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You settled into the living room sofa absentmindedly scanning through tv channels with Lori in your lap. It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon and you were waiting for Christian to wake up. Both of you were out last night with the gang and got pretty drunk. You wanted to ask him out for a late lunch.

Thirty minutes later he walks out of the bedroom with a messy set of hair accompanied with a puffy face.

“Good morning, dad!” you greet him using Lori as a puppet, lifting her up in the air.

Christian looked at you for a couple of seconds before getting a grunt as a reply.

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Richonne Moving Forward: Rick to Lori

Hey Lori…

God, how long has it been…

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Carl and Judith are great… they’re growing, they’re changing, they’re surviving… Carl’s a man now, making good and bad decisions just like me… Judith is getting so big and Maggie swears she looks more like you… I’ve always seen you in her…

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Lori… I’m slowly starting to put it back together…. We’ve lost Glenn, Beth, Hershel, Andrea… Maggie’s pregnant… she and Glenn finally got married. Our home, isn’t our home anymore… we’re fighting. We’re always fighting.

So… there’s something else…

I’ve fallen in love again…

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I didn’t think it was possible. After you, I just thought, well, I didn’t think initially, but just when I had met our daughter, I met someone else as well…

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Michonne. Her name is Michonne.

Lori, I know in the end it was bad for us, but I always wanted what was best for you and I know in the end, with your sacrifice, you wanted what was best for Carl, for Judith…

God, her name is Judith…

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Michonne is a wonderful mother… while she will never replace you, she had taken up that mantel and I love…

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Lori, I’m in love with Michonne… I’m sitting here, watching her sleep and as bad as things have gotten, as much as we’ve lost, I’m hopeful.

This new world and this beautiful, intelligent, brave woman has granted me the opportunity to be the man I never could be…

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I love you, Lori, and I miss you. I’m thankful for the life we had. For the child we shared and for the child you sacrificed yourself for. Please know that they are in good hands.

I’ll see you eventually, my dear, but until then, rest well…

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Jealous Brett

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(Y/N) and Liam are best friends, they have been since before he attended Devenford Prep. Liam introduced (Y/N) to Brett, and this month marks their 2 year anniversary. Brett hates to admit it but sometimes Liam and (Y/N)’s friendship doesn’t sit well with him.

Sorry this is kinda rubbish

The crowds cheered as Beacon Hills scored the winning goal, mere moments before the whistle for endgame sounded. (Y/N) ran onto the field, launching herself at Brett, who was wearing his new burgundy Beacon Hills player’s strip. What was originally a hug turned into a sweet yet passionate kiss. When (Y/N) pulled away she smiled brightly at her boyfriend, before running to Liam. The young man was talking to Scott and Stiles and she interrupted their conversation as she jumped on Liam’s back, her arms winding around his shoulders. If it wasn’t for Liam’s wolf induced reflexes, the young woman would’ve probably falling straight onto the wet ground. Of course, (Y/N) knew that.

“Hi Scott, Stiles! Great game!” She half shouted as Liam readjusted her on his back. Her bright smile was infectious and soon the two older boys were smiling too. “Now.” (Y/N) smiled down at Liam, who was trying and failing to keep his face stern. “Chariot go! I need some snacks!” She pointed into the distance and Liam rolled his eyes befoe charging away, sending a quick goodbye in his friends’ direction.

Unknown to them, Brett was staring at the two of them from across the field. He watched the pair laugh as Liam dropped (Y/N) to the ground and soon they were chasing each other across the pitch. His smile started to drop and an uneasy feeling arose from the pit of his stomach. Jealousy was something the teen wasn’t used to, but something primal- probably his wolf’s fault- inside him hated the idea of someone getting that close to his (Y/N), making her smile the way he can. Brett desperately pushed the feelings his brain deemed foolish and tried to enjoy the post game festivities. 

The days following the lacrosse game, (Y/N) found that Brett had become distant. It’s not like they had many classes together to begin with, but when they spent time with each other, she found that he would always be doing something else when the were talking. Before, (Y/N) knew Brett always tried to give her his 100% undivided attention, he had told her himself. She had talked about it to Liam, but as he was trying to keep his anger in check, told her he couldn’t help, only listen.

By the end of the week, (Y/N) had grown impatient and decided to do something about it.

“(Y/N)!” Lori flashed a bright smile as she opened the door to her brother’s girlfriend.

“Lori. Hey.” (Y/N) replied with a brief smile. “Can I see your brother?”

“Sure! I think he’s in his room.” Both girls smiled before (Y/N) rushed past.

She nearly ran up the stairs, desperate and slightly worried. (Y/N) was worried about what was going to happen, what they were going to say. But she was sick of her boyfriend’s behaviour and being kept in the dark.

“Hey babe.” Brett says almost automatically when she opened the door, and (Y/N) had to stop herself from asking before she remembered, that, duh, werewolf boyfriend. He was sitting on his bed typing on his laptop, not even bothering to look up.

(Y/N) exhaled slowly, hand clutching the door handle. “What’s wrong?” Brett raised an eyebrow, still staring at the screen in front of him.

“I’m fine.” (Y/N) sighed again, still standing in the doorway.

