hey look this is the first post that relates to the whole point of my blog

it started with an interview

Someone asked for Bechloe

The fact that it was Stacie’s idea, should have been Beca’s first warning.  

Start a tumblr blog, she said… It’ll be fun!  

What she had failed to mention to Beca was the fact that she’d be sucked into the tumblrverse.  So here she was, at half past one, scrolling through the musical tag, occasionally liking a post, occasionally interacting with fans via her main blog.  It was almost 2am when she saw the video she’d been tagged in, an interview with Beca’s long time celebrity crush, Chloe Beale.  

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anonymous asked:

Opinion on serobaku and serokiri?

SeroBaku kills me in the sweetest way and SeroKiri brings me back to life when I feel dead inside and SeroBakuKiri is like heaven on earth tbh I love those ships they make me feel warm !!!

Anon said: Yes but i loved minas hair like that??? So either ur hair is also p good or ur art is just that great n I’m %99 sure that it’s both, also r u ever planning to post a picture of urself?? ? I’m sorry if this question makes u uncomfortable, have a nice day!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!!!! And pictures aren’t really my thing so that’s probably not gonna happen, but I assure you you’re not missing anything by not seeing me, anon hahaha

Anon said: Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ilu

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(o♡o)/  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anon said: Imagine Bakugo drawing pictures of his squad without them noticing. Like Kiri looking out a window or mina and Denki trying their best to study or sero scrolling on his phone. I wonder how they would react to finding his sketch book

I’m sobbing this is so nice ;A; Sero and Kaminari’s reaction would probably be along the lines of “how is this guy good at everything” haha I like the headcanon of Mina drawing too so her reaction would be a bit different, probably, but still very very awed 

meanwhile Kiri is on the ground dying

(Kiri is me)

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Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 1,825

Warnings: angst, like seriously it’s pretty angsty man

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can I request a John laurens one where he cheated on the reader and the reader does burn in front of his face.

A/N: So this is a bit different from the request, because she didn’t really do burn in front of his face but I’m still pretty proud of this (I have 7 requests to do after this, but I’m going to sleep and do the requests after school tomorrow!)

I saved every letter you wrote me

You closed the box, encasing the letters your boyfriend had sent you. You always adored the letters, loving the sentiment of it.

You looked back at Peggy, who gave you an encouraging smile. You returned it, setting the box carefully in one of your drawers.

From the moment I read them I knew you were mine

You giggled, sitting down next to Eliza as you read the letter together.

“Honestly, it’s rare you find someone in 2016 that still writes letters.” Eliza commented, after she finished talking about how sweet the letter was.

“Hey, Alexander does too!” You laughed.

“Yes, that’s true. But that one is yours.” Eliza pointed out.

“He’s mine.” You whispered.

You said you were mine

“You’re mine.” You whispered in John’s ear, as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I’m yours.”

I thought you were mine

You spent the entire night talking with John over the phone, even though he had a meeting to go to. You worried about him for a while, but he reassured you that he’d be fine.

He said you were worth it.

Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive?

You opened your mailbox, laughing lightly as you saw a letter from your boyfriend John. You had just started dating him, and Angelica was still waiting in your apartment.

She said, “Be careful with that one love, he will do what it takes to survive.”

You ran back inside, ripping open the letter. You showed it to Angelica and she gave you a warning look. “Be careful with that one love.”

“Why? He’s nice, and you’ve met him!” You were confused. John would never do anything to hurt you.

“He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words, flooded my senses

You reread the most recent letter from John. A blush rose to your cheeks as you couldn’t hold back a smile.

Your sentences left me defenseless

You felt vulnerable, reading the letters. You held it close to your chest when you finished, a content sigh escaping your lips.

You built me palaces out of paragraphs.

The paragraphs John wrote made your heart flutter. You sent a quick text to Peggy, informing her of the letter. Within minutes, the two of you were reading the letter aloud. Peggy loved reading John’s letters with you.

You built cathedrals

You visited John in his apartment, excitedly knocking on the door. He opened it, surprised to find you standing there. He invited you in, and together you talked for hours, losing track of time.

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me

Tears blurred your vision as you dug through the small box of letters. You read all of them hundreds of times. You were alone, slowly losing all hope.

I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line

You read through the letters once more, searching for answers. Why he would’ve done this, or when. Tears dripped from your face down onto the letters he wrote you.

For some kind of sign

Eliza had to come over and take the box you held the letters in, because you wouldn’t stop looking at the notes.

And when you were mine

“John!” You squealed, laughing as he lifted you from the ground, spinning you.

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” He put you down, kissing you on the forehead.

“It’s been a week, John.”

“A long one!”

The world seemed to burn

You grabbed a few extra blankets, the fire crackling in the background. You sat next to John, turning on the TV.

“Let’s watch Elf.” John suggested. You nodded, smiling.


