I-I can’t!” You begged as your vision began to blur for the third time tonight, Johnny didn’t mind though, he honestly didn’t know how much longer he could hold his own end at bay. The way you were pulsing around him had him shuddering and yearning to give in to his body’s needs.

“Then don’t” he groaned in your ear as he kissed and nipped along your neck, sucking hard on your soft spot. That was all it took as you released once again, throwing your head back as you screamed his name. He soon followed, your walls clamping around him sending him over his own edge as he called out your name. The room spun for a moment, the air feeling electrified as you tried to catch your breath. Your ears rang and your eyes were hard to open.

“I love you” you heard a breathy voice whisper. You could only smile, your heart now pounding from not only the sex, but from knowing the boy you loved, loved you too.

“I love you too cutie” You smiled up at him before he leaned down and kissed you. He slid out and laid down next to you, holding you in his arms as your breaths evened out.

“I have to ask something” You told him, as he hmmm’d in response.

“How come Dally set this all up?” The room was quiet for a moment, before Johnny spoke again.

“I told him how much I liked you, and how I wanted to…”

“How you wanted to what?” You asked, a playful smirk on your lips

“You know {y/n}” he said blushing as he avoided your gaze. You both had pretty much just had a threesome, and yet he was still so shy to even talk about it. This boy was gonna kill you from cuteness overload.

“Come on Johnnycakes” you smiled, nuzzling into his neck.

“I told him I wanted to make love to you” he stated, you could feel his cheeks heating up as you giggled.

“H-He said he would help me out, set something up…Guide me through it” he added looking away again. You smiled and turned his face to look at you.

“I’ll have to thank him then” You told him smiling as you brought him down for a kiss, that soon got quite heated.

“Hey Johnnycakes” he smiled against his lips

“Ya {nickname}?”

“How about another round?” you asked, his face going red before a smile appeared on his lips, before they captured yours once more…Lets just say that you two didn’t leave Buck’s that night.


Just an authors not- I found this on fanfiction.net I didn’t write this myself I do write smut though so just send in requests.
I didn’t know wether this is on tumblr or not and thought it was great so I shared it. Credits to the person who wrote this if your on here, hope you don’t mind.

Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

Keep reading