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Teach Me.

Warnings - angst, fluff, swearing, mentions of abuse (both mental and physical).

It was no secret that Bucky Barnes was a shell of a man, distanced from the new and foreign sense of reality he had come to know. The man himself was shy, very reserved, and somewhat lost with himself, he had distanced himself from life afraid, afraid that he would slip from his humanity and hurt someone by accident. And he didn’t want to hurt anybody, no one.

Steve knew the troubles and struggle of adjusting to a world far more advanced than what they remembered. And the team had attempted to ease the super solider into life, walks around the city, showing him the new technology and teaching him how to use it. Despite this, Steve knew that Bucky needed a push in another direction.

Down the street from The Avengers Tower stood a gym, it was kitted out with the latest equipment and all of the staff and members were amazingly kind and helpful with anything. So, Steve pulled some strings and managed to get clearance for Bucky to teach a self-defence class. And Bucky saw the good in it, remembering the atrocities he had committed, he thought it was only fair to do what he could to help people.

On the first day, Bucky was extremely nervous, the most interaction he had with anyone besides the team was the guy who ran the coffee shop down the street, even then the interaction was limited. Although, he felt oddly calm in knowing that both Steve and Sam were there by his side in support. The room contained a small group of people, a mixture of men and women, and Steve couldn’t help but let his eyes gravitate toward her. A woman who always returned his pleasant greetings when he said hello and gave her a warm smile, a woman who always offered to help him with workouts if he needed it, Steve hadn’t seen her in awhile. Sam also noticed her, how her dull eyes scanned the room and she looked down, her arms hugging her chest; he always bumped into her in the line in the cafe by the park, she always ordered the same thing and offered a kind smile each time they passed one another. But even he could see the obvious discomfort distorting her features, her body stood rigid and she looked paranoid, scared even. The woman stuck to the back of the class, watching carefully as Bucky demonstrated moves on volunteers but not wanting to get involved too much.

Once the class had ended, the woman grabbed her gym bag and pulled her sleeves further down, as if to conceal something. Dark strands of hair fell over her face as she quickly pushed them back in place as she headed for the exit, her lips turned downward and her eyebrows tensed, “Hey Lyla,” Steve called out to her, watching her freeze before turning back to face him, sighing as he beckoned her over to the trio of bandits. Sam watched her closely, how her blue orbs scanned the room before she decided to head over to them, “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages,” Steve stated as he looked down on her, noting her behaviour on the notepad in his brain.

Lyla shrugged, pulling the strap of her bag further up to sit on her shoulder, “Oh you know how things can be, work is pretty demanding,” she brushed off the situation with a tight lipped smile, her loose ponytail falling over her collarbone as her head moved from side to side.

Steve frowned, not believing a word she was saying, “Alright,” he said, earning a glare from Sam which he returned with a look of his own, “Lyla, this is Bucky, my best friend,” he paused as he turned to Bucky who wiped his forehead with a towel, “Bucky, this is Lyla, a friend of ours,” he motioned between Sam and himself with a grin.

Steve knew how shy Lyla was, almost as shy as Bucky in some ways, but despite her height it was clear that she possessed a large heart and a body full of compassion, “It’s nice to meet you,” Bucky told her, surprising himself by how easy the words left his lips.

Lyla nodded gratefully and felt her lips pull upward slightly as she looked toward the glass door, her expression dropping as she did, Steve followed her eyeline and found a man stood there, his arms folded over his chest and narrowed orbs focused in on her, “I’m sorry guys, I have to go,” she told the trio quickly as she hurried out of the room toward the man that neither Steve nor Sam could place in their minds. The man clenched his fists as she approached him, the trio couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, but judging the way she shrank when his lips moved, they knew it wasn’t good.

Sam sighed as he watched you and the mysterious man walk away, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sam asked Steve, his eyes glued to the two retreating figure, watching Lyla snatch away from his reaching hands.

Steve nodded, “Thinking what?” Bucky inquired with confusion, looking between the two males in the empty room.

The pair shared a look before turning to Bucky, “Lyla doesn’t wear hoodies in the gym, Buck, never,” Steve stated, his eyes filled with worry, “Lyla has always worn a smile, she’s never been so reserved, she’s shy but she loves to get involved with things, loves to be challenged,” he paused, “Plus, since I’ve been going here, Lyla has always come to the gym every Thursday night, not even work could stop that, this place gives her some time to herself.”

Sam cleared his throat, “Every night at 6pm she goes to the cafe down the street, always orders the same drink and sits in the booth by the window with a book in her hand, she hasn’t done that for weeks,” he told them, his arms folded over his chest as he looked at the place where she once stood.

Bucky frowned, suddenly feeling angry, furious even, “Why? I mean, why has she just stopped doing stuff?”

The blonde haired super solider pinched his nose and took a deep breath, “I think we’re asking the wrong questions,” he muttered, “What we need to find out is who that man was, because I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

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Surprise Me

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Request: Imagine giving Tig head in the bathroom.

Note: Okay I haven’t edited this at all, so Im sorry if there are mistakes. Also sorry that the ‘backstory’ is shitty, I wrote this in like an hour, plus i wrote the smut part first and then just wanted to post it for you guys 😂 Hope y'all enjoy! xx