You waved out the window, the smile never leaving your face. You spent another day with John, sitting on the couch and just talking. You could always just talk to him. That’s one thing you loved about him.

You published the letters she wrote you

You stared, wide eyed, at the screen. Eliza stood behind you, as she was the one that brought this to your attention. John’s blog, which you loved dearly, now had texts from a random girl whom you never met. They weren’t just a hint that John was cheating, they were like a big flashing sign in front of you, telling you to leave him.

You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed

“Y/N, he posted another thing.” Eliza told you, as you wept on your bed. You looked up slowly, reading the post Eliza brought up on her phone.

He was saying out right that it was all his fault, and that he knew what he was doing when he-

You stopped reading, burying your head in your knees.

In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives

You tried to ignore the stares, as you would walk into a room. Everyone who knew you knew of how highly you thought of John. Everyone who knew you had also heard of what happened, and how devastated you had been.

Do you know what Angelica said, when she read what you’d done?

You sat in the empty garage of her apartment building. You waited for her to see the text, when you dropped your phone. Instead of picking it up, you opted to wipe your tearful eyes. A buzz from your phone caused you to pick it up.

‘I unlocked the door. Get inside I have icecream. That bitch is gonna pay.’

She said “You have married an Icarus he has flown too close to the sun.”

“You have married an Icarus.” Angelica told you poetically. “He has flown too close to the sun.” You let out a breathy laugh, listening to Angelica’s comforting words. “He doesn’t know how badly he fucked up. He lost the best damn thing he’s ever gonna get.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…

“He wouldn’t have even posted if it weren’t for people anonymously giving him shit about something that wasn’t even related to that whore-”

“Don’t call her that. She didn’t know what she was doing.” You murmured, wiping your eyes.

Your sentences border on senseless

“He doesn’t make any sense!” Peggy screamed, as she read the posts over and over again.

“Peggy, you’re more obsessed than me.” You laughed, before lowering your head into your hands again.

And you are paranoid in every paragraph

You wouldn’t admit it, but every night you obsessively looked over the posts he wrote. You knew it was stupid to obsess over it, but you couldn’t help it.

He sounded paranoid, and you left it at that as you closed your laptop.

How they perceive you

John was always afraid of not being good enough. It was something you shared with him, but the way he worded the post made it sound like he was trying to be the better person. He was never considered a better person ever again in your eyes.

You, you, you…

This was the third night you found yourself laying in bed thinking of him. You knew it wasn’t healthy, but you couldn’t help it. You missed him, or, you missed the old him. The one that would hold you at night, comforting you when things were too much for you.

I’m erasing myself from the narrative

You never answered calls anymore, or left your apartment. The only person who knew you were still ok was Peggy, who recently moved in with you to make sure you were still eating, and still had a normal sleeping schedule.

You didn’t.

Let future historians wonder how Y/N reacted when you broke her heart

Whenever anyone would bring up the incident, Peggy would quickly change the subject before it could occupy your thoughts for too long.

You have torn it all apart

In the moment you read the post for the first time, you could’ve sworn you felt your heart sink down in your chest, broken.

I am watching it burn

You found the old box that Eliza hid from you. Smiling to yourself, you walked outside, grabbing a lighter on the way.

You stepped into the lot, emptied of people. It was nearly midnight, and you admired the clear sky above you for a moment.

Watching it burn

You flicked the lighter cap, a small flame erupting in your hand.

You slowly brought the flame over the pile of letters. They were engulfed in seconds, brightly shining in the darkness.

The world has no right to my heart

No one ever talked about John anymore. He seemed to have disappeared from your life.

The world has no place in our bed

You weren’t sure how you felt without him.

They don’t get to know what I said

You didn’t speak as much as you used to. You laughed less, and your mind always wandered to that night.

The night you burned his letters.

I’m burning the memories

The flames danced in front of you, sparks flying onto the pavement. After a while, the flame slowly died out, and you were content.

Burning the letters that might have redeemed you

You walked inside, greeted with a pajama-clad Peggy. She gave you a worried expression before turning back to the window, the small flame still flickering around the parts of the pile that were still flammable.

You forfeit all rights to my heart

You never spoke of how you felt, but the people close to you knew.

You forfeit the place in our bed

You remembered the first time you faced him after the incident. He looked so apologetic. Pathetic.

You sleep in your office instead

Alex told you he didn’t let him into their apartment that night. He said John was forced to sleep in his office.

With only the memories

Memories of John still raced through your mind every day.

Of when you were mine

You couldn’t help but think of the time, a few days before the incident, where you found a small box and note in his coat pocket. You weren’t supposed to read it yet, but your curiosity got the best of you.

I hope that you burn

Now, you would regret reading that note. You could still see it, clear as day. You could still see his handwriting neatly scrawled on the paper.


‘Y/N, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?’

