hey music!

  • *After a fight*
  • Person A: Babe, open the door...
  • Person B: NO!
  • Person A: Babe....
  • Person B: GO AWAY!!
  • Person A: *breath in*
  • Person A: Veronica! Open the- Open the door please! Veronica, open the door!
  • Person B: *immediately opens door* Goddammit you
i have a Headcanon

college au hamilton:

peggy: never have I ever… had sex with alexander hamilton
*everyone in the room takes a shot*

The Story Of An Artist
Daniel Johnston
The Story Of An Artist

Daniel Johnston - The Story of an Artist

Everyone in friends and family
Sayin “Hey, get a job
Why do you only do that only?
Why are you so odd?”

“We dont really like what you do
We dont think anyone ever will
It’s a problem that you have
And this problem’s made you ill”

I didn’t know witch of the boys to draw so whatever, all of them! Take what you like from their conversations, what are they saying? Who knows! Me, I know. Gosh, I really gotta stop getting into musicals soon. Also I know Micheal is taller then Jeremy just let me have this