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Obnoxious - 7 days of oc day 3

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Ex tries to convince your oc to leave their current s/o and marry/start a family with them. (Character of choice can be current s/o or ex)  


“Hey.” Maia turned on the spot next to Roy and spotted Ayden approaching them.

“Hey!” She smiled and gave him a quick hug “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I saw the event on Facebook so I thought I would come check it out.” He smiled and waved at Roy

Roy offered him a friendly smile and dropped it quickly as he looked away. Ayden’s face dropped and Maia turned her attention back to Roy.

“So Jason will be here soon right?”

“Yeah, he wouldn’t pass this up.” Roy glanced at his phone and she smiled at Ayden.

“You ready for a massage?”

“Massage?” He blinked “oh yeah, I actually came down to talk to you.”

“Oh? Sure.” She nodded and noticed Roy’s annoyed look “I’ll be back in a second.”

“Can’t it wait? It’s a couple’s special.” Roy shook his head

“You’re a couple?” Ayden asked with a frown and pulled at Maia’s arm “then I really need to talk to you.”

“Okay.” She said walking with him and looked back at Roy “I’ll be quick.”

Stopping on the other side of the street, Ayden gave Roy a dirty look before turning to Maia.

“I can offer you so much more than him, and you’re with him.”

“Ayden, things didn’t work with us for a reason.”

“I can give you the life you want, not him. I can give you children of your own and a husband and he can give you a discount massage and a few hats?”

“No, I’m not doing this.” She shook her head and started making her way back to Roy.

“No, Maia - after all we’ve been through.” Ayden followed her angrily

“Ayden, I’m not talking about this.”

“Do you really  think that he’ll treat you the way you deserve? He can’t keep his dick dry for second, do you think that he’ll be faithful to you?” Maia stopped and glared at him

“Roy, treats me much better than I deserve and has been honest with me since day one. The fact you think you can be better than him for me, is obnoxious and you don’t know what I need. I love him and that’s what matters.”

“But I love you, he doesn’t. I want to create a family with you, and he - does he even have a job?.” Ayden glared at Roy who was watching with a serious look

“ Okay you know what?” Maia stopped “Our friendship or anything that we ever had, is done and over. You need to go find someone else and move on.”

“ I’m sorry.” he nodded and looked away as Roy finally started approaching them.

Before she could respond he started walking away and Maia took a deep breath before walking back over to Roy.

Meeting him halfway, she placed her head onto his shoulder.

“Everything okay?” He asked and she nodded as he lead her back to the store.

“Did you tell him about our little fake couple date and kiss and make up?” Roy teased her

“No I’ll tell you later.” She said as the owner came out ushering them in.

“So we’re going to need your toughest guys for this one.” Roy told the owner “She says she feels no pain.”

“Well you’ve come to the right place.” The owner laughed causing maia to let out a small smile.

Hey yeah so I saw this on Facebook and I need to talk about how fucking angry this makes me

So the internet is happy to drag a 17 year old girl over her use of makeup and possible plastic surgery. Because ha ha, what a fake bitch, having insecurities like that! Can’t believe a 17 year old who is a fucking celebrity might possibly feel the need to look a certain way.

Women and girls are called “inauthentic” and “fake” and “shallow” for doing WHAT SOCIETY EXPECTS US TO DO by wearing makeup or otherwise changing our appearance to conform to femininity. We all know that if we didn’t do these things, we would be called ugly, people wouldn’t respect us, we would have trouble finding employment, and all of these things.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner’s dad has just been labelled “The World’s Most Powerful Woman” and every media outlet is singing his praises, he’s the darling of the internet and so “brave” and “authentic” and “inspirational” simply BECAUSE he put on makeup and got plastic surgery. And fine, if that is truly the only way you can feel confident in yourself, do it. Whether you’re male or female. We all gotta survive in this world. But -

The Kardashians cop a lot of crap in general, and whether that criticism is rooted in misogyny should be discussed anyway. But I think we should take the Bruce Jenner debacle as a perfect example of the insane double standards our society has for men and women, and look at how his male privilege has made him adored for the very thing his female relatives are despised for.

Bruce wasn’t happy with the way god made him. So how come no one’s dragging his ass? If he needs a ton of makeup and heavy plastic surgery to live “authentically” as a woman, how come women are being called fake for wearing makeup? Is it a sign of womanhood to alter your appearance, or not? Fucking pick one, society.

Good morning.

A coworker found and friended me on facebook recently, and a few days later came up to me on the job and made this observation, he said “Hey, what’s with all the poetry on your page, did you really write all that stuff?” my first inclination was to play it off, and act as though it was a joke or something. But then I just… Didn’t. I looked at him, and I saw that he was uncomfortable with the idea of a man writing poetry. Or to be more specific, a man that he knew, who he thought to be a regular guy like himself, who wrote poetry. So I said to him “Yes I wrote all that STUFF, and there are several thousand more on another website called Tumblr. Why, are you interested in writing poetry?”  "Hell no" he blurted, I just wondered why you would put that on your page" “ Well Ethan” I replied, “I happen to like poetry, and like writing it, I’m not insecure about my sexuality, or other peoples opinions concerning my personal activities”
He looked at me. I could see that he was trying to figure out whether or not I was attempting to insinuate something about him. He finally gave up, and switched gears “You don’t care that people might think you’re queer?”
(I should point out here, that I live in Alabama, and that “Ethan” is an average sample of the norm for most men here. I don’t hold it against him, but I do enjoy forcing him to think against his will. It’s unfortunate for him that he likes me at this point, because he is trying to come to terms with the fact that I don’t fit in to his comfort zone of usual friends and acquaintances. Ethan is struggling now)
“No Ethan, I don’t care whether or not people think that I am gay. I’m not gay, I like poetry, and you’re friends with me. Are you worried that someone will find out that you are friends with a poet?” Ethan looked at me, shrugged, and said “Fuck no, I don’t give a shit either”
“Congratulations, you just evolved a little” I replied.
“ What the fuck is that supposed to mean” He snapped.
“ Take it easy pal, it’s a compliment”
“Oh, alright then”