(Y/n) (y/l/n) was quiet. She was that quiet, shy girl that always sat in the back of the classroom. You never raised your hand and you’d always worry the teacher would pick you to answer a question. Lyla was the popular one. She was beautiful, confident and everyone loved her. Blond hair, perfect body, and well- she was a pornstar. Of corse all the boys loved her.
Yet she was your best friend and somehow, despite all your differences you got on like a house on fire.
You were nervous when she invited you to a party at SAMCRO.
Of course you wanted to go, God those bikers were sexy as hell, but you were.. you.
You were the quiet one that no one ever talked to, and next to Lyla and her pornstar friends, you knew you didn’t stand a chance.
It’s not that you were ugly.
But you just weren’t.. them.
They wore barely any clothes and you wore jeans and a singlet.
They coated themselves in cheap perfume and spent hours on their make up and you had no idea what the fuck contouring meant.
But you had to suck it up. You wanted to go and you wanted to hang out with your friend and as long as there was eye candy invlolved, you couldn’t really complain.
The party was in full swing when you walked in and you gulped as you eyed the crow eaters dancing around in practically nothing.
“Come oooooon!” Lyla said and dragged you into the crowd.
You sighed and followed your friend.
Seeing all these half naked girls had never made you feel more insecure, in your ripped jeans and black singlet.
At least you had bothered to put on mascara, you thought to yourself.
“(Y/n), this is Opie!” Lyla said and shoved you towards a large biker.
He smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him.
She continued to introduce you to the surrounding guys; Juice, Jax, Tig and Bobby.
“Hey I didn’t know Lyla had friends that weren’t pornstars.” Juice said.
Lyla rolled her eyes.
“How do you know she’s not a pornstar?” Bobby answered.
“I’m full of surprises.” You winked and you all laughed.
Tig watched you closely and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Lyla said and dragged you to the bar.
An hour or two had passed and you headed for the bathroom.
The night was going well so far, and different from what you had expected.
You had spent the evening sitting with Tig, Bobby Opie and Lyla and you had gotten on well, laughing and talking together.
The clubhouse was packed and you moved through the crowd, brushing shoulders with strangers.
Eventually you made it to the bathroom and you closed the door behind you.
After doing what you came to do you stared at yourself in the mirror as you washed your hands.
Suddenly the door opened behind you and Tig walked in.
He stopped when he saw you and a playful look came over him.
He was sexy, all in leather and God those eyes just did something to you. His hands were masculine and covered in rings and you wanted to know how it felt when they touched you.
He leant against the wall and watched you as you dried your hands.
“You know if you wanted to get me alone you coulda just asked.” He said.
You laughed and turned towards him.
“If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who followed me in here.”
You smirked and wiped your hands in your jeans.
“Something tells me you wanted me to follow you in here.” Tig said and stepped closer to you.
“Is that so?” You asked with a raised eye brow.
Tig reached out and locked the door before stepping towards you once more.
“Mmhmm.” He nodded. He bit his lip and looked you up and down as he closed the gap between you.
You breathed in his scent and your heart began to beat faster.
Before you could more he leant forward and kissed your lips lightly.
“But then again, maybe you’d rather be left alone.”
You didn’t even hesitate. You dropped to your knees and tugged down his jeans, not even bothering with the zipper. Tig had tight black briefs on that were thin enough to make out the shape of his hardening length.
You looked up into those blue eyes, now filled with shock and winked before kissing him through the fabric.
“Oh Jesus.” You heard Tig whisper as he threw his head black and you smirked and ran your tongue along his length, still through the fabric.
The heat from your breath and the saliva from your tongue made the fabric damp and you looked up to meet his eye as your fingered traced inside the waistband.
He stared down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth and those blue eyes sparkling with arousal.
You tugged the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to his ankles, your eyes widening slightly as you took in the full length of him.
Tigs hand reached out and he placed it gently on your cheek. You smirked up at him and moved your head closer.
You slowly licked a trail from base to the head and twirled your tongue around the tip.
Tig gasped and you wrapped your lips around him before taking more of him in your mouth.
Your head moved back and forwards along his length and with each move you took more of him in your mouth.
Tig looked down at you, your cheeks hallowed and your eyes watering as he hit the back of your throat.
But you didn’t gag, you just continued to pull him further into your mouth and Tig moaned in pleasure.
His hands wrapped into your hair, his rings tangling into the strands and he pulled it into a ponytail, guiding you up and down his cock.
You pulled back, letting him leave your mouth with a pop and you licked your lips and gently grabbed his cock with your hand.
You licked along the underside of him and kissed the tip softly.
“Good girl,” Tig moaned and you smirked and licked along his length once more.
He loomed over you, dominant and he had a wild look in his eyes.
He placed his hand under your chin and lifted it til you were looking at him.
He continued to lift, gesturing for you to stand and you obeyed.
You came to your feet and Tig was quick to press his lips against yours.
His hands grasped at your hair, taking it in handfuls and he kissed you hungrily.
You moaned into his mouth which only seemed to make him want you more.
He pulled back from you and licked his lips slowly, his eyes running over your body hungrily.
You felt the slightest pressure on your hips as he placed his fingers there, brushing the cool metal of his rings against the skin between your jeans and your top.
“Are you a good girl?” Tig asked you.
You bit your lip, feeling his fingers move lightly back and forth over your skin.
“I try to be.” You whispered and ran your hands up his chest, and grasped the leather on his shoulders.
He arched his neck and leant towards you and you felt the heat of his breath on your neck.
“I think your a bad girl,” Tig said.
You shivered as you felt his lips trace ever so slightly across the skin of your neck.
He pulled his head back slightly and smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours.
You moaned, letting your mouth open and he slid his tongue inside. The kiss was different to the one before, like you were at his mercy now, like you were his and he slid his hands around you, grabbing your ass and squeezing tightly.
He’s not shy in the way he moves his lips with yours and you taste the cigarettes and whiskey on his tongue.
His pants are still around his ankles and and you can feel his length pressing against you as he pulls you closer to him.
Suddenly he pulls back from you and you bite your lip as he pulls his body away too.
His eyes are filled with lust and he stepped back to look at you.
You lifted your shirt above your shoulders and let it fall to the ground before reaching behind you and unclipping your bra.
Tig stroked himself as you let your bra fall to the floor and his eyes burnt into your bare chest.
He steps closer to you once more, looming over you all black leather and he reaches out and grabs the back of your neck. His movement was rough but gentle enough to not hurt you and you almost whimpered at his touch.
Your fingers tangled in his black curls and you felt his hands explode your breasts.
