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This movie holds a very special place in my heart, because it’s the only screen adaptation I’m aware of that shows Moran the way he is in canon, i.e. a stone-cold badass and desperately loyal to Moriarty. I don’t particularly care how much they changed for the rest, because they kept the important bits. It’s the one adaptation where Moran is more than just another mindless lackey, finally.

And this scene… The communication! Moran’s quiet stealth! THEY WERE GOING TO THE OPERA TOGETHER!!

(and that, combined with a) Moran’s absolute fury when he digs Moriarty from the rubble post-explosion and swears to take revenge, and b) Moran slipping unnoticed by super-observant Holmes not just once but several times, is why this movie is my goddamn favourite)

I just finished The Boscombe Valley Mystery and it got me thinking about the Mary/Moran theories.  TBVM is the ACD story that includes “a rat” as a clue (the same clue given by Mofftiss for TEH) and another person named Moran.  What I find particularly interesting is that, technically, there are two Moran’s mentioned in TBVM: Patience Moran (a young girl), and her mother.  So ACD cannon has three Morans: a man, a woman, and a child.  So far, BBC Sherlock has included a man named Moran, but not a woman or child.  

Or have they?  

If we run with the idea that Mary is Moran, then it looks like they switched around the ACD Morans.  They’ve exchanged the Moran from The Empty House with the Morans–assuming Mary actually is pregnant with a girl–from TBVM.  Mary is adequately linked to Moran with the empty houses bit in HLV, so, if she is Moran, the mother/daughter thing would probably just be a coincidence.  But, then again, the universe it rarely so lazy.  

Okay I know we all love white-as-fuck Moran

But can I just have a minute here because I was writing a paper on racial discrimination in Brazil, and hey, Brazilian Moran

  • Getting angry hissing Portuguese at Jim when he’s mad
  • hanging people by their toes from the roof for being racist
  • Oxford-educated, rich, with a silenced pistol and a smile for all these white bankers who mistake him for the help
  • hating, hating white men for the racial system in Brazil, and when he first hears the name thinking Moriarty is some old white dude
    • Then they meet and Jim gives him a low-down on Irish history, snarled in his ear with a gun to the back of his head
  • Brazilian Seb with a chip on his shoulder a mile wide and a grudging tolerance for this pasty little fuck who’s pulled himself up out of nowhere
  • Brazilian Seb in the riots back home with a big fuck-off gun and absolutely no patience left