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i accidentally ended up with a bunch of thoughts for a superhero au who wants to add to these ideas

  • kanan’s an ordinary college student who works part time coffee barista except yeah okay she isn’t actually Ordinary considering she can control the temperature i.e. anything she touches, she can raise or lower its temperature
  • she just wants to have a normal life tho so she keeps her powers a secret and just uses them for mundane things (e.g. keeping her hoodie a wonderful toasty warm during winter, maintaining her drinks like coffee and hot choco at the perfect drinking temperature, never letting her ice cream turn into a sad puddle)
  • riko’s the first one to discover kanan’s powers and after a bunch of plot things happening, she introduces kanan to the gang
  • riko’s powers involve some sort of auditory caused synesthesia? i.e. emotional manipulation using the music she plays. it can also, to some extent, induce hallucinations to the hearer
  • dia can manipulate the time of animate things. ruby can also manipulate time but she can only use it for inanimate objects. the easiest and most often thing they use their powers for is to stop time but the aoe affects how much strain it is and how long they can hold it 
  • the kurosawas cant reverse time tho
  • (dia has a sword)
  • mari claims to be a teleporter. 
  • technically she can teleport? but her powers are actually closer to the category of time traveling? its limited to her ‘personal time’ tho and rather than moving temporally, she moves spatially i.e. as long as she’s been in that place before, she can go back to it. hence the pseudo-teleportation
  • also mari isnt actually part of the ‘good guys gang’
  • she’s that mysterious super who seems to have questionable morals and just randomly shows up, sometimes to help kanan + co, sometimes to actually hinder them. nobody’s actually sure who she is and what her real goals are
  • spoilers but mari’s “mundane identity” is that she’s part of the board of directors(?) to a really powerful tech company who’s very anti-people with powers
  • idk about the others yet but chika’s probably a furry can talk to animals maybe

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