He squeezed your breasts and took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently before massaging them once more.
He’s kissing you with such force that you stumble backwards slightly til you feel yourself hit the sink.
Tig ripped his lips away from yours and kissed down your neck, sucking hungrily at the skin and you moaned as he nipped gently, leaving a trail of bruises along your collar bone.
He lowered his mouth and sucked at your breast, making you gasp.
His hips pressed into you, his erection pressing against your abdomen and you lifted yourself up slightly so you were sitting on the edge of the counter.
You moan at the touch of his tongue licking over your hardened nipples and you wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him closer.
You grasp at his hair, tugging gently at the black curls and he digs his fingers into your hips.
Your pussy was wet for him, dampening your panties and you ground your hips, letting the fabric of your jeans run against him.
Tig growled and pulled back from your breasts.
His fingers grabbed at your jeans and he tugged them down your body. He eyed the red panties covering your pussy and he licked his lips. He moved to stand between your legs once more and you wrapped them around him and grabbed at his leather, pulling his lips to yours.
Tig ran his hand between your bodies and you feel his thumb run against your clit through the fabric.
A load moan left your lips and suddenly the hand that was on your pussy is pressed to your mouth.
“Keep it down,” He ordered.
You nodded and he lifted his hand and stroked your cheek gently.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked you and he pressed his erection against your inner thigh.
You bit your lip, fighting the moan wanting to escape you and nodded.
His hand traced your cheek and his tongue stroked your lips gently.
You wrapped your mouth around his thumb and sucked gently.
Tig growled and moved his free hand down to his pussy, leaving his thumb in your mouth.
He traced along your slit and you whimpered slightly.
He met your gaze and you stared into them as he rubbed your clit through your panties slowly.
“That feel good?” He asked you.
His finger slid beneath the fabric and between your folds, feeling your wetness and you moaned against his thumb in your mouth and nodded.
He pulled his hand away from your face and pushed your legs open wider, his eyes looking hungrily at your pussy.
Gently he lifted your panties and pushed them to the side, exposing your wetness to him.
Tig licked his lips and ran his finger through your folds once more.
You whimpered slightly as his fingers ran over your clit and back to your core and he teased you with his fingertips.
He stares at your pussy in awe before sinking to his knees before you.
His lips kissed your folds softly and you moaned as you felt his tongue slide between them.
His tongue circled your clit and you bit your lip, fighting the moans that threatened to escape you.
He licked at you hungrily and slid a finger inside you.
You could feel him moan against your clit, causing vibrations on his tongue and you couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure as he pumped his finger inside of you.
You grabbed at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips slowly back and forth, grinding yourself against his lips.
Another finger slid inside you and he pumped ten expertly, rubbing against your g spot with each move.
His tongue ran laps around your clit and heat began to build within you.
“Tiggy!” You moaned as you felt yourself reaching the edge.
Tig growled and moved his tongue faster, pumped his fingers faster and you squirmed, tugging gently at his hair.
You moaned again and suddenly you were trembling, waves of ecstasy floating over you as you come. Tig lapped at your juices, his fingers still pumping inside you and your legs shook.
He let you ride out your high, his tongue lapping up all of you and slowly he pulled back from you and licked his lips.
You were panting and he stood and kissed you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.
You met his eye and you gulped at the hunger and lust that filled his gaze. He was no where near finished with you.
He pulled you off the sink and turned you around, making you look at yourself in the mirror.
You bit your lip and looked at your reddened cheeks, your ruffled hair and your almost naked body.
Tig pressed himself against your back and massaged your breasts as he kissed your neck roughly.
You closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting him take control of you.
His cock pressed against your ass and you knew he must be desperate to come now.
His hands left your breasts and trailed down your hips and he reached between the two of you and squeezed your ass cheeks, separating them slightly. He pulled down your panties and let them fall to your ankles.
You laid your hands on the edge of the sink and leant forward slightly, letting him see more of your ass.
Tig growled and slapped your cheek hard making you gasp.
He rubbed the reddening skin before slapping it once more but this time you moaned.
You felt his hand cup your pussy and you bit your lip.
“This pussy is mine now.” He growled and you nodded.
“It’s all yours Tiggy.”
He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against your entrance, circling it slowly.
“So wet for me, baby girl.”
You moaned and arched your back, pushing your ass towards him.
Tig smirked and pushed himself into you slowly.
A low moan left your lips as his length slid inside you slowly, stretching you.
He pulls back slowly and enters you once more and you arched your back once more.
Tig grasped your hips and pushed himself further into you.
You whine as he leaves you and you hear him chuckle slightly behind you.
Suddenly he pushed into you once more, harder than before and he leaves you breathless.
Your knuckles are white as you clutch at the sink and he pounds into you relentlessly.
Moans leave your lips as he slaps against you and you can feel your juices running down your thighs.
“Your so tight for me baby,” Tig growls.
You whined and arched your back and his hand leaves your hips and he gently wraps it around your throat.
He meets your eye in the mirror and you nod, allowing him to squeeze your throat tighter as he fucks you hard.
His thrusts pound into you and he moves his free hand between your legs.
His fingers rubs circles at your clit and his cock slams into you even harder.
You moan at the double sensation and Tig squeezed your neck tighter.
“You gonna come for me babygirl?” Tig breathed in your ear.
His grip on your throats loosened and you moaned as he rubbed at your clit faster.
“Fuck! Tig!” You moaned.
He slammed into you harder.
“You gonna come all over my cock?” He growled.
He continues to slam inside of you and he rubs at you.
“I wanna feel you come on my cock baby girl.” Tig growled in your ear.
His hand moved back to your neck and squeezed gently.
You grip the hand between your legs, but he keeps rubbing and rubbing and a loud moan leaves your lips.
Your body trembles and your walls clench around him and you feel yourself become wetter.
Your still coming as he finishes fucking you and he slams into you once more before he releases himself, filling you with his heat and he bites into your shoulder with a groan.
He comes down slowly, your breaths mingling as he rests his head against your back.
Your legs are still trembling and you clutch at the sink to keep your balance.
He pulls out of you and you dress yourselves in silence.
Once you’ve pulled your shirt back on you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling, somehow still breathless.
Tig stands in front of you and he placed a hand either side of you in the wall.
You lower your gaze from the ceiling to meet his eye and you blush slightly.
His blue eyes shine as they look at you with adoration and he runs his hand over his face.
“You really are full of surprises.”

