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You should be here

A/N: Inspired by the song “You Should be Here” by Cole Swindell. This is a feels smack. In this story Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.

Listen to it here (play the song if you really wanna bawl while reading this)

Sam x Niece!Reader   Dean x Daughter!Reader

Sam felt his strong facade begin to crumble as he watched Dean say his goodbyes to you. At only four years old you didn’t fully understand what was going on but you got the jist of it, your dad was going away and wouldn’t be coming back.

Which was breaking your heart.

Tears were pouring down your face as you clung to Dean begging him not to leave you. Sam looked at Dean and could tell Dean was about to lose it as he held onto you tighter. His face was buried in your hair, breathing in your scent, memorizing you because who knew where his soul would go after he destroyed Amara.

Glancing up at his brother, Dean realized it was time for him to leave. “Go with your uncle Y/N. Sammy’s gonna take care of you.” Dean said while trying to get free of your grip.

“No Daddy.” You cried, digging your hands into his shirt, “Please don’t leave me.”

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foreverblueraven  asked:

Prompt: Lucy drops by the DEO regularly and is SHOOK at how quickly Maggie becomes a part of life there. Where Lucy ends up in their dynamic is your call

So you said you wanted more feels. You got ‘em. Fair warning, Lucy feels ahead. 

Lucy Lane Loves Leather and Pain

    Major Lucy Lane (never Lucille, shut the fuck up, Danvers) was the younger sister to a legend, an internationally renowned journalist, married to a goddamn superhero (and Lucy is very much bitter that she had to figure that one out on her own, as if she was never told because she spent so long with her father, no, she had to figure out that Clark and Kal were the same person). Major Lucy Lane lost her boyfriend to not one, but two goddamn Supers.

    Major Lucy Lane spent a good portion of her life being jealous as hell. What does it take, she’d wonder, to actually be seen for myself.

    It didn’t help that those damn supers were so nice. She tried to hate Kara. Kara Danvers was a giant ball of sunshine who stole her boyfriend without trying to at all, and then to find out she was Supergirl on top of everything, well that was just swell. And she had always gotten on better with Clark than with Lois, even before the Great Family Blow Up.

    Lucy wanted to be seen as something other than the lesser member of her family. After everything went down with Myriad and almost sending Danvers Sr. and not-Hank Henshaw to CADMUS, she figured she and the elder Danvers had a lot in common and could relate. After they got over the whole arrested-you-and-had-you-carted-off-to-an-experimental-black-site-that-later-turned-out-to-be-the-home-to-domestic-terrorism thing. Alex said she was over it. Except for when she wanted to win, in which case, Alex was kind enough to hold it over Lucy’s head.

    Alex held a lot of things over Lucy’s head, and often literally, because Alex Danvers is an asshole and thought short jokes were funny.

    It took time though, for Lucy to really make it past the spiky Agent Danvers persona. Kara was easy, Kara accepted everyone with open arms until you literally proved you had no hope for redemption, and Winn wasn’t far behind. But Alex was cautious, Alex didn’t trust people, and it didn’t matter how many drinks they shared while complaining about super siblings and falling short, Alex held very much of herself at bay.

    DADT was very much a thing during her career in the military. Her father was a general. Lucy’s attraction to both genders was something acknowledged after nights of heavy drinking or contemplative staring into the mirror, it was never something she actively pursued. That would have won her no favors with her father, the only family that hadn’t died or picked up and left, and he was all she had. When she broke from him, she suddenly found herself with friends and a new city, a new confidence she didn’t know what to do with.

    Alex Danvers had always pinged her radar as less than straight, although her interactions with Maxwell Lord were nothing but pure entertainment for Lucy. The disgust on her face when Alex mentioned he once tried to feed her was priceless. Alex Danvers held everyone at bay, but over time, after her teams moved to the city base and they were relegated to once or twice a month bar meets, Lucy found herself wanting more than just friendship from the taller agent. She was beautiful, brilliant, perpetually single, and she understood.

