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Fred Weasley Imagine - Having Kids With Fred Weasley Would Include (Would Include December)

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Having Kids With Fred Weasley Would Include:

  • You would be a Gryffindor and you would be in the same year as Fred
  • You would have been dating since around sixth year, after he asked you to go the Yule Ball with him
  • You were a strong supporter of his Joke Shop and did everything you could to support him
  • During the Battle of Hogwarts, you probably would’ve saved his ass
  • Which means that you brought it up every chance you could
  • “Hey Fred, remember that one time I saved your life?”
  • “Ugh, what do you want?”
  • You would’ve gotten married fairly quickly after the war and you would’ve bought a house together
  • You would’ve waited a year after the war to actually have children just so you could settle into your married life a bit more
  • But neither of you could wait that long
  • The first kid you had was a boy
  • You named him Reuben Arthur Weasley
  • He, of course, had red hair
  • Which Fred was really proud about
  • He was also a prankster like Fred
  • Which Fred was really proud about
  • You and Fred did everything you could for your little bundle of joy
  • It was no secret that the little baby boy was spoiled
  • Even if you and Fred had to work extra hard to afford everything the baby wanted
  • He couldn’t even talk and he had more toys than most kids get throughout the entire life
  • You were very happy by the fact that Fred didn’t mind getting up in the middle of night to settle your baby down
  • You really appreciated it and it was very cute to see how much Fred loved him
  • Two years later you would’ve had a baby girl
  • You would name her Nymphadora Molly Weasley
  • Her hair was also ginger
  • You were very upset because why didn’t any of your children have your features?
  • Fred cheekily saying, “Don’t worry we can have more.”
  • That earned him a slap
  • You two started ‘fighting’ over who would change the diapers
  • Usually, you would win because you had to carry the baby in your tummy for nine months and you saved his life
  • Your baby girl would definitely also turn out to be a prankster
  • But she would be a quiet prankster
  • Her pranks were secrets and usually, Reuben got the blame for them
  • Another two years later, your next child was born. Another baby girl
  • This time she had your hair
  • You were happy
  • But Fred was not
  • “It’s only fair babe.”
  • “But how will people know she is a Weasley?”
  • You would name her Marina (your mother’s first name) Weasley
  • Although she did enjoy pranking, she was quite intelligent and liked books more than pranks
  • Being pregnant was hard for the third time
  • It was hard the first and second time
  • But Merlin were you over being pregnant
  • Fred was always very supportive during the pregnancy
  • He stuck with you through your mood swings
  • He ate everything you ate so you wouldn’t feel bad about eating a lot of food
  • He massaged you whenever you wanted it
  • Lots of foot rubs
  • He was more than happy to do all this because he knew how hard it could be because Molly told him all about it
  • You were very happy he was very supportive
  • You were quite upset to be pregnant for the third time, so Merlin help Fred once you found out you were pregnant for the fourth time
  • “I swear to Merlin Fred, control yourself.”
  • “I can’t when I’m around you.”
  • Your last baby child was a girl, which both you and Fred were very happy about
  • But if Fred was being honest, he wanted another baby boy
  • So now Reuben was six, Nymphadora was four, Marina was two and your new baby girl was only one year old
  • Her name was Gabrielle Angelina Weasley
  • She also had the orange hair
  • Fred was very happy about this
  • Fred was also happy that she liked to create mischievous
  • But she was your baby, so she could never get in trouble
  • Having four Weasley’s was very hard and challenging and tiring
  • You and Fred would usually act all lovey dovey in front of them just so they would freak out
  • Which they did
  • But eventually, your first baby had to go to school
  • Which was a very tough time for you
  • Especially because it was your first baby
  • You cried, and Fred always denied it, but he cried too
  • But then you sent all the rest of your children off to Hogwarts
  • And you didn’t know what to do with your life now that your children were gone
  • They were all quite intelligent, but some *cough*Reuben*cough* focused more on other things like pranks
  • Reuben and Marina ended up on the Quidditch team
  • You would get letters from at least one of them once a week
  • Which you really appreciated
  • And so did Fred
  • This left a lot of time for you and Fred to ponder
  • “Did we spoil them too much?”
  • “Nah. Wait, maybe we did.”
  • But you would be very proud of all of your children
  • “What do we do now?”
  • “Well, if you really miss the children, we could make another.” ;)
  • “Nah, I think I’d just prefer to nap.”
Mistletoe [Dan]

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I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I couldn’t resist writing this.