Andre Burakovsky #9

Requested by Anon: Can you please write an Andre Burakovsky imagine where your TJ oshies little sister and you and Andre take care of Layla and Leni. [Here it is! Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 816

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The box of doughnuts felt heavy on your hand. Truthfully, it’s not heavy, it’s just a normal box of a dozen doughnuts but you already know TJ would bite your head off for bringing that much sugar at nine in the morning.

You barely knocked on the door before it swung open, revealing the two smiling heads of TJ and Lauren.

Your boyfriend, who’s been silent up until this point, chuckled, “wow, you’re not wasting time guys.”

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Fic: Room in your Heart for More Ch. 6

Hi all! I am simply blown away by all the great comments this story has been getting. They made me smile so much.

Sorry for the unexpected angst at the end of the last chapter. I PROMISE this story will end with so much fluff that your teeth will rot. We just have to get there first. Hang in there, gang. :) Here’s the new chapter - you can read it on Ao3 or below. Let me know what you think! 

Chapter 6 - Where is Felicity?

Oliver paced the narrow hallway of his home, clenching his fists. It had been several hours since he had reported Felicity missing to Detective Lance, and there was still no news. They had found her car abandoned about a mile from the courthouse – but no other leads since then.

William and Lizzie were in the kitchen eating dinner. Donna had come over too, saying that they needed to stick together as a family right now. Although she kept up her chipper attitude around the kids, Oliver could see the worry in her eyes. The two of them were taking turns spending time with the kids while the other one went in another room to freak out. The system had worked out well.

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The Edge of Seventeen tag
by @lovelyyysims

original poster + rules here
My founder Lyla Sumner as a teen! I haven’t made any posts on my blog about my legacy other than showing her off. So when i was tagged by @montysims i thought hey! why not use Lyla.
Lyla at 17 was a goodhearted sim who was and still is very clumsy. She wasn’t much of a girly girl but she did love to get dressed up when she wasn’t out hiking, camping, and causing mischief with her friends. Lyla was always a free spirit, she never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do anything. She loves interacting with people and always wants to help in anyway she can, that’s why she decided when she grew up she wanted to be a Politician.
At prom Lyla didn’t have a date not because no one wanted to go with her but she would have rather went with her friends then worry about if a guy was going to stand her up or step on her feet while dancing. As for prom queen, she didn’t win but one of her best friends did and rather than be jealous like most other girls at prom. She celebrated her friends victory with her and showered her with love and support.

I tag @madeyesims @edgypandasimmer @midnightberry + whoever else wants to do this!

Happy's Personal Pornstar *SMUT*

Request: Can i request a happy lowman smut imagine please? Where he has feelings for a gorgeous blonde who is a pornstar at diosa and feels the same way for him. She is covered in tattoo’s. And it starts at a clubhouse party and end up having kinky rough sex in his dorm?

You had just wrapped a scene for RedWoody Productions, so you put on your robe, and sat down on the couch. You sighed as you watched a few sons come in through the back entrance. You saw Happy and you tried to act normal. You walked back into the dressing rooms and you got dressed in what you had come in. You put on your skinny jeans and your tanktop, then slipped on your black heels that displayed your red painted toenails. You walked out of the dressing room and walked up to Lyla.

“Hey I got a doctors appointment, is it okay if I take off?"  You asked her nervously.

"Sure thing, hey there is a party at the SAMCRO clubhouse tonight, you should go.”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Okay see you later, y/n”

“See you Lyla!” You called out as you left the building.


Y/n, looked to sexy today, I really hope she goes to the SAMCRO Party tonight.

“Hey brotha, you alright?” Jax tapped Happy on the shoulder.

“Ye.” I said and nodded. I walked outside and leaned against my bike, watching y/n take off in her Chevrolet Camaro.

You didn’t know if you wanted to show up to the SAMCRO party tonight. You had a semi-obsessive crush on Happy, and you tried to not let him notice. You had pulled into the doctors office, contemplating if you should go or not.

After the doctors office, you wanted to get your right arm sleeve completed. You drove to your favorite tattoo shop and went inside. You looked through the book on the counter, you had decided on a tattoo that went around your wrist.


Y/n still wasn’t here and it was 10pm. I had seen several other girls from diosa there. I had wanted to fuck y/n brains out ever since I had seen her. She seems a little skittish of me. I should take to her if she shows up.

Your tattoo was done by 11pm. You knew that the SAMCRO party was still poppin’ so you had decided to drop by. You drove to the clubhouse and parked in the parking spot closest to the gate. You got out and walked into the clubhouse.

You walked directly to the bar and saw Happy sitting on a couch in the back, looking at you. You took at beer and you opened it, as soon as you were going to get a swig, Happy came and took the open seat next to you.

“Hey.” He said in a gruff voice. You looked over at him, not saying anything, just staring at his beautiful features.

“Fuck it.” You mumbled.

“huh?” Happy said before he realized what you were doing. You stood up in front of him and grabbed both sides of his face and kissed him. He put down his beer and he rested his large hands on your ass.

You pulled away and looked at him.

“Follow me girl.” He said with a smirk. You nodded and you had followed him into his dorm.

Once both of you got into his dorm, you closed the door behind you, but before you had noticed he had you pinned on the door. You smiled and rose your eyebrows.

“That all you got?” You asked, daring him to go further. He kissed you roughly, and still held you against the door.

He had took one hand off of you and he started to take off his belt. He pulled away from you and he took your arms above your head and tightened his belt around your wrists. 

You grinned, and he ripped open your tank top, revealing a lacy black bra. He looked at you and he grabbed you by the hips and made you lay on the bed. You had your arms tied above your head, when your felt him hook the belt onto something, making it to where you could escape. You had smiled to yourself and he started to take your heels off. You watched him take off your clothing. He stripped you to your bra and panties, and looked over your body. He bit his lip and he felt a sudden urge come over him.

He stood at the edge of the bed and took off his shirt, and jeans. You watched him strip and you bit your lip while watching him. He grabbed something from the drawers behind him and he turned around to you, and tied a bandana over your eyes.