    So Lucy invited her out for drinks.

    Alex invited Vasquez and Kara out for a girls’ night.

    Lucy tried a fancy dinner, but an alien rampaging downtown ruined that one.

    She tried cooking dinner, but that turned into another girls’ night.

    Lucy wasn’t sure if this was Alex Danvers’ attempt to let her down gently, but it was really beginning to piss her off. Danvers wasn’t like Kara, she clearly couldn’t be wooed with food. And there were always drinks involved, so a nice whiskey wasn’t going to get her point across.

    Lucy was beginning to think she needed to flat out ask Alex if she wanted to make out when the cop started showing up. She got the joy of hearing Alex bitch about the cop who tried to steal her crime scene at the airport. Lucy got to hear about the alien bar from everyone who got to spend time there, but she could never seem to make it.

    And the cop. She got to hear about the cop so often.

    Lucy is a jealous person.

    Lucy freely admits that.

    Alex Danvers doesn’t make friends.

    Alex Danvers is finally friends with Lucy, even if the oblivious asshole never opens those goddamn whiskey deep eyes and notices the bisexual waving a pride flag in her goddamn face and asking her out every twenty minutes.

    One could maybe see why Lucy was less than thrilled to hear about Alex having a new friend. A pretty friend. A smart friend. A brave friend.

    Hello, Danvers, all that and a much better uniform is sitting right in front of your goddamn face. Would like to maybe sit on your goddamn face.

    A cop friend who apparently was Alex’s gay awakening and excuse me what the absolute fuck I have been throwing myself at you for the last year.

    For someone so damn smart, Alex Danvers was a goddamn dumbass.

    And Pam was supposed to be on Lucy’s side, okay? Legal and HR are supposed to be tight, they are not supposed to give clearance to a crush’s crush okay they are supposed to make the other woman’s life impossible that what HR and Legal do.

    Lucy always seems to miss meeting the cop when she visits. Which is odd, because no one ever shuts up about her. Winn goes on about how she saved his ass and she’s almost as awesome as his new bff Lena. James, her ex boyfriend who knows her a little too well and just smirks. Sweet, oblivious to her own bisexuality, ray of sunshine Kara Danvers is, of course, gushing about the woman who makes her sister so happy and she’s so helpful even if she eats weird healthy food. Even J’onn likes her, and he’s Alex’s Space Dad, no one is good enough for his favorite child and he’s said as much to Lucy’s face as nicely as possible.

    It’s a Friday night when Lucy finally manages to ditch Major Lane early enough to catch beers in town with her friends. Well, she could have ditched the Major, but Lucy looks damn good in her uniform and she’s fairly confident the cop will notice, even if Agent Oblivious doesn’t.

    She does.

    The cop is hot. Like, wandering the desert for forty years hot.

    But that’s not important.


    What’s important is that Agent Alex Danvers sees Major Lucy Lane enter an alien bar in full uniform and looks her up and down, eyes wide, like she’s never seen Lucy before. Like she’s pairing the uniform with the sweaty body she spars with on Tuesday mornings, the one she pins down with a laugh only to get flipped on her own back because Lucy takes nothing lying down, not even her massive crush on the most oblivious woman on the planet (Kara, of course, is the most oblivious alien).

    “Lookin’ good, Major.”

    Lucy smiles, wide and full of teeth, “I look even better out of uniform and you know it, Agent.”

    Alex isn’t the only one looking Lucy up and down. Not that Lucy’s complaining, because it’s nice to see she can still make a first impression. But the girlfriend (because that’s what she is) is less pleased at the laughing bear hug that Alex gives Lucy. Full body contact that literally lifts Lucy off her feet, smelling of leather and lavender and ozone from that damnable space gun of hers. Lucy takes her chance to wrap her arms around Alex’s neck and let herself fall into it. She likes feeling like she was missed.

    Alex finally sets her down and spins her to face the hot cop, hands strong and warm over the dress blues. “Maggie, this is Major Lucy Lane, the desert’s biggest pain in the ass. Luce, this is Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.”

