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“Whether you’re single or spoken for, I hope you’re smiling today!”

Smiling because of you, ya fluffy cutie!

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And Happy Valentine’s Dan – err, Day.  I meant Valentine’s Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! :) <3


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You’ve finally gotten over your latest breakup, and tell your friend, Monroe, you’re ready to start dating again.

“I know the perfect guy!” Monroe said instantly. His face lit up, almost to the levels it does when he’s decorating for Christmas. “How do you feel about going on a blind date?”

“I don’t know,” you reply a bit nervously. You’ve never gone on a blind date before.

“It’ll be fun!” Monroe insisted. “And Rosalee and I will get a table nearby, so if things get awkward, come to us, and we’ll turn it from a date into a party.”

“Alright,” you agree with a nod. You know how much Monroe likes helping his friends, whether or not he’ll admit it.

Later that night, you had gotten dressed up (always fretting if you were dressed too fancy, or not fancy enough. Monroe assured you it was fine). You were waiting at the table with a glass of water for just a couple minutes before someone joined you. You looked him over, liking what you saw. He was pretty cute, with a strong jaw and really pretty eyes.

“Hey, I’m Nick Burkhardt,” he introduced himself with a charming smile and a hand held out for a handshake.

You shook his hand and introduced yourself. “So, Monroe refused to tell me anything about you,” you commented.

“Same with me,” Nick said as he settled into the seat and took a look at the menu. “Not a word about you.”

“Well, what do you do?” you asked.

“I’m a homicide investigator. So stories about what’s happened on the job probably aren’t best talked about when we’re about to eat,” Nick joked.

You gave a little laugh. “Yeah, please no, but feel free to tell me about it later,” you said with a little smile. “It’s gotta be interesting.”

“You have no idea,” Nick said with an amused headshake.

You looked down at the menu and started looking at the food options. “If we want to split an appetizer, who pays for it?” you asked, figuring you’d be each paying for your own food since it is a blind date.

“I’ll pay. For your entree, too,” Nick replied, not even looking up from the menu.

“You don’t have to, seriously,” you tell him.

He looked up at you with his charming smile. “I know. I want to, though. Mostly because if we decide to have dinner together again, it’ll probably have to be takeout or home cooking, since I can get called out at any time to a case. So I want to treat you to restaurant food while I can.”

You made a mental note to look away from Nick next time he starts to say a lot. You missed a chunk of what he said because you were too busy just looking at his face, wondering what his stubble would feel like if he kissed you. Thankfully you did register that he finished what he was saying and nodded.

“Alright, alright. But I’ll take the tip,” you stated.

Nick chuckled a little. “Okay, deal,” he agreed.

Before you could even order appetizers, you completely forgot than Monroe and Rosalee were nearby.

There was nearly constant talking between you and Nick the whole night. After the two of you finished eating dessert, but while you were deciding if you wanted to leave, the topic of talents came up.

“You know, I’m pretty good at reading people,” Nick stated. “And from what I’ve read from you, you wouldn’t mind if I do this.” He leaned forward and placed a light peck on your lips. Of course you were surprised at first, but then you relaxed into the kiss.

“Hey, Y/N, sorry to interrupt here,” Monroe started, causing both you and Nick to jump and break the kiss. For some reason, you doubted he was sorry for interrupting. “But I was going to offer you a ride home. But you’d probably prefer a ride with Nick.” He gave an amused smirk, and you swore you saw him wink.

“Just shush and go home,” you jokingly told Monroe, waving for him to leave. Nick laughed and gave Monroe a look that seemed to say “you heard her.”

Monroe laughed. “Have fun you two,” he said, before walking away.

Oh no, it’s bad. It’s REAL bad. It’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.
—  APH Romano on American pizza
Turn Down the Heat -  29 (Leonard Snart Reader)

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You handed the glasses over to Len before pulling up your hair. His calculating eyes watched you, “Are you okay?”

“We talked about this…” You looked at him, “I need time.”

“This is different…” He told you calmly as you turned from, “Stop.”

You looked back at him, “What?”

“What happened?” He asked quietly, “In the last hour something changed.”

You swallowed looking away, “You said she died…and that Mick killed her. The same Mick that two years ago…hours for you…we said we were going back for once she was born. Her godfather…”

He took a deep breath setting the glasses down, “I know…I’m having a hard time with it too.”

“I think…I think that’s why I’m so angry with you…” You looked back at him, “He killed her in front of you.”

“You don’t think I’m angry?” He stopped standing in front of you.