Warnings: None :3


It was that time of year again.


To say that it was her favourite holiday ever was an understatement.

She’d go all out; ugly yet adorable sweaters, a real pine tree decked out in flashing fairy lights and glass baubles, homemade eggnog with fresh cookies. Back home she’d even dress her little pom up in a Santa suit.

This year she had been invited over to her friend’s place; Dan and Phil’s to be exact. It was a break from her normal holiday routine, which was a nice feeling for once.

‘(Y/N)! Nice to see you!’ Phil greeted as he opened the door to his shared flat, a wide grin on his face. She exchanged hellos with him as she took off her flats. He led her up the stairs and to the lounge, where a loud bang sounded from the room.

‘Piece of crap! Move your car, you dumb fu-’

‘Dan!’ Phil called out as they reached the door, stopping his best friend from unleashing a cursing bomb. ‘We have a visitor!’

She peeked her head timidly through the door to see him lying lazily on the sofa, Wii remote in hand. He had a Christmas-themed sweater on with some classic black skinny jeans; his hair was straightened as usual.

‘(Y/N)!’ He called out happily as he spotted her head creep around the corner, dropping his game controller and stretching out his hands for a hug. She gave him a funny look as she entered the room and he just shrugged.

‘I can’t be bothered getting up.’

(Y/N) laughed as she made her way over to him, his arms wrapping her in a warm hug when she sat beside him. Unbeknownst to Dan and (Y/N), they stayed in each other’s arms a fraction longer than normal; Phil picked up on this and cleared his throat awkwardly before his face suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

‘Who wants to make some cookies?’

‘My sweater is ruined, goddamit!’

The baking wasn’t going to well, to say the least.

The trio had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Broken egg shells littered the benches, flour scattered all over the countertops and dirty dishes were piled high in the sink with the smell of vanilla extract and cinnamon in the air. If anyone were to walk into the flat and see this right now, they’d think a food bomb had exploded.

‘It’s only a little flour, Dan,’ she argued with a frown, making him pout playfully. Phil hummed in agreement as he continued to stir the cookie batter with a wooden spoon. ‘Besides, don’t you have a spare one?’

Dan mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he hoisted himself into the counter-top, leaving (Y/N) and Phil to finish making the cookies. Little did they know that he had sneakily swiped the bag of flour along with an egg from the ingredients pile.

‘I think this one’s gonna be a snowman!’ Phil exclaimed excitedly. ‘I just have to cut th-’


A puff of flour exploded on top of (Y/N)’s head like a ball of snow, the white dust settling itself in her hair and down her sweater. Dan tried desperately to hold in his laughter, but his attempt was futile. A deep, loud laugh erupted from his throat as he clutched his stomach with one hand. (Y/N) sent a death glare his way, shaking her head like a puppy as she tried to get out as much flour as possible.

‘Dan,’ Phil scolded his best friend, placing a hand on his hip as he tried to make himself seem more menacing. ‘I think the least you could do for (Y/N) right now is give her a spare jumper to wear. Her one is destroyed, thanks to you.’

Dan sighed, hopping off the counter top as he lead the way to his room. She followed in tow with her arms folded across her chest; she wasn’t angry, though. If anything, she was quite amused.

In fact, she couldn’t wait to get him back later.

Dan dug around in his closet for his spare Christmas sweater, pulling off its hanger once he found it. (Y/N) took one glance at the jumper and immediately knew it was going to be humongous on her. Dan was twenty centimeters taller than her, at the very least.

‘It’s going to be a little big,’ he stated with a small frown, almost as if he had read her mind. ‘But it should be fine, I guess.’

She took it from his arms gratefully, thanking him for it with a chuckle.

Dan looked at her a little sheepishly, a small yet regretful smile on his face. ‘I’m, uh, sorry for flour bombing you. Gotta admit, though, it was quite funny.’