    The woman’s dark eyes stare her down. But she’s unsure about something. She’s trying to project a confidence she doesn’t feel, and Lucy might have missed it if she didn’t see the same thing in Alex every time Kara or J’onn was in trouble. Jesus, Lane, is that your type? Leather and bravado?

    Not that Lucy blames herself at all.

    They make it look hot.

    Sawyer reaches out a hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

    Lucy shakes it. She’s jealous, not a bitch. “You too. Alex talks about you so much it’s like I know you already.”

    Alex dips around Lucy to reach for her drink and throw it back.

    Maggie smiles, slow and wide, and Lucy knows she’s fucked when she realizes the devil wears leather and sparkling fucking eyes are you for real. “Is that right, Danvers?”

    Alex chokes a little, wiping clumsily at her mouth. “Pfft.”

    Three beers are dropped off by a bartender that the three women barely notice. Lucy plays with the neck of her bottle before taking a swig. It’s just the three of them, and Alex and Maggie are leaning into each other, not even holding hands, and Lucy kind of wants to deck the detective.

    “So, Sawyer, I have to know…”

    Maggie and Alex both pin her down with curious stares. It’s just the three of them, and it’s about to get real awkward, because fuck it, Lucy wants to know. Because she’s Lucy, because she’s petty, because she’s jealous, she waits until they both go to take a sip. Lucy smirks. Go big or go home, Lane.

  “How did you get her attention? Because I’ve been asking her out for a year.”

  Maggie takes a slow, slow swallow, her eyes darting between Alex and Lucy, considering, a small smirk beginning to pull at the edges of her mouth.

  But Alex?

  Alex spits her beer all over an alien looking for a fight.

  He found one.

  And Lucy finds herself incredibly impressed turned on with the way these women got creative with pool sticks.

Not My Sister

Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester 

2350 Words

Story Summary:  Dean and his sister are captured by the Steins. Dean wakes up to see his sister hurt, and the mark takes over.

Author’s Note: An Anon request. “Could you do a one shot where Dean is captured by the Styne family and his little sister is there with him? He wakes up to see his sister hurt and the mark takes over.

As soon as Dean came home with the mark halfway hidden upon his arm, you knew things would change and not for the better. It was only a matter of time before it would take over, with someone getting hurt, or killed.

At first things seemed okay. Sam and Dean continued to hunt, looking for Abaddon while you stayed back, like always, manning the bunker and staying on top of research. Due to your somewhat normal life growing up, your half brothers had decided to keep you as far away from hunting as possible. While teaching you how to handle a gun and knife, they never expected you to actually use one.

When the deed had been done, and Abaddon had been taken care of, you thought things would be better. That was as far from the truth as possible. Dean’s spells grew worse, fighting the bloodlust had become much harder. Many times you were afraid to even run into him in the bunker’s hallway, not sure what direction his mood would have taken. He had never hurt you, but the look in his eyes, was enough to have you scurrying to you room.

It was there you were still, long after they had gone to help Charlie, a woman you considered a friend. Wishing she was okay, you had been forced to stay behind, due to the dangerous men following her. Not wanting to argue this time, you stayed back, looking through the various books the men of letters had procured, trying to find anything that would heal Dean. So far everything had been a dead end, and you were growing hopeless that you would ever find anything.

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“Don’t check your phone,” Moose hisses to Kent as they head back to the locker room. “You have to do media. Do not.”

“What?” Kent’s head snaps up. His eyes are panicked.

“Please,” Moose says. “Trust me. Don’t look yet.”

“You need to tell me everyone is okay,” Kent says. “You tell me right now or I’m checking in front of all of them.”

Moose nods.

Kent relaxes infinitesimally.