“What’s wrong with me?” In a second Brett;s eyes are connected with (Y/N)’s, and she didn’t have to be a wolf to sense the worry in the atmosphere.

“Are you ok? What happened?” Brett desperately searched his girlfriend’s body for any evidence of injury, but when he found none he looked back up at her, bewildered.

“Why are you avoiding me? What did I do?” Brett froze at the sound of (Y/N)’s desperate tone. It felt like a punch in the gut, how he had made her feel, how desperate she looked.

“Nothing. Nothing.” Although his words were directed at (Y/N), both of them noticed how it sound more like he was telling himself rather than her.

“Ever since that lacrosse game you’ve been distant.” (Y/N) stated, Brett staring down at his shoes. “I want to know what I did. I just want my boyfriend back.”

“Why don’t you go and talk to Liam then.” Brett fired back before he could think, instantly regretting what he said.

“What?” (Y/N) breathed, astounded by her boyfriend’s words.

Brett sighed, stuffing his hands in his trouser pockets. “It’s just, y’know.” He was stuck for words, although he knows (Y/N) will but the pieces together.

“Brett. Are, you..were you..jealous?” He blushed slightly, eyes flicking up to her and then straight back down to the floor.

“It’s just, you’ve known each other forever and everything’s so laid back with him, I dunno…” (Y/N) smiled when Brett looked back up, grabbing both his hands, stepping close to him.

“Brett, babe. Liam is my brother, and as much as I love him I’d rather punch myself in the face rather than date him.”
Brett smiled shyly. “I know, I know. It’s just, I see couples do things you and Liam do together and I know it’s just platonic but something just sit right with me.” (Y/N) wordlessly wrapped her arms around Brett, who rested his chin on her head.

“I’m not leaving you, especially not for Liam.” She mumbled into his t-shirt. “Just, talk to me when you have a problem.”

“I know, I will.”

A knock and a voice at the door interrupted the moment they were having. “So is (Y/N) staying for dinner? ‘Cause it’s in 15 minutes.” Lori’s voice echoed through the room and Brett groaned.


bruises // brett talbot

summary ; the kitsune inside of kira is dangerous and y/n, brett’s girlfriend, gets the bad end of things during a fight. however, brett is there immediately to help his girl out. [030916]

warnings ; violence, swearing, angst

word count ; 2.1k


stay safe + ily🌪

“Stay together,” Brett ordered you and Lori; the two of you were on shoe hunting duty to find the beast. His eyebrows were furrowed in worry and his eyes held concern for the both of you. You both nodded, agreeing without words. Looking over at his sister, you gave her a girl’s look and she nodded, instantly knowing that you had to talk to your boyfriend alone before the two of you left.

Taking a step towards Brett, you had to stand on the tips of your toes in order to loosely wrap your arms around his neck, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. “I’m going to be fine, we all are.” You reassured him, pecking his lips softly.

“Just follow Scott’s plan, and if anything happens or if anything goes wrong, scream or shout or do something and I’ll find you.” He promised, you didn’t need werewolf senses to tell that he’d been on edge and extremely anxious from the minute the three of you arrived at Beacon Hills High for the charity lacrosse game. He was worried about the both of you, but he couldn’t help that his worry for you was higher because you were human. His sister had claws and the power to heal almost instantaneously- she could protect herself, you, however, didn’t have any of those privileges since you were only a human.

Nodding, you smiled and pressed your lips against his in a soft kiss. “Good luck out there,” You mumbled against his lips then pulling away, giving him one more reassuring smile over your shoulder before jogging over to Lori.

“Hey, Lor?” Brett called just before the two of you began searching for the shoes with Parrish’s blood on the sole. 

“Look after her?” He nodded over towards you, his concern to keep you safe had always been one of his top priorities.

Lori nodded, “always do!” She called back, slinging an arm over your shoulder as you playfully rolled your eyes, a grin playing at your lips despite the supernatural situation at hand.

You waved to Brett as he walked onto the field to put Scott’s plan to use. You and Lori walking in the other direction- under the bleachers. You began searching, walking up and down and checking every person’s shoes; it had just gone half time when you had finished.

Letting out a defeated sigh, you and Lori joined back together, the two of you shaking your heads to signal that nothing was found. “What now?” You asked her as you both started to head back to where the game was commencing.

Then suddenly, you got shoved to the side by Kira- who was muttering things in a different language. You furrowed your eyebrows, glancing at Lori who seemed just as confused. Scott came over to the both of you, him nodding in the direction that Kira had stormed off in with an angry scowl attached to her face.

“Go,” He mumbled to the two of you and you were confused as to why you had to follow her, you thought she was on your side. But nevertheless, Lori grabbed your hand and rapidly pulled you towards the entrance, trying to stay hot on Kira’s heels. 

You didn’t even know that Lori could speak another language and she was your best friend, so when she burst through the door and started having a conversation with Kira- both of them speaking what sounded like Japanese, it surprised you; you looked between the both of them, wide eyed and mouth slightly agape.

You didn’t know what was being said, but Kira definitely sounded angry, then before you could say anything or intervene, she threw her bag onto the ground and flipped her lacrosse stick around, smacking both Lori and yourself in the face in one swift move.