(Y/N) elbowed him softly, giggling slightly as she made her way out of his room and into the bathroom to change. She pulled off her flour-ridden sweater and replaced it with Dan’s.

Boy, was it huge. That’s what she said bu-dum-tis

The arms came down an extra few inches past her hands, giving her rather large sweater-paws. She didn’t mind this; it was quite cold outside.

The bottom of the sweater itself finished a few centimeters above her knees, making it seem like she was wearing a knitted dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled slightly before making her way to the lounge.

She reached the door, peering her head inside to see Dan putting up some decorations along the mantle above the fireplace. She continued to observe him silently from the doorway, noticing how he kept going back to re-align everything when he thought it didn’t look good together. A small chuckle escaped her lips, making him whip around instantly.

‘How long were you standing there?’ He questioned with wide eyes, his cheeks turning a rosy red.

‘Long enough to know you’re a freak when it comes to interior design.’

He gasped in mock offence, placing a hand over his heart jokingly as he made his way over to her in the doorway. She played with the ends of the jumper, rolling the soft fabric in between her fingers as he looked down at her.

‘There’s actually one more decoration I forgot,’ he spoke in a low voice, making her head shoot upright. A smirk danced across his face as he raised his left hand above their heads to reveal a small, green leafy tuft.


‘You absolute cheese-ball,’ she mumbled, biting her lip as she watched him place it above the doorway. He looked quite pleased with himself, a large smirk plastered onto his face.

‘Well, I think you know what mistletoe means,’ he chuckled once he finished, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. (Y/N) laughed quietly, standing on her tippy-toes as she leaned in towards his face.

‘Shut up and kiss me, Howell.’

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but especially people trying to quit drinking. Fresh Air contributor Sarah Hepola remembers how hard her first year without alcohol was:

“Back when I was drinking, I loved the holiday season, because it was a time of year when getting blasted was perfectly acceptable.

Eat, drink and be merry? Hey, I’m just following the rules here.

Between open bars, champagne toasts and office parties, the month of December was one long pub crawl for me, and if I drank too much — and I always drank too much — I could absolve myself on Jan. 1, when I swore to a bunch of resolutions I would inevitably break about two weeks later.

I’ve made so many false promises on New Year’s Day, you’d think I was running for office.

But six years ago, my party wagon came to a halt. I was tired of embarrassing myself, tired of hangovers. I was 35 years old when I got sober. And though I knew a few things, one question completely flummoxed me: How do you get through the holidays without drinking?”

Staying Sober? Here’s How To Eat, Not Drink And Still Be Merry


Aaaaand FINALLY the trio is completed, here are the Uwa!!Sanses!

I was listening to UT Osts loooong ago and came across Uwa!!So Holiday and actually didn’t know where you could find this music and discovered the joystick config with it’s three themes changing depending on the season.


So here are the 3 outcodes Temperate, Holiday and Heats!! They consider one another as brothers but are they really, no one knows. They make sure to change the seasons in every AU depending on the AU’s information (if there isn’t someone to do that already).

They’re also Ink’s friends, he meets them from time to time in the multiverse as they don’t have their own, they kinda travel everywhere.

Heats was done a month ago or more if I remember correctly while I just did Holi and Temp today >///v///<

My fav is Heats so far aaaaa HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!!

hey chrom remember that one time you ruined nagamas for the kids

here’s my @nagamas gift for @selifu !!! one of the prompts was modern au chrobin, so i drew the chrobin family celebrating one of morgan’s first and probably worst nagamas’s :) 

i really hope you like it! i had a whole bunch of fun doing this! 💕

An Aunt for the Holidays

From Aunt Tammy,

Hey, kiddo.  I’m thinking of you, knowing you’re feeling blue, given it’s That time of year.  I hope you’ll consider coming to hang out with us this year, if you can manage it.  I remember how lousy the season can be with nowhere to be and no one to spend the days with—I had far too many lonely holidays in my earlier days to be comfortable with you stuck out there by yourself.  Come to our place.