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Why Do You Ship Bbrae???? Did You forgot about Terra? They obviously loved each other

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Oh, anon.

I’m going to be honest; when I first saw this ask, I was confused. I thought; animosity? Is someone trying to stir up some drama or something? Is this a prank to lure me into a horrible ship war trap? Do they expect me to blast another ship/fandom in my response? Or is it just a clever ruse from a fellow BB/Rae fan who thinks they can make me talk bad about Terra and BB/T? :o The possibilities are endless!!


I’d like to think I’m pretty open and obvious about my opinions on the controversial Teen/Titans ship conversations. One peek through my blog should give you a good idea. But in case there’s some confusion, let’s clear up some basics here.

No, I don’t ship BB/T. 

No, I don’t hate Terra. 

No, I don’t hate or harass other fans for disliking BB/Rae and shipping BB/T (just keep it out of the appropriate tag, and we’re cool, man), and I don’t go around preaching to them and rallying to change their opinions. On that note, I don’t hate and harass multishippers, either. If I find an individual blogger overtly obnoxious with their opinions (meaning it’s in the tag and/or they bash/generalize all FANS for liking things they don’t) I just block them and be done with it. Who has time for that sort of negativity? 

I don’t read any fanfiction that pits Raven against Terra over Beast Boy’s affection. I sure as hell will never write it, either. I don’t do love triangles, and I don’t ever bash any characters in anything I write because, in my humble opinion, my ship can float plenty without needing to bring anyone else down to do it. :) 

So, to answer one of your questions; I did not ‘forget’ about Terra. I don’t deny they loved each other. In fact, I often openly acknowledge their relationship in a positive light when I can in a lot of my work. I’ve even written a few BB/T prompts and one-shots, and reblogged some cute fanart/gifsets by very talented folks. (They’re all under the BB/Terra tag minus the slash, so I mean. You can look for yourself). I found the relationship sort of cute and sweet in the JC animated movie, and I’ve doodled some Terra fanart in the past!

You see, my goal is to give to the community, anon. Not to segregate. Which is why I refuse to fall into this clever little attempt at trying to start drama where there is none. My blog, although more prone to BB/Rae content because that is my OTP, is still a BB/T friendly blog. In fact, it’s just about friendly to every TT ship that isn’t dami/rae or wally/rae or slade/titans, and even then, I clearly tag them so followers who DO like the ships can blacklist those posts. 

So, I guess my question to you, anon, is what is the point of this ask? What were you trying to accomplish by bringing this up? Did you want me to compare the ships and state why one is better than the other? That’s entirely subjective, and BB/T fans are also allowed to love their ship with as much fervor as I love BB/Rae. But that’s not quite what you asked for. 

That’s okay though; I’ll still do it.

I’m going to answer your question, anon.

I’m going to tell you exactly why I ship BB/Rae. Buckle up; this is going to be a long ride. :)

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #15

Here’s 20 more questions and comments you Vetlings have sent me. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this time, including topics about harness trained cats and getting work in a vet clinic. I’ve tried to tag everyone who identified themselves when asking questions, but if you were on Anon you’ll have to look through yourself for an answer.

Anonymous said: What is black ice? You mentioned it when talking about cold days in Australia. Tax - my headcannon about you is that you used to have many pets as a child.

Black ice is actually transparent ice which has frozen over a road, looking black. It’s when it’s cold enough to snow, but without anything fun. It often occurs at night and results in many accidents because it looks like a normal road, but is of course very slippery.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i got this from the blog counterphan, but I just wanted to point out that in Phil's video "Worst birthday EVER!", Phil puts this in the video, for like 1 second media. tumblr. com/4d240ddc160900f5e4dbd7be407acd1a/tumblr_inline_n9z25soZOg1syz9as. jpg He was wearing the shirt from THE video in it, and he'd never worn that shirt in ANY of his main channel videos. He also seemed to be looking at someone off camera. Thoughts?

I’ve never actually noticed this frame before. Let’s start off by saying this is not a frame from when he was filming the vday video. During the vday video he only shifted the camera slightly at one point, but other than that the background and his hair looks the same for the entire filming. This frame has a couple of similarities, one being the slightly open drawer (he seems to use that drawer a lot though, and it’s been in the same position in other videos i think. The second thing is the fluff sticking out of the closed bottom left drawer (which is also there in the “worst birthday ever video). So this could indicate that the frame is from the same day/night. The differences are his hair (it’s messier in the vday video), there’s part of his chair in frame in the vday video, and the chair is not visible here. Also lion is on the be, which he is not in the vday video. Counterphan suggested that the piece of foil is from the red panda video that he filmed on the 21st (dan got there later the same day) and that while they were quiet on twitter for 2 days  they were actually making the vday video together. Counterphan also thinks that this series of tweets from a couple of days after dan went home is related to that.

