hey remember that movie

“hey man remember that avatar movie, the one with the blue people”

“kinda, i mean, i remember that it was a thing that existed”

“yeah, well, what if we took this movie that nobody remembers or cares about, spent millions of dollars designing a theme park area based on it, and then opened it nearly a decade after the movie came and went?”

Quick Descriptions of Some Musicals

Hamilton: The Founding fuckboys Fathers in the form of highschool drama

Falsettos: Lots of Jews, lots of gay, lots of intense crying

Book of Mormon: Everyone is made fun of in this musical. Everyone.

Rent: Money is difficult, but so is AIDS and being gay

Phantom of the Opera: Mysterious man in a mask swoons you faster than you can say “Christine” no matter what your sexuality is

Newsies: Group of guys (that aren’t mormons) aren’t taking shit from no one (also the New York accent will stick with you, believe it or not)

Dear Evan Hansen: Sad musical about teen angst could never be so relatable

Wicked: Hey remember that one movie that comes on tv every now and then during the holidays that your parents reflect on? Yeah this is before that

School of Rock: Fake teachers and rebellious children who are all surprisingly talented

  • Nagisa: I will put an A down to make "A"
  • Haru: I will put a T down to make "AT"
  • Makoto: I will add onto your "AT" to make "RAT"
  • Rei: I will add onto your "RAT" to make "BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC".
  • Nagisa: I would flip this board if you weren't so goddamned hot.

KARIBA: the Graphic Novel Kickstarter!

Hey y’all! You may remember Kariba, the amazing South African animated movie trailer I posted about a while back… well, they’re doing a Kickstarter for a comic! You can back the Kickstarter right here, and if it does well, it may help lead to a movie! I know they have my money.

And to help refresh your memory, here’s that stunning, Ghibli-esque movie teaser again:

(beautiful work!)

This is the only life advice I will ever give:
Have no regrets. If you are scared of going to the gym because you think other people will judge you; go anyway, because I was that person too and trust me when I say this; no one is looking at you and if they are it’s only because they admire your strength to make the effort to change. If you are scared of bungee jumping, do it anyway, maybe it will feel like shit, maybe you will love it, but what matters most is that you did it, you don’t have any regrets. Want to skip class on thursday because you are drained and need some time off? do it, self care is important. Want to skip a class because you aren’t getting anything anyway and it totally doesn’t feel worth it? Don’t do it; study without fear, the power of knowledge is infinite; whether it’s 9th grade spanish grammar or AP calculus: make the effort to do it. It will pay off. Go for walks, bake some brownies, drink some tea/coffee, watch a foreign movie with/without subtitles because even if it was a shitty walk or a burnt brownie or a horrible drink or the worst movie ever made; hey, at least you had an experience. Everyday doesn’t have to be a good day and I can’t promise that you will be happy everyday, but a shit day isn’t a shit life and you will be satisfied.
Dream without fear, breathe without fear, love without fear and live without fear. Have no regrets, not just this month, not just this summer, not just this year but this whole life; have no regrets.
—  Me

some white idiot from disney: hey u remember that book of life movie that a mexican man wrote and designed with his wife

another white idiot from disney: oh hell yeah it was great but you know what would be greater

the first one: what

the second one: if we fucking lifted the entire plot and remade it some things entirely shot for shot

the first one, taking another bong hit: dude yes

person adapting the 1992 newsies movie for the stage: hey so remember in the movie where jack kelly spends 2 hours of screentime emotionally bonding with davey and then at the last possible second turns around and kisses sarah?

