hey new followers i like musicals

Hey homies;

Like/reblog this if you post;
-80’s movies
-80s music (specifically pop/punk-post punk/new wave. But rock works too!)
-80s fashion
-80s aesthetics
-80s actors or musicians
-Anything about Tears For Fears
-Musical Theatre
-anything that has to do with the vibe of that list

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Hey! I’m starting over and need new blogs to follow! If you like these things please reblog this and I will check you out (and probably follow you). I will be posting about this stuff too so if you want to follow me back that’s cool but 100% not necessary.

- Harry Potter
- Buffy/Angel (+ other whedonverse things)
- WTNV (+ all night vale presents podcasts)
- Horror podcasts in general really
- Marvel (esp Jessica Jones + Luke Cage)
- Some DC stuff (I’m mostly a Superman and Supergirl kind of person)
- Stranger Things
- Musical Theater
- Music (I’m a flautist)
- Feminism
- Probably other stuff but its really hard to think of this stuff off the top of my head

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Orchestra Follow Train

Hey Musicblrs! I’m new to the music community, let’s get ourselves out there!
I’m Camra, a 15 year old sophomore. I play violin, viola, piano, and guitar (bass, the basic 6 string, and the lil one)

Reblog with information about yourself, and follow the other people on this!!

new studyblr!

hey i’m vedika. i’m 14 year old indian and an aspiring med student. i like memes, bad english television,
hipster trash music, and plants.
i’m a year 9 igcse student and my subjects are art & design, business studies, literature, language, history, global perspectives, biology, and hindi.
i’m looking for some new blogs to follow so feel free to like this post :)
message me as well if you feel like we’d mesh well, i’d love to make some new friends!


I unfollowed lots of inactive blogs. Need some friends and people to follow. If you post grunge, tattoos, art, scenery, bands follow for a follow back !! Or like this and I’ll check out your blog :)


hey i need some new blogs to follow + would love to have more friends on here so can u like/reblog/msg me if u post any of the following things? i’ll check ur blog out and maybe follow u!! and if u could follow me back that would be nice lol
• art
• plants
• animals
• pale/dark pale
• vegan/vegetarian foods
• outfits
• generally aesthetic things
• orphan black
• the x files
• harry potter
• percy jackson
• disney
• marina and the diamonds
• lana del rey
• lorde
• halsey
• the 1975
• of monsters and men
• fall out boy
• or ur just a cool music blog in general
• feminism/LGBTQ/social justice stuff
• genderfluid stuff*
• BPD/depression/anxiety stuff*
• if u a fellow art hoe
• other cool things idk

* im genderfluid + mentally ill so pls don’t think im like wanting to follow ppl for the sake of some weird fetishes or to pick on u bc im not at all

Watch on officialseungcheol.tumblr.com

hey guys pls go like/follow me on vine!! i’m starting out fresh and would love some feedback :>

Audio: “I’m Not Sorry”- DΞΔN ft. Eric Bellinger (New Music RnBass) [x]

Help me get Troye to see this

Hey guys, I’m completely new to Tumblr and don’t really know how this works. I’m trying to build a following of Troye Sivan fans because his music has impacted me so much and inspired me to embrace the fact that I’m bisexual. I’m gonna post the letter in a bit and would really love everyone’s help rebloging it so hopefully we can get it in his feed one day. especially after the heartbreaking attacks in Orlando, we need to celebrate the LGTBQ community and especially the celebrities that are out there helping a 19 year old kid like me from rural Alabama to come to terms with who I am. He deserves my thanks, and I want to get it to him. Please help me out y'all!

Hey you!

So i need more blogs to follow, my dash is very slow, please like/reblog this if you reblog anything from the list and i will follow you!

  • Nature
  • camping
  • hiking
  • anything outdoors, really
  • space
  • music
  • vinyl
  • concerts
  • bands
  • pop punk
  • indie
  • folk
  • vintage (anything)
  • history
  • dogs/cats/cute animals
  • parks and recreation
  • movies
  • beards
  • tattoos
  • adventuring

K thanks everyone!:)

Want a new follower?