“No I don’t…You’re upset but…I am enraged.” You teared up looking at him, “I want nothing more than to walk back into that cage and just…strangle him. To think that he could do anything to that beautiful baby…”

He glanced at the small monitor on the desk looking at Elain sleeping, “Y/N…if I let the ice break…even a fracture…I will lose it. Watching her fight for me…and seeing Mick break her…it broke me.”

Your eyes followed him as he sat down looking at the baby monitor. His fingers pushed on the screen zooming in on her, “Y/N…a piece of me died that day. My grown daughter looked up at me with fear and admiration and so much love…Love…I couldn’t protect her and she still loved me.”

Your heart began to ache. You’d been so angry about the situation and everything that you didn’t even stop to think…

“Len…” He turned to you as you touched his shoulder, “I’m sorry…”

You could see how hard talking about it was for him. How hard he really was struggling to keep it together, “I don’t care for much in this world. Never doubt that Elain will always be my number one priority.”

You smiled before you leaned down taking his face in your hands and kissed him. It was the first time since you’d gotten back. You began to feel tingling sensations as his hands found your hips.

You’d forgotten how it felt almost. Warm flashes moved through your body as he stood up picking you up enough to set you on the desk. He was intoxicating the way his mouth seemed to keep you on the edge.

As you started to tug at the jacket he was wearing you heard a small cough. You felt your cheeks go hot as you pulled away glancing at a very disgruntled Len.

“This better be…” He stopped as he turned to face who ever had come into the room. His mouth hung open.

Wondering who it was you leaned to the side to see. You stood up finally, “Wha…Elain?”

She smiled waving a little, “Sorry…I didn’t mean to interrupt, but it’s still really gross…even when you two are younger.”

You half laughed a little, “What are you doing here?”

“Well…I got message…ish…will…time travel is hard to explain.” She rambled off quickly before looking at Len, “Dad…is everything alright?”

“…wh…” He stepped forward putting his hands on her face looking into her eyes, “You’re here.”

She smiled at him putting her hands on his wrist, “This…is one of the first times you’ve seen me, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…I just…a little bit ago I was holding you in my arms.” He swallowed tearing up, “Now…”

“I love you too, dad.” She smiled leaning forward and hugged him.

Your hand went to your mouth as you watched him wrap his arms around her. He shrouded around her trying desperately to protect her from the world outside of that moment. He whispered into her hair “I love you baby…”

She finally pulled away looking at the both of you, “So what’s going on? I got the sense that things were rough.”

Len took a deep breath in through his nose and looked over to you for help. You swallowed stepping forward, “It’s been rough couple of days and years for your father and I…”

“Oh…” Elain nodded slowly, “The wacky time jump…is everyone back okay?”

“Yes.” You nodded slowly, “How much do you know?”

“I know…Chronos is actually Uncle Mick and that it was rocky for a minute.” She told you, “You both had to adjust to your new arrival…me.”

You smiled as she smirked pointing at herself, “Is that all?”

“Uh…yeah…you guys actually didn’t talk about it that much. I just read what I could in your journal that you left.” She made a small face like she wasn’t supposed to say that.

The door opened as Sarah walked in adjusting her gear, “Snart we’re getting ready to move out…do you have…whoa…blue eyes…and pretty…”

“Hey now…” Len’s eyes narrowed on Sarah, “That’s my daughter you talking too…”

“Daughter?” Sarah’s mouth dropped open for a moment before looking at you, “She can do what you can?”

“And more.” Elain piped in.

“Oh and she got your modesty I see.” Sarah smirked looking at Len, “But seriously…we don’t have a lot of time…”

“Right.” Len picked the glasses back up, “I have to…”

“Work. Got it.” Elain smiled at him, “We’ll talk later.”

Len smiled briefly before looking at you as he walked out. You smiled, he was taking this all rather well. You were sure there would be several strange conversations in your future.

Sarah smiled, “So…you’re sticking around?”

“Lance!” She rolled her eyes hearing Len in the hall.

“Such a stick in the mud. Later.” Sarah winked at her before leaving.

“So…” Elain turned to you, “Aunt Sarah was always snarky and trying to get under dad’s skin.”

You laughed a little, “They have a very unique relationship as they almost froze to death in an airlock.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard that one.” She smiled at you.

You smiled, “I have to go…check on you actually. I can tell you about it if you want to tag along.”

