hey remember the time we saw jensen's trailer before french mistake

Request: Could you do one where the reader is sent into our world (Like French Mistake) and she has a crush on Dean, and is dating Jensen in our world. Then Dean gets into our world and the reader doesn't realize so she still acts like a couple with him. And it's awkward and he likes her too? Sorry if I'm being too specific!!

“Hey, Y/N!” Gabriel exclaimed, appearing next to you. 

You jumped, but once you’d gotten over your initial shock, you rolled your eyes. “What do you want?” You asked.

“I’m bored.” Gabriel shrugged. “And I thought I’d have some fun with you." 

"Not interested.” You told him, moving to the kitchen.

“That’s not how the game works.” He told you, then snapped his fingers. You knew that meant something bad was happening and spun to look at him, but he was gone. 

You thought it was weird, but decided to shrug it off. Maybe he’d decided to leave you alone. You walked into the kitchen and started looking through the fridge. You pulled out some eggs and got to work. Dean walked in a little later. 

“Hey.” You greeted him.

“Hey, do you know where Sam is?” He asked.

“Uh, I think he went out.” You said. “You want some eggs?”

“How could I turn down food?” He asked, smiling.

You laughed and shook your head. “Then make yourself useful and get over here.” You ordered. 

Dean rolled his eyes but stood next to you, and started chopping some peppers. You worked silently and smoothly, until Dean ran his leg up yours. You jumped and stared at him, eyes wide. You’d had the biggest crush on Dean forever, but he didn’t know that, and he’d certainly never done anything like that before. 

“You okay?” He asked, his voice not as deep as it usually was.

“Cut!” A voice yelled from somewhere, and people flooded your kitchen. You jumped at the sudden intrusion and looked to Dean for some help. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, stepping closer to you and cupping your face. 

“Uh, yeah.” You answered, searching his eyes. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. You didn’t do anything at first, too shocked to move, but soon you melted into the kiss. 

Dean pulled away from you and rested his forehead against yours. “You haven’t kissed me like that in years.” He commented. 

“Years?” You asked, confused.

“It’s not a bad thing!” He quickly said, not wanting to offend you. “It’s just.. strange." 

"Jensen! Break it up!” Somebody yelled, and Dean instantly turned around. He stuck his tongue out at the man and laughed. 

“Jensen?” You asked.

“Yeah, honey?” He said, turning back to you.

“Uh, I think I just need to lay down.” You said, moving away. 

“Oh, I’ll go with you.” He offered, wrapping an arm around your waist. 

Your heart raced at the contact. It’s not Dean. You reminded yourself. This was some guy named Jensen, not the man you’d loved since you met him. Although, they looked an awful lot alike… 

No! You had to push those thoughts out of your head. You didn’t know where to go, so you let ‘Jensen’ take you to a trailer. Apparently, it was yours. You walked in and saw a huge couch resting in front of an aquarium. A giant TV sat opposite the couch, and an oak table was in the center of the room. “Why the Hell is there an aquarium?” You muttered. 

Jensen took a seat on the couch and motioned for you to join him, and after hesitating for a moment, you did. In this world, you were dating him, and you weren’t sure if there was a real version of you here, and if there was, you didn’t want to ruin her relationship. And you liked the way it felt in his arms, it was basically how it would feel in Dean’s.

“So, what’s wrong?” Jensen asked, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer to him.

“I… I just don’t feel very well.” You said, thinking up a quick lie.

“Alright, then you rest. I’ll go tell Bobby and see if we can just shoot the Sam-Dean scenes today.” Jensen offered, kissing the top of your head and getting up.

“Okay…” You said, and watched as he left the trailer.

You jumped up the second the door was closed. You found a computer and started it up. You remembered something about Sam and Dean saying they were in similar situation a few years back. You typed in your name, and pictures of you instantly popped up. 

You scrolled through them, amazed. You remembered certain things happening, like the picture of you slapping Crowley, but there were never any people around to take the picture! You clicked on one picture, and an IMDB page popped up. 

The page was for an actress named Y/N Dresden, and apparently she played a character named Y/N Y/L/N on the hit TV show Supernatural. It was no question that you were in the same universe Sam and Dean were in that one time, and you were trying not to freak out.

