hey mishka

Chase is on his way home from work when he decides it’s not time to go home yet. A part of him feels guilty, but the bigger part of him wants a drink - just a couple, then he’d go home. At least that was what he was telling himself as he walks into the bar, quickly sliding onto one of the empty bar stools. The bartenders are busy serving other customers, but he doesn’t really mind the wait, letting out a sigh as he scrolls through his phone. He’s considering texting JP to talk when hears a familiar voice moving closer, quickly pocketing his phone as he glances up, eyes falling on Mishka. “Mishka, hey.” Chase mutters, rubbing at his chin. He wasn’t sure were he and Mishka stood, and pestering him about it when he was at work wasn’t the best idea. “Uh…whiskey. Neat. Start a tab?” He asks, passing his credit card over. “Thanks.” @not-anton