Whatever dan is trying to say with "gofinisherenvid” she thinks it’s “go finish the prank video that we filmed”.

It is interesting how similar the frame from the birthday video is to the vday video, but it doesn’t seem like it proves anything really. It could just as well be an outtake from his birthday video (idk why he’d change his shirt but you never know. Maybe he started filming and then changed his mind)

My main problem with the theory that the video was constructed (and possibly filmed) in january when dan was there is that phil mentions getting “loads of awesome birthday presents” from dan and how “it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him”. It’s true that he doesn’t mention any specific presents but still, is that really something dan would tell phil just for the sake of a prank video? Not to mention it would ruin the whole video if the presents were lost in the post or if dan sent them too late to arrive before valentines day. The presents arrived on february 2nd btw, and phil first mentions waiting for a package from dan that morning.

Oh and about the frame, he doesn’t look like he’s looking at someone in his room, because nothing is creating shadows and no one is reflected in his eyes. It’s hard to know if he’s looking at someone or something or just thinking about something. I don’t know why he’d put it in the video but it’s not the only time there’s a frame from another video shown for a split second. In the dog-alikes video there’s a frame of dan trying to fit into the fridge (you can mostly just see his butt) for no reason at all.

I'm really sorry for sending this, I'm just so sorry please don't hate me please

Hey, um…I’m really sorry, this has the potential to get really long, and I don’t want to bug you or anything but, just…you seemed like a good person to go to, like maybe if I told you my feelings you would be able to help, if only a little? I’m really sorry, I feel so selfish and disgusting for bothering you like this, but it’s important to me and I was hoping you would be able to maybe understand.

I’m fifteen years old, and I’ve been going through a rough time. Where I live, I’m in my last year before college, but I’m attending a new school, I’m autistic and have social anxiety so making friends is really difficult for me, my closest friends have both moved to their countries of origin so I don’t have anyone to talk to. I also happen to be a closeted lesbian with huge fears about my future and I just feel so alone. I’ve come to a point where my main coping mechanism is Steven Universe, and Pearl in particular is really important to me. She’s probably the most relateable character I’ve ever seen in fiction, and in many ways, I really look up to her – how she works hard and overcomes her struggles, how she always comes out better than she was before, how strong and sweet and loving she is. I really love her.

I’m really embarrassed about it and I don’t like to talk about it much, but I also really ship Pearl with Rose. I ship her with Garnet and Amethyst as well, but her relationship with Rose is especially important to me. At first, I simply related to her because I looked at it as an “in love with a straight girl situation”, but Tumblr has brought me to a point where I’ve been able to embrace the idea that they actually might’ve had a real relationship, and that’s just…hugely important to me, for Pearl to have actually had that.

I’m sorry that it’s kind of weird and weak of me, but I stumbled across this one blog, and…well, I know that it’s inevitable that there will be ship haters and there will be character haters and they will make blogs and that that’s just the normal, natural law of things, but it’s been bugging me for so long, because, like…the way they talked about Pearl really hurt me a lot. She’s kind of crucial to my self-esteem, she makes me feel like I can get better, and “getting better” has always been a huge priority for me. But the way they talked…made me feel like maybe I’m just a gross and wrong person, and it really doesn’t help me feel any better about myself.

I, um…I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so, so, so, so, so, sorry that I’m coming to you about this. I must seem like the lamest person, and probably desperate, and you don’t have to say anything to me, really, I just…

I get obsessed with things. That’s how I’ve always been – my mom said it’s a spectrum thing, and when I was a kid it always made me feel really weird, but, like…the whole world comes to revolve around the things that are important to me, and right now Pearl is important to me, and if Pearl is wrong and I’m wrong to love Pearl, then there’s nothing else I can turn to, and it’s not something I can just get.

I really love your stuff and your personality and everything that you do. And I have other people that I really like around here, too. I’ve never talked to them, but I just…I really do. I even have a pearlsona that I haven’t submitted. I drew her, too, but…I’m not the best artist. I’m a bit worried that you wouldn’t want her or be interested in her.

Your blog is a lot of what I wish I could make my own. I’m just scared to make text posts, even though I have a lot to say, because I’m afraid people will tell me I’m wrong, and pretty much the worst thing I can possibly imagine myself being is wrong. I really, really don’t like being wrong.

If you’ve made it this far…thank you a lot, for reading this.
If it’s not too much to ask, I’d really like to know…

When people say that Pearl is abusive, that she’s bad for not communicating her feelings, that she’s manipulative and undeserving of being with anybody…is it really true? Is she a bad person? Am I a bad person?

Did Rose really not love her? Is it really that obvious? Is Pearl really unloved? Is Pearl really undeserving of love? Is she…

As much as I answer them for myself, I feel like it’s all just…like I’m wrong, because it’s me, and I can’t possibly right about me. That sounds really strange, I’m so sorry, once again, I’m really sorry. I wanted to hear…someone else say their thoughts, because my own are just so clouded with bias and self-depracating arguments and bad stuff that I think I’ll have to work harder with making go away.