“Gabriel, you’ve had your fun. Please bring me back.” You prayed. Either the angel didn’t hear you, or he didn’t care, because nothing happened. “Fine, you dick, I’ll pray to Cas.” You said. “Castiel, Cas, help. It’s Y/N. Gabriel popped me into another universe where out world is a TV show, and I’m freaking out.” You sat silently for a few seconds, but once again, nothing happened. 

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. Sam and Dean were able to get out last time because they did a spell, but a spell didn’t bring you here, a douschy angel did, so you didn’t think that would work. You’d just have to wait for Gabriel to get bored.


You’d been playing the part of Y/N Dresden for a week now, and although you’d never admit it, it was kind of awesome. Jensen Ackles, your boyfriend, was amazing. He was kind, sweet, charming, funny, just about everything you’d wanted. And maybe, just maybe, you liked him because he was just like Dean, although you’d never admit that to anybody, even yourself. 

You were also pretty good at acting as yourself. It was weird at first, but you realized you just had to act like yourself, and everything was easy after that. You’d just finished filming a scene with Jared, who was fake Sam, and decided to look for Jensen. 

You saw him looking around, staring at everything. You  tried not to laugh at the sight, and ran up to him. “Jensen!” You called, waving at him.

“Y/N?” He asked.

“Yes?” You replied, copying his tone.

“Wher-” He started, but you interrupted him by wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him into a kiss.

He seemed shocked at first, but melted into the kiss after only a moment, and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You pulled away, leaving only an inch or two between you. “What’s gotten into you?” You asked, chuckling.

“I… Um. Okay, this is going to sound weird if you’re not the real Y/N, but-” He started.

“Wait. The real Y/N?” You asked, taking a few extra steps away from him.

“You’re not her, are you?” Dean asked, his face falling. “Dammit. I’m gonna kill Gabriel.” He muttered.

“Holy shit. Dean?” You asked quietly, not believing your eyes.

“Y/N?” Jensen-Dean-somebody!- replied.

“Oh my God, can we get out of here?” You asked, attacking him with a hug. 

“Yeah! Let’s go somewhere quiet and Gabriel or Cas will come get us.” Dean said.

“Follow me.” You ordered, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards your trailer. 

“Woah, is this yours?” He asked, entering the trailer. 

“Well, fake mine, so yeah." 

"You’ve got an aquarium!” He exclaimed, running up to it and staring at the fish.

You laughed and shook your head. “You’re like a little kid.”

Dean continued to circle the trailer, picking stuff up then putting it back down. You were looking at your aquarium when Dean sat next to you again, a picture frame in his hand.

You glanced at it and saw that he was holding a picture of you and Jensen, arms wrapped around each other, you pressing a kiss to his cheek. “So, in this world you’re dating fake me?” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s why when you first got here.. I, uh, you know.” You said, face turning red. You were so excited about possibly going home, that you’d forgotten all about kissing real Dean.

“So.. You’ve been kissing fake me?”

“Yes, you pervert.” You said, trying to lighten the mood by joking.,

“Do you like him?” Dean asked quietly, staring at the picture and not looking at you.

“Yeah, he’s a really great guy. But, I was only acting like a couple with him because….” You faltered, feeling like an idiot.

“That’s not a real reason.” Dean said, smiling slightly at you.

“Because he looked like you.” You sighed, averting your eyes to the floor. 

“Well, I am very cute.” Dean joked, bumping his shoulder against yours.

“Can we just drop the subject?” You asked, not wanting to embarrass yourself any more.

“No.” Dean stated. “Because I’m jealous of this Jensen guy.”

Yo whipped your head towards him, making your eyes connect. “Why?”

“Because I like you, and he got to kiss you.” Dean explained, leaning towards you. 

“You can kiss me too.” You mumbled right before your lips touched. 

You scooted closer to him and Dean wrapped his arms around you. Your hands went to the base of his neck. You weren’t sure how long you were kissing, but you knew you’d have kissed for much longer if Gabriel hadn’t interrupted. 

“Alright, break it up. You’ve entertained me, time to go back home.” He announced.

Dean’s arms were still wrapped around your waist when you felt yourself being moved. Suddenly you were sitting on the couch in the bunker. “Thank God.” You sighed, leaning your forehead on Dean’s. 