You yelped as you were then knocked back into the wall with a thud, you heard Lori growling from next to you as she hit Kira back, shoving her into the trophy cabinet; the glass shattering and skittering to the floor.

“Oh god,” You muttered, standing up from the cold hallway floor which you were just shoved down onto. Kira jumped up, the said angry scowl on her face had morphed into an outraged glare and you gulped, stepping back a couple steps as she neared the two of you.

Kira’s attention briskly left you and fell onto the growling, eyes lit and blazed, Lori.

Before you could comprehend what was happening, Lori was thrown with great force into the door of the girl’s locker rooms; the door snapped off its hinges and Lori tumbled to the floor with a groan.

“Lori!” You shouted, your chest heaving and eyes wide in shock, as Kira snatched your best friend up by her collar before smashing her back down onto the floor, knocking the werewolf out cold.

Kira’s eyes darted towards you and your breath hitched in your throat. She mumbled something venomously in Japanese and then began heading towards you, the glare in her eyes now a fiery rage.

“Kira, wait a minute, let’s just talk this out, yeah?” You stumbled back as she continued to stomp towards you. When you realised that she was stopping, you turned and sprinted down the hallway. You were only human, going up against a thunder kitsune would be an extremely stupid decision.

Although, you didn’t get very far as Kira swiped your legs out from underneath your feet using her lacrosse stick. You hit the ground with a groan; the wind momentarily getting knocked out of you.

Rolling over, you kicked Kira’s knee hard and she jutted back slightly: giving you enough time to stumble back to your feet and block a punch coming from her but the second time, you weren’t fast enough and it sent you back onto the floor with a bleeding nose.

“Kira, stop!” You tried to get through to her again but you just didn’t know what was up with her. The two of you had a friendly conversation earlier today and now she was determined to beat you bloody.

The kitsune’s grip on her lacrosse stick came undone as you kicked her in her elbow: blocking the hit. The stick fell to the floor and you went to reach for it but she kicked you in the stomach and you cried out, your body sliding back and slamming into the row of lockers because of how hard she kicked you.

Coughing up blood after the impact, you struggled to get back on your feet but as Kira turned to pick up her lacrosse stick, you had enough time to stumble up, wincing in pain. She turned back towards you, roughly pinning you back against the lockers by your throat and you yelped, your head pounding as it hit the metal lockers.

Your breath was coming out choppy, your chest heaving as you pried desperately at her fingers which were closing in around your throat, barely having enough oxygen to hold on.

Her supernatural grip was too difficult to pry away so instead, you kicked your leg into her stomach as hard as you could and she yelled out, tumbling to the floor and you barely had time to run in the opposite direction before she was up and after you again.

You felt her smack you around the head with the metal handle of her lacrosse stick and you cried out, holding the side of your head in pain as unstoppable tears leaked from your eyes.

“Kira! Stop, please!” You shouted as she shoved you into coach’s office, slamming you into the cluttered desk which you flipped over and landed on the floor with a thud and a pain induced sob.

Your body felt like it weighed a million tonnes as you tried to get back on your shaky feet but as you did Kira jumped over the fallen desk and kicked you in the side; you fell back onto the floor with a cry, hitting your head against the corner of the wall.

She made her way over to your bruised and beaten body, blood everywhere, she wields her lacrosse stick as if it were a katana, bringing it down on your temple with a battle cry.

“Brett,” You croaked out loudly, you knew he said to scream if anything went wrong but it went so badly wrong that you couldn’t even do that.

Kira spat something you didn’t understand, her eyes now glowing a fiery orange, you tried to block one more punch but all the energy had been drained from you and the blow went to your stomach.

“Brett!” You cried out, doubling over in pain before using what’s left of your strength to shuffle away from Kira but she held you in place by your throat, digging in her nails as you gasped, her other hand readying herself to bring the metal end of her lacrosse stick down and into your stomach.

Then, before she impaled you with it, a deafening roar sounded throughout the room, so loud that the walls ultimately shook and the echo remained for what seemed like forever. Your head lulled to the side to see who it was, then, noticing the glowing, golden eyes of your boyfriend, relief instantly filled you.

Scott and Lori came in soon after and Scott grabbed Kira off of you by her forearms, roars and shouts coming from the other side of the room but you paid no attention to it. You smiled weakly as Brett ran over to you, placing his soft hands on either side of you face and examining your injuries.

“I’m okay,” You coughed out, nodding slightly at him but he just shook his head in anger before getting up and turning towards the now-normal Kira, his eyes glowing in fury.

“What the hell did you do to her?!” He yelled, acrimony laced in his tone, his fists clenched tight down by his sides. “You hurt her! You fucking hurt her! You knew she has no healing abilities, she’s just human and you hurt her! Learn to fucking control yourself!” His voice powerful in the small office, a growl in the back of his throat, threatening to escape.

“Brett, it’s okay, I’m alright.” You croaked out, wincing, you bit your lips to hide it as you slowly sat up; you leant on the wall behind you to steady yourself.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m so sorry (Y/N).” Kira apologised before her and Scott walked away, completely unharmed.