All you could feel was his breath trailing down your body. You also felt his rough hands rub along your curves. You bit your lip when you felt him kiss at the top of your panties. You then felt him spread your legs, pulling your panties to the side. You tensed up at his action, and you felt his breath on your wet pussy. You gasped as you felt his tongue flick across your folds. Happy smiled and watched you. He kept licking between your folds, then he entered one of his fingers inside of your wet pussy.

You moaned as you felt his finger slide in and out of you slowly. Just as you were almost going to cum, Happy stopped. 

You felt him jerk your panties off of your legs. He then flipped you over and grabbed your hips and put you on your knees while your hands were still tied up. You felt him shift closer to you, rubbing his tip along your slit. You moaned and had arched your back.

He had grabbed you by the hips and he pounded into you. At first, he had thrusted slowly.

“Please Happy, faster.” You said as you moaned. He has followed your order and he tightened his grip on your hips and he had thrusted faster into your pussy. You moaned loudly and the headboard started to hit the wall. You had arched your back, and happy had closed his eyes and tilted his head back, and he thrusted into you as hard and fast as he could.

You felt sweat started to form on your forehead as you moaned to Happy’s rhythmic pounding. You were close to climaxing when you felt Happy pull out of you. You were suddenly flipped over and you were on your back. He took off the blindfold and he brought your legs up, as close to your face as they could go. HE then entered you fast and hard, going at the same speed he was before. You get seen stars, and you were silent and your eyes had closed really hard as you came. He felt you pulse around him and he had come so close. 

He still hadn’t finished by the time the end of your climax, He had untied your wrists and you looked at him with a devilish smile. He laid back on the bed, and you took his tip into your mouth. He moaned, as he felt your warm mouth around his hard cock. You took him all into your mouth, sucking so hard that your cheeks had hollowed around his cock. He moaned as he released, into your mouth. You had swallowed his juices and you stood up and started to look for your panties.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Happy asked, wiping the sweat off of his forehead.  

“Uh, to go get a beer.” You shrugged as you continued to look for your panties.

“No, you’re not. I’m not done with you, get back over here.” He said with authority that made you wet once again.

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Imagine being friends with Lyla and her helping hook you up with Jax.

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(Just because I freaking love Lyla.)

“Hey guys, it’s time to eat.” Lyla said as she came into the room Jax was sitting in chilling with Opie and a few of the other guys.

“Thanks babe.” Opie told her with a grin. A few minutes later they joined everyone in the dining room. That’s when Jax saw you. He hated cliches, but in that moment he knew he wanted you and just had to have you. The next day when Opie went to stop by the studio Jax came with him.

“Hey boys what are you up to?” Lyla asked when she saw them.

“Just wanted to come check in. That and Jax wanted to ask about that friend of yours that was over last night.” Opie told her with a kiss.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but you weren’t exactly subtle. Plus I asked her to come because you thought you two would be good together.” She chuckled. “Which means, I’m way a head of you. By the way she thought you were hot.” She added as she handed Jax of slip of paper with your name and number written on it.

“Thank you. You’re an angel.” Jax told her as he kissed her head.

“Yeah yeah. Just be good to you or you answer to me.” She told him.

“Yes ma’am.” He laughed.


“Heard your old lady’s gonna get to go home tomorrow,” Opie nodded over to Kozik from on top of his bike.

“Yeah,” Kozik smiled, pulling on his gloves, “you and the family are coming to the thing at the house right?”

“We’ll be there, Gemma would snatch off my beard if we don’t show.”

They both laughed.

“Yeah,” Kozik sighed, “she probably would.”

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Happy Strong Smut, NSFW

“Imagine being Happy’s old lady and both of you are at a clubhouse party on a Friday night after a long week of work and Happy sees a prospect from another charter flirting with you and he takes out his frustration on you in the bathroom. Make it long?" 

