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I did a screenshot redraw and, woah, what’s that? By the Keep Reading… I think there’s a playlist! Did I make that playlist? Hell yeah! (with help, thanks piggymintz) Does it follow Zuko’s entire redemption arc from the series with indie, folk, and alternative music? Listen and find out! (the answer is yes)

When Your Hope’s On Fire // LISTEN

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I think I’m trying too hard to start a new meme…again.

I call this one “excited jumping guitar Michael”.

Hey @mjf-af now you got something to laugh about for a few days.

Get to know me

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Name: areesh 

Nickname: someone come up with one 

Zodiac sign: taurus

Hogwarts house: gryffindor

Height: 5'3ish (but i’m still growing ok)

Orientation: pan

Ethnicity: asian

Favorite fruit: blackberries or peaches or tangerines or watermelon

Favorite season: summer or spring!

Favorite book series: harry potter, the time quintet, the thirteenth reality, percy jackson & the olympians and the heroes of olympus (even though it’s been a while), the chronicles of narnia, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy; i read mostly single novels so that’s all i have for book series

Favorite fictional characters: hey i like marty mcfly from back to the future and veronica from heathers too, and andi from pretty in pink, ferris bueller from ferris bueller’s day off, bill and ted from bill and ted’s excellent adventure, topanga from boy meets world, winnie cooper from the wonder years, andi mack and cyrus goodman from the new disney show andi mack (no i am not too old for disney), dipper pines from gravity falls, haku from spirited away, zuko from avatar: the last airbender, peridot from steven universe, princess leia from star wars, draco malfoy and luna lovegood and hermione granger and sirius black from harry potter, annabeth chase from percy jackson & the olympians, charles wallace from the time quintet, atticus higgenbottom from the thirteenth reality, keith from voltron, el and mike and nancy and jonathan from stranger things

Favorite flower: chrysanthemums, tulips, sunflowers, forget-me-nots, and just every flower in existence !!

Favorite scents: pancakes

Favorite color: blue

Favorite animal: jellyfish or turtles

Favorite artist/band: i’m really into indie/alternative pop/rock but my taste is literally all over the place; declan mckenna, the foals, the kooks, arctic monkeys, the strokes, nirvana, oasis, the doors, the two door cinema club, david bowie, pink floyd, the beatles, the kinks, the cure, cage the elephant, catfish and the bottlemen, blur, mazzy star, beach house, mac demarco

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: i kinda like them all, idk this is hard

Average sleep: like 4 bc of school but i’ll be getting more after a couple weeks after the schoolyear’s over

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream trip: i Am gOiNg oN a cRoSs CoUnTrY rOaD tRiP tHiS sUmMeR aNd i aM sUpEr ExCiTeD bEcAuSE i LeFt ThE CiTy OnLy LiKe ThRiCe iN aLL mY 17 YeArS

Last thing you googled: the babadook full movie (lol i’m sorry but i had to see how gay he is for myself)

How many blogs I follow: like 1kish

Number of followers: at least 3

What I usually post about: idk i’m such a mess

What is your aesthetic: watercolor and digital art, glitter, declan mckenna himself, piles and piles of books, denim overalls, freckles and short hair, spaceships, 90s tv, leaves falling, milkshakes, drive-in movies, campfires, sleeping outside, ufo conspiracy theories, plants hanging from the ceiling, the bee movie, wearing dresses with converse sneakers, poetry, climbing trees, flower shops, sunlight, bob ross’s paintings, space, the ocean, the void, jellyfish, the sky, clouds, pluto, mountains, road trips, indie music, lightening, canyons and valleys and waterfalls, mysteries, book shops, record players, blockbusters, eleven from stranger things, the woods, rivers, pastel colors, fluorescent lights, the rain, walking barefoot, sick days home from school watching the princess bride, the moon, ghibli movies, nasa, aquariums, stars in the night sky, deserts, libraries, secret gardens, tv shows from your childhood, art supplies, ice cream shops, spy movies, science fiction novels, bicycling, getting off at the wrong stop on the train, interesting birthmarks, kind strangers, snowflakes, science fair projects, ladybugs, dogs!

