hey regina

  • Henry: Where do you think she went?
  • Regina: There's no way to know for sure, but I bet she ended up with Wish Robin.
  • Henry: What? Why would it send her to a world where she's a wanted criminal who's just killed the reinging monarchs, made off with the princess, and has a price on her head? I wrote 'the evil queen gets a fresh start' not 'the evil queen has a public execution'.
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
  • Henry: Didn't you say Rumple was trying to kill you when you left too?
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.

Hey Regina,

Y'know what’d be a really great start to actual redemption? Finding all those people whose hearts you have in boxes (your “enemies’ hearts”…) and giving 👏🏼 them 👏🏼 back.

In all likelihood, those people were brought across with your curse and are walking around Storybrooke without their hearts. If you want to actually work for your redemption, like you seem to think you already have, then how about you go find all those people and give them their hearts back?

That would be an act suggesting you do want to actively earn redemption. Rolling your eyes and huffing at the inconvenience of being reminded of your past deeds doesn’t constitute as working for it.

So, how about you go out and give those hearts back and maybe we can start to believe you want redemption for the right reasons and are willing to own your past, rather than simply justifying and excusing everything you did. That’s not redemption. And you’re nowhere near redeemed. You’ve barely even started (‘not killing people on a whim’ doesn’t count, FYI.)

People who are fed up with you being Mary-Sue’d and whitewashed while others (*cough* Killian Jones *cough*) work their sexy little butts off against a tide of self-loathing to change and earn their redemption.

  • Regina: Hey Emma...
  • Emma *confused*: What are you doing here?
  • Regina: Nice to see you too Regina, yes darling I love you so much and you brighten my day...
  • Emma *rolling her eyes*: Yes that...I just meant...normally it's me coming to surprise you.
  • Regina *smiling*: I know...maybe I felt like breaking you out early for a change.
  • Emma: Really? Wait...this isn't a trick or a prank right?
  • Regina: No.
  • Emma: Then why?
  • Regina *grinning*: Because it's Saturday and it's not your shift.

OUAT: Snowing, you get virginal True Love!

OUAT: Ariel, you get interspecies True Love!

OUAT: Cinderella, you get True Love over class!

OUAT: Rumbelle, you get a complex True Love!

OUAT: Ruby Slippers, you get over the rainbow (GAY!) True Love!

OUAT: Zades, you get the evilest True Love!

Henry: Me?

Emma and Regina: You’re too young for romantic TL. 

OUAT: They’re right, that’s why you’ve got parental True Love instead!

Henry: OK I guess…

Regina: Hey. I’m old enough. But you’ve killed both of my boyfriends before we even had TLK. Why? Am I ever finding my romantic True Love?

Emma: Come to think of it, how come none of mine and Killy’s kisses ever break no curse either? Or my heart- I couldn’t share it with him like my parents share theirs. He’s supposed to be my TL, so why haven’t we made any magic- instead I keep breaking curses with Regina?

Regina: Care to explain?

OUAT  - sweats nervously -

Emma and Regina: Why are we the only ones who haven’t shared romantic True Lo- OH!

- Emma and Regina look at each other -


while i’m at it let’s just address the general anti swan queen attitude people are allowed to have. i see so many popular ouat blogs who outwardly hate emma and regina, their development, their friendship, and anyone who enjoys them. i joined this fandom when i was 14, in 2013, a time where the swan queen fandom was still generally ignored. and it truly fucked with me. for the first year or so, i felt SO guilty for being in the swan queen fandom, for being part of a group with so many “bad apples”, of daring to say that, hey, emma and regina aren’t that bad.
i’m sure people know who i am by now, or at least have argued with me or maybe sent screencaps of shit i say in their group chats for mocking purposes. i wouldn’t have my mutuals getting asks on how i’m hateful and an “anti” if this wasn’t the case. but know my cynicism and abrasive outlook came from guilt. know my guilt came from most non-sq shippers acting like we were the lowest of the low. know my negative attitude was created by you.

  • Adam & Eddy: look at all these happy endings we have! They are so bountiful and plenty!
  • Regina: hey, guys, would it be cool if I, you know, borrowed one of those...for awhile?
  • A&E: um, you know, these ones right here, yeah they're kind of accounted for already, but if one becomes available, oh we'll definitely let you know.
  • Regina: I'm not getting a happy ending am I?
  • A&E: Can't say.

EPISODE S06E01 “War” in which Fey still laughs like a horse and Bia gasps over Swan Queen.

So, @feyrah​ and I have a brand new channel!

This is what you can expect: we watch things and we record ourselves babbling and yelling about how gay we are.

Right now we’re mainly watching Once Upon a Time, so we’ll be recording and uploading a new episode each week, but we plan on branching out to other content so feel free to send suggestions as to what you’d like for us to watch!


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