Hey fellow internet dwellers! My dash has gotten a bit quiet as of late and I’m looking for new blogs to follow!
So, if you post or reblog:
• horror
• personal
• vintage
• ocean
• occult
• tattoos
• colorful
• kitschy
• art
• Paramore
• Fall Out Boy
• music in general
• longboarding
• roller derby
Like or reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog! :3

hey you!! this blog is very new (just made it today), so need some blogs to follow. if you post:

-original art (sfw)
-original animations (sfw)
-heathers the musical and/or the movie
-panic! at the disco
-studying help
-harry potter
-merch of any fandom listed & where to get it
-merlin (bbc)
-doctor who
-graphic/edits for any fandom listed

then please reblog/like this post and i’ll check out ur blog!!

I want to follow more blogs (updated)

I guess it that time of the year again in which I say. “Hey I want to see some new shit on my dash” and yes you guess it I want to follow some more blogs. Please like or reblog this if you post any of the following… (yes I’m going to try and follow most people)

The Neighbourhood
Arctic Monkeys
The 1975
Panic! At the Disco
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Lana Del Rey
Marina and the diamonds
Melanie Martinez
Twenty One Pilots
Anything Frank Iero related
Bates Motel
Nature related things
Funny stuff
Dan and Phil, or anything YouTube related
Steven Universe

Hey homies, hit me up if you like;

-the 80’s in general
-80s new wave/post-punk-synthpop/pop/hair metal/glam rock music
-80s movies
-Cult Movies
-Rocky Horror
-Donnie Darko
-Heathers (both the movie and musical)

Because I need more blogs to follow and also friends would be wonderful! Thank you buds 💕

Please read!! Thank you :D

Hey guys, so I need some new accounts to follow, so if it’s not too much to ask, if this comes across your dash and you see any of the following that you post, please reblog!!
-Gravity falls
-Eddsworld (the more tom and tord, the better)
-Danny Phantom
-Steven Universe ( A++ for any Peridot)
-Rick and Morty
-Over the garden wall
-Hey Arnold! (Or any 90s cartoon show!!)
-Percy Jackson (the more solangelo and Reyna, the better)
-Marvel (especially Captain America Spider-Man, and Deadpool bonus points for stucky and spideypool)
- Aesthetic/Grunge/Pixelated/Nature stuff like that
- Music/Band stuff like Set it off, Marina and the diamonds, The neighbourhood, Hamilton, Panic! At the disco, and Melanie Martinez
- and kinda weird, but things like study tips are relaxing stuff would also be awesome to see on my dash!!

Thank you!!!!:D

mc-of-my-life  asked:

So a friend reblogged your masterlist and I started looking through a couple.... and then I got to the Zen pregnancy thing one and found myself crying a bit.... long story short, nice to meet you, I'm your new follower music and I am going through all the stories in said list now.

Hey Musi!!! 💕💕💕 (read your next msg which said your name is musi but autocorrect changed it! Hehe)

Aww you’re so sweet- and your friend is sweet for reblogging too!- I’m so happy you found some stuff that you liked! And to know I may have elicited some real emotion from you meals a lot- thank you!

Nice to meet you darling!!! Feel free to to pop on by and chat- I love making new friends 😍😍


hey, i’m lauren and this network is for actors/tech people/stage crew/directors and stuff! more specifically, people who love theatre! 


- reblog this post if you’re gonna join, likes don’t count

- be nice!

- dont start drama… we may be drama kids but that’s no excuse!!

- mbf me 

-track the #theatrenerdsnetwork

-follow everyone in the network 


- new followers!

- and friends

- find out about new musicals/plays

- get acting tips!!!

YA FILL OUT THE APP HERE!! i’ll pick members when it reaches like 50 notes or smth