hey remember that movie

hey hey hey you remember ratatouille? that movie was fuckin wild. in the first 20m a woman points a shotgun at the protagonist and tries to shoot him multiple times, brings down the roof of her own house, and subsequently gasses it. then the rat goes to paris and meets the bastard son of a dead chef and almost dies. again. several times. many times! almost gets locked in an oven. and then drowned. then some shit happens and he controls the bastard son by pulling on his hair. also the bastard chef gets drunk at least once. it’s explicit too like the scheming sous chef brings this 18 y/o or whatever into his office and gets him drunk because he wants the kid to admit that he’s a successful chef because of a tiny hair-pulling rat puppeteer who lives in his hat. and all throughout it the rat is grappling with the ethical conflict of whether stealing is right, and how to reconcile the wasted excesses of capitalism with his belief in private property and self-earned worth, especially when he comes from an impoverished background where stealing was necessary. and the underlying motif is how art isn’t an exclusive club, and how making art accessible to everyone is critical to the expansion and success of art itself, and the importance of honesty in relationships. also the human protagonist’s name is linguini

Quick Descriptions of Some Musicals

Hamilton: The Founding fuckboys Fathers in the form of highschool drama

Falsettos: Lots of Jews, lots of gay, lots of intense crying

Book of Mormon: Everyone is made fun of in this musical. Everyone.

Rent: Money is difficult, but so is AIDS and being gay

Phantom of the Opera: Mysterious man in a mask swoons you faster than you can say “Christine” no matter what your sexuality is

Newsies: Group of guys (that aren’t mormons) aren’t taking shit from no one (also the New York accent will stick with you, believe it or not)

Dear Evan Hansen: Sad musical about teen angst could never be so relatable

Wicked: Hey remember that one movie that comes on tv every now and then during the holidays that your parents reflect on? Yeah this is before that

School of Rock: Fake teachers and rebellious children who are all surprisingly talented

“hey man remember that avatar movie, the one with the blue people”

“kinda, i mean, i remember that it was a thing that existed”

“yeah, well, what if we took this movie that nobody remembers or cares about, spent millions of dollars designing a theme park area based on it, and then opened it nearly a decade after the movie came and went?”


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Basically though in the past I've had three different friends come out to me and I just thought "what's the big deal, it doesn't matter to me if you're straight or not" but now I've realised that I'm not straight it seems very daunting to tell my friends and I definitely won't be telling my parents... I feel ashamed and like I can't tell anyone because of how I've been brought up... I'm demisexual and have been attracted to close friends both m and f. I don't think they'll understand...

The first time realising that you’re not straight is a bit of a shock for everyone I believe. Even I had a couple of months during which I tried really hard to get a crush on a male movie star or anything like that, because sure, queer people exist, but it’s always the gay uncle, the lesbian cousin, the trans boy three years below you in school, but not you. You are you, you are normal (or what society sees as normal, because queer representation in mainstream media is still shite af). Coming out, going to pride, feeling left out when all your friends start dating at 16 and you haven’t even kissed at 21, all those things happen to other people.

But that is not true, as I found out, as you are finding out now, and it’s not a button you can switch, it’s not sleeping on it for a night and you’re fine. It takes time, loads of hours spent on tumblr and a fuckton of queer movies. But you’ll get there, and you’ll be comfortable with yourself and who you are. Only when you feel like you’ve fully come out to yourself can you take the step to come out to others.

Or at least that’s how I experienced it. Once, when I had just started to question my sexuality I casually let slip that I wasn’t sure if Orlando Bloom was “the right gender” instead or the right type for me, and I freaked the fuck out after I said that, even though my friends were all open and accepting. I have never talked over something so fast in my life, and when I did come out to my friends it was a solid 1.5 years later.

Don’t feel the need to come out a week, a month or even a year after you discovered to be not-straight. There is no pressure, and only you can tell when you’re ready. Especially when your upbringing has not been the most queer-friendly, it is important that you take your time. The odds of meeting homophobia in a setting like that are higher and you can only properly fight homophobia when you are sure of yourself, your value and your right to be as queer as you are.  

My advise to you is this: Take your time. You’re young, you can do that. Don’t pressure yourself into coming out, not to your friends or parents. And when the time does come, your friends will hopefully understand, 3 already came out like you said, and you don’t immediately have to tell them about your attraction to them.

Maybe to get a feel of the situation, tell them about a (possibly made up) story you found on tumblr about a demisexual, and see how they respond. Making sure they know what demisexual is before you tell them that you are in fact demi yourself gives you one thing less to worry about. And grant them some time to get used to the idea, they might not need it but maybe they will, so that’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

And then parents; They can be the most amazing people in the world or the most terrible, and if your upbringing wasn’t queer-friendly, odds are they might not take it as well as they should. (Remember: if parents think less of you because you’re queer, that does not mean that you are less, it means they didn’t get the concept of parenthood. Screw them in that case) In this situation definitely not telling your parents is probably your best option, either until you are 100% sure a friend could take you in for a longer time if things do go south, or until you move out.

Now this is for you and all other queer folk out there: Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad or ashamed about yourself. You are a wonderful person who deserves to be proud of themselves. If you’re not proud right now, as you’ve said you weren’t, I’m telling you right now that that feeling will pass. Take your time, get used to the idea, watch a truckload of coming out video’s and cry about them as you feel that every one of them makes you accept yourself a little bit more. God knows I did, and I never cry. I thought myself to be the biggest dumbass in the world for not being able to process my sexuality in a week. I wasn’t homophobic, hell, my mother is a even a polyamorous bisexual,  so I didn’t understand why it was not just pressing a button. Flicking a switch.