Brett ran a hand through his hair anxiously before quickly making his way back to you, wrapping his arms around your shaking, bruised and bleeding body. Your face in the crook of his neck as you wound your arms at tight as you could- which wasn’t very tight -around his waist. 

“Thank you, I’d probably be dead right now if it wasn’t for you.” You whispered to match the comfortable silence in the room.

He shook his head, his eyes closed tightly, you knew he would blame himself, “I should’ve been here earlier, then you wouldn’t be so hurt.”

“It’s not your fault, seriously, don’t think that. You saved me and I love you.” You told him as sternly as you could, but it came out slightly slurred, the aching pain that accumulated over every inch of your body slowly starting to take its toll. 

Brett just sighed, his eyes filled with concern for you, lightly pressing his lips to yours so he wouldn’t hurt you. “I love you,” He mumbled, his forehead against yours before wrapping one arm around your waist and the other under your legs, pulling you up and into his arms; he carried you down the hallway and towards his car in the parking lot. 

Your head still in the crook of his neck, you pressed a small, sweet kiss to his collarbone, letting it linger for a while before he carefully placed you in his car and then placing a gentle and loving kiss on your forehead just as sleep slowly started to take over you. It had been an incredibly long day, you thought.



That is my best friend.

That is the man that I love.

love him like he’s my brother.

The Devil’s Wives, Part Two

Part One

“So, according to her mother, you were alerted first to Bridget’s pregnancy?”

I had gone into the staff room for coffee and Principal Dudley cornered me in here with a blank face. Being ‘let go’ was looking quite likely at the moment. I was careful to keep my voice level. “Not in the office, I was off hours,” I responded. My only defense.

“Good. I’ll use that as your excuse not to get you in trouble.” Dudley poured himself a cup of the coffee before dumping enough sugar in the cup to turn it into a syrup. He took a sip and seemed content with the sugary mixture. “… Off the record, I would’ve done the same.”

I sighed with relief. “Thank you, sir.” He might’ve been a stickler for the rules, but at least Dudley wasn’t an ass like so many of the other bureaucrats that thought they knew how the education system for teenagers was supposed to work.

That was the end of that. I tried to do more Facebook stalking but Bridget’s posts had come to a sudden halt. Couldn’t figure out if the father had been located but I didn’t want to know. Perhaps the fact that Bridget didn’t remember a thing was for the best. Can’t find someone you didn’t know the face of was the impossible task. And what sort of dick head college boy would step up as the father?

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MC x Chris having family over at their apartment. Thank you for your fantastic writings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the prompt, Nonny! I had planned to write something light and silly with this prompt, but then I got this ask from @keltic-moon and I ended up writing this drama-filled but hopefully…hopeful fic. I hope you like it! This is set during senior year for Chris and MC (Maggie). 

Family Reunion

Chris is pacing…again. The apartment isn’t that big and with Chris’s broad frame, it’s more than a little noticeable when he moves around this much.

Without looking away from the potatoes she’s mashing, Maggie calls over her shoulder, “Babe, you’re doing it again.”

“Sorry,” Chris says distractedly as he continues pacing. Maggie sets down the masher and turns to watch him. His brow is furrowed and she can see him worrying absentmindedly at his lower lip. His hands are tucked in his pockets, his shoulders hunched. Maggie’s heart aches seeing him like this.

Walking up behind her boyfriend, she hugs his waist, resting her hands flat on his stomach.

“it’s going to be fine,” she murmurs as she lays her head on his back.

“Is it? It doesn’t feel fine,” Chris’s voice rumbles against Maggie’s ear and she sighs. In nearly 4 years together, Maggie has never seen him like this. Even when he presided over his first student council meeting or played his first game as starting QB, he wasn’t this nervous. But Maggie supposes that’s to be expected. After all, it’s not every day your long-lost dad resurfaces just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

“I know this is hard for you, Chris, but I honestly do think you’re doing the right thing inviting everyone here.”

Chris turns in Maggie’s arms and looks down at her. She smiles tenderly up at him, cupping his cheek in her palm. He leans into her hand and closes his eyes.

“It’s the first time we’ve been together as a family since AJ was a baby,” he says. “I just don’t know how to do this, Maggie.” His voice cracks as he speaks.

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Breakfast- Glenn Rhee

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “May I request an imagine where reader is Glenn’s girlfriend and they have this sexual frustration and then everyone else finds them trying to have sex? and reader is all shy and awkward? Thabk you!”

Word count:


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It almost hurt, jesus. The thick and obvious tension between Glenn and you was burning through your mind at all times. 

You’d wake up in the morning, the beauty of a man sleeping beside you. If it weren’t for the nearby group members, you couldn’t help but feel like the two of you’d be very awake– sharing an intimate moment. 

But of course the act was forbidden, as the soft moans you’d share could be audible for the entire camp. So you’d gone god knows how long without Glenn’s soft hands grasping your body–

There you went again, the fire growing bigger and stronger as your muscles pulsed. You inhaled deeply, catching a small whiff of his natural scent. 