Thanks for the request, doll♥

"Clubhouse party tonight, be there or be square lol.” You giggled as you read Juice’s text. This was a definate need, a night out after this weeks work, your boss has been making your life a living hell lately, ‘only a few more months’ you thought to yourself. You just needed enough for the house you’ve been eyeing.
You’ve been dating Happy for about a year and a half now, he’s given you his crow and both of you have been completely in love. Of course, there are the fights but those blow over after both of your stubborn asses given up. He’s the only one who knows how to calm you down and the same with him, you’re the only one whos gotten him to give a man a second chance at life rather than ending up being a new smile on his stomach. You’re his old lady, and he’s your old man.
“Y/N!” Happy yelled from the front door, “yeah, Hap?” you called from the bathroom while you finish straightening your hair,
“you almost done? It starts in 20.”
“Yeah, babe, let me change.” You said as you coiled up the cord and headed into your room.
It’s getting colder outside so you decided to wear a dark red form fitting knit dress with some black tights, a black denim jacket and some black 4 inch ankle boots. You finished up with some mascara and lip gloss, and grabbed your phone.
“Ready, old man!” You walked down the hall to see your old man sitting on the couch.
“God damn, my favorite dress. You look beautiful, little girl.” he said while getting up. He hugged you tightly while grabbing your ass, “Happy! Wait till tonight.” You winked, “Time better fly.”
You both walked outside and Hap handed you your helmet, then rode off to TM.
~~~~~20 MINUTES LATER~~~~~
You could hear the music from two blocks away, when you and Happy pulled up on his bike, there were croweaters everywhere, of course. Then you looked towards the center and you saw the rest of the guys along with their Old Ladies and some prospects. Every one was either drunk, high, or both.
Happy had his arm around your waist as you both walked into the clubhouse.
“Hap!” Juice yelled with a beer in his hand, he was surrounded by the rest of the guys.
“What’s up, brothers!” Happy went with you to greet them.
“Hey, lass” Chibs hugged you, “Hey, doll face.” Tig also said, you gave them all hugs and greeted each one of them.
You found Gemma and Lyla next to the pool table and you made your way over there.
“Hey, baby” Gemma hugged you, “Hey Gem, hi, Lyla.” “Hi, Y/N” she said while giving you a warm hug.
“Having a good time?” you asked, “yeah, I’m just keeping an eye on Clay, there’s god damn croweaters everywhere tonight.” Gemma said while winking at Clay. After Gemma caught Clay with another croweater a few months ago, she’s been watching him like a hawk, not letting him out of her sight while she’s near him.
“Opie’s been getting jealous tonight, he’s scared off a few prospects and random assholes.” Layla said while taking a sip of her beer. Opie’s height alone would intimidate anyone, shoot.
As the night has progressed, you went over to the bar to talk to Juice’s drunken self for awhile until Chibs had to take him to his dorm because he was starting to get sick. “Chucky, could I get some orange juice and vodka?” You were feeling a bit lonely because Happy was spending time with his brothers, but it’s good for him to let loose, he’s always on guard because-well, he has to be.
“Here you go, Y/N” Chucky handed you a small glass of your order.
You smiled as you watched Happy playing pool, you were also keeping an eye out for crow eaters, in the past you’ve had to side bust a few of those bitches cause they tried something with you old man.
You sat alone watching everyone have a good time. You were also having a good time, but you were wishing Hap was with you.
“Hey, gorgeous.” an unfamiliar voice said, you turned your head to see some young blonde man say to you, he was trying to hit on you.
“I’m not a croweater.” you snapped and took a sip. “Don’t be like that, I just wanted to talk. I’ve been watching you all night and I gotta tell you, you look sexy as hell in that red of yours.” he was drunk, and didn’t have a clue who your old man was, “You know Hap? That’s my old man, so you better back off, kid.” You warned him, but he still wasn’t getting the message, “I don’t give a fuck who he is, fuck Happy,” he grabbed your arm, “come on, baby girl.”
“Uh oh, someone is about to fuck up big time.” Tig said, “Oh, shite, Hap.” Chibs said, he knew what was about to go down.
“Here we go” Clay said as he took a sip of his beer, Jax laughed.
I finally looked over and saw what was happening.
The prospect wouldn’t let go, even after you tried to rip your arm out of his grip. “Don’t make me hurt you!” he threatened. You threw your drink all over his face, “get the fu-” you were cut off by Happy grabbing the prospect by his throat and slamming his head onto the bar counter.
Everyone was watching at this point, Clay was making sure Happy didn’t kill the poor kid.
“Do you know who the fuck you’re fucking with, kid?!” Happy slammed his face into the bar again, “that’s my woman,” slam, “do you wanna know what the fuck these smiles are?!” Hap shouted as he lifted his shirt to show the faces, “I’ll put you six feet under!” Another slam.
The kids face was bleeding profusing, already swollen.
“Come on, man I didn’t know! She came onto me!” The prospect cried. You didn’t know what to do at this point, you were angry, you wanted to see him die, but you couldn’t allow it, the kid was drunk and isn’t from here.
“Happy, stop! He’s drunk, he learned his lesson, baby please don’t kill him!” you cupped Happy’s face, “I’m okay! Baby, I’m fine.” Happy was still furious, he wanted to gut the kid. You placed your hand on Hap’s arm that he had on the prospects throat. “Baby, let go, please. I’m okay, I love you.” You kissed him.
Finally, after that, he let the prospect go, “you ever step foot on this property again, I will fucking skull fuck you, you got it. Get the fuck out of here.” Hap threw the kid on the floor, and the prospects friends helped him out of the club house.
“Where did he touch you, are you okay?” Hap was angry, but he wanted to make sure you’re okay.
“Yes, Happy, I’m fine I promise. Thank you, baby.” He kissed you with so much force, you were turned on so bad.
“Come on, little girl.” The guys cheered as he lead you down the hall way.
He brought you to the bathroom, and shut the door behind you.
“Hap wha-” he cut you off by slamming you against the wall and kissing you with a much stronger force than before.
“You’re mine, no one elses, I don’t wanna ever fucking see any other man touch you or talk to you like that.” He pinned your hands above you and was groping your breasts.
By now you were breathing deep and heavy, “Hap, oh god. Everyone’s out there.” “I don’t care.” He said as he pressed his hips against yours, Hap released your hands and squeezed your ass and slapped it so hard that’ll probably leave a hand print.
You were rubbing his jeans over his member and he let out a groan, “Fuck, Y/N.” You knelt down and undid his button and zipper, he was rock hard, you grabbed his member and planted a kiss on the tip, and then licked it from base to tip, “god damn, little girl.” he said breathing heavy, finally you put the tip in your mouth with your your hand stroking the rest. You twirled your tongue around the head while your hand rubbed up and down, and he finally took a chunk of your hair and pressed your head down to where you ended up deepthroating him for about two minutes.
