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Hey! For that requests thing, maybe something with Donnie and Karai bonding? Like over armour or weaponry or something? we see so little of them together in canon, but they have so much potential to be an ultimate brotp xx

(friend i completely agree with you. it took a bit but i got back to this. cue snakesis and turtlebros shenanigans.)

((AO3 version))

It starts with a sticky note.

Karai stares at it, posted innocently in a location it shouldn’t be. Seriously; this is the heart of the compound, right on the screen of the center security monitor. It should not be here.

‘your security sucks ass’ proclaims the note, in messy haphazard handwriting. None of Karai’s soldiers or cameras caught the intruder in action; none of them noticing the sticky note until hours later and fifty unregistered security protocol updates had been added to their systems. All without Karai’s know or say.

Karai doesn’t even have to guess who it is that’s left the note.

“Honestly, senpai, we have no idea how he got in,” Shini says as she leans over Karai’s shoulder. “Or how he got out,” She adds with a slight grimace. “He erased all the footage and none of your soldiers have found his exit point yet.”

Karai narrows her eyes at the note, weighing her options. On the one hand, her security systems are at least three times better than they had been, far as her meager computer staff has been able to tell. On the other hand, her brother is a snot-nosed know it all who needs to mind his own business.

She snatches the note off the screen, and crumples it in her hands. “Tell the men they’re to scour the whole building until they find how Donatello got in, and then tell them that if their performance doesn’t improve I’ll start singling people out. And remind them how quickly those individuals disappear, won’t you Shini?”

“Hm, it would be my pleasure,” Shini replies with a catlike smile. Shini sashays off to terrify the recruits back into order, and Karai is left to stare in frustration at the computer monitors her brother had altered.

She draws out her phone, and taps out a quick message. Try that again and I’ll flay you. I can’t afford to look bad in front of my soldiers.

You should’ve hired better technicians, then, is Donnie’s immediate reply. It was like shredding wet tissue paper. You should thank me for saving you from someone a lot less innocent in intentions than I was.

Don’t you have things to do besides bother me?

Bothering my brothers is only so entertaining.

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I just read chapter 139 of UQ Holder



I just love this giant ass family where everyone is besties.

Like, the popular city girls who love shopping and are non-magic and normal took time away from college to come hang out with the most powerful evil demon in existence because they didn’t want her to be lonely while the good guys left to go save the world.

Arrow 5x04 “Penance”

Diggle is back! I’m so happy. 

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This really was an OTA episode even if all of OTA wasn’t together. Each of them got some story progression which was lovely and there was a lot to love and have fun with even if it wasn’t as strong as previous episodes. It felt messy. But part of me think it was meant to feel that way with how chaotic and scattered the team was. I might be reaching but I’m sticking with it. :P 

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