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Request: Full Marty McFly

Request: Hey, since it’s Saturday I was hoping it would be okay to send a one shot request in? Anyways here the idea, I reader is 14 and met the boys after her family was killed her family, so they take her in. Then a year later she’s hunting a witch who later casts a spell on her and sends her back to when Dean was 15, as well. And he keeps flirting with the reader. And when she gets back Sam keeps teasing Dean because he had a crush on her! Thanks! I love your writing by the way!

Word Count: 1,170

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<33

“Dean?” You look around the empty motel room – you haven’t been here before. This isn’t familiar – it sure as hell isn’t Sunview Motel, where you were just five minutes ago, “Sam?”

You make your way over to the door, slipping out into the bright spring sun. You squint against the brightness, and it takes you a moment to adjust.

You don’t know what the witch did, but you sure as hell don’t like it.

That’s when you catch a glimpse of it – the Impala, parked right outside the room. You run over to it, looking inside – it looks the same. Maybe slightly cleaner than when you last saw it, having just driven over a muddy road. You look around, lying your hand against the glossy black paint.

“Hey!” There’s an indignant shout from behind you, and you turn sharply to see two guys, running towards you, “What the hell are you doing to our car?”

“Y-your car?” You stutter, quieter than you’d intended. The guy runs up to you and you retract your hand, stepping back.

“Yeah, our car. What the hell are you doing? Who the hell are you?” He demands, stepping towards you threateningly. You shake your head.

“I’m- I’m sorry. My friends have the same car. I just thought…” You shake your head, “Never mind, I’m sorry.”

He looks back at his friend – or maybe his brother, you’re not sure.

“Your friends?”

“Yeah, I… I lost them. No big deal. Sorry to bother you.” You smile slightly, running a hand through your hair, “Thanks for not… punching me, I guess.”

You back away slowly, expecting him to just let you go. Then, after a moment, he calls out again.

“Wait up.” He says, and you raise an eyebrow.

“Look, I have to get going. I gotta find my friends and…” You shrug. He grins.

“We can help you.” He says brightly, and at the same time, you and his brother/friend speak.

“You can?”

“We can?”

The older boy nods. He looks about your age – he’s taller, though, as is often the way. His friend… he’s younger. Maybe eleven-ish?

“I’m Dean,” He introduces himself, “This is my brother, Sam.”

“Y/N.” You say quietly.

Dean. And Sam. Brothers.

“Hey, wait up.” Your eyes widen, “What year is it?”

“1994.” Sam replies, and your eyes widen.

“Uh…?” You look around, “You’re kidding, right?”

“Y/N, are you okay?” Dean asks, stepping forward. You just stare at him, panic rising in your stomach. You shake your head.

“Not really.”


You lied your way out of the situation, blaming it on having been on the run from your family for a while. They fell for it – you hope – and you’re left with the two guys who you know as adults and no way of getting back home.


Dean makes Sam go to bed just before ten, while the two of you sit in the corner with a can of coke and chat in low tones.

“How did you meet your friends?” Dean asks, and you shrug.

“My parents died, about a year back,” You respond lowly, “I had no other family, so they took me in. I work with them – they have this family business, and…”

You know that they know about hunting, but you don’t know if you being here will change the future at all and you don’t want to give away too much.

Dean nods understandingly, “What do they do?”

“You’d laugh. It’s just a little thing, y'know?”

“Try me.”

“We… uh…” You fumble to think of a lie, “We investigate stuff.”


“Anything. Everything. Long since closed murder cases, ghost claims. Like private investigators but people don’t really hire us.”

That’ll do.

“Sounds like fun.” Dean smiles, leaning over and placing his hand on your knee, “Don’t worry, Y/N. We’ll get you back to them.”

You smile, albeit slightly awkwardly.

“Thanks, Dean.” You say quietly, placing your hand over the top of his, “I… I appreciate it.”

He smiles brightly, “Anything for a pretty girl.”

You laugh softly. He hasn’t changed at all. Not that you’d ever say that, though. You’re absorbed in your own thoughts when he leans in, his eyes closing.

Oh, shit.

And so you let him kiss you, just briefly. You’re not going to lie – it’s nice, and his lips are soft, but… he’s just…

You can’t get past the image of thirty-whatever year-old Dean that finds itself at the front of your mind. You pull away quickly, finding yourself blushing deeply.


“Where the hell is she?” Sam demands, slamming his hands down on the countertop. Just at that moment, the motel door swings open, revealing you.