“Stand up,” Hap said while letting go of your hair, you did as he said and he picked you up and wrapped your legs around his waist while he lifted your dress and pulled your tights and panties down. He sat you down on the counter sink and spread open your knees with his knees while he still was kissing you, he knelt down and spread your legs open some more and licked your lips from bottom to top, you let out a moan, “oh fuck, Happy.” You leaned your head back, he was eating you out viciously, he inserted one then two fingers hitting your g-spot perfectly while licking your clit, you felt so much ecstasy, your stomach started to tighten and you could feel yourself getting ready to explode with the biggest orgasm, “Hap, I’m gonna come, oh my god.” you tried to move his head away, but he grabbed your hands and placed them under your thighs, and held your thighs open. He was looking at you dead in the face, watching his woman have the best orgasm. “Oh my god, fuck, Happy!” you felt your muscles contract with so much force, you moaned at the top of your lungs, and couldn’t stop breathing so deep.
He stopped, and got up to position himself in between your legs, he grabbed the back of your knees and pulled you closer. Happy teased you while he rubbed his member over your lips, “who do you belong to?” He nipped your neck, “You, baby.” you moaned, “Say who you belong to.” he squeezed your breasts and sucked on your right nipple, “oh god, you Happy, I belong to you and only to you,” you couldn’t take it anymore, you wanted him-no, you needed him, “oh fuck me, Hap. Hard.” You kissed him, and wrapped your arms around his neck, you kissed his left ear and moaned into it.
“You got it.” he said as he shoved himself into you, you moaned loudly again. You were passing back grunts and moans, he gripped your hips so hard that he left little bruises along your sides but you didn’t give a damn. All you cared about in this moment was this euphoric feeling.
“Oh god, baby, faster.” you requested, and he did as you said, he quickened up his pace and his thrusts were getting sloppy, he was getting close and so were you.
“Fuck, Y/N, I love you.” he grunted as he kept thrusting. He picked you up and turned you over so now your back was to him and you were both now facing the mirror.
You could see his face while he fucked you and it turned you on even more. He slapped your ass and thrusted into you a few more times, “Oh god, baby I’m gonna cum.” he grunted again, “cum, baby.” you moaned, so he pulled out and came on your ass, then he turned you around and kissed you so passionate and slow.
“You belong to me, and I belong to you, little girl. I love you so much.” he hugged you and squeezed you.
“I love you too, old man.” you kissed him.
I know this was super long, I kinda got into it lol. But thanks for reading♥!
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“I waited for a thousand years for you to come and blow me out my mind”

Play With Fire || Ben & Lyla

-Ben gets to school on the Monday after the party, going to his first class and he has a smirk on his face as he walks in and sits in his seat behind Lyla- Hey, nerd.

sailorchibimoonunicorn  asked:

Olicity babysits Sara 😍😍😍 I know you have a lot of requests already so don't feel any pressure i adore you so I can vamp up the Patience lol.

Felicity took a deep, calming breath before knocking. She only tapped on the door once before it swung open and Lyla sighed in relief, immediately handing her a diaper bag and turning away to rush around the living room. Felicity stepped inside and shut the door, glancing down at Sara who sat on the floor surrounded by toys. "Hi baby girl,“ Felicity knelt down, “Are you ready to spend a whole day with your Aunt Felicity!?”

Sara squealed, reaching up to her. Felicity laughed and picked her up, spinning around to watch Lyla. “There it is!” Lyla yelled, pulling her heel out from under the couch and slipping it on her foot. “Felicity, I’m so sorry to just drop this on you. John’s out recruiting for the team and Waller demanded my assistance.” She said, rolling her eyes on the word demanded.

“What’s going on?” Felicity asked, pressing her cheek against Sara’s. “I thought you two were done with A.R.G.U.S. and the Suicide Squad.”

Lyla groaned, “Please don’t call it that. It just reminds me of that night with Deadshot.” She shuttered, “Anyway, we quit the field. But Waller put us in charge of the team; which means recruiting, meetings, and training.” She sighed, “I have to admit though; I like it. I get to be the same soldier that I’ve always been. Now we just don’t have to worry about Sara losing her parents.”

Felicity nodded, “She’s lucky to have both of you.” Felicity pursed her lips, “Can I just ask, does John know…about today?”

Lyla shook her head, “No. He’s unreachable at the moment. But I trust you, Felicity, and I trust Oliver.”

Felicity smiled, “She’s in good hands.”

Lyla smiled back, “Thank you for doing this. All right, she’s got diapers, extra clothes, first-aid supplies, and her blanket in the bag.” Sara lifted another, bigger tote bag, “And here are her toys. I just packed her favorites. She should be fine. I don’t know exactly how long this will take, but I’ll probably be by the loft around 9:00 to pick her up? I put some pajamas in the diaper bag if she crashes, which I’m sure she will; that kid can fall asleep anywhere.”

After taking Sara’s car seat from Lyla’s car and putting it in Felicity’s, Lyla strapped her in and kissed her daughter, “I love you, sweet girl. Mommy will see you later.”

“Mama!” Sara called, waving her arms excitedly.

As Felicity drove away, she clutched her knuckles over the steering wheel and sighed, “Okay,” she said to herself, “This is going to be fine. John will understand, right?”

Sara began babbling in the backseat, and Felicity glanced at her through the mirror, nodding and agreeing with her as she spoke incoherently.

She waited until Sara was through before continuing, “Oliver, though…don’t get me wrong, baby, he’s going to be so happy to see you. But he’ll be worried about Dig and-”

Sara cut her off, babbling loudly in her own language and Felicity couldn’t help but smile. None of the things she said were words, but it was like she understood her and was telling her that it’d be fine, don’t worry about it too much, those things will work themselves out.

Since it was such a beautiful day, Felicity took Sara to the park. She was only a year old, so every slide and swing that she ran towards, she needed Felicity’s help. But she ran there on her own. She fell nearly every time that she did, and Felicity was running to catch up to her. By the time she reached her, Sara would already be back on her feet and moving.

After the park came ice cream, and then a walk with Sara in the stroller. Sara was so easy all day long, only having one mini meltdown when she finished all of her ice cream and held her cup up to her with a sweet little, “Moe?” And Felicity said no. She knew that she was probably already going to be in trouble for feeding her ice cream, and she wasn’t about to make it worse. That upset Sara, but she forgot about it quickly and was back to being the happiest kid on earth.

The happiest kid on earth really knew how to eat. Felicity had her back at the loft by 3:00, and she snacked on everything she could find before Felicity finally decided it was time to give her dinner. She ordered food though, not willing to subject Sara to her cooking. After Sara finished all of her food, Felicity gave her a bath, washing off all of the dirt, melted ice cream, and sweat from the poor child. “Felicity?”

She heard Oliver come in, and she looked down at Sara, who froze, her wide eyes looking up to meet hers. “Uh-oh, Sara,” Felicity said, feigning surprise, “Guess who’s home.”

“Felicity, what are you-” Oliver stopped in the doorway, a smile spreading across his face, “Well look who’s here. Sara Diggle, how did you get in here?”

Sara squealed at the sight of Oliver, kicking her legs and arms and splashing water all over Felicity. “Tub!” She hollered.

Oliver came and sat down next to Felicity, offering a hand to Sara that she took immediately and inspected. I see that,“ he chuckled, smiling down at her before turning to Felicity. "Hi,” he said, leaning over to kiss her.

“Hi,” she smiled, “How was your day?”

“It was good,” he sighed, looking back down at Sara, “Have you had this cutie all day?”

“Yeah, Waller needed Lyla.” Felicity watched as the look in Oliver’s eyes went from happiness to shame at the mention of Lyla. “Hey,” Felicity said, “She forgives you.” Oliver cocked his head to the side, but didn’t take his eyes away from Sara. Felicity dried her hands on a towel before reaching for him, running her hand down his back and pressing her forehead to his temple. “You have to forgive yourself, too.”

“Why? Dig doesn’t.”

Felicity kissed his cheek, “He’ll get there, Oliver. Just give him some more time.”

“He doesn’t trust me, Felicity.” Oliver said sadly, leaning his face against Felicity’s. “What do you think he’s going to say about this?” Oliver asked, watching Sara squeeze a rubber whale, shock on her face when water came out of the hole in the toy.

Felicity bit her lip, knowing that what she thought and what he needed to hear were not the same thing. “I think he’s going to understand that Lyla didn’t have a choice.” She said cautiously, “And I think he’s going to realize how much we love Sara; how much you love Sara.” She sighed, reaching down to the baby and pulling her out of the water. Oliver grabbed a towel and held it open, wrapping Sara up in it when Felicity placed her in his arms.

Sara stared up at him, reaching her hand up to touch his face and giggle. Oliver beamed back down at her, he chuckled, “I feel like she’s telling me not to worry.” he laughed.

Felicity snorted, “Yeah, you should’ve heard her calm me down in the car this morning. That child is magic.”

Oliver looked up at Felicity, “Calm you down?”

“I may have been a little nervous.”

Oliver laughed as Sara began babbling as if she was telling Oliver all about it. After getting her in her pajamas, they set up her toys on the living room floor. Felicity laid across the couch surrounded by blocks that Sara kept handing her while Oliver sat on the floor below her, his back against the couch.

Felicity ran her fingers through his hair absently, and Oliver tipped his head back, looking at her from an upside down angle. She smiled down at him as Sara picked up her toy purse and headed to the window like she had very important places to be. “This is nice…” he said, turning around to face her.

Felicity raised an eyebrow, “Yeah. It is.”

“I think we’ll make pretty good parents someday.” He said halfheartedly, shrugging. But Felicity could hear the emotion in his voice, and she wondered how much thought he’d put into that idea.

“I don’t know if I could handle having a little you running around.” She poked him.

Oliver laughed breathily before he glanced over at Sara, imagining what it would be like to have a daughter running around who spoke as fast as Felicity. "I would love to have a little you, though.“

Sara picked up another block and handed it to Felicity. "Oh, thank you!” Felicity said, placing the block with the rest of her stash.

She glanced back at Oliver, who smiled up at her, “And our son would be nothing like me.”

Felicity watched him, her heart faltering a little at his use of the words our son. She rolled her eyes, “It wouldn’t be the worst thing.” She smirked, nodding her head at Sara. Oliver picked his head up to look at the baby, who was playing with his shoelaces. He laughed, picking her up and pulling her to his chest. Sara immediately calmed, resting her arms over his and resting her head against his chest.

Felicity shifted, sitting up and opening her blanket up to them, she patted the seat beside her. Oliver stood up carefully, taking a seat on the couch beside Felicity, Sara still sprawled across his chest. Felicity shared her blanket, wrapping it up and over Sara before rubbing her back. Oliver stared down at her, “How did you get so good at this?”

Felicity shrugged, resting her head on his shoulder and curling her legs up, rubbing slow circles over Sara’s back. Sara turned her head so that she was facing Felicity, her eyes fighting to stay open. Felicity cuddled her head deeper into Oliver’s shoulder, her eyes on Sara’s.

And then she began to sing. And Oliver couldn’t help but stare at her in awe, surprised by how beautiful her voice was. After the conversation that they’d just had, Oliver couldn’t help but see Felicity singing to their daughter like that. By the second verse of Billie Holiday’s I’ll be Seeing You, Sara’s eyes were closed. Felicity continued to sing to the baby, unaware that Oliver was staring down at her and falling even more in love.

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Jax had things to do in the morning, but he’d told Lyla that he’d stop by Diosa in the afternoon, and they could head up to Stockton. So far, the deal with Colette seemed like it might go okay. The DA had already put all over the news that the gun was an illegal gun and that they had their suspicions, but he’d just rolled his eyes.  

He pulled up at Diosa and noticed Nero go back into his office, and his mom said Nero had just been to confession. He then spotted Lyla.  “Hey, you about ready?” 

Fruit for the Crows


Jax had a million and one things on his mind. They were at a meeting with the Mayans, talking about drug distribution when Jax got the call.  He told the guys they needed to go and that’s when it happened, and both them and the Mayans were ambushed by a rival cartel. When it had all settled, he’d been hit by the ricochet but wasn’t injured, just a little cut and Alvarez had been shot.  He knew that they had to get Alvarez to the clubhouse, so he told Tig to get to Lyla, while he did this.  He knew Tig would get Opie and Rat to go stand guard duty, until he got there.

After chasing the guy and chasing him, they finally got it under control. This was going to be a long day. He could already feel it. 

Finally getting to his house, he took a deep breath, and walked in to Dani and Abel both crying and he went looking for Lyla. “Hey, you okay?” 

Redemption & Forgiveness (my first fic)

Ok so this is my first time writing a fic. It might be my only time (im more of a reader than a writer), unless I get a spark of inspiration like I did for this prompt. This prompt got asked by an anon to someone on here a couple of months ago (yeah I have been siting on this for that long, nerves, ya know), sorry I can’t remember who and I deleted the screen shot of the prompt. But to that person thank you because I really liked writing this. But anyway the prompt was how a team arrow dinner would go once Oliver and Felicity returned from their time away, one where Oliver and Diggle begin to reconcile. Ok so here we go. I’m my own editor, so sorry for any grammar mistakes. It kinda long. And sinceriously Thanks for being amazing.

I am tagging phoenixred27 because I asked her before hand to give this a read. Thanks again 

I am also tagging yespleasehawkeye itchiygo outoftheclosetshipper and supersillyanddorky06 to ask what they think about it. 

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