I shouldn’t have gone back on the blog. I really shouldn’t. I should just stick to the ones who make me feel good. I’ve blocked them, but…I can’t stop thinking about them, and their words.

If this comes across as oversensitive or dumb or weird or mean or bothersome, please let me know, because I just…don’t know. I can’t know. I never know what I should say or what I should feel and I feel like I’ve been told too many times that I do and say the wrong things, so…I just don’t know. I don’t like not knowing things, so please…

I’m so useless, I don’t even know how to feel about sending this, I’m so worried that you’ll read this and tell me that I’m weird and wrong and stupid and weak. Other people seem to deal with this kind of thing so easily…they just continue loving what they love without any problems, they don’t let that thing consume their life, and words just bounce off their heads like they’re nothing – they even are nothing, according to many of them. Meanwhile, I’m crying to you like a ridiculous little kitten with problems that don’t even matter. I’m so sorry if I’ve made you feel bad or bothered or anything like that.

Hey. Friend. Hon. Listen. First of all, do not feel bad at all about coming to me for help. I’m only qualified to help by listening and being a friend, but I know sometimes that’s where you have to start. It’s hard to know the right thing to say because I’m not great at this stuff either, but I kinda know what you’re going through. I’ve read meta about Pearl from ignorant people that kept me up all night worrying that they were right, that she couldn’t be forgiven for hurting people when she couldn’t help it and that I was a bad person because I’ve hurt people when I couldn’t help it. I’ve been there with regards to continuing to read stuff that upsets you and not really knowing why. I know how it is to be obsessed with something and love something so much and feel bad because someone thinks it’s the wrong thing. But there’s some stuff I wanna tell you. I assume you sent this as a submission because you’re ok with it being public (if not message me and I’ll take it down immediately; I wanted to send you an ask about whether it was ok to post but the url you submitted from seems to be from gmail and not a tumblr?) so I’m going to do this because my literal mission in life is to bring autistic and mentally ill women together with their heroes through my art. That is my purpose and that is my job, so I’m gonna do it for you here. Okay. First of all. Listen, neurotypical people, most of the time, don’t understand and some of them even hate people like us. Society as a collective thing, like, institutionally, definitely hates us. Especially the women (and feminine presenting people) among us. Especially the LGBTQIA/whatever else women among us. There’s been deliberate hatred towards us for so long that it’s just everywhere, it’s normal, it blends into the background, people don’t even notice it. There are some people with decent intentions, and other people with much worse intentions, who let that hatred seep into them until they think it’s right, and a lot of times they say “it’s just a story, nobody’s gonna take it that personally” and they don’t understand how hurtful they are. Some people have been hurt themselves and vulnerable people get lost in the crossfire–that’s nobody’s fault but how crappy the world can be. I don’t know what the blog you’re talking about is so I don’t know which of those categories the person fall under, but I DO know that you are NOT weak or stupid for reacting to an attack on something that’s important to you. It’s a part of your identity. Your feelings of hurt are absolutely valid. You are in the right to be sad and angry. You are in the right to feel pain in the face of a microcosm of a world that is painful for people like you.

Second. I understand feeling like you can’t take being wrong. See above re: the institutions of society are against  you. They hold you to an impossibly high standard. They make you feel like if you’re wrong, you’re a failure, and that you can’t be redeemed from that. Part of why I love Pearl is because she feels that too, and the feeling’s as stubborn for her as it is for me. And part of why I love SU is that as she makes mistakes over and over the way we all (especially those of us who are hurting for any reason) do in our lives, she always feels, for a certain amount of time, like everything is ending for her, and then–she snaps out of it and takes a deep breath and makes it right. And as long as she tries her best to make it right, even if it’s not perfect right away (see: “On the Run” and “Friend Ship”), HER people, the ones who stick with her and love her and care enough to try to understand her, always show her acceptance and support. And yes, she ALWAYS deserves that. Everybody (again, especially people who are hurting) has times in their life when they really hurt someone and may not deserve immediate forgiveness because that’s not really something you “deserve” exactly, it’s something that the other person chooses to give you when THEY’VE healed; but understanding and acceptance and love are a different thing. Pearl deserves the love of her family because with all her pain and all that she struggles to understand, she still cares about others. It’s that simple. Even if she may not mend everything perfectly, the caring is what counts, the intention is what counts. And the fact that you’re this worried about the possibility of hurting the other people in your life tells me that you too have that intention. So no, Pearl is not a bad person, and you are not a bad person, and that is not my opinion, it is my objective knowledge.