second writer: yes. it seemed pretty forced and undermined jack and daveys relationship arc. maybe we should just end the show with the two of them kissing instead

first writer: no actually i was thinking we take our awesome girl reporter katherine and have jack fall in love with HER at first sight and persistently follow her around new york even after she asks him to leave. which obviously means she loves him too, right

second writer: gary youre a fucking genius. heres my keys. go fuck my wife

Random AUs That No One Needs
  • So I was trying to write like I was Light Yagami in class and I accidentally broke your nose, I am so sorry
  • So I just found my huge old deck of YuGiOh cards… wanna duel?
  • If I feel like talking like Dio Brando I will!
  • Hey do you remember all those great Disney channel movies that came on when we were kids? Let’s rewatch all of them
  • Wanna play all these Final Fantasy games with me? Or shall we get the best of both worlds with Kingdom Hearts?
  • My mom wanted me to deliver this cake over to your parents’ place as a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood peace offering
  • I can’t draw to save my life so teach me
  • There’s gonna be this cool meteor shower simulation at the planetarium… do you wanna go with me?
  • Alternatively, the aquarium is doing a special viewing today, wanna come with?
  • What do you mean you haven’t watched [insert underrated anime/show]?! That’s it we’re watching right now!
  • Great… an awkward double date with my brother/close friend and his boyfriend and me and my girlfriend. How can this get any better?
  • I was cleaning my room and found all these old pictures of us as kids, we used to be so close and we grew apart, I want us to go back to those old days
  • You’ve been offkeyly singing the Steven Universe opening theme for the past five minutes and I’m torn between joining in or telling you to shut up because I’m trying to study
  • I’m cosplaying as Cloud Strife at this convention and I met a Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough and now everyone in the panel is arguing over which is the better Cloud!ship
  • I know it’s 1 in the morning, but dude I just finished playing Crisis Core and I need a hug!
  • You insulted my Winged Kuriboh card and I am off to end your life
  • As kids of famous celebrities that often co-star with one another, I’m glad I’ve found another person like me who doesn’t really care or want to be involved in Hollywood
  • We’ve been singing ‘We’re Yugioh’ over and over again and I think we’re annoying the neighbours
  • One of my residents left my town in Animal Crossing for yours. This means war
  • You’re such an intriguing person and I really want to talk to you but you’re deaf, so I’ve been learning sign language that way I can
  • We’ve been watching crack videos for the past half hour now and our stomachs hurt from laughing too much
  • We’re both troubled delinquents and we met on a ‘Scare Them Straight’ Program tour
  • So you kinda found my blcd audio collection… and you’re kinda scarred now… fuck
  • You ran on me watching Kill la Kill with no context WAIT NO COME BACK THE SHOW IS A LOT BETTER THAN IT LOOKS! 
  • You don’t like anime but I forced you to watch all of Death Note with me and now you’re like “this is the best anime ever!” Really bitch?
  • We share a diary and we’ve been doing that since, like, the fifth grade
  • You’re a huge fan of ___ and I’ve been lying about liking it so you’ll like me, but I should really break it down to you but you’re so cute I can’t!
  • You’re dog/cat got my dog/cat pregnant, so what are you going to do about it
  • At first I thought you were going to be super annoying, but omg you’re so cute I want to aggressively punch you in the face!
  • It’s raining and your parents just told me you ran away from home and I’ve been running through the rain for about 3 hours trying to find you!
  • We got drunk and when we woke up the next day I had ‘THUG SEME’ tattooed on my chest and we’re both naked… shit.
  • I attend this rich all girls school and I just wanted to find a quiet place to read but I ended up breaking an expensive vase and now I have to pay it off by working for the school’s all-girls host club femslash ouran au yaaaas!
  • Does anyone wanna trade lunches with me?

Hey remember that Batman movie where Flash ends up in a world where Thomas Wayne was Batman and Martha Wayne was Joker and Bruce was killed instead of them?

What if the Gotham Rogues from the Bruce Wayne continuity ended up in that universe and had to find a way back?

I’m just imagining that the whole time they have to hide from Batman because, you know they all ended up here in costume and of course they don’t wanna die.

And just one day Joker like, throws a fit because he’s way too stressed and screams “DOES ANYONE ELSE MISS WHEN BATMAN WASN’T TRYING TO MURDER US?”

And everyone’s just staring at him and he just sits down like “Sorry I’m very frustrated.”

And then everyone starts agreeing with him like “Yeah that was nice.”

So when they get back to their own continuity they put up a big banner in the middle of town that says “THANK YOU BATMAN” with the signatures of all the Rogues and there’s no major crimes from any of them for like a month.

I like this, I wanna write it.