“Um, hey guys.” Sam coughed awkwardly.

“Oh! Hey!” Dean exclaimed, and you both backed away from each other.

You jumped off the couch and hugged Sam, then Cas. “It’s so nice to see you guys.” You said, sighing in relief.

“Not as nice as it is to see, Dean, apparently.” Sam teased.

“Oh, shut up.” You said, punching him lightly.

“I’ll go yell at Gabriel.” Cas offered, disappearing.

“Thanks!” You called after him.

“And I’ll… go watch TV. Or something.” Sam said, leaving the room. But not before throwing Dean a not-so-subtle thumbs up.

“So. You, uh, want to continue?” You asked Dean.

“God, yes.” Dean sighed, walking towards you and quickly closing the space before he kissed you again.

(I hope you like it!)

You're Mine

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam (mainly)

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, fluff, almost smut

A/N: the Anon asked me to put part of it in third person for the reader so I named her Emily. Just the first thing that came to mind. Also, I screwed up the request the first time I wrote it so I went back and rewrote about ¾ of it. So I hope it’s good.

“Sammy!” You giggled as your boyfriend picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Dean! Help!” You laughed.

Sam patted your bum a few times before carrying you into his room and letting you flop onto the bed. “Dean’s busy in the library…” Sam smirked. “So I thought…” He leaned down to kiss you softly on the lips. Then he started kissing your jaw and behind your ear as his thumbs rubbed circles in your hips.

“That would be nice.” You smiled, and you felt him smile against your neck.

“Mhmm.” He hummed.

But you were rudely interrupted by the sound of wings. At first you thought ‘Cas’. But when you looked to where the sound came from, it was Gabriel.

“Dammit, Gabe! What do you want?” Sam looked to him and groaned.

“Did I interrupt something?” Gabriel waggled his eyebrows.

“Yeah actually, asshole, you did.” You frowned at Gabriel.

“Come on. Can’t blame a guy for trying to have a little fun.”

“What?” You and Sam both looked at him and he made his fingers in a snapping position.

“Don’t you dare!” You yelled and he snapped.

The next thing Sam knew, he was in the main room of the bunker but he was still over her. “What happened?” He whispered.

“You fell over, dork.” Emily laughed.

“Well okay then.” Sam got off of her and stood slowly.

“And… Cut!” A man yelled, scaring the bejesus out of Sam.

Emily and Sam both turned to the voice and Sam realized it was some sort of movie or TV set.

“Not again.” Sam said quietly.

“Thank you, Jared, Emily. That’s all we need for today. Have a good night.” He waved Sam and Emily off.

“That was fun.” Emily nudged Sam.

“Yeah…” Sam sighed, knowing he was gonna have a hell of a time getting out of this mess again.

“You okay, Jared?”

He didn’t respond.

“Jared!” She said again.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m fine. Sorry.” Sam looked at her and tried to fake a smile.

“Okay…” She hardly believed him. “You still coming over for dinner tonight? Jensen’s making steak.” She stated.

“Jensen… Dean!” She could almost see a lightbulb appear over Sam’s head.

“Yes. Jensen plays Dean on the show… Seriously are you okay?”

“I am great. Yes I’m coming over for dinner with you and Jensen. See you at 6?”

She shortly gave him a weird look. “Yeah. 6. See you later.”

He smiled and kissed her forehead and then went to his trailer. He’d done this once before, but there was most likely going to be a different way out since Gabriel was the one who caused it this time.

“Jared!” Jensen called to Sam.

“Hey!” Sam ran towards him. He lowered his voice. “It’s me, Sam.”

“I’m Dean! Like, real Dean. What happened?”

“Gabriel happened.” Sam groaned.

“God dammit!” Dean cursed.

“Yeah. We need to find a way out of here. But first we need to have dinner with Y/n. Well, her name is Emily here. She invited me to have dinner with you two tonight.” Sam sighed.

“Okay. Well let’s find Cas and find our way out of here. Again.” Dean folded his arms.

“I’ll do that. You go find Emily and go make dinner or whatever. She’s an actress here, so play along. See you later.” Sam nodded to Dean and he did the same as they went their separate ways.