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🎶 september selections 🎶

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anonymous asked:

15 & 18? Kevin helps Moose with homework or something @ Pop's, and M puts the moves on him. (Kevin is a pure little bean he is faithful to his little snake and tries to subtly tell him no.) Joaquin shows up and is about to like fight a bitch and DEFEND HIS MAN! :3 I don't rlly know, there's just a serious lack of Joavin writing, and I love your work so I think you could do a good job. :)

15. “I’ve been doing nothing but staring at the same page for over an hour and I still have no idea what any of this says.”
18. “Sorry, what the hell did you just say?” 

Pairing: Kevin Keller x Joaquin

Warnings: Some slight cursing.

A/N: Thanks for requesting, nonnie! :)

Tag List; @sunshine51879 @dempsey-mantle @emotional-wrek-hello @day-dreaming-nightmare @theselfishllama @aezthetically @angstylittleteen @nafa1604


“Hey, Kevin!” Moose called after him that day in the school halls, catching up to where he stood by his locker.
Kev closed his locker before turning to face him. “What’s up, moose?”
“I was wondering if you could help me out with something after school. Maybe at Pop’s? It’s just… I’ve been doing nothing but staring at the same page for over and hour and I still have no idea what any of this says.” He offered a nervous chuckle, scratching at the back of his neck.
Kevin was reluctant but nonetheless nodded his head. “Pop’s would be fine.” Then he turned back around and began walking towards his next class.

That night at Pop’s, Kevin had been seated fifteen minutes ago and still no sign of moose. He was seriously considering leaving when the bell above the door jingled and in came Moose.
He spotted him in a booth towards the back and slid in to his side of the booth, sitting really close.
Moose smiled at him before displaying his book from out of his backpack.
“This is math?” Kev questioned, already beginning to open the book.
He nodded. “Unfortunately.”
“Unfortunately? I can have you done and out of here within twenty minutes. This is easy.” Kevin didn’t mean to brag, but he was really good at this kind of stuff.
They sat there in silence a little while after that- the only time either of them spoke was if Moose asked a question of if Kevin had to answer his question.
And then he felt it.
Moose slipped his hand onto his knee. Kevin looked up at him as a warning but when his hand still stayed in place, he picked it up and dropped it onto the booth before continuing, acting like nothing had just happened.
Moose apparently hadn’t got the hint, however because his hand was now on his thigh. Kevin rolled his eyes and gripped his hand tightly this time, slapping it onto the table.
Moose smiled and within his anger he had forgot to let go of his hand.
Joaquin walked inside at that very moment to see them holding hands, Moose smiling brightly at him.
Without really thinking, filled with his own jealousy and rage, Joaquin walked up to where they were sitting very confidently. “Hey, Moose? Why don’t you do us all a big favor and fuck off.”
Moose let go of Kevin’s hand at that, turning to face him. When he saw nothing but Southside trash he stood up. “Sorry, what the hell did you just say?”
“You heard me. Get out of here.” Joaquin wasn’t even the closest bit afraid of the fact that Moose was a little taller than him.
He had fought worse before, and he had won.
Moose balled his fist up like he was going to throw the first punch but instead he reluctantly gathered his things and looked like he was getting ready to leave.
And then he sent a wink Kevin’s way.
Joaquin balled his fist up this time- he was the first to throw a punch. “If I were you I would just leave. Don’t make things harder on yourself, pal.”
Now, with a bloody cheek, Moose didn’t dare make another move. He quickly walked out of Pop’s and Joaquin watched him go with a smile that matched Kevin’s.
“Awe, were you jealous?” Kevin asked, standing up to be with Joaquin.
Joaquin rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around Kev’s waist. “Shut up.”


Pairings: Jared Padalecki x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader (it’ll make sense I promise)

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some angst but Fluff!!

“How is my wife/girlfriend more badass than me?!”
“Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!”
“Stop being so dam cute”
“What are you¦ five?!”

Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside


“Y/N we’re being called to set! Let’s go!”
“I’m coming!”