Glenn stirred, his closed eyes squinting further as he came to his senses. The sweet lull of his dreams slipping from his grasp. He sighed, happy to see you sitting up beside him. He gave you a soft smile, reaching blindly to grab your hand. Fingers interlaced, you looked down with gentle frown dancing across your lips. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked, sitting up next to you. He brushed a strand of hair out of your face, the tender and loving gesture doing nothing but increasing your ever-growing heat. 

“I’m just so damn horny.” You confused, not even caring of the humour that was heavily given from the sentence. Glenn laughed slightly, placing a small kiss on your lips. You groaned as he pulled away, dirty thoughts wracking your thoughts. 

“Well, maybe I can fix that.” Your body fell back as Glenn leant in, his seductive whisper leaving pink lips before he began kissing you deeply. You sighed into the kiss, realising he didn’t even care about the others knowing. And as more skin was exposed, you cared less and less. 

“Hey, (Y/N), Glenn?” Lori asked, unzipping the tent without a thought. You grasped onto the nearly naked Glenn, hoping he was covering your exposed upper half. 

“Breakfast is– Oh, oh my god!” Lori started screaming, covering her eyes before she could take in the imagine before her. 

“Lori! Hi, we’re a little busy!” You cringed internally at Glenn’s voice. The awkwardness was so evident, it was almost like he hadn’t said anything.

You didn’t say anything as you squealed under Glenn’s body, hiding the blush of your cheeks in his chest. He sighed, a soft laugh coming from his throat as Lori left quickly. 

“Well, that just happened.”

|Daryl Dixon imagine|

“Mornin’ Y/N.” Rick said as I walked past him, I smiled at him and greeted him a ‘good morning’. I was heading to Hershel’s house to see if Lori needed any help with breakfast. As I approached the door I felt a pair of strong arms wrap round my waist and pull me back. “Mornin’ babe.” A husky voice whispered in my ear. Daryl. 

He kissed my neck and turned me round to face him. “Well good mornin’ Daryl.” I smiled kissing his lips, I felt him smirk into the kiss. “Right now let me go I have to help Lori with breakfast.” I said pretending to be annoyed and pushed him away, Daryl chuckled and headed over to his tent; winking at me on the way. I entered Hershel’s house and said 'hello’ to Maggie and Beth. “Hey Lori do you need any help with breakfast?” I asked. Lori shook her head no. “Shane has been looking for you by the way Y/N. He said meet him at the target practice in the woods.” She said. 

I knotted my eyebrows in confusion, Shane and I have never gotten along, he creeps me out so much because he always just stares at me with something in his eyes but I don’t know what. Daryl had told me to stay well away from Shane because he didn’t trust him at all. I ended up nodding at Lori and walking out towards the woods. 

“Shane?” I said as I saw him practicing shooting. He turned around and nodded at me. “Thought you could get some practice in.” He said bluntly handing me the gun and looking me up and down. I ignored him and then began aiming until Shane put his hand on my arm from behind me making me shiver. “Hold your arm up higher and spread your legs more.” He said kicking my legs more apart. I began getting more nervous by his present. 

He moved both of his arms in front of me, helping me get in the right shooting position. I felt his breath on my neck which made me feel sick. “Nervous girl?” Shane chuckled sickly. I stood up tall and confident, aimed the gun and shot it; hitting the bullet right on the mark. “No.” I replied bluntly dropping the gun on the floor. 

Shane roughly grabbed my wrists and shoved me hard against the tree. A disgusting smirk plastered across his face. 

“You better get the fuck off me before I scream.” I threatened trying to fight him off me, he placed his big hand round my mouth stopping me from talking, I tried kicking him but he grabbed my neck and shoved me on the floor then sat on top of me. “And if you scream princess i’ll destroy tha’ pretty mouth of yours.” He whispered in my ear. Shane began kissing my cheek all the way to my chest. His hand travelling up my top and latching onto my breast. 

I wriggled in an attempt to escape from his grip but he ended up slapping me hard across the face which I was sure would leave a bruise. “I fuckin’ told you girl.” He shouted. Shane started to undo his belt and my heart started pumping faster and faster. “Trust me, I bet i’ll fuck you better than your old boy Dixon.” He laughed making me cringe. Tears filled my eyes and endlessly spilled over. 

“Come on. Don’t cr—” He began but was cut off when a massive fist came colliding to his face. Shane went straight off me and onto the floor, I was quickly pulled up by Rick and Glenn as I saw Daryl beating the shit out of Shane. “Fuckin’ sick fuckin’ bastard! I’m gonna kill your fuckin’ ass for touchin’ ma girl!” Daryl shouted, I had never seen him so angry before in the past year I’ve known him and I presumed nor had Rick or Glenn as they were both shocked at his rage. Daryl continued to beat Shane but Rick decided to step in between them and hold Daryl back. 

“No you let me fuckin’ kill him Rick! He touched Y/N and I ain’t gonna let this fuckin’ asshole get away with it!” Daryl howled, his whole face red with pure anger pulsing through it and his fists in tight white knuckles. I put my hand over my mouth and began crying, Glenn hugged me and reassured everything was going to be okay. “Daryl stop! I will sort Shane out, you go to Y/N cos she needs you!” Rick shouted as he lead a blood faced Shane away. 

