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silver hues train on ordinary boy / so normal and yet so pretty + angel features caress unknown boy’s face. ah, ignorance was so beautiful to observe ! ignorance and naivety, innocence and purity ; all traits ever desired by the figure hiding underneath the curly locks of midnight tresses

hello ! i’m sorry to be any trouble, but could i sit here ? some girls have been staring at me and it’s kind of weirding me out ; i don’t know plastic concern is plastered  pon corpse - esque features ( beautiful in that they were frozen, protected from harm and holy in a devilish manner ).


Breaking Rules

And the winner of my little genre poll from yesterday is… humor! Don’t worry, all of you fine angst lovers. You know I have plenty of that to share. I’m sure I’ll find a way to rip your hearts out soon. In a figurative way, of course, not a Fenris way.

When the Mako came to a stop in the shuttle bay, Kaidan’s brow furrowed. It was smoldering, had two flat tires, and, upon closer inspection, had a giant hole burned into the hull. Even before he could fully comprehend the damage, he heard banging emanating from the inside of the vehicle.

“Stand back,” came Wrex’s familiar roar. Kaidan was quick to step aside and well away from the battered Mako’s door, which had apparently been melted or fused shut. No sooner had the lieutenant stepped out of the way than the door was blasted off of its hinges with the force of a battering ram.

It was the krogan’s head that Kaidan saw next, glancing around the bay quickly. Once his gaze locked on the human, Wrex waved him over. “Come get her. She’s hurt.”

There was only one ‘she’ in the group that had dropped groundside a couple of hours ago, and a lump formed in his throat at the thought of her being seriously injured. He cleared the distance to the Mako in two quick strides, preparing to climb up on top of it and haul Shepard out himself if the need arose.

“Get off me! Argh dammit!”

Well, she wasn’t unconscious, at least. Shepard was putting up a hell of a fight against the krogan and turian trying to help her out of the vehicle, though. It all struck Kaidan as very strange, but he was willing to hold his questions for now until he could get a good look at the commander for himself.

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Chapter 4:

Ellis stood awkwardly in the room he had escaped to, not quite knowing where to start. He ignored the plunging feeling still in his stomach and focused on the bookshelf in front of him. Nothing looked useful but the redneck needed something to distract himself. He grabbed a book and flipped though it, not reading it in the least. He set it back down, uninterested, and grabbed up dusty a phone; Dead.

He spotted a pair of spectacles on the shelf. He’d never worn glasses before and quickly plopped them onto the bridge of his nose. “Hey Maw, I made it in'tuh college! Aren'tcha proud!? If Keith could see me now…” He grinned broadly and looked around the now blurry room. His eyes landed back onto the shelf he’d been searching as he casually took the glasses off and replaced them where he’d found them. He slowly reached out and picked up a photo frame.

They’d all seen photos of people long gone due to the apocalypse but no one’d ever really stopped to look at them.  Ellis ran his thumb around the edge of the glass as the picture of the two men peered back at him. All at once the pain he’d been suppressing came rushing back to him.

He’d already admitted he wanted the gambler and had even been brave enough to kiss him. Ever since then anytime either of them made physical contact they would both flinch or hesitate. He wondered if he and Nick could ever have the easy, loving relationship these two strangers seemed to have.  

A knock on the doorway snapped him out of his thoughts. “Hey El…” The older man had never looked so apprehensive before. Ellis slapped the frame face down on the shelf and looked over to him wordlessly. “You found any supplies or…” Nick looked away, not finishing his question and the bottom of Ellis’ stomach dropped even further as he realized that neither of them was going to bring up what was going on between them. 

Ellis made his way towards the door and out of the room, making extra effort not to make any contact with the conman. “Nothin’ useful here Nick… we should juss call it a night.”

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The Maw

“Hey Ikora,

Just saw this sitting in the ‘Classifieds’ and figured you’d want to take a look at this before Zavala got his mitts on it, considering you and I were the ones who greenlit the expedition in the first place. Was expecting the Ghost to come back and deliver this itself, not a failsafe transmission. Pretty nasty stuff here.

You know I hate to say this, but we need to rethink the regulations on extended missions to the Dreadnaught. No more Guardians going out there alone, for sure. This cannot happen a second time.” –CAYDE-6, Written by hand on a sticky-note paperclipped to the outside of the following file.

FIELD LOG [status=CLASSIFIED(Vanguard Eyes ONLY):authcode(Victor-Foxtrot-144923002)]




Due to compression and [UNKNOWN ERROR] during the creation and/or transmission of the following file, audio has been corrupted and is unavailable at this time.



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