I grabbed my phone, placing it in my back pocket before I made my way out to set. I was dressed as my character, Natasha, a badass huntress who’s a pain in the ass to the Winchesters. I made my way to set where Jensen was already waiting for me on his marker. I went to hand Jared my cell. I gave him a pointed look as I handed it to him,s
“Do not get on it or do anything stupid with it. If you do I will kick your ass.”
"Yes mam.”

I laughed and went to my marker waiting for them to tell us we could go.
“And, action!”

I don’t care that I was put in danger Dean! What I did save your brother! If I hadn’t made the deal, Sam would be dead right now!
“Hes going to kill us both when he finds out what you’ve done!”

There was a flash and then a bang, causing both of us to duck and grab our guns. We both went behind some type of furniture and started to shoot. I looked over at Dean and nodded at him before I jumped up from behind the table and went after the demon that was close enough to me. I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his throat and squeezed while I started to enchant the Latin phrase. He smoked out and dropped to the ground. I turned to see the others taken out but only because Sam had came in to help.
"Since when is my girlfriend more badass than me?”
"Since I don’t know, always!”
Sam laughed and came over to me wrapping his arms around me and kissing me.
*End Scene*

Me and Jared seperated and as I got dolled up for my next scene I heard a crack. I turned to look at Jared and Jensen, Jared who looked like he was going to die and Jensen was going to die of laughter. I walked over to them both and the first thing I noticed was my cell in Jared’s hands, broken in pieces. 
"Jared! I specifically said do not do anything to my phone!”
“Y/N/N it was an accident. I am so so sorry.“
"Sorry isn’t going to help you when I kick your ass!”
"Oh shit man, you better run. She’s turning red.”
"Jensen I will gladly kick your ass too!”
“Nope, I‘m good.”

I watched as Jensen held his hands up and backed away, a small smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and placed my attention back on Jared who was already backing up.
"Jared don’t you dare run. Running will only make it harder.”
"I’ sorry Y/N, truly!”

And with that Jared started to run away. I groaned and flipped him off before I started to chase after him. I didn’t want to chase after him, I mean he’s a freaking giant for christ sake so I went down the sides of the trailers and jumped out behind him on top of his back.
“Hey moose! How you doing?“

Jared just laughed and carried me inside his trailer not paying attention to the mess he had in there and we ended up falling over. Jared managed to catch me fall so i landed on top of him, my hair fanning over both our faces. 
"I really am sorry about your phone.”
"Stop being so dam cute.”

Shit shit shit did I really just say that out loud? I could feel the blush starting to form so I did the only thing I could think of doing was hiding so I buried my face in Jared’s neck, inhaling his scent.
“Y/N, Y/N, look at me.”
I shook my head and then I felt Jared grab me by my thighs and pick me up so he could get up. He walked us over to his bed and dropped me down onto his bed, kneeling in front of me. I refused to meet his gaze and he pushed my hair back out of my face and pushed my chin up to look him the eye.
"I luv you too Y/N.”
I started to giggle and Jared gave me a funny look.
"What are you…five?!”
Jared gave me his famous puppy dog eyes and I could have sworn my heart melted. I leaned down and kissed him. I went to sit up when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me down on his lap. I smiled into the kiss and we both jumped up when there was banging on Jared’s door.
“Come on guys! They want you on set!”
I looked down at Jared and gave him one more peck on the lips before I got up and ran to his door,
“I love you Jared but you owe me a new phone!”

I laughed as I ran out of his trailer and to set. If someone told me yesterday that this would be how my day would go, I would have told them to shut up. But for now, I can’t wait to start my new life with Jared.

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quirkyanya  asked:

How about Betty and Jughead being prefects/head girl & head boy and on patrol duty? :)

Hi! So this is a really cool idea and I hope I do it justice :) Thank you so much for messaging me! 

People often said that that sullen, black-haired Ravenclaw Jones boy was a poor choice for one of the Heads. They whispered about his father, the ex-Death Eater, and how much he resembled him.