Daryl looked over at me and came rushing over as he engulfed me in a tight and embraceable hug. “I told you ta’ stay away from him Y/N.” Daryl whispered in my ear as he kissed my forehead. I felt a wet drop on my forehead, 'Was Daryl crying?’ I thought to myself. I looked up into his eyes to see they were tear filled, my own eyes filled with tears as I kissed his lips. “I’m so sorry, Daryl. It’s my faul-” I began. “No no Y/N don’t you dare say it was your fault baby. Shane is a sick fuckin’ man and he will pay for wha’ he was gonna do to you babe, I promise.” Daryl said, his voice on the edge of anger as he stroked my bruise cheek from Shane’s slap earlier. Daryl let out a low growl. 

I wrapped my arms tightly around Daryl’s neck again and hugged him like my life depended on it, his strong arms wrapping round my waist. “I ain’t lettin’ you outta my sight now. I love you baby girl.” Daryl whispered and kissed my neck. “I love you..” I said back. 

No More Drama (Part III of Marc and Cleopatra) (A Richonne Au)

“Why are you kissing Michonne?” Lori said walking toward them. Michonne didn’t have time for this. She was going to be late for class. She was never late for anything.

“I have to go,” she said to no one in particular and started to walk off.

Rick started to follow her. He didn’t want her to go, but Lori grabbed his arm. “I asked a question. You’re kissing Michonne? Is this why we broke up, because of her,” she assumed.

Rick looked perplexed. “You broke up with me last week. I know about you and Shane. I know about it all. I wanted to punch Shane in the face, but honestly I just don’t care,” he stated as he started to walk off.

“But Rick, I…” he stopped walking and looked back at her.

“It’s really nothing you can say to make me feel bad about this. Not after you hook up with my best friend. What could you possibly say to me?” he said not waiting for her response.

He just kept walking.


Michonne pretty much avoided him for the rest of the day, and he thought of her throughout most of it. They way she tasted. The way she looked. How she felt.

It was all so new to him, too. He had been dating Lori for a while. For more than a while. His mind wanted him to feel guilty but he didn’t. He was single and had no regrets about kissing Michonne. He wanted to kiss her all evening yesterday when he took her home. He exceeded that expectation by kissing her twice in one day. He wanted to feel guilty, but he just couldn’t.

He decided he needed to give her a call. The phone rung several times before she answered it, “Hello,” Michonne said.

“Hey, Michonne,” he said smiling. “It’s Rick.”

“Hey, Rick. What’s up?” she said pretending like nothing from that day had happened. Like he just didn’t kiss her twice in the school today and transported her to different universes.

“Nothing much, was seeing if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with me,” he waited patiently as the only thing he heard on the other end was silence. Then she finally spoke.

“Lori probably wouldn’t want us around each other, seeing as how she was so shocked to see us, you know, earlier in the hallway,” Michonne said to him. It was petty, but she was feeling that way right now. She was already enrolled in Drama class, she didn’t literally want her life a high school drama either.

“None of that matters because Lori is dating Shane, whatever she says or thinks it don’t matter,” Rick felt bold; he knew he had to be. “I like you Michonne. It’s just something in the way you move, the way you carry yourself,” he fell quiet and waited. She spoke after a full minute.

“I don’t know, Rick. I’m training tonight. Maybe we can talk in the morning? Can you pick me up for school, maybe?” Rick perked up and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I’ll be there. Just text me when you’re ready. Okay?” he said, already anxious to see her.

“Okay. I’ll see you then, Rick. Goodbye,” she said. Rick told her goodbye and hung up the phone.

Rick sat his phone on the table and turned the tv on. Nothing could catch his attention. All could think about was Michonne and her lips. Her soft, velvety lips.

He couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow.

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Brett Talbot One Shot~I will treat her like a queen

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hi, can you write Brett one shot where Y/N is Liam’s sister and she goes to Devenford Prep with Brett and his sister (she’s her close friend). Y/N is shy, quiet, insecure and barely speaks - esp around Brett, because she has a huge crush on him and he makes her nervous. He flirts with her a lot, ‘cause he thinks she’s cute when she’s blushing. They start dating but she doesn’t know how to tell Liam, so she shows up at the BHHS vs Devenford lacrosse game wearing Brett’s jersey…

A/N: I’m sorry I am so late with this but I just want to finish this year good. And life starts to kill me. Seriously. Life is annoying. And I just didn’t have the inspiration. I hope you’ll like it.

Warnings: Fluff. I think.

Words: 2.503

Pairing: Brett x Reader

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Y/N’s POV.