“Sure. I love watching little me…” She smiled watching you, “But before we do that…”

“What?” You turned as she took your hand. You looked around as you stood on a busy street, “Elain…what’s going on?”

“You always had a question why dad was late to the bank…” She smiled at you, “I’m your answer…follow me.”

Messing with Sebastian
  • Jace: and I said-
  • Isabelle: What ya doing later tonight?
  • Alec: *blushes* Mind if I spend time with you?
  • Magnus: (furiously whispers) How did you end up getting that line?
  • Sebastian: I hate all of you
One Night Stand

Words: 1305
Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader where Dean and Sam finds the reader drunk in an ally, they help her and the reader and Dean has a one night stand. The next morning the reader is trying to get out from the motel as silent as she can but Castiel shows up and ask her alot of questions, and then when Dean wakes up it gets a bit awkward? Thank you so much!
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Smut

“Hey, are you alright?” You could hear a rough voice coming from above you. You could feel the rain dripping on your face and the ground was hard and cold. You were too intoxicated to answer the man. You just wanted to lay there and feel the rain pour and sing Hysteria by Def Leppard. You started humming the song, with your eyes still shut. “Atleast she’s still alive.” Said another deep voice. “We can’t just leave her here in the alley…” You could hear the men move. Maybe they’re rapists. Or just kind people who wants to help a drunk girl… haha I’m so funny. You started to laugh of your own thoughts, and rolled over to one side. “She’s not hurt… she’s drunk.” The man with the deepest voice said. “Really drunk.” The other man agreed. You felt two hands around your arms and suddenly you stood on your feet. You opened your eyes, and stared into a pair of brown eyes. “Hey, you have really pretty eyes.” You said in a drunken slur. The man made a face and turned away. “Do I have a bad breath?” You took a step backwards and almost stumbled. “No… you just… smell of alcohol.” He said, and gripped you tighter.


“We have to find out where she lives so we can get her home, Dean.” The man with brown eyes said silently. You found yourself sitting, almost lying, in the backseat of a car. You coughed and sat up. “Where do you live?” The rough voice filled your ears like a sweet birdsong on a beautiful spring morning. “Like I’m going to tell you that!” You felt a little bit sober after passing out, and spoke more clearly. The man snorted and gave you a little smile. “Well, can I at least have a name to that pretty face of yours?” He asked, looking at you in the mirror. “Y/N” you said and sat back in the leather seat. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. My name is Dean, and this is my brother Sam.” “Nice to meet you.” You said and smiled.

Dean parked outside a small motel, and turned the engine off. “Since you won’t tell us where you live, you can stay over for tonight so you’ll be sober enough to get home by your own.” Dean said, and turned around. You cocked an eyebrow. “Fine.” You said and opened the door. Sam went inside first, and tossed his bag on one of the beds. “Where am I supposed to sleep?” You said. Sam smiled at you, and sat down on a chair. “I’ll sleep in the car, you can take that bed.” Dean said with a low voice. You nodded once, and kicked off you shoes. You laid down, and felt sleepy. The boys went to bed, but you couldn’t sleep. All you could think of was Dean. He was laying outside, in the car, while the rain poured down. He must be cold. He didn’t bring any blankets or anything. You thought to yourself, and got up. You gathered the pillow and the duvet, before you put your shoes back on.

The rain painted your face wet, as you ran to the car. You opened one of the back doors, and saw Dean sleeping with his arms crossed. You shoved the pillow and duvet inside the car, forcing Dean to wake up. You followed and closed the door behind you. “What the hell, Y/N?” Dean mumbled and sat up. “Sorry, I thought you might be freezing out here, so I brought you a pillow and a duvet.” You shrugged your shoulders, and gave him a smile. He smiled and looked down. “Thank you. But aren’t these from the bed you were sleeping in? What are you supposed to…” He stopped and looked at you. You blushed a little. “It’s fine. If you had left me in the ally it would be much colder, so I’ll be fine.” You were about to open the car door when Dean grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him. You laid on top of him, with the duvet between you. The rain poured down, making a drumming sound on the car roof. You leaned closer to him, biting your lip. He stroke your hair behind your ears and looked at you with lust in his eyes. Your lips met, and your blood boiled. He laid a hand on your neck. His tongue explored your mouth, and you bit his lip carefully. He closed his eyes and let out a soft growl. He flipped you over, and kissed your neck. He took your tank top off, and slipped off your skirt. You removed his shirt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He kissed you down your body, and ran his hands all over your body and you couldn’t help it but moan. He smirked at you with a satisfied look on his face. He pulled down you panties and took off his boxer. Your breath got heavier as he teased you by kissing your hips. His name rolled off your lips as his hips were thrusting into yours. He was breathing heavy, and had a tight grip at your hips. You grabbed the door handle as hard as you could, and moaned loud. “That’s it, babe. Come for me.” he growled. “Let me feel it.” His hips stuttered, the tip of his cock barely inside you until with one last moan, he thrust forward and filled you completely, every inch of him inside you. With a desperate whimper, you came with him.

