hey lyla !

Imagine being friends with Lyla and her helping hook you up with Jax.

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(Just because I freaking love Lyla.)

“Hey guys, it’s time to eat.” Lyla said as she came into the room Jax was sitting in chilling with Opie and a few of the other guys.

“Thanks babe.” Opie told her with a grin. A few minutes later they joined everyone in the dining room. That’s when Jax saw you. He hated cliches, but in that moment he knew he wanted you and just had to have you. The next day when Opie went to stop by the studio Jax came with him.

“Hey boys what are you up to?” Lyla asked when she saw them.

“Just wanted to come check in. That and Jax wanted to ask about that friend of yours that was over last night.” Opie told her with a kiss.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but you weren’t exactly subtle. Plus I asked her to come because you thought you two would be good together.” She chuckled. “Which means, I’m way a head of you. By the way she thought you were hot.” She added as she handed Jax of slip of paper with your name and number written on it.

“Thank you. You’re an angel.” Jax told her as he kissed her head.

“Yeah yeah. Just be good to you or you answer to me.” She told him.

“Yes ma’am.” He laughed.

Eu poderia dizer que o Rio de Janeiro tem as melhores praias, os melhores bares, as melhores músicas, a melhor cultura, as melhores ruas e os melhores points. Poderia acrescentar dizendo que lá estão as pessoas mais gentis, a melhor educação, o melhor sotaque, o melhor samba, a melhor bossa nova e o melhor pagode. Se não quisesse parar por aqui, lhe afirmaria que o povo carioca é o mais bonito e sarado do mundo, que tem o melhor humor, o mais lindo sorriso, o melhor gosto e os melhores cenários pra passar um fim de tarde. Ainda sim não faltaria espaço pra continuar dizendo que somos a cidade dos grandes eventos e que temos a melhor e mais variada culinária, as maiores florestas, os lugares mais memoráveis, as cervejas mais geladas, o sol mais quente, o verão mais surpreendente, o carnaval de todas as cores, o melhor futebol arte, os melhores teatros e as melhores paisagens. Te lembraria que o Cristo é nosso e que abre os braços quando todos vocês chegam, que a Guanabara é ponto de encontro de aviões de todo o planeta, e que dentre dezenas de praias existirá aquela pra chamar de sua!

Eu poderia estar equivocado, como carioca apaixonado que sou, em dizer tantas qualidades da minha cidade. Eu poderia. Mas não estou.

E não preciso sair do Rio de Janeiro, pra saber que é a cidade mais linda do mundo.

                    Rio você foi feito pra mim.


Play With Fire || Ben & Lyla

-Ben gets to school on the Monday after the party, going to his first class and he has a smirk on his face as he walks in and sits in his seat behind Lyla- Hey, nerd.



Jax had things to do in the morning, but he’d told Lyla that he’d stop by Diosa in the afternoon, and they could head up to Stockton. So far, the deal with Colette seemed like it might go okay. The DA had already put all over the news that the gun was an illegal gun and that they had their suspicions, but he’d just rolled his eyes.  

He pulled up at Diosa and noticed Nero go back into his office, and his mom said Nero had just been to confession. He then spotted Lyla.  “Hey, you about ready?” 

Fruit for the Crows


Jax had a million and one things on his mind. They were at a meeting with the Mayans, talking about drug distribution when Jax got the call.  He told the guys they needed to go and that’s when it happened, and both them and the Mayans were ambushed by a rival cartel. When it had all settled, he’d been hit by the ricochet but wasn’t injured, just a little cut and Alvarez had been shot.  He knew that they had to get Alvarez to the clubhouse, so he told Tig to get to Lyla, while he did this.  He knew Tig would get Opie and Rat to go stand guard duty, until he got there.

After chasing the guy and chasing him, they finally got it under control. This was going to be a long day. He could already feel it. 

Finally getting to his house, he took a deep breath, and walked in to Dani and Abel both crying and he went looking for Lyla. “Hey, you okay?”