hey look there's a beautiful girl up there

The Aristocats- Dean Winchester


The aristocats with dean the bit where they meet for the first time down by the lake and you’re a single mom

“I’m Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat”

^Sorry. Not sorry.

You had recently gone on holiday with your daughter, everything was going well but then you got lost.

Now you were in a shity motel in Kansas somewhere trying to communicate with the moody teen at the desk to find you a taxi home.

You had had enough with arguing so decided to walk down to the river that was behind the motel, it seemed to be the only pretty place you’d seen in ages.

The grass was green and there where pretty blue bells growing proudly in the sun. There was an old stone bridge crossing the river and next to it was a large tree that was blooming with pink blossoms.

You sit on the bank and look in the water, seeing a few fish swimming happily.

You barely notice the humming of a sleek black car driving over the bridge.

Dean stopped the car and looked out with a cheeky smile, “Mmm.” He hopped out and started to hum a tune, catching your attention.

You look at the stranger and smile at his confidence.

He looked down at you like he’d never seen anyone beautifier in his lifetime. He walked across the bridge and lent against the stones. “Hey.” He smiled down to you.

You didn’t reply but continued to look up at him.

He gently moved a branch of the tree, causing blossoms to fall around you. “You are beautiful” he commented.

“Well I’m very flattered” you blush slightly and brush the blossom off you.

“You’re welcome sweetheart.” He walked down the bank to your side.

You didn’t notice your daughter sneak down the bank and hide behind the tree, watching the stranger flirting with you.  

“You have beautiful eyes.”

“Do I have beautiful eyes too?” the small girl said tugging on the man’s shirt.

“Oh theres a child…” He looked to you and then back to the kid,

“Yeah, that’s my daughter.” You pick up the little girl and smile softly. “We’re staying in the motel until we can find a taxi that will come this far out.” You explain with a sigh.

“Well lucky for you I have a magic carpet.” He smirked and your daughter squeed happily.


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Hey I know this sounds heartbreaking but there's a ball coming up and I'm going to it but I can't find a dress to wear because I'm too..."Heavy" this brings me down a lot as all the girls have beautiful dresses all picked out ready to go and I don't

That is heartbreaking. Especially because you used the word ‘heavy’, especially because you think you can’t get a gorgeous dress like the other girls and look just as beautiful! Maybe it’ll take a little more preparation and maybe you might need to get one custom made and it’ll cost more but you’ll still look stunning when you have found the perfect dress! I promise you’ll look so beautiful at the ball, you’ll glow! I’d love some photos after it if you’re comfortable sharing. :)! I just know you’ll look like a precious diamond, it’s hard that you can’t find a dress but any tailer will custom one for you or online you might find bigger dresses :)? You can always fix it up or add whatever you like so it pleases you and makes you feel great! Please don’t feel like you’ll be any less then anyone else going! Okay :)? You might need prep and a bit more money but I know you WILL look perfect. Try smile lovely.

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Hey there i'm desperate for validation so two girls can cuddle and kiss and love each other and they can live together as a family and sleep with each other and there's nothing wrong with it and it is a good thing right?

No, that type of relationship isn’t good. It’s incredible and pure and fucking beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with love, all types of love. You know if you look up the word love, the definition is warmth, affection, tenderness, and admiration felt by lovers. And honestly, I’ve never seen better love than couples in the lgbtq+ community have shown. We have always been fighting for love. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s wrong.

I have to be honest with you all, my morals are definitely pretty grey. But I live by one very very important rule. You can do whatever you want, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. So by two woman being in a healthy and loving relationship, that doesn’t hurt anyone. If someone claims it hurts them, then you can tell them the rest of the community is hurt that their homophobic self exists!

Sorry, this answer may have turned into a bit of a rant. But I’m angry at the world for making you feel this way. You can come here any time. We will all validate and support you. I’ll even add some pics for you, please notice how happy and genuine they look. Yes, you can have that too and it isn’t wrong.

Can everyone please show this Anon some love and validation?

- Nicole

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