You can help me feed the feral cats in the garage and on the front porch, and the back yard wildlife (pigeons, squirrels, the odd opossum or raccoon) and pet kitties—since Patches moved in with my brother-in-law, we have eight in-house (well, Sluggo and Lummie still go outside, Sluggo to accept worship from anyone who passes by on the sidewalk, and Lummie so he can come right back in through the door he didn’t leave from).  Wubbie will purr in your ear and drool on you, Peabody will rub his nose on your face and shed on you, and the rest will come around when they’ve decided you’re okay.  Sluggo and Lummie will also grace you with their company inside.

You and Tim can argue over what to watch—you know we don’t do holiday programs, right?  Except for the original, Boris Karloff-narrated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and the hilarious, not-too-Christmas-gooey “A Christmas Story.”  But you two can decide on movies or streaming shows: we have a big selection of adventure, historical, Bollywood (yep, I said Bollywood!), and action movies, as well as what’s on the tube.

You know our celebrations are kinda weird compared to some families.  We’ll have candles for Yule, and you’re welcome to light them with us: bayberry and beeswax, the best smells around when you want to make light during the longest night of the year.  You can even have your own if you have private wishes to make.  They look beautiful in the dining room with the lights out.

You can help me make my cranberry conserve, if you like: either chop the oranges and walnuts, or pick out the squishy and under-ripe cranberries before I cook them, your choice.  

Then we’ll drive to New York (with regular stops for Starbucks) to spend Christmas Day with Raquel and her mom.  We always go a couple of days early and stay a couple of days late, so pick what you would like to see: the tree at Rockefeller Center, that Japanese book and stationery store I told you about, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or even movies.  Raquel will want to show you the Highline, the park built on an old set of railroad tracks above the Lower West Side, though that might depend on the weather!  And on Christmas day we swap gifts—you don’t have to bring anything, but Tim and I will have something for you—and then we’ll probably eating at Gene’s, since Raquel’s mother doesn’t like to cook the way she used to. There are two small fuzzy dogs to play with as we watch completely non-holiday movies—Raquel loathes Christmassy sentimental overload.  

Then it’s back to Syracuse and relaxing, playing with stuff and laying around the house until New Year’s Eve.  Where would you want to go?  We’ve got the Syracuse Zoo, which has some good indoor exhibits, and the Women’s History Museum in Seneca Falls, as well as the Corning Glass Museum.  The choice is yours!  With luck no one will have left any kittens on the porch for us to add to the menagerie, though you might think emergency kitten rescue is fun! On New Year’s Eve Bruce and Kathy have invited all of us to their house, where we eat lentil-and-sausage soup (for luck in Bruce’s family—Tim will be defrosting the pork roast for our New Year’s Day lucky pork and sauerkraut).  We’ll maybe play a game or watch a movie—don’t worry; we won’t foist one of our Bollywood movies on you unless you’re actually interested! —and mostly talk as other friends and family arrive.  You’ll get to meet the grandbabies whose pictures I keep showing you, and pet Bruce’s cats and dog instead of our cats, for a change.

I know this isn’t the family’s idea of a holiday celebration.  My mother managed to screw holidays up for me, so I start to shake the moment I see decorations go up.  This is what I love best: the people I care about, which includes you, friends more than presents, talking more than singing carols and going to church, and on just enough food rather than stuffing ourselves.  It’s the kind of holiday for people who just want to hang out together, and we’d love to have you with us.  You can even call us from the airport or bus station and say you’re here.  No fuss, no bother.  It would be good to see you.

For raisesomehale because of this post (a postcard that says “Hey! I used to live in your house. I’m drunk in Boston, and it’s the only address I know.” and tags #HI HELLO PPL OF MY DASHBOARD PLS WRITE ME THIS STEREK FIC. I couldn’t help myself.

Rating: T for drunk!Stiles

Tags: drunk!stiles, human, awkward!derek, un-beta’d


It’s weird, but also slightly funny. Derek can’t help but smile as he reads the backside of the postcard again.

“Hey! I used to live in your apartment. I’m drunk in Boston and it’s the only address I know. Happy holidays. SS”

Derek doesn’t get many postcards so he sticks it to the fridge and smiles every time he sees the card in the next few weeks. He can’t help but wonder who SS is. He doesn’t remember the previous tenant, doesn’t think they ever met.

As the months pass he gets used to the card and doesn’t look at it twice anymore.