Third. Yes, Rose loved Pearl. I am as sure of this as I am of my hand in front of my face. Not only have the SU writers explicitly confirmed that Pearl’s feelings for Rose were NOT unrequited, but those who claim they were are ignoring major facts of the narrative. The ambiguity that’s been set up so far (what little there is) is solely because of point of view, the show’s groundbreakingly realistic portrayal of grief and its complications, and (I personally believe) a deliberate attempt to subvert harmful tropes that have surrounded past portrayals of lesbian relationships. It’s the pervasiveness of these tropes that sometimes draw even other lesbians into ignoring pointed elements of the narrative and misinterpreting Pearl as some kind of predatory after-the-straight-girl stereotype, but she is no such thing, and this is how I know:

  • Rebecca’s interviews and Guide to the Crystal Gems confirm that friendships and working relationships between different types of gems are extremely rare and outside the norm for gem society. Rose, who knew nothing but that society and held a position of power in it (both major roadblocks to understanding and accepting others) valued and loved Pearl enough to overcome the mindset that surrounded them and that likely existed in her own mind as well, and trust her, confide in her, and develop a close relationship with her.
  • Pearl is a stickler for accuracy and fact, but a maybe even more compelling argument for why she can’t possibly just be deluding herself about Rose’s love for her is that she clearly questions her own worth, and before the Crystal Gems (which remember, were originally JUST Pearl and Rose) everyone around her would have questioned it too. Why, with that mindset, would she believe that someone loved and valued her without CONSISTENT, OBJECTIVE, INDISPUTIBLE evidence? If she did it would be both narratively illogical and extremely out of character.
  • Rose is shown as reciprocating, or more accurately, INITIATING affectionate gestures in BOTH of the only two scenes we have of them together. 
  • Pearl and Rose’s relationship is consistently paralleled, in narrative, with Steven and Connie’s, who we have much more scenes between. When she watches them fight together in “Sworn to the Sword,” she snaps out of her post-traumatic and post-bereavement emotional haze and first of all remembers Rose (”Rose made me feel like I was everything”), and then IMMEDIATELY AFTER mentioning Rose draws the connection “I see now how much you two really care about each other.” With Rose gone and her self-worth seriously battered, she only remembered how she felt about Rose when she was apart from her, NOT how they truly felt about each other. It’s Steven and Connie’s extremely healthy, loving, innocent relationship that takes the distortion of memory away and reminds her of how she and Rose really were.

I hope that helps you feel more secure about identifying with Pearl and valuing Pearl and Rose’s love–that’s my objective, factual arguments based on canon, aside from all headcanons and personal interpretations, which you’re always free to make, and should make. I’d recommend you do everything you can to stay away from fans whose interpretations upset you and follow some bloggers who will understand and make a safe space for you. (If you’re not following @asdalphys, @artemispanthar [who I’m convinced is the single most levelheaded and reassuring person in the SU fandom], @oathkeeper-of-tarth, @vegan-pearl & @pearlanddogs, I highly recommend you do so!)

When a story takes hold in your mind, when it fires your emotions and inspires you, it becomes yours forever, and nobody, NOBODY can take it away. SU, Pearl, and what they mean to you can never be truly stolen, no matter how they try. And they do try, with every scrap of identification we get–they erase and stereotype and distort. They try to take our heroes away.

But as long as we are telling these stories to ourselves and letting ourselves feel what we know to be true about them, they will never succeed. As long as we are watching and reading and telling, they will never succeed. As long as we are writing and drawing and sharing, they will never succeed.

Listen, friend. Please send me your fan pearl if you’re comfortable doing that. The reason I write pearl uprising fanfic, the reason I make fan pearls, the reason I take fan pearl submissions, is because I’m trying to heal a wound I have in me that I recognize in Pearl. That’s why everybody tells and repeats stories, to heal a wound, even if that wound is just a space in the world where the story should be. The point of my Pearletariat posts–every single one of them–is that she, and they, and we, are worthy of love and deserving of justice, no matter how imperfect or unaccepted, and we are all in it together, and we are all sisters. We have a right and a duty to bring our imperfect selves into the light and learn and grow together in our own way and in our own time. In a world that’s so full of rejection, acceptance can seem unimaginable, but acceptance with justice is what I am always striving for in my blog and in my art. Please, I am begging you, when you’re ready, post your thoughts, make your fan characters, share them. Yes, there’s a risk that someone might be rude or that no one will notice, but please try to tell yourself that no one else’s thoughts can touch the ones that grow in you.

Because they are yours. They are ours. They will always be ours.

Steven Universe is a story. Pearl is a story. She’s lines and colors on a screen created by, thank goodness, the hand of someone who’s a lot more like us than she is like them. And she is a woman, and she is nonbinary, and she is a lesbian, and she is autistic, and mentally ill, and queer, and a trauma survivor–and she’s brave, and kind, and determined, and smart, and wonderful, and lovable, and good, and A HERO. She is, and she will always be, every single last thing you need her to be. And nobody, NOBODY can take her away from you–not other bloggers, not the fandom, not even the writers. Because you decide how she lives in your mind, and SHE IS OURS. SHE BELONGS TO ALL OF US. OUR STORIES ARE OURS. OUR HEROES ARE OURS. And when the world’s taken everything else it can take from us, it will never, ever take that.