Hey little one,” Liam says through the phone. “Liam, where’s mom?” I ask. “Why do you need mom?” he asks. “Because I am going home with Lori and I don’t want mom panicking like last time,” I say. “What are you going to do there? You know Brett is there? Why don’t you come over here to our house?” he asks. “Because you live there. Tell mom I am going to Lori’s!” I say. “Y/n, don’t you dare to…” he begins but I hang up. “Okay, we can go,” I say to Lori. “I thought you were going to ask for permission?” Lori asks. “You know my brother. He really doesn’t like B-Brett,” I say. I always stutter when I say his name. Gladly Lori never found out about my crush. I hope. I have a huge crush on him but I am way too nervous to talk to him. Or look at him. Or even be in the same room. I always make sure that when I am going to Lori’s that it is on a time when he is practicing Lacrosse with the team. We walk to Lori’s car and we drive to her house. After the incident with Coaches car Liam switched schools but I stayed. People didn’t like me because of my brother and some even started bullying me. But Lori came up for me and she told everyone to back off. In her own way then. People listened to her. I think they are scared of her. “Y/n, stop dreaming,” Lori says. I look up and we are already by her home. I get out of the car and we walk into her house. “Hey, brother,” Lori says. Brother? I can feel my heart starting to race and my cheeks blush. I walk into the living room and Brett is sitting on the couch playing video games. Shirtless. I feel like I am going to faint. “Hey, y/n,” Brett says. “H-hi,” I stutter and I walk after Lori into the kitchen. “Apple?” Brett asks and he holds a green apple in front of me. I take the apple with a shaking hand and I blush. “T-thanks,” I say. “Y/n, I have to do one little thing. I’ll be right back,” she says and she walks away. “So how are you doing?” Brett asks. I look around me making sure he is talking to me. “Y/n,” he says and he moves my chin with his finger. “I’m d-doing great,” I say really soft. “Any cute guys?” he asks and I shake my head looking to the ground. “C'mon a beautiful girl like you should have guys drooling over her,” Brett says. “No, nothing s-special,” I stutter. He pushes my chin up and I look right into his eyes. They are so dreamy. My face is getting so red as possible. “You’re cute when you blush,” he says taking one step closer to me. I am standing frozen and I cannot move. I want to say something but I am way too nervous to speak. How can a guy make me so nervous. I am standing against the counter and he puts his hands on the counter each one on the other side of me. “Tell me the truth,” he says. “S-sorry?” I ask. “Who is the cute guy, baby girl?” he asks. “Y/n, are you coming?” Lori yells from the stairs. “Y-yeah,” I say soft. Brett smiles and he takes a few steps back. When I walk to Lori I have to walk so closely to Brett that his skin burns against mine. I walk to Lori’s room and I sit down onto the bed. “Did my brother bother you again?” Lori asks. “No, he never did,” I say.

“You know that I know that you know you like him?” Lori asks. “Lori, don’t be so ridiculous,” I say. “Why are you getting so red?” she asks. “I don’t care if you like my brother.” “Well, my brother does and he doesn’t like me anyway,” I say. “Yeah he does,” she says. “And Liam will be okay with it. When he doesn’t know.” “He does?” I ask. “Yeah, why do you think he keeps flirting with you,” Lori says. “He f-fl-fl-fl…,” I stutter. “Flirts?” Lori asks. “Yeah that. Why does he do that?” I ask. “Because he likes you. I thought I just said that,” Lori says. “That is impossible,” I say. “He knows that you like him too,” Lori says. “What?” I ask. “We werewolves can hear your heart race every time you see him. You really need to check your heart,” she says. “So many races aren’t that good.” I know about the werewolves and other creatures. Pretty difficult to keep it hidden when your brother is a werewolf. Liam wants to keep me out of all the drama that is going on and I don’t want to get involved. “You really didn’t see it?” Lori asks. “See what?” I ask. “That he likes you,” she says. I shake my head. “Why do you think he was so close to you without a shirt on?” Lori asks. “I don’t know,” I say. “Why did you leave me alone?” I ask. “Because I thought you knew so you could ask him out,” Lori says. “Well, I am way too afraid to ask him out,” I say. “It is my brother. He isn’t scary,” she says. “He is the hottest guy in school and every girl wants him,” I say. “You can get him and don’t say that about my brother because hearing that is weird,” she says. “What if I left you alone with him and you ask him out,” Lori says. “I can’t do that,” I say. “Brett!” Lori yells. “Lori no!” I say and I stand up. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “I have to do something for aunt Millicent but you have to babysit y/n,” Lori says and she walks away. “I d-don’t need a b-babysitter,” I blush. “Then don’t see me as a babysitter but as someone who keeps you company,” he says and lays down onto the bed. “I-I can survive on m-my own,” I say. He smiles and pulls me down. I fall onto Brett. “O-oh m-my… S-sorry…,” I stutter. He starts to laugh and I let myself fall down next to him. “Nothing is wrong. You are as light as a feather,” he says laughing. What if Lori is right and he does like me. No, he doesn’t. But maybe he does. “Y-you k-know…” I start and I sit up. “What?” he asks. I close my eyes. “I-I l-like…” I stutter. “You like what?” he asks. “You,” I say so soft but I know he can hear me. I can’t even look at him. I don’t want to see his face. His pretty, pretty face. “Open your eyes,” he says and I shake my head. I let tears of shame roll down my face and I can feel a hand wipe them away. “I’m s-sorry. I am so stupid,” I say and I stand up. But my eyes are still closed so I stumble and lose my balance. I fall back onto the bed onto Brett. I open my eyes out of reflexes and he looks at me. He smiles really sweet. “I know you fell for me. Literally. But I think I fell harder for you,” he says. “Why did you do nothing if you knew I liked you?” I ask. “Because you are so cute when you talk to me and you get all nervous. You are starting to blush and to stutter. You get so adorable,” he says and when he says that I start blushing. “And now we both know we like each other would there be a chance you would go out with me?” he asks. “I’d love too,” I say. “I’ll pick you tomorrow night up at seven,” he says.