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Blast from the past. (Michael Clifford imagine)

AN:really proud of this one and i actually proof read it this time so enjoy!

word count:2K

LA California may 19th 2006, I was 9 and it was my first holiday to America, I remember being on a plane with my parents and sitting next to a strange boy with blond hair who in my opinion now looked high as fuck. The one thing I remember the most was the shirt he had on it was a bright yellow one with pikachu and ash on it too, “hi Im Michael” he said sticking out a sticky hand for me to shake “hey Im Y/N” I said shaking his hand and smiling at him. That whole flight we talked about pokemon, played on our Gameboys battling each other and telling really stupid jokes. When the plane landed my mum and his mum swapped numbers so me and Michael could keep in touch. For the first 6 months we talked on the phone everyday but as time went on and we both grew up it was more a phone call every 3 months just to catch up and then 2 years later we weren’t talking at all I was 12 and he had just turned 13 at that time I guess school and his friends took over, but I never ever forgot him and often thought about how he was doing. Now I am 18 and in university studying journalism and living with my friends but Michael? He is touring the world with his band who have just hit it BIG and I’m standing from row at (your city stadium) about to watch him play and hoping for him to notice me. As the show went on which I must say was an amazing show they were going to playing the second last song when I see Michael look directly at me and all he dose is stop everything he is doing and is frozen. I give him a small wave and smile and he dose the same back but he gives me a big smile. “Right this is our second last song its called good girls” Luke says into the microphone just then a big tall guy came up to me and said “miss you have to come with me” “okay why?” “Michael has requested to see you” he simply says helping me over the barrier and into a small stage door at to a room full of clothes and said “the boys will be here soon you can sit on the couch” “okay thanks” I say feeling nervous.

10 minutes later I hear 4 loud Aussie accents coming from down the hall and I know it them so I stand up to greet them “dude that was such a goo-” ash started then stopped when he saw me “Y/N” Michael says and hugs the shit out of me “what are you doing here” “well I heard about this band call 5 seconds of summer on the radio and they said your name so I looked you guys up to see if it was really you and when I found out it was you I got very exited and bought tickets for the show and here I am” “I cant believe this I havent seen you in like 8-9 years this is crazy” he says hugging me again “I can’t believe you your fucking famous now your not the 10 year old boy I met on a plane any more” I say looking him in the eyes “yeah I grew and so did you holy shit you’re not nine anymore you have boobs” he says like he’s never seen boobs before “well that is what happens during puberty” I say laughing then the rest of the boys laugh “so Michael are you going to introduce us to your friend?” calums says “oh sorry guys how rude this is Y/N a friend form a long time ago” “Y/N this is calum, luke and ashton my band mates” “well it was really cool to meet you Y/N but I think we should leave yous to catch up so we’re going to go get changed and go to a bar, see ya” luke says waving out the door and then the 2 other boys follow “okay bye nice to meet you” I shout when they leave. Me and michael were now on the bus couch catching up on the last 9 years. “I really cant believe this its so crazy” he kept saying “so now you’re all famous and very hot and have cool hair do you have a girlfriend?” I ask confidently after taking a drink of my beer he had given me earlier “no I haven’t found the right person yet” he says looking away from me “so what about you since you’re all hot and very smart do you have a boyfriend?” he asks hesitantly “oh yeah of course I have a husband and 2 children” I say looking at him sarcastically “ha ha funny” he says pushing my shoulder “no I don’t have a boyfriend” I say looking at the floor to scared to look at him “why?” he asks getting more confidant “well I never found the right person and I havent really have a spare moment this year because of school but now the year is over I might find the right one” I say taking a chance and looking at him while probably blushing my ass off “yeah maybe you will” he says back smirking like a little boy “so anyway how is school going?” he asks changing the subject “yeah its okay I just feel like im not ready for it not just yet so Im thinking of taking a gap year and traveling” I say smiling because of how fun it sounds “yeah that sound like a good idea” he says smiling at me in ‘that way’ (I know you know what I mean)(lovey dovey eyes btw) blushing like hell I quickly say “I need the bathroom where is it” I ask as he points me in the direction. When I come back I hear Michael talking on the phone to someone saying “man I actually think I could fall in love with this girl it feels so good to see her again and when we talk it isn’t awkward it just feels so natural, you know” omg, all of a sudden I open the door like I heard nothing “oh sorry man I have to go” he quickly says ending the conversation and putting his phone in his pocket “hey” he says smiling at me in 'that way’ again “hey” I say walking over to the couch sitting on it next to him and taking my beer again “you didn’t hear any of that did you?” he say looking concerned “no why?” I say innocently “nothing doesn’t matter, do you want to watch a movie?” he asks standing up to get more beer “sure what do yous have?” going over to the cabinet he opens it to revel a shit load of films “well we have most of the disney’s erm big hero 6, cinderella, beauty and the beast etc” “big hero 6 I love that film” I say getting exited. A wee bit into the film when tadashi dies I feel tears streaming down my face and some hit michaels arm “are you okay” he asks pulling me in for a hug “yeah Im fine its just so sad I hate that bit” “I know  do to” he says smiling at me and then I see his eyes flicker to my lips, dose he want to kiss me? omg what do i do? so then I pluck up the courage and say “you know if you want to kiss me you just have to do it” right after saying that he leans in and kiss my lips with every ounce of passion in his beautiful body, after a long make out session he says “stay the night in my bunk we don’t have to do anything I just want to lay with you and hold you” “of course” I say giving his lips one last peck before he picks me up bridal style and carries me to his bunk. “Here have one of my shirts to sleep in” he says handing me his iron maiden shirt “dont worry thats a clean one” he says laughing before stripping down to his boxers and I taking off all my clothes but my panties and bra and then I put his shirt on the taking my bra off under the shirt. After getting into his bunk we just lye in silence looking at each smiling and once in a while michael would kiss my lips or my neck leaving hickeys along the way. “michael I lied I did hear what you said on the phone” I say looking him in the eye “I don’t care anymore, a part of me wanted you to hear” he says pulling me into hug. That night I fell asleep in his arms and I had never felt more comfortable.