EDIT: about one thing you said. Even though you do have to be critical to an extent because the world and mental illness and a whole lot of other factors will try to lie to you, at the deepest level, you are ALWAYS the authority on yourself. Don’t ever feel like you can’t be right about yourself, because no one is more likely to be right about you than you. <333

anonymous asked:

heyyyy so I know that s3 wasn't for you. But I personally loved it. So much. I really did. And it helped get through some stuff that has been eating me up for like two and half years. So I was wondering if you could take me through why you don't like. Or link me to a post you've already done about why you are so unhappy with it. (sorry for bringing it up D:) love your blog! Xx

Finally finished it! I’m sorry it took me too many days… but, warning, this is loooong. Because of it, I’m making some bullet points to give you an idea of what I’m talking about but will elaborate in every single point and more under “keep reading”.

* Bristol as the one and only reasonable option for Rae. BULLSHIT.
* Linda being oblivious to the fact that her daughter had a crisis and she wanted to be admitted back in hospital.
* Karim going back to Tunisia. Is GK even real with this?!
* There’s little representation in the show, so they thought it was a good idea to use Archie for the comic relief. Nice one (not).
* Kester. Everything Kester. Irresponsible, unprofessional, disrespectful of her patient. What happened to him and why does he have hair?!
* Finn being the candy eye again and the scapegoat of GK’s lack of imagination when he decided to throw him in THAT stupid plot.
* The failure of Rae/Finn is more than just the otp. It has deeper issues regarding the handling of Rae’s character and her relationships with people.
* Rae being ready to leave therapy. Really? With all that happened? BULLSHITTTTT.
* Predictable outcomes.
* Recycling plots from s2 to blend in GK writing into MMFD world.
* Who thought that ending the show with that message was a good idea?

Anyway, the long explanation goes after this…

Keep reading

superbleachgirl  asked:

Okay, so hey. I'm kind of new to the whole Tumblr thing and I don't have many followers but, I'd like to start writing on my blog but I literally have no idea what to write about. I'm a huge Supernatural fan and other shows but I'd rather people ask me to write, if that makes sense? So anyways I was wondering if you could help me in any way possible?Sorry it's long! Btw I totally love your blog! Keep it up! ^_^

Thank you, and no worries, darling! I do have some similar asks, so I can refer you to these bottom things below! :3


For Dean (and this is a pretty generic thing, I guess) I would consider incorporating some kind of rough language (like dark humor for when not wanting to express stuff or changing the point of things, also swearing) and maybe an accent from now and then. Although really the accent thing is more for words that we all typically cut off (freakin’, swingin’, really it applies to a bunch of ‘g’s).

For Sam maybe some softer language, although not too soft, you know? I guess it’s kind of weird to explain (especially for me, a person who can’t describe how to get to a bathroom without showing physically), but he’s still human and a Winchester. I think Sam would be more likely to say stuff like “Oh my god,” or something similar to that than Dean. I guess another tip would be trying to watch episodes within the time period that you’re writing.

Grammar stuff:

  • Please don’t just keep writing “said” after every dialogue, try to use variations of it that express emotions. It’s boring to just read in the same tone over and over again.
  • Don’t put “said” after a character is screaming. E.g.

“I can’t believe you would do that!” she said,screamed/cried/shouted. Just use something else than “said.”

  • Please don’t capitalize things after a question mark or exclamation point after ending the quotation marks unless you’re starting a difference sentence. What I mean by that is that both what the character is saying and the way that they’re are expressing it are one sentence.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” he shouted back.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” He shouted back.

On the wrong one you’re telling me two difference sentences, one being what the character is saying and the other “He shouted back.” That’s literally it. They should be connected, but when you make the “h” a capital “H” you are giving me two different sentences completely separated from each other. Here are the exceptions to this, though, which happen when you do want to consciously give another sentence.

  1. “How can you even expect me to believe that?” Her eyes were alive with ember flames as she looked at him and bit back tears.

That is completely different idea, although you could also just break the paragraph right there instead of having to continue it.

  • Please, please, for the love of Chuck, use paragraphs. Please. Don’t write a block of something (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING DIALOGUE). It looks really heavy and boring to read, so please, just don’t do that. Just…don’t.
  • Don’t just randomly capitalize or bold a word if you want it to have emphasis. Italicize it. Please. E.g.


“Gosh, I TOTALLY hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.


“Gosh, I totally hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.