“Ca- uh… Misha!” Sam called.

“Hey, Jay. What’s up?” Misha smiled.

“Have you uh- have you seen my, my driver?”

“Not real recently… Go ask-” Misha’s phone started ringing. He took it out and gave Sam the ‘one sec’ gesture. “Hello?… Hey, Westy… Yes… Yep, Daddy’ll be home for dinner… I’ll see you in a little bit, okay?… Love you too.”

Sam waited patiently.

“Sorry. Uh, yeah, ask Clif. He’d probably know.”

“Okay. Thanks, Misha.”

“No problem.” They both smiled as a goodbye.

Sam found Clif and his driver and had him take him to his house. He’d have to face fake Ruby.

“Hey, honey.” Genevieve was feeding Thomas and Shepherd when he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, baby.” Sam gave Genevieve a casual peck on the lips and put an arm around her momentarily. “Are you coming to D- Jensen and Emily’s with me for dinner?”

“No I’m taking the kids to the movies, remember?”

“Right. Well I’m gonna go change and then I’ll be on my way.”

“Okay.” She smiled and continued feeding the kids.

Sam went to his room and threw on a casual outfit from Jared’s closet and headed out.

When he got to the house he walked in on something he couldn’t believe.

Dean had an arm wrapped around Emily ending with his hand on her butt while his other hand was holding a plate of steaks behind her. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and their lips were locked. “Knock knock.” Sam said sternly.

“Hey, Jay!” Dean said.

Emily clapped her hands once, “I’m gonna go get all the side dishes.” She smiled and walked off.

“Dean! What the hell, man?” Sam whisper-yelled.

“What?” Dean feigned innocence.

“Dean, you were just kissing y/n. My girlfriend.” Sam pushed Dean by his shoulder.

“I guess we’re dating here! I’m just playing along like you said!” Dean smirked, laughing.

“Asshat.” Sam sighed.

“Let’s just eat, man. I won’t touch her if you don’t want me to.”

“Thank you.”

“But I can’t promise her not touching me. She’s been pretty handsy all afternoon.” Dean added.

“I don’t need the details, Dean.” Sam grimaced.

“J&J! Dinner is served!” Emily called from the other room.

The boys followed the sound of her voice and Dean put the steak on the table with the array of other food.

“This is for 3 people?” Sam asked.

She turned to him, “Yeah, you eat more than Jensen does.”

Dean busted out laughing since the opposite was usually true.

“Yeah.” Sam laughed too. He sat across the table from Dean and Emily. About halfway through the meal Sam saw Emily’s arm shift towards Dean. Her hand was definitely on his thigh. Sam was gonna have a meltdown.

Dean’s eyes widened and his face went red as Emily’s hand got closer to his crotch. Her fingers drew circles on his upper thigh and then traced the forming bulge in his jeans.

Sam saw the look on Dean’s face and knew exactly what was going on under the table. Sam gave Dean a look that said ‘stop her’ but this was just too much fun for Dean. He made a small pleasured sound, enough to make Sam hear but not enough for Emily to be suspicious.

Later on, the meal was done, Dean was hot and bothered and Sam was just plain furious.

“I should probably get going.” Sam stood. He walked over to Emily, but still looked at Dean. “I figured out how to get out of here.” Then he looked down at her, “I’m never going to see you, this version of you, ever again. So…” He leaned down and kissed her deeply and squeezed her ass. “You’re mine.”

She stood back with a scowl and slapped him hard.

He shrugged, “Worth it. Let’s go, Dean.”

Dean laughed and left with Sam. Emily just stood there confused.

“How do we get out of here?” Dean asked.

Sam punched his arm as hard as he could. “By not getting a hand job through your pants under the table!” Sam yelled.

Dean laughed, “Sorry not sorry, man.” He shrugged, mimicking Sam from moments ago, “Worth it.”

“I hate you.” Sam muttered.

“No but really, how do we get out of here?” Dean asked again.

“By finding Gabriel and beating the answer out of him.”


Hours later they did find Gabriel and finally got out of the hell hole that was that parallel universe.

When Sam found you he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He spanked you once lightly, “You’re mine, got that?”

You giggled, “Yes, sir.”