The next morning I wake up to hear the boys laughing so I get up pull on my jeans and go to the door to be nosey, “so what happened last night when we left” ashton asks “nothing we talked cuddled watched big hero 6 the made of for like 30 minutes then went to my bunk and kissed some more and fell asleep in each others arms” he say proudly “aw is mikey going soft” calum says “I actually think I am I really fucking like her man” he say smiling through his words “good for you man, she seems really lovely” luke says patting him on the back “yeah she is, I should probably wake her” he says getting up “no need im already up” I say walking in the room blushing because of how intimated I feel, Michael comes up and hugs me then whispers in my ear say “come to the back with me I have something to ask”.

following him through to the back he sits on the couch and I sit next to him “what up” I ask  "well you know how you were talking about going on a gap year?“ he says "yes” I say confused “well I talked to our tour manager and asked if I could take someone along for the next year and she said yes so would you like to join us on tour and travel the world with me?” “YES oh my god i would love to” I say jumping to hug him “great” he said pulling me back and kisses me.

going back into the lounge michael says “boys we have a little hitch hiker coming on tour with us” in a american school girl voice the rest of the boy scream “omg yessssss” and running and hugging me “this is going to be one of the best tours yet lads” michael says pulling the boys off me “yes it will now miss Y/N would you like some breakfast?” luke asks as if he was a waiter “yes please what do you have?” “well we have bacon, egg, toast, yogurt and fruit salad” he said back “could I please get some fruit salad that would be great right now” “of course” “I will get it for you” michael says pushing luke on the the couch next to me. this would be good, I thought.

one week later and now in (whatever city) michael had asked to see me in the back…again. “Y/N I think i slowly might be falling in love with you so will you please be my girlfriend?” I quickly rushes out “of course I would be honored” I say hugging him and then kissing his lips, “oh and I think  might be falling in love with you as well” I say with a big smile and him smiling at me with an even bigger smile. I fucking love this boy and the other boys and this will be one of the best years of my Life!

mrs-dale-cooper  asked:

Hey, I feel like this is a bizarre question, but I'm having trouble finding an answer. I'm new to paganism (eclectic pagan, mostly Druid), and due to my current situation, low on resources, but I will be celebrating Beltane for the first time very soon. However, I have no intention or desire of ever having children of my own, which makes the fact that I'm celebrating a fertility festival feel weird. Is there still a way to celebrate Beltane without demonstrating a desire to be fertile myself?