  • I might be wrong about this one, but in my opinion it just makes things look better; don’t capitalize every single freaking word when a character is yelling. Leave that for when they’re hollering, or really angry and just basically exploding in emotion.


“JAMES, can you get the groceries?” she yelled into the house.


“DAMN IT, CAS, JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!” Dean roared, his hands clutching at your immobile body, one hand on your cheek and the other holding you against him.

In the right example above, Dean obviously feels really angry and panicked, which is why he is roaring so loud. Also, just to mention the corrections for the first example, you would have to put an ! after “JAMES.” It wouldn’t make it all that better (you would simply have to not capitalize the whole “JAMES” thing), but it would at least be decent.

  • ALWAYS use a comma after a character’s name if the person speaking is addressing to them.


“Hi James would you like to meet my parrot Danny?” She questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.


“Hi, James, would you like to meet my parrot, Danny?” she questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.

  • Use “” if a character is speaking, not ‘’.
  • A name always has the first letter capitalized.
  • In English, words in titles that are typically more than four letters are capitalized.
  • (Edit) Okay, so using an apostrophe after a word that ends with s is cool. Don’t use it like the following.


James’s eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.


James’ eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.

Anonymous: I just made an imagine’s blog, but I don’t know how to get people interested or requesting things. What did you do?

Ahh, my old, sweet days as a fresh imagines blog…now, those were good times, I’ll though I prefer these better.

Anyhow, the first thing I did was introduce myself to the imagines community in a little message and encouraged people to send me a request, which was what got me my first few followers and requests! After that, I just kept posting and this blog grew little by little, and I would just ask for requests when I ran out.

One big tip that I would give is tag EVERYTHING. There’s this thing about the first five tags showing up or something (?) and I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that a bunch of things with tags beyond that show on the mobile search engine, or I might be crazy, but still, use tags as much as you can.

I’m now lucky enough to have a ton of followers and requests, and even an amazing co-writer, so don’t worry really about a rough start, it really becomes better! :) Hope this helps!

Anonymous: How can I start a oneshot blog? How do I get people to send in requests? Thank you & I love this blog <3

Aw, thanks, sweetheart! What I just did was post a littlemessage, you know, those that you see around every once in a while in the Supernatural imagine tag, and waited for any requests to come in (which luckily they did and I love and appreciate my first requesters very dearly). From there on I just posted whatever I could and tagged it to get it around. I bold that word because it’s seriously important to tag your stuff. 

Izzythesociopath said: Hi! I’m starting my own Supernatural one shots blog, and I was wondering of I could have some advice or pointers?

Oh my god, I was going to answer this last night in depth and everything but I just kept wandering away for some reason. Sorry! Anyhow, I don’t really know how to instruct people but I will try my best. So, things to keep in mind:

  • Have a consistent kind of theme to your one shots. By that I just mean putting them in the same format always, like how I do the Request, A/N, Word count, Pairing, Warnings, thing. Make up your own, experiment a little. It’s probably going to change until you find the one you’re most comfortable with and that’s totally okay!
  • Decide if it’s gonna be strictly one-shots or also just kind of Supernatural themed.
  • Always tag your stuff. And by that I really want to point out to use the tags that people are going to see, because often I’ve read amazing stories that I had never seen before because of the way the tags are written. I would recommend tagging: supernatural imagine, Supernatural one shot, and whatever character it’s about (e.g. Dean Winchester imagine, Dean Winchester one shot, Dean Winchester x reader).
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of likes of followers at first; you will grow in time!
  • Theme for mobile: Try to have a theme that’s easy to the eyes. My theme is just black and white, so do keep a nice consistency like that.
  • Theme on desktop: Also try to have a nice theme that goes with the one on mobile in the desktop version. This all relates to the color scheme and just makes it look better (this is where my professional communications class came in handy).

So…yeah, just be yourself with your followers and always keep alive that same passion that inspired you to write in the first place and you’ll do great!

Anonymous: Hey! So I’m starting a Supernatural oneshot blog and I need an advice from you. I see that you have a wonderful relationship with your followers, so I wanted to ask you how did you build that? :) xoxo

No problem, dear! At first I just mainly answered asks for requests and just kind of opened up about my life and encouraged people to ask anything. I just answer whatever I can with the most positive attitude I can because I love being kind and happy, and I really think that that’s mainly what can make your followers feel more comfortable!

Also, tspofspn, I think I accidentally answer your ask privately, so if the links don’t work (or if you have no idea what links I’m talking about because they didn’t show up) here’s what I was talking about! :)

Summer 2016 Mod Application

Are you:

  • exceptionally polite?
  • unfailingly kind?
  • willing to help other writers make their characters the best they can be?
  • 18 years of age or older?
  • a follower of simplyoriginalcharacters?
  • able to commit to at least four hours a week for a minimum of six months?

If so, you might have what it takes to be a SOC mod! Check below the cut for more details…

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