hey mr. moon


Sooooooooooooo I was just thinkin’ of something quick.

I wanna meet some new peeps, so I’ll just post and tag some new stuff I’m into these days ( or some stuff that I LOVE SINCE A LONG TIME and can’t get out of my head / inspire me everyday), aaaaaaaaand yeah, that’s it ! Don’t hesitate to do the same for yourself, and to come to talk about random stuff, I’d love that ! ( I’ll great you with a lot of kindness, anxious peeps, don’t be shy ! é v è ♥ )

Here I go o/

- Westworld

- Mr.Robot

- The Walking Dead

- Sherlock 

- In the flesh 

- LOTR / Hobbit ( Thorin and Bilbo please, babes ;; )

- Harry Potter

- Yuri on Ice ( *HOLDING BREATH* )

- Pokemon Sun / Moon

- Blue Exorcist

- The Last of Us

- Ori and the Blind Forest


And that’s kinda it, I’d never finish this list if I was to put EVERYTHING but hey, there you go, for now, haha. 

// Tsuka - INFJ - from France - 20 y.o //

reading american gods for the first time

shadow: *meets a strange man on an airplane who somehow knows his name, that his wife just died, that he was just released from prison, and that he has no job to go back to now that he’s out, and wants to hire him*

shadow: “uh, that sounds fake, but okay.”

shadow: *is kidnapped by some punk computer nerd who knew he worked for mr. wednesday like an hour after he got the job, then wakes up in his motel room to find his dead wife has somehow dug herself out of her grave and is walking and talking*

shadow: “huh. must have been all the chloroform i got roofied with and the fake-DMT that kid was smoking, no big deal.”

shadow: *mentions his dead wife encounter to mr. wednesday and zorya polunochnaya to find that neither of them show any shock whatsoever at this news*

shadow: “wow. that’s peculiar, i guess.”

shadow: *plays checkers as a bet with a strange slavic man he just met through his boss despite the man (czernobog) telling him that if he loses, he will have his head beaten in with a sledgehammer*

shadow: “meh, why not? sounds legit.”

shadow: *goes out on a mystical fire escape in the middle of the night and watches zorya polunochnaya literally pluck the moon out of the sky and turn it into a silver dollar. wakes up the next morning to find the fire escape is no longer there but the coin is*

shadow: “hmm. i want to say something weird is going on, but whatever. it was probably a dream.”

like, at this point, i wonder what it would take to actually shock this dude?