Feelings don’t work like that, they don’t listen to facts. You know the grandpa from Up! was just an algorithm on a computer screen, yet you still feel bad for him when his wife dies. You still think Wall-E is cute. You still fall a little bit in love with Dory (in my case that is. A forgetful lonely fish? Soulmates since the beginning of time really)

You’ll be okay honey. And if you feel like you aren’t, or if you have any more questions, or don’t understand something or you’re just looking for a chat, my inbox is always open 😘 😘 😘 😘

Hope this helped! Sorry that it got this long… I’m pants at short answers

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Hey remember that time in a kid’s movie where the main character joined the military to impress a girl and ended up being the only survivor by a fluke and had to pick up his only buddy’s severed head to talk him through his last moments and promised to find his body while gazing out over a grey and dusty field of thousands of slaughtered soldiers knowing he’d never be able to keep his promise?

Headache (M)

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 2564 words

Plot: You have a headache but then you are met with your boyfriend and your thoughts to distract you.

Oh God guys, this is my first time ever using my blog or writing any sort of these oneshots/fictional stories and smut. That was difficult. This probably sucks… please give me any feedback so I can know where to work on. :) but that’s probably impossible because I have like zero followers. YIKES

Your hands gripped to rest at your knees as you panted for air. “Take five, guys. Great job!” encouraged your trainer. You walked towards your water bottle gratefully to rehydrate yourself. You had a mild headache and tomorrow night was going to be spent at another award show, so you and your group were in one of the dance rooms of the arena it was going to be held at for rehearsals. 

It was always like this, but you could never complain. Being an idol wasn’t something easy to achieve and you got paid to do the things you loved—singing, dancing, performing and many other bonuses that came with it. You sighed in relief after taking a long swig of the cold drink that quenched your thirst and grabbed for a small towel to dab on your forehead until you felt the presence of Hye Jin, your leader, beside you.

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KARIBA: the Graphic Novel Kickstarter!

Hey y’all! You may remember Kariba, the amazing South African animated movie trailer I posted about a while back… well, they’re doing a Kickstarter for a comic! You can back the Kickstarter right here, and if it does well, it may help lead to a movie! I know they have my money.

And to help refresh your memory, here’s that stunning, Ghibli-esque movie teaser again:

(beautiful work!)

This is the only life advice I will ever give:
Have no regrets. If you are scared of going to the gym because you think other people will judge you; go anyway, because I was that person too and trust me when I say this; no one is looking at you and if they are it’s only because they admire your strength to make the effort to change. If you are scared of bungee jumping, do it anyway, maybe it will feel like shit, maybe you will love it, but what matters most is that you did it, you don’t have any regrets. Want to skip class on thursday because you are drained and need some time off? do it, self care is important. Want to skip a class because you aren’t getting anything anyway and it totally doesn’t feel worth it? Don’t do it; study without fear, the power of knowledge is infinite; whether it’s 9th grade spanish grammar or AP calculus: make the effort to do it. It will pay off. Go for walks, bake some brownies, drink some tea/coffee, watch a foreign movie with/without subtitles because even if it was a shitty walk or a burnt brownie or a horrible drink or the worst movie ever made; hey, at least you had an experience. Everyday doesn’t have to be a good day and I can’t promise that you will be happy everyday, but a shit day isn’t a shit life and you will be satisfied.
Dream without fear, breathe without fear, love without fear and live without fear. Have no regrets, not just this month, not just this summer, not just this year but this whole life; have no regrets.
—  Me

hey girls remember when dee took charlie to a 3D movie and he jumped in front of her to protect her from one of the images coming out of the screen 

Beauty and the Beast

Request: Hello again😊 I had just watched the new beauty and the beast ❤❤and if requests are still open could you do a Bucky x reader similar to the movie? With the avengers as various characters from the movie. It’s a bit far fetched but if you could do it that would be amazing😊❤❤ ily

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A/N: Hey, yooo, who remembers Beastly with Alex Pettyfer? I looooove that movie. I tried to make this modern and Marvel without making it too close to Beastly. It ended up more like the Disney version, though. Also, this doesn’t have the Avengers in it.

Warnings: If you have seen the old Disney animated movie, you have no worries.

Word Count Total: 1888

Long Imagine #13

Title: Beauty and the Beast (Part 1)

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Hey remember that Batman movie where Flash ends up in a world where Thomas Wayne was Batman and Martha Wayne was Joker and Bruce was killed instead of them?

What if the Gotham Rogues from the Bruce Wayne continuity ended up in that universe and had to find a way back?

I’m just imagining that the whole time they have to hide from Batman because, you know they all ended up here in costume and of course they don’t wanna die.

And just one day Joker like, throws a fit because he’s way too stressed and screams “DOES ANYONE ELSE MISS WHEN BATMAN WASN’T TRYING TO MURDER US?”

And everyone’s just staring at him and he just sits down like “Sorry I’m very frustrated.”

And then everyone starts agreeing with him like “Yeah that was nice.”

So when they get back to their own continuity they put up a big banner in the middle of town that says “THANK YOU BATMAN” with the signatures of all the Rogues and there’s no major crimes from any of them for like a month.

I like this, I wanna write it.

person adapting the 1992 newsies movie for the stage: hey so remember in the movie where jack kelly spends 2 hours of screentime emotionally bonding with davey and then at the last possible second turns around and kisses sarah?

second writer: yes. it seemed pretty forced and undermined jack and daveys relationship arc. maybe we should just end the show with the two of them kissing instead

first writer: no actually i was thinking we take our awesome girl reporter katherine and have jack fall in love with HER at first sight and persistently follow her around new york even after she asks him to leave. which obviously means she loves him too, right

second writer: gary youre a fucking genius. heres my keys. go fuck my wife