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hey, what musicals do you recommend for a theatre virgin? lol

lmao i guess it depends on what kind of music/story you like!

there are 3 specifically on netflix that i’d recommend: the last five years (one of my two all-time faves), shrek, and rent. 

if you want something that’s on the sad side, i’d check out next to normal and aida.

if you want something a bit happier, i’d check out hairspray and the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee.

if you want something kinda in the middle that’s SO GOOD, i’d check out heathers.

all of the ones i listed are some of my favorites, and all of them are quality musicals!! :) x

i have a Headcanon

college au hamilton:

peggy: never have I ever… had sex with alexander hamilton
*everyone in the room takes a shot*

Signs as Voice Types

Aries: Tenor

Taurus: Alto

Gemini: 2nd Soprano

Cancer: Bass

Leo: Sopranino

Virgo: Alto who wants to be a Soprano

Libra: Soprano

Scorpio: Dramatic Baritone

Sagittarius: Baritenor

Capricorn: The Choir Director

Aquarius: Soprano that doesn’t want to be associated with any soprano stereotypes because they are somehow better than any other soprano and try to stick out and do not know how to blend

Pisces: Baritone

wild world condensed
  • good grief: death and how confusing it is
  • the currents: donald trump sucks and so does the media
  • an act of kindness: regret and self loathing
  • warmth: how to recover from 2016
  • glory: oHMYGOD WHAT IS ThIs bLESSInG
  • power: an abusive relationship??? the media is shit????? who knows not me but i hope no one hurt dan
  • two evils: again, more self loathing but slightly more optimistic self loathing
  • send them off!: religion, demons and jealously?? insecurity??
  • lethargy: anxiety (particularly about dying)
  • four walls: the song about a convicted murderer
  • blame: two gangsters fighting??? thanks dan for this deep meaningful song
  • fake it: idk man i suppose it's about how shit the media is?? (again)
  • snakes: more anxiety, this time about life in 2016 in general
  • winter of our youth: MORE self loathing and nostalgia and anxiety
  • way beyond: the media, if u didn't already know, is SHIT
  • oil on water: sex, but empowering sex. u go girl, u have all the sex
  • campus: don't stay in school kids y'all are wasting your time it's a trap
  • shame: bad blood 2.0, otherwise known as, "u were my best friend and then u changed and ur horrible now" (also, hidden self loathing)
  • the anchor: so yeah conclusion i hate myself but ily