“Y/N?” Dean’s eyes widen, “Where the hell have you been?”

Ever since they took you under their wing a while ago, they’ve become like older brothers to you. They’re fiercely protective of you.

“Dude,” You sigh, “I went full Marty McFly.”

They share a look as you close the door tiredly and flop down on your bed, thoroughly exhausted. Apparently time travelling takes a lot out of you.

“What the hell?” Dean asks, staring at you. You shrug nonchalantly.

“She sent me back in time. I met fifteen-year-old you. You know how weird that is?”

“Uh… kinda?”

You roll over to look at them, propping your head up on your elbow with a smile.

“It was crazy. I feel weird.”

“How did you get back?”

“I fell asleep.” You laugh, “Woke up in a ditch about ten minutes’ walk from here.”

They share a look, before looking back at you with concern.

“Y/N, what did you see back then? What happened?” Sam asks. You grin, rolling onto your back and staring at the ceiling.

“Nothing massive. I touched your car, you went off it. We talked for a while.”

“Talked? About what?” Dean asks. You chew on your lip, avoiding his faze slightly.

“Let’s just say that your flirt-with-everything-that-moves policy hasn’t changed in the slightest.” You offer. There’s silence for a moment, and then Sam starts laughing.

“Oh, my god, Dean! It’s her!” He laughs. Dean shoots him a look, and then looks at you.

“What do you mean?” Dean says through his teeth.

“You didn’t shut up about her for, like, three years! Oh, that girl! She had the most beautiful smile!” He teases shamelessly, and you laugh.


“He was so adamant on finding you!” Sam grins, “I’m not kidding! You just disappeared overnight and he figured you’d left him, so he just…”

“Shut up.” Dean hisses, “Y/N, I-”

“I’m flattered,” You shoot him a wink, “Not surprised, though. I’m hot as hell. But I’m also tired. So… yeah. Night, guys.” You smile, before climbing beneath the covers, dirty clothes and all.

Movie Night

Movie Night

Prompt: the annual avengers movie night and they watch Back To The Future, and the reader continuously talks about how in love with young George Mcfly, who reminds her of Peter.

Pairing: Peter Parker x The Reader

Words: 1266

Warnings: includes stuff about back to the future (my favorite movie)

Y/N pulled out the popcorn bag, and poured it into the bowl. Everyone at the Avenger tower was getting ready for their annual movie night they had each month. Y/N was in charge of picking the movie, and she had picked her absolute favorite movie, Back To The Future. She could hardly contain her excitement, since not many of them had seen Back To The Future.

Y/N handed the bowl to Steve once it was filled up, and she took a seat on the ground, laying against a bean bag she had got from her room. Just as they were about to start the movie, a crash came from the kitchen, turning all their attention to whoever just came into the room. They could see a figure moving, and picking up whatever they had dropped. Soonr the one and only Peter Park emerged from the dark, with wide eyes.

“Sorry, I was doing homework.” He let out a breathy laugh, before making his way towards a chair, and taking a seat in it.

Y/N started the movie, bubbling with excitement. This was her favorite movie, and she was so happy she was watching this with some of her favorite people. As the movie began, Y/N continued to mouth the words to it, which amused everyone around her.

“Her numbers 555-4823.” Y/N quietly commented, earning her weird looks, seeing that she had memorized jennifer’s number.

As George Mcfly and Biff appeared on the screen, Y/N giddle sat up straight, concentrating on George .

“Hello, hello? Anybody home? Think Mcfly, think!” Y/N hummed happily, as she saw George she Mcfly on the screen, her favorite character in the movie.

“I honestly have so much love for George Mcfly.” Everyone looked at Y/N weirdly, since he was probably twice her age. “I meant young George Mcfly, you’ll see.” She commented, her eyes not leaving the screen.

The movie went on, and Y/N was probably enjoying it the most. Everyone liked the movie, but it was still in the beginning of it, so not much had happened. Y/N had turned her head in Peter’s direction, since she could feel someone watching her every move, but when she looked over to that area, everyone was focused on the tv screen. She frowned, but turned her attention to the tv, just as Marty had gone back to the past.

“Guys, young George Mcfly is coming up! No one say a thing when he speaks!” She commanded, her eyes heavily glued to the tv.