(Please remember to give us some time to respond to questions concerning upcoming holidays, since we can’t always answer them on time.)

Yes, there is! 

Bealtaine was not/is not originally about fertility.  It was more about welcoming the onset of summer, bonfires, and, like the three other Fire Festivals, was popular for divination.  On a practical level, there would be the settling of rents and tenancies, clearing fields for moving farm animals, and sometimes having job fairs and competitions.  Bealtaine and the other cross-quarter days were later adopted into Wicca; the God and Goddess narrative is a later addition.  (Admittedly, some of us Irish and Gaelic polytheists can get a bit salty about the ramifications of modern neopagan practice.)

If you want to celebrate the neopagan version of Beltane, however, you still don’t have to use any kind of sexual fertility.  There’s the fertility of one’s imagination, of building new relationships and strengthening old ones with humans and non-humans, of gardening or husbandry – anything that involves ‘growth’ of some kind, whether literally or conceptually.  Our local pagan organization once had a public Beltane ritual that talked about nonsexual creative fertility, and another one that, in addition to the chalice and athame thing, did “chalice to chalice,” “blade to blade,” and “the chalice and blade unto themselves.”  In the ritual we’re doing this year, I banned specifically sexual and gendered language in order to focus the working entirely on one’s relationship with the local land.

- mountain hound

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Hey guys!

We’re not dead! Or at least I don’t think we are, one of the admins hasn’t moved in a while. He might be. I’ll poke him later. 


We’re sorry for our absence recently. It’s getting harder and harder to maintain this blog with grad school/jobs taking up 99% of our time. The other 1% is crying in the corner and wishing for holidays. I’ll try to queue something this weekend, hopefully objects you guys haven’t seen before, but at this point it’s getting difficult to remember which ones we have and haven’t done. Life is a blur of ancient history, thesis chapter revisions, and crying these days…

adamantium-ellis’ 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Whoa hey remember last time I hit an even hundred on follower count I said I wanted to do a giveaway? Well GUESS WHAT’S HAPPENING! I’m v. bad at organized things so I’m sorry if this post is a bit of a mess, BUT ANYWAY!


  • Since this is a follower milestone giveaway married with a holiday giveaway, you can only win if you’re following me!
  • A follow on my main (@memesluna) isn’t necessary but I mean, I feel like if you want more of me weeping about my love for Tyler Coe and Miles Luna you may enjoy it.
  • Likes and Reblogs count as an entry each.
  • Because it’s the 12 days of Christmas giveaway, I’ll pick the winners using a random number generator at 8 PM on December 25th.


  • This part is simple, 12 days of Christmas = 12 fic prizes. 
  • 6 first prize winners will get a full length fic (1000+ words, but word count will vary depending on the prompt) written based on their prompt. 
  • 6 second prize winners will get a flash fic (anywhere from 300 to 800 words) written based on their prompt. 
  • I’ll accept prompts for any RT/AH/FH or Game Grumps staff, and I’ll also accept any genre (fluff/smut/angst/etc), however if I’m uncomfortable with a specific prompt I may message you and ask for another.
  • All giveaway prompts will have priority over other ones I receive if I happen to open prompts again by then.

I’ll make a post announcing the winners sometime Christmas evening as well as messaging them all personally. If I don’t get a response (not necessarily the prompt, just a “hey thanks I’ll get you that prompt soon” works) from a winner within 24 hours of sending their message, then a new one will be chosen. 

Good luck and Happy Holidays! 

Holiday Commission Livestream!

Hey guys! 
Im finally opening up the commission shop again! This time im gonna host and stream up your entries today! 

Prices will be:


other examples too

(colored sketch is lowered to $20 for the holidays!)


check my artblog for more examples

Im only opening 6 slots! If you’re interested, please email me at natashanayo@gmail.com OR inbox me your choice! Remember, i use paypal! Stream starts at 4PM!

  1. @dryeguy
  2. @ar-ameth
  3. @bluescarfvivi
  4. slot open
  5. slot open
  6. slot open