Betty Cooper, however, was not one of these people. She had long ago become deaf to those rumors and opinions that circulated through Hogwarts like an infection. When she looked at Jughead Jones, all she saw was his kind, intelligent eyes and the gentle soul within them.

It was a wonderful, summery day when it happened. The Great Lake shone like a mirror, the Giant Squid sometimes surfacing from it’s depths to shake hands with students. Students sat outside, enjoying the warm weather, chatting lazily beneath green leaves, socks stuffed in shoes. Betty and Jughead, however, were stuck inside the walls of Hogwarts, begrudgingly patrolling the halls for their Head duties.

“No one’s even here!” Betty cried indignantly, dragging her feet. “We should be outside with the rest of the school. If anyone breaks any school rules WE’RE going to have hell to pay for not supervising. What are the professors even thinking?”

“Teachers have never been very good with logic and reasoning,” Jughead said, a little smirk playing at edges of his lips. “Anyway don’t you like the quiet? No rowdy quidditch players or overzealous cheerleaders trying to drown the school in prep. It’s nice.”

Betty elbowed him. “Hey, I’m one of the overzealous cheerleaders. And I’d rather be out in the sun with the fresh air. The school’s so old and dusty and stale. Sometimes I need a break.” She glanced longingly out the windows, the clear blue sky taunting her.

Jughead smiled. He liked the way her face looked in that moment; bathed in sunlight, her green eyes sparkling. Sometimes he would try and imagine Betty in the moonlight, the stars blazing behind her. He would imagine that even the darkest night could be brightened by Betty Cooper, with her bright yellow hair and wide, shining smile. Jughead was convinced that she had some kind of never-before-seen magic that allowed her to brighten a room with just a smile. But Betty belonged in the sun. If he could’ve, Jughead would have given her all his summer days, just so she could look like that forever. He wished he could tell her all this, but any time he ever wanted to his tongue got tied and his mouth went dry. Instead he said only, “We can go outside later.”

“I suppose,” she replied, sighing.

They walked for a few minutes, talking lightly about homework and teachers, before they encountered Cheryl Blossom with Moose Mason on her arm. Cheryl looked perfect as always despite the heat; scarlett hair tied back in a tight, neat braid, uniform pressed within an inch of it’s life, Gryffindor tie tied in her own stylized knot. She strutted down the hall, eyes passing over Betty and Jughead as if they didn’t exist. Moose, however, paused, causing her to grind to a halt.

“Hey, Betty, Jughead,” Moose, a kind-hearted Gryffindor, said, smiling. “Have you seen Archie? We’re looking for him.”

“Outside by the lake with Veronica and Kevin,” Betty said, pretending not to notice the small way Moose clenched his jaw when he heard Kevin’s name. “Why?”

“Because,” Cheryl said shrilly, “your crimson headed golden boy of an ex-crush has messed with me for the last time.”

“What?” Jughead asked, frowning. “What did he do?”

Moose shook his head sheepishly. “He cancelled on her is all. For a family thing.”

Cheryl glanced at him, a little hurt. Moose had always been kinder than most guys, especially some of the guys in Gryffindor. He had always seemed to be there for her, even when she was a little intense or harsh. When Cheryl had got the news from Archie that he was going to flake yet again from one of her family’s parties, she felt herself crack. She needed someone steady and gentle to lean on, so of course she went to Moose Mason. He wasn’t Jason, but her brother was gone. She had to make do. Moose had listened to her, had read the note that Archie sent, and suggested on finding him. He knew what this meant to Cheryl, he knew about the hole in her life without Jason. But, Cheryl thought, he had only been amusing her. Moose thought she was ridiculous.

Cheryl watched the others exchanged amused looks and felt her heart harden. She dropped Moose’s arm, cocked her hip, and flipped her hair. Betty could see a strange fire in her eyes.

“Yes, the ginger god of Hogwarts isn’t coming to my party,” Cheryl said, blood red lips slowly smiling. “But standing next to you, Juggie, my life doesn’t seem that bad. I mean, at least my Daddy isn’t a deadbeat, ex-Death Eater. My brother’s dead, but I know he was a good man. Good and kind.”