You felt sleepy as you got dressed. Dean yawned and took a swig of a whiskey bottle that had been lying on the floor. “Wait, are you drunk?” You asked. He nodded, and took another swig. “Yeah, I am pretty drunk now. I didn’t mean to drink that much, but sometimes that’s what happens.” You shook your head, and curled up under the duvet. You fell asleep after a couple of minutes, listening to Dean humming a lullaby.

The sun woke you up, and you felt a bit nauseous. You could hear Dean snoring, and you sat up, rubbing your neck. You sighed and opened the door, and shut it as carefully as you got out. The smell of morning filled your nostrils and filled your lungs with air. You opened the door to the motel room, and saw Sam sleeping. Good. You thought to yourself as you walked to the bed to grab your things. You heard a flapping sound, and turned around and saw a man in trench coat. “How… What… Who are you?” You stuttered. He looked uncomfortable with the question. “I am Castiel. Who are you?” His blue eyes were scanning you from head to toe. “Y/N.” You said, and stuffed your things into the bag. “Why are you leaving?” He asked again. “I really don’t want to talk right now… Eh… Castiel. And I have to get going. I have this… eh… thing.” You said and threw your bag over your shoulder. “Stay for some coffee then?” Sam asked with a yawn. You smiled and put the bag back down. I am never going to get out of this, am I? You walked towards the kitchen and started to brew some coffee. The front door opened and Dean came in, rubbing his face. “Good morning.” He said to Sam, and Castiel. He obviously don’t mind that weird man in trench coat just show up from nowhere when they’re sleeping. You poured coffee in four cups, and placed them on the table. Dean looked at you, and smiled a wry smile as he picked up a cup. Well, this is going to be an awkward day. You thought to yourself as you took a swig of the fresh, strong, coffee.

Getting into an argument with tattoo artist!luke / punk!luke over who knows what and it ends with you both pissed off at two different parties with two different friends and even though Luke was still majorly pissed at you his world fell apart at one phone call. Your friend had been driving you two when someone ran a red light and crashed into you, your side being the one impacted. And while he was on the phone with your crying friend he could only make out the words ‘accident’ and 'hospital’ so he just pulls the phone away and screams for everyone around him to shut the hell up and the party goes completely silent as he brings the phone back to his ear and his hand finds its way up to his mouth, biting around his thumb nail, a habit you’d always tease him about as he heard your friend explain the situation, which happened to be a hit and run and now you were in surgery and she didn’t know what was happening other than you weren’t doing well and he couldn’t even bear to listen anymore and when he hung up he’d notice everyone was staring at him and suddenly the room started spinning so he rushed out of the house pushing anyone in his way because he needed the air and friend michael would have seen it all so he followed behind him and the minute luke saw his friend he lost it. Ripping off his leather jacket because if you werent there to wear it, letting the gigantic material envelope your body he didn’t want it and after throwing the jacket in some garbage can he sped towards his car because he had to be there, correction- he needed to be there and he needed you to be alright but michael would have stopped him not knowing what happened but knowing that luke couldn’t drive in this state and while blocking the car door luke would growl out at his friend, anger overtaking his tone. “Michael get the fuck out of my way, and once he said no luke couldn’t help but grab his friend "I swear michael if you don’t move out of my fucking way we won’t be friends after im done with you,” but he knew better and pushed luke off. “What the hell man.” And then luke would just stop. He would stop pacing he would stop huffing and go seemingly blank before mumbling. “She’s in the hospital.” And Michael’s feature would soften up as he tried to coax a name out of his shell shocked friend and Michael’s own feelings went into shock once he her the whisper of your name before asking if you were okay. “I don’t fucking know michael. All I know is that she’s in the hospital because some idiot chose to ran a red light and not even stop for the wreck and all I know is that the last things we said to each other were in anger and that I didn’t take her out that one time that I was lazy and that I didn’t kiss her a last time and that I didn’t even have the fucking balls to ask her to be my girlfriend. And that she might not make it.” And he just kind i stands there with a defeated look while Michael’s gets him into the car and rushes him to see you and when he gets there you’re alright and their were some complications but doctors were positive you were going to be okay and they’d let him see you for a minute and he’d just kind of kiss your forehead and grab your hand and is just thankful that pure going to be okay but still upset that he can’t hear your voice or see your beautiful eyes until you’ve decided that you’re going to wake up but then he has to leave but without a doubt comes back the next day to see that you’re still sleep but he’s seen those stupid cliche movies you made him watch and decided to try the talking to you method in hopes of getting you to open your eyes. “Hey pretty girl. It’s been about 20 hours since I’ve heard your voice. And I miss it. You know…. When you wake up I’m going to ask you to be my girlfriend. I don’t normally do the whole girlfriend thing but I want to with you and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to ask you,” he’d mumble picking up your hand to caress it. “When you wake up and we get you out of here I promise I’m never going to complain about you wanting to wear my jacket although I secretly loved it. When I heard I threw it out. Couldn’t stand the look of it if you weren’t here. Cmon Y/N please wake up” he’d sigh and all he could do was wait.