After that Brett left and Lori came back. We’ve talked about a lot and then I went home. I haven’t told anyone about my date with Brett yet. Well, Lori heard. But the others don’t know yet. I am done making myself ready and suddenly the doorbell rings. I run downstairs and I run to the door. Liam is too lazy so he isn’t going to open the door. I open the door and Brett is standing on my porch. He starts to smile brightly. Before he says something I put my hand on his mouth and I close the door. “Liam doesn’t know yet,” I say. “You look amazing,” he says. “Thank you,” I say. He takes my hand and leads me to his car. He opens the door for me and I get in. He gets in himself and we drive away. “What are we going to do?” I ask. He just smiles. His smile is beautiful. After a while he stops his car and he steps out. Like a real gentleman he opens my door and I get out of the car. He opens the backdoor and he gets a picnic basket. We are walking in the woods and he walks to an open place where you can see the stars. There are lanterns around the open place and there is a picnic blanket with plates, cutlery and glasses. Brett puts the basket on the blanket and he leads me to the picnic place and we sit down. “It is beautiful,” I say. “All for you,” he says.

We’ve talked, eaten and kissed. The next day at school he asked me to be his girlfriend. I obviously said yes. I’ve kept everything a secret for Liam. We’ve been together for two weeks. We’ve been out to films, restaurants or just sitting on the couch doing nothing. “Y/n, are you listening?” Brett asks. At this time I am sitting on the couch doing nothing. I am sitting on his lap and he has his arms around me. “Huh?” I ask. “Apparently not,” he says. “Sorry, I was just thinking,” I say. “About?” he asks. “How Liam is going to hate me when he finds out about us,” I say. “He won’t you are his baby sister. He loves you. He maybe hates me even more if he finds out,” he says and I chuckle. “But now about something fun. Would you like to come to my game and cheer for me?” “I would love to,” I say. “Against who are you playing?” “I have no idea. I will ask Jason,” he says and he grabs his phone. “You don’t even know against who you are playing?” I ask. “Sorry, my beautiful girlfriend is all the time on my mind,” he says and I start to laugh. “You will not like this,” Brett says after a while. “What?” I ask. “We are playing against Beacon Hills,” he says. “Maybe I can show him then that I am your girlfriend,” I say. “You would do that for me?” he asks. I nod and I put my head on his chest. “Would you want to wear my shirt,” he asks and I nod. “I’d love too.”

“Okay I am really nervous,” I say. I am sitting with Brett in his car. We already at the school for the match but we just wait a second before getting out. I am wearing Brett’s shirt and tonight we’ll let Liam know that I am Brett’s girlfriend. I am sitting with my knees up and my head on my right knee. “Everything will be okay,” Brett says and he puts his hand on my left knee. “I will make that sure.” I smile to him and he gets out of the car. He grabs his sports bag and opens my door. I get out of the car too. He takes my hand and we walk into the school. “I have to go changing but I’ll see you on the field he says before giving me a kiss. He walks into the locker rooms and I walk to the bleachers. I don’t really see Liam or someone from the pack. Waiting for Brett or Liam is taking forever but after a while Brett comes out of the school and he walks to the field. I walk down the bleachers and he walks towards me. “Liam is in the locker rooms,” Brett says. “Then we have at least five minutes for ourselves,” I say. I pull him down by his collar and kiss him. He puts his arms around my waist and lifts me a little bit up. “Get. Away. From. Each. Other,” Liam growls and I let go of Brett. He puts me down on my feet but we stay standing by each other. “Did you not hear me?! Get away from each other!” Liam says again. I want to walk away but Brett grabs my hand and he says: “Don’t.” “Y/n, why are you still standing with him? Why are you wearing his shirt? And why were you kissing him?” Liam asks. “Y/n?” “I-we… Ehm… He is my boyfriend,” I mumble. Liam tries to hit Brett but misses and he hits the side of the bleachers. I can hear his bones crack. “Liam are you alright?” I ask. “Yes, I am fine,” he says but I ignore him and I make him sit down on a bench. “How could you date my sister?” Liam asks. “Liam, this isn’t some one-week-thing. I-I am in love with her,” Brett says. “You love me?” I ask and Brett nods. “Of course I do,” he says. “I love you too,” I say. I kiss him on the lips but I can hear Liam couch. “I hate to ruin this moment but I am still here,” he says. “Look Brett. I am not happy you are dating my sister but apparently – I don’t know how – you make her happy. So you can be together. But you’ll treat her like a princess,” Liam says. “I will treat her like a queen,” Brett says and he looks into my eyes. “I’m getting sick of this,” Liam says and he walks away.

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Location fails 

I just wonder, since they did film and use the footage, if they had to actually ask for permission. How did that go? “Excuse me, can we film 30 seconds of footage of you kicking us out for not having permission?”