Jughead stilled. Cheryl bit the inside of her cheek: she knew she had hurt him. Perhaps she had crossed the line. She of all knew people knew that family was a precious, limited thing that had to be protected. Especially in this day and age, where wizards on the street scurried past each other like rats, not meeting one-another’s eyes, their old family names abandoned like an old cloak to escape detection. Jason’s death was one in many.

Nonetheless, Cheryl wasn’t in an apologizing mood. She flipped her hair, ignoring the bubbling of regret in her chest, and pulled Moose along.

Later, Cheryl would wish that she had turned around and said sorry. Or that she hadn’t said anything at all.

Jughead rolled his shoulders, avoiding Betty’s eyes.

“We have to finish patrol,” he said, walking quickly. Jughead was barely taller than her, but Betty still had to jog to keep up.

“Juggie, don’t listen to her,” she implored. “Cheryl’s just upset.”
“I know.”

“She’s lashing out. Jason was more or less her entire impulse control.”

“I know.”

“She’s mad at Archie too.”

Jughead shook his head, sighing. His eyes lingered outside, deciding on something. His hand suddenly grabbed Betty’s.

“What?” she asked, smiling at their clasped hands.

He flushed slightly, but started to lead her outside. His skin was cool against her’s, like a breath of fresh air.

“Let’s just ditch,” he said. “Like you, said no one’s here. It’ll be fun, and I promise we won’t get caught.”

Betty grinned and rushed outside, tugging Jughead behind her. The sun filled her heart and warmed her skin. She and Jughead shed their cloaks, loosened their ties, and kicked their shoes and socks off.

They walked across the field to a secluded old oak tree and collapsed together, enjoying the sweet summer breeze.

“We’ve set a bad example,” Betty laughed, lazily watching other students discard homework and other duties to lie in the grass.

“Oh, nobody cares about us. They think we’re… uptight,” Jughead said. “Teacher’s pets.”

“You’re not, at least,” Betty said.

“No, I’m the kid with a “dead-beat, ex-Death Eater” dad,” he sighed.

“Jughead -”
“No, no, it’s fine that it doesn’t matter what I do, or what he does, because no one will forget,” Jughead said darkly. “The Blossoms have especially good memories.”

“Who cares?” Betty asked, sitting up. All the warmth and pleasantness of before was suddenly forgotten. “Who cares about forgetting or remembering?”

“Everyone!” he cried. “Everyone does. Everyone will always remember that my father made mistakes. Bad ones. And that I look like him. And that he has a Dark Mark tattooed on his arm. You can’t just erase stuff like that, Betty. It doesn’t go away.”

Betty stared at Jughead, and thought how defeated looked. How sad and lonely he was. Even his eyes, almost always dancing with unseen magic, were dim. She leant forward and brushed her lips against his. She had meant the kiss to be light, to be a reassurance, but as soon as their skin touched it was if they were two magnets, finally touching. She crawled into his lap, his arms wound around her waist, her hands in his hair, his beanie falling to the ground. It was a while before either stopped, but when they did Betty gently touched her forehead to his, breathing fast.

“You’re strong, Jughead,” she whispered. “You’re brave. You’re father made mistakes, but he’s trying to get better. Not many people do. He loves you more than anything and the only thing he wants is for you to be proud of him. You’re not alone. You never have and you never will be. I promise.”

His eyes were wide, taking her in. Never had Betty seemed so otherworldly. Jughead had to keep toughing her to make sure she was real.

“Betty,” he murmured. “I -”

“You’re not alone,” Betty repeated fiercely. “You have your friends. Your father. Me. And…I love you.”

Jughead suddenly felt as if the world was singing, as if all the colors were a thousand times brighter and more vibrant. But all he could see was Betty Cooper, and the magic that surrounded her.

“I love you too,” he whispered. “I love you, Betty.”

Never in her life had Betty loved summer days more.

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