When Marty went into the Cafè, Y/N was bouncing up and down with excitement. When she heard young Biff say “Hey Mcfly” she lost it. She shushed anyone that tried to talk, watching George’s every single move. Y/N’s smile faded as Biff slapped him in the face.

“I hate Biff so much, like honestly he can catch these hands.” Y/N frowned, as she watched Biff leave from the screen.

“Catch these hands?” She heard Steve from behind her, confused. “You kids and your slang these days.” She ignored him, and continued to pay attention to the movie.

“George looks like someone, but I just can’t think of who.” Tony commented, as they watched him fall from the tree.

Y/N knew Tony was talking about Peter, since they looked extremely alike, and since Peter was just as dorky as George. Whenever she watches Back To The Future ever since she met Peter, George always reminds her of him since they’re so alike.

“George reminds me of Peter!” Tony yelled, when George appeared on the screen again.

Y/N’s eyes widened once Tony said that, and tried to focus on the movie, not saying a word. She could hear them snickering, but she didn’t listen in to them. When it was the scene where George was in the café talking to Lorraine, Y/N shushed everyone, saying the words in sync.

“I am your density.” She mouthed at the screen, before grinning like an idiot at George Mcfly.

“So Y/N, are you so in love with George Mcfly because he reminds you of Peter? Or are you in love with Peter because he reminds you of George?” She heard Sam ask her, making her blush and everyone else but Peter laugh.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” She mumbled, keeping her eyes glued to the movie.

The movie continued, and all Y/N could hear was everyone making jokes about Peter and George. Y/N stood up, and went to get some popcorn, her face bright red. She put the popcorn in the microwave, let out a breathy sigh as she waited for it to cook.

“You alright?” A voice came from behind her, startling Y/N. She turned around, coming face to face with Peter. “You seem flustered and stuff, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Y/N’s face became more red, as she could see everyone in the living room watching them.

“Uhm yeah, just want more popcorn.” She awkwardly laughed, before taking her popcorn from the microwave, and returning to her seat.

“This part always makes me so uncomfortable.” Y/N scrunched up her nose, as Marty kissed Lorraine. As everyone watched, anger boiled up inside of Y/N as she knew what was coming “I am ready to fight Biff. Like honestly if i saw Biff in the streets I would not hesitate to stand on his neck.” Y/N ranted, making everyone look at her.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked, eyeing her.

“No I’m not, Biff makes me so angry. And Marty just makes me feel shook so.” They all looked at her once again, as she used some slang in which they didn’t understand. “Everyone, shut up!” She yelled, as Marty started to play the guitar. “Honestly, where can i find myself a George Mcfly.”

“There’s one sitting in the recliner, drinking water.” Y/N turned her head so fast, only to realize that Tony was talking about Peter again.

“Wow, Tony, you’re so funny, i wish i could be you.” Tony rolled his eyes at her, and she turned back to the tv.

As Y/N watched the screen, from the corner of her eye, she could see Tony mouthing something. She watched him, trying to figure out what he was saying. Y/N could see that he was talking to Peter, since he was the only one across from Tony.

“Doc is so shook.” Y/N mumbled, as they watched the last few seconds of the movie. “Hey Clint, can you pass me that blanket? I think I’m just going to sleep here for the night, I’m too lazy to go to my room.” Y/N commented, sprawling over the bean bag she had been laying against.

“We’ll I gotta head back, or Aunt May will lose it if I’m not there when she wakes up.” Peter stated, and said bye to everyone.

As soon as Peter left, Y/N nudged Tony, gaining his attention. “What were you mouthing to him earlier?” She asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

“Told him to stop staring..” He trailed off, making Y/N even more curious, but didn’t ask anymore questions.

Y/N drifted off to sleep, thinking about everything that had happened that night.


i just did ❞  

a fanmix for maximoff twins; pietro and wanda.

01. Jupiter - Sleeping at Last // 02. Twins - Gem Club // 03. Run - Daughter // 04. Glitter isn’t Gold - Chase Buddy // 05. Look After You - The Fray // 06. Silhouettes - Of Monsters and Men // 07. Make it Without You - Andrew Belle // 08. Oblivion - Bastille // 09. Somebody to Die for - Hurts // 10. Hey Brother - Damien McFly ft. Facs // 11. Light - Sleeping at Last // 12. Queen of Sad Land - A Silent Film // 13. Pompeii - Bastille // 14. The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin // 15. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling