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|Daryl Dixon imagine|

“Mornin’ Y/N.” Rick said as I walked past him, I smiled at him and greeted him a ‘good morning’. I was heading to Hershel’s house to see if Lori needed any help with breakfast. As I approached the door I felt a pair of strong arms wrap round my waist and pull me back. “Mornin’ babe.” A husky voice whispered in my ear. Daryl. 

He kissed my neck and turned me round to face him. “Well good mornin’ Daryl.” I smiled kissing his lips, I felt him smirk into the kiss. “Right now let me go I have to help Lori with breakfast.” I said pretending to be annoyed and pushed him away, Daryl chuckled and headed over to his tent; winking at me on the way. I entered Hershel’s house and said 'hello’ to Maggie and Beth. “Hey Lori do you need any help with breakfast?” I asked. Lori shook her head no. “Shane has been looking for you by the way Y/N. He said meet him at the target practice in the woods.” She said. 

I knotted my eyebrows in confusion, Shane and I have never gotten along, he creeps me out so much because he always just stares at me with something in his eyes but I don’t know what. Daryl had told me to stay well away from Shane because he didn’t trust him at all. I ended up nodding at Lori and walking out towards the woods. 

“Shane?” I said as I saw him practicing shooting. He turned around and nodded at me. “Thought you could get some practice in.” He said bluntly handing me the gun and looking me up and down. I ignored him and then began aiming until Shane put his hand on my arm from behind me making me shiver. “Hold your arm up higher and spread your legs more.” He said kicking my legs more apart. I began getting more nervous by his present. 

He moved both of his arms in front of me, helping me get in the right shooting position. I felt his breath on my neck which made me feel sick. “Nervous girl?” Shane chuckled sickly. I stood up tall and confident, aimed the gun and shot it; hitting the bullet right on the mark. “No.” I replied bluntly dropping the gun on the floor. 

Shane roughly grabbed my wrists and shoved me hard against the tree. A disgusting smirk plastered across his face. 

“You better get the fuck off me before I scream.” I threatened trying to fight him off me, he placed his big hand round my mouth stopping me from talking, I tried kicking him but he grabbed my neck and shoved me on the floor then sat on top of me. “And if you scream princess i’ll destroy tha’ pretty mouth of yours.” He whispered in my ear. Shane began kissing my cheek all the way to my chest. His hand travelling up my top and latching onto my breast. 

I wriggled in an attempt to escape from his grip but he ended up slapping me hard across the face which I was sure would leave a bruise. “I fuckin’ told you girl.” He shouted. Shane started to undo his belt and my heart started pumping faster and faster. “Trust me, I bet i’ll fuck you better than your old boy Dixon.” He laughed making me cringe. Tears filled my eyes and endlessly spilled over. 

“Come on. Don’t cr—” He began but was cut off when a massive fist came colliding to his face. Shane went straight off me and onto the floor, I was quickly pulled up by Rick and Glenn as I saw Daryl beating the shit out of Shane. “Fuckin’ sick fuckin’ bastard! I’m gonna kill your fuckin’ ass for touchin’ ma girl!” Daryl shouted, I had never seen him so angry before in the past year I’ve known him and I presumed nor had Rick or Glenn as they were both shocked at his rage. Daryl continued to beat Shane but Rick decided to step in between them and hold Daryl back. 

“No you let me fuckin’ kill him Rick! He touched Y/N and I ain’t gonna let this fuckin’ asshole get away with it!” Daryl howled, his whole face red with pure anger pulsing through it and his fists in tight white knuckles. I put my hand over my mouth and began crying, Glenn hugged me and reassured everything was going to be okay. “Daryl stop! I will sort Shane out, you go to Y/N cos she needs you!” Rick shouted as he lead a blood faced Shane away. 

Daryl looked over at me and came rushing over as he engulfed me in a tight and embraceable hug. “I told you ta’ stay away from him Y/N.” Daryl whispered in my ear as he kissed my forehead. I felt a wet drop on my forehead, 'Was Daryl crying?’ I thought to myself. I looked up into his eyes to see they were tear filled, my own eyes filled with tears as I kissed his lips. “I’m so sorry, Daryl. It’s my faul-” I began. “No no Y/N don’t you dare say it was your fault baby. Shane is a sick fuckin’ man and he will pay for wha’ he was gonna do to you babe, I promise.” Daryl said, his voice on the edge of anger as he stroked my bruise cheek from Shane’s slap earlier. Daryl let out a low growl. 

I wrapped my arms tightly around Daryl’s neck again and hugged him like my life depended on it, his strong arms wrapping round my waist. “I ain’t lettin’ you outta my sight now. I love you baby girl.” Daryl whispered and kissed my neck. “I love you..” I said back. 

so like, I’ve thought about this a lot, and I havent seen anyone say anything about this

i want Lori and Bobby to have a nice and happy relationship, but i also want Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to have a happy relationship

and for those of you who are against incest ships im sorry but technically you shouldnt ship both Babe and Bobby BooBoo Bear and Roncoln

because say Lori and Bobby get married, okay? that would technically make Lincoln and Ronnie Anne siblings through marriage, and therefore be unable to date. now, I know, none of these characters relationship futures are set in stone, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne might end up as best friends starting in middle school

but hey, maybe, Lori and Bobby dont work out in the end, and Lincoln and Ronnie manage to hold a relationship through both middle and high school. if they get married in the future, I just end up feeling bad about how awkward things would be between Bobby and Lori

all im saying, canonically, they both cant happen. and the fact nobody else has mentioned this is rather surprising. i know what you people do (sorry to say this and be creepy but i sort of loom over this fandom like a fucking reaper im sorry)

but yeah, im just putting that out there. i adore both ships but i know they both cant survive


Magical Astronomy   (Greenwich in the Sky)

—English fanlyrics—


Maribel: asa-turney

Renko: lori-hime


Hey hey, so what’s all the buzz about?  Hey hey, have you heard the news?

Somewhere, they’re clearing a path into thin air…  There’s no time to lose!

I’d say, we’re up for a tour then!  You say, it’s happening soon?

Right now! So, what are we waiting for?  Get set, let's head for the moon!


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so it’s the third day of classes of this year, right. my new physics teacher walks in and goes “hello everyone, i’m carol”

my friend grabs my arm, “hey lori loRI LORI LOOK AT HER SHIRT it’s a HARRY POTTER SHIRT”

my teacher’s wearing a marauders’ map shirt. naturally me and my friend start going OH MY GOD WHAT HOUSE ARE YOU IN WHO’S YOUR FAVE and my friend, who’s a big dramione shipper, starts gushing over draco.

my teacher goes “i’m not that big of a draco fan, actually. i think he was a bit cowardly at times. you know who’s really fucking brave and underappreciated? neville longbottom!!! NEVILLE!!!!”

and that, my friends, is the short story of how i fell in love with my new physics teacher