Pretty Brown Eyes

So I made this fanfic based off the song Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson

Yamaguchi Tadashi - a second year in university, was at his first ever pool party that included alcoholic drinks. Usually he was in his dorm studying English or one of his other classes that he had decided to take up to fill up time between volleyball practices and his part time job at a retail store that sold shoes; yet somehow his energetic friend Hinata Shouyou had managed to convince him to go, promising that he would have a great time. Currently he was just chilling in the pool on a floaty when there was a small commotion towards the building that one had to go through to get to the pool.
Sitting up carefully, Tadashi looked over and saw a tall blond man whom wore an expression that would only be described as if he were looking down at everyone in the vicinity. Shouyou seemed to be holding back his best friend Kageyama Tobio who looked to be angered by something that the blond had said. The blond’s eyes held cold condescending humor for the male in front of him while his mouth was twisted up slightly at the corners.
The man looked around the pool before his eyes seemed to land on Tadashi and his cold eyes turned a bit warmer. Tadashi blushed a little and began to move his floaty to Tue far end of the pool to get out safely and to not interrupt the conversation that, the blond, Tobio, and Shouyou seemed to vr having. Once out of the pool, the brunette made his way over to his towel and a cooler that was conveniently placed. He reached into the ice and pulled out a beer. After opening it and taking a swig, Tadashi dried his hair and walked over to the trio. The three stopped talking as he approached with the beer in his hand.
“Looks like my ride is here,” Tadashi said with a smile to Shouyou and Tobio.
The duo groaned and glared at the blond.
“You always steal him before he can have any real fun,” the orange haired male whined. He obviously didn’t want Tadashi to leave.
“Maybe we’d see more of him if he best friend wasn’t an ass,” Tobio muttered and crossed his arms.
Tadashi giggled after quickly finishing his beer before yur blond could take it away from him - which resulted in a tipsy Tadashi trying put on his best pout.
“Stop trying to get him drunk and maybe I would consider it.”
“Now who sounds like a king, Tsukki~?” Tadashi asked, leaning on his friend.
The duo snickered before Tsukishima Kei glared at them to shut up. “Shut up, Yamaguchi.” Kei grumbled.
“Sorry, Tsukki!” Tadashi said with a wide smile.
“Go get in the car,” Tsukki commanded with a gentle push of his best friend in the general direction of the building to leave.
Nodding dutifully, Tadashi made his way through the building and out to Kei’s car. He opened the passenger door and climbed in, quiet giggles escaping his mouth as he did so. About two minutes later, Tsukki joined Tadashi in the car and quietly drove back to Tadashi’s dorm. By the time they got back to the dorm., Tadashi was asleep on the seat, making Kei sigh.
Getting out, the blond walked to Tadashi’s side and got him out - somehow managing to not wake up the brunette. Kei walked up to his dorm; gently setting the sleeping man on his feet and opened the door to the room. Picking Yamaguchi back up, Kei made his way inside and laid the male on his bed. Once he was in the bed comfortably, Kei stood up to his full height and wrote a note that Tadashi would find when he woke up in a few hours. After leaving the note and the room, Kei went back to his dorm with a small smile of his own.
A few hours after Tsukki left, Tadashi woke up with a tolerable headache, but a smile on hood gave when he read the note that wax on his bedside table.
“Hey there pretty brown eyes, what are you doing later tonight?”