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Hey, mariel your edit is amazing and i just really loved it, you didnt need to ansewr this question though, i just feel bad about myself like no one care about me, my family didnt care about me, my friend didnt care about me. I just felt like im bothering them, and its awful it really hurt me the most time, and i cant get the though away from me. Can you help me? I just feel i want to dissapeare for some reason so i didnt need to hurt them. Am i wrong?Am i a awful to my life or this community?

Dude, everything’s alright. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you! Feeling the way you feel is something that many people go through so I can assure you that you’re not alone.

That being said, I’m really sorry you feel like this because I think it’s safe to say that your family and your friends DO care about you and I’m sure they’re they love you! You are NOT a bother to them, friend. You are allowed to feel sad and to feel bad and reaching out to them and to me is very brave of you because asking for help in these cases is always the first step to feel better. You didn’t bother me and I can assure you you didn’t bother anyone else by you just being you. Okay? :)

My suggestion though is to talk to your family and friends about how you feel. Maybe they already know that there is something bad going on but not knowing anything about it might cause them pain. Think about it, okay? And take your time, no one is pressuring you! :)


Isabella had noticed the small blonde girl in one of her classes, her demeanor a little bit surprising for someone her age. Marielle was over twenty-one and the brunette had never seen her go out. Which of course, made it the brunette’s mission to get her to go out with her. Spotting her in the campus cafe, Isabella sat down at her table without invitation. “Hey, Marielle, right?” she asked with a polite smile. “There’s a party tonight at one of the fraternities, and I just thought that I would invite you; I don’t know why, I heard about it and thought you might have fun.”


hey marielle,

i hope that dating show’s going well for you so far. i know you can’t really answer me until it’s over, but i’m going to be writing you so you don’t miss out on anything while you’re gone. which sucks, by the way. everything here is so boring now. i only have lauren to hang out with and let’s just say the conversations leave much to be desired. you’re actually smart even though you pretend not to be. your sister spends all her time with swoopy boy and i think she’s failing high school, but i’m sure your parents will take care of her so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

my mom, on the other hand, gave me a big talking to the other day. she told me, and i quote, “i didn’t bust my ass as a single mom working two jobs so that my oldest daughter wouldn’t go to college.” i understand where she’s coming from though; she did work really hard to take care of us and now it’s my turn to do something about that so i can take care of her when she’s old and crusty.

so that’s it then. i’m enrolled in newcrest university and moving into the dorms there. i said goodbye to izaiah and actually hugged him for once. he’s still annoying, but i guess i’ll miss him a little. i’ll make sure to send you pictures of all the hunky college boys that i meet.

talk soon,

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AHH HEY MARIEL! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I may be able to go to one of Mark's shows in England and like, it feels weird because I've always thought that I would see Jack in person first and not Mark? But honestly, I HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS. I WONT GO😭 IM SURE

I have all my fingers crossed for you!! :D 

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Hey Mariel, I read that people were being mean and stealing stuff from you. I'm really sorry about that. I can't imagine how bad must have felt. Hugs for you!! That said, to cheer you up- I love your newest Anti transition. I love how the eyes are totally black at first, but when he blinks and then one of the eyes is green- I love it so much! You did an amazing job <3 You're just getting better and better each edit! I'm so impressed!! Keep it up <3333

I’m sure there are more more people who are suffering from these problems as well but they don’t talk about it very often (I don’t blame them though). But it’s nice to know that there are people here who support me and are here for me!! I hope I can be there for you guys as well :D 

About the edit: thank you so so so much!! That’s one of the edits that I’m most proud of! But I still need to improve on some things!! Time and practice will do :D Thank you again!!

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Girl Talk - Cheryl/Marielle


“ Why would he?” She laughed “ Well, no, but I guess a try to it wouldn’t hurt.” She shrugged. 

“…good question.  I guess he wouldn’t.”  Cheryl laughed with Marielle.  “Hey, why don’t you go on a date with Sam’s brother Dean?  He’s handsome.”