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I always forget,,, the Boys were so young during the rab era.... they were college aged? Babies? And now they're grown ass men? bye I'll go cry....

stop …. rab era makes me emotional anytime I think abt it … like they rly did #that !! also I constantly think abt josh u kno … just quitting his job to play ONE (1) show with tyler …. that hoe was ride or die since day one and I relate to that bc I too would quit a job to do anything with tyler…. josh rly is one of us u know ..

get to know the person behind the blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok so i’m gonna go this type of thing for y’all to get to know me.

general information

  • my name is lexx
  • virgo
  • i’m 16
  • i live in ohio
  • she/her
  • infp
  • slytherin

bands/musicians i listen to

shows i watch

  • shameless
  • american horror story
  • stranger things
  • orange is the new black
  • law and order: special victims unit
  • bob’s burgers

youtubers i watch

  • colliscool
  • daniel howell
  • amazingphil
  • shane dawson
  • jenna marbles
  • buzzfeed unsolved

my other social medias

(feel free to contact me on any of these)

here’s a picture of me:


Roadtrip 2017. Ohio Gothic. Hey, y’all. Took a little roadtrip with @darth-char last week and tried to photographic it extensively. Also, though, I got sickish, so I’m not firing on all cylinders, and subsequent uploading of Adventures is gonna be slow. But here’s the first leg: Getting out of Ohio. Yay adventures in liminal spaces!

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Weak by ajr. Smiletime! T_T

How about this? 

Freelancer Foodfight while this song is playing on the speakers.

Hope you like it!

               Wake up.



               Rinse and repeat.

               That’s how it’s been for the longest time at base. Washington didn’t mind too much. He had a few close friends to have lunch with, and he was slowly improving in his skills.  Things were moving relatively smoothly, even if he was nowhere near the top of the leader boards.

               "Alright Wash,“ came a voice. “Five things you don’t want to do at a bar with Agent Maine.”

               Wash let out an annoyed groan. “Seriously C.T.?”

               "Come on,“ she insisted. “You got this.”

               "Alright, let’s see… Arm Wrestle.“

               "That’s one.”

               "Drinking Contest.“


               "Pool, darts, and trivia.“

               "Three, four, five. Nice.”

               An agent with a pink stripe on her armor let out a sigh. “This is boring. We should be getting missions! Not sitting at lunch playing games.”

               "Lighten up, Ohio,“ C.T. grumbled.

               "I’m tired of being cooped up on the ship!” Ohio threw the apple core on her tray across the room, bouncing it off of Idaho’s head as he and Iowa approached.

               "Hey!“ he bellowed. "Ohio!”


               "Just be patient guys,” Wash soothed. “We’ll get moved up eventually. Just give it time.”

               "And just what,“ Ohio whined, "are we supposed to do until then? Sit around until who knows when?”


               Wash looked around, taking note of the other Freelancers in the room. Most of the higher ranked Agents ate in a different area, though North Dakota and York seemed to have chosen to spend lunch with Illinois across the room.  Most of the other Agents were scattered.

               "How about this?”

               Wash took the pudding cup off of C.T.’s tray (It’s tapioca she won’t mind, he mused) and removed the lid before throwing it as hard as he could.

               "Illinois!“ he bellowed. "Catch!”

               Illinois looked up from his bottle of, what Wash hoped, was apple juice. Just as he saw it, the contents of the cup splattered all over his helmet.

               "Washington,“ Iowa stammered. "Do you know what you just did?”

               "Uh,“ Wash mumbled. "I think I made things interesting?”

               Suddenly Illinois stood up from his seat with something that appeared to be a tomato in his throwing arm. He got on top of the table, with North and York following in suit with other vegetables as they bellowed in unison.

               "FOOD FIGHT!“

               Wash’s eyes went wide. "Everyone! Battle stations!”

               Ohio quickly flipped over the table so it could act as a barrier. C.T., Iowa, and Idaho grabbed as much food as they could so that there was enough ammo.  All the other tables started to follow, and soon there were two factions on either side of the cafeteria throwing food at each other.

               "How are the stores?“ Wash asked Ohio.

               "We’re out of apples,” she giggled. “This is so much fun!”

               "Hey Wash?“ Idaho asked.


               "I think we have trouble.“

               Wash peeked over the  top of the flipped table, letting out a hearty laugh as the enemy team prepared a slingshot for the bowls of spinach and kale.

               "Salad tossers!” he bellowed.

               "Take no prisoners!“ Illinois called, his voice slipping into that of a sea captain. "Aim for starboard! We’ll be takin’ yer booty!”

               "Wash, they want our booty!“ Iowa squealed. "I don’t want them to get my booty! I like my booty!”

               Wash reached around and grabbed a bowl of peas, a playful smirk on his face as he swiped a nearby straw. “Don’t worry, Iowa. I got your booty. ” He handed the peas and straw to Idaho. “See if you can hit them with these.”

               "Awesome!“ Idaho chuckled. "I used to do this in elementary school!”

               Soon more food was flying. Peas hit walls, milk splashed the floor, and C.T. and North were soon in an up close and personal leek fight. Wash managed to get a bottle of ketchup to splash all over North’s shoulder while York bestowed vengeance by raining bananas.  

               It was a mess, but it was fun.


               “What. The. HELL?!”

               Everyone froze as the single digits appeared. Someone had hit South Dakota in the chest with a bottle of mustard, while Maine and Wyoming were covered in ranch dressing.

               Carolina had a plate of spaghetti on her helmet.

               "Oh fuck,“ Wash mumbled.

               Maine looked between the two groups, his helmet masking his emotions as he made his way over to Wash’s side.

               He’s going to kill me, Wash thought. He’s going to kill me and use me as a training dummy.

               Maine reached down and picked up a watermelon that had been spared from the carnage, before tossing it and hitting Wyoming with it.

               "Oh, Maine,” Wyoming snickered. “You have no idea what you’ve just done.”

               Wash smiled as the fight continued, with Maine and South joining Wash while Carolina and Wyoming were on Illinois’.

               They were all probably going to get in trouble for this later.

               But for now, they were going to have a little fun.

               I may not be the strongest Freelancer, he thought. But hell, I’m certainly one of the happiest.

Well, I said I should draw Ohio, so I figured I’d draw Sherry as well.

Because lord knows the fandom needs to give these two girlfriends the love they deserve <3

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So I said “hi from Ohio” today during the livestream and Brendon said “hey Ohio!” and it made my dumpster fire day 1000000x better. He’s so pure 😇

Omg he was so sweet today!! Like I’m from Greece and he said that he wants to come to Greece real bad and at that moment my heart stopped beating haha