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Sparks Chapter 19

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.2K

Summary: About 2 months elapses and ends in a St. Patricks Day bar crawl where Bucky holds your hair back as you vomit your guts out and drunk spill some secrets. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendshipand then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 67,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Happy turned hostile: Part 4

Characters: Y/N, Sam, Crowley, Dean, Rowena

(Y/N/N) = Your nickname

Word count- 2641

Warnings: Angst (obvi) , fluff, crying, swearing, that’s it without spoilers

An: Thank you so much from the bottom of my dark heart for all the love & support for this series. I’m glad you all are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing this!

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  

After Crowley returned you filled him in on everything that happened. Sure he was upset that you were leaving given how close the two of you have gotten since you became a demon. But with the reassurance that you’d see him as much as you could and he could always pop into the bunker to see you. Truthfully as long as you were happy, Crowley made no real complaints. 

After spending an hour in the throne room with Crowley just talking about everything as you two normally do; you excused yourself to your room so you could start gathering your things to head home, to the bunker. With your boys. 

As you finished packing the last of your things, you stopped and looked around your room. You never really thought you’d ever miss hell. But this has been your home for so long. In a way, it will always be your home; much like the bunker.

“That should do it for now.” you whispered to yourself as you shut your closet door. 

“Talking to yourself again, love?”

“Why yes my king!” you joked turning around and walking over to Crowley.

Part of you really didn’t want to leave, but a bigger part of you needed to leave. To go back to Sam. And Dean. To see if you and Sam could really work out given the situation at hand.

You sighed drastically before wrapping your arms around Crowley’s neck and him wrapping his around your lower back. 

You muttered into his chest, “I should get going.”

As you were pulling away from Crowley his hand came up to your face and his thumb brushed a tear away from your eye that you didn’t even realize you had shed. 

For awhile now you’d brought out the softest side of Crowley, so it was no surprise that you swore you saw him blinking back tears. 

“Go. I’ll see you soon, (Y/N/N).” he said kissing your cheek lightly and turning and leaving the room. 

Gathering your bags, you looked around your room once more before teleporting yourself to the bunker. 

You landed in the War Room, staring at the large table in the middle of the room, your eye roamed the room entirely. You almost forgot what it felt like to be here. 

The War Room was empty which was odd since that’s where the boys mostly stayed other than the library. You started to make your way to the library turning each corner swiftly. You still knew this place like the back of your hand. 

Seeing the entrance to the library made your stomach do flips, you were so excited and nervous.

Rounding the corner you spot Sam and Dean with their backs to you looking over some Men of Letters notes.

“Hey, boys.” you said excitedly with a huge smile plastered across your face. 

Both of the boys jumped slightly startled and you giggled.

Before you could say anything else two pairs of strong arms wrapped around you.

Enjoying the love you were getting it was getting hard to breathe.

“Guys. Can’t. Breathe.” you finally got out in multiple breathes. 

Both of the tall men reluctantly let go of you and muttered: “sorry's”.

“Ahhh, I missed you two so much.” you said before attacked Dean with a tight huge and him returning the hug.

“Wow, now we know who your favorite Winchester is.” chimed in Sam sarcastically.

“Oh shut it, Sammy.” you said as a fit of laughter came over you. 

Dean let go of you and pushed your shoulders back so he could look at your face before a fit of laughter came over him as well.

Little known fact about Dean Winchester was no matter is mood, whenever you laughed he laughed. Solely because you sounded like a tea kettle when you laughed. And it is hilarious. 

Soon, both you and the boy were holding your stomachs with tears coming out your eyes trying to catch your breath.

Finally after you all calm down a good fifteen minutes later; you pointed to the stack of abandoned papers the boys were reading when you walked in.

“Is that a case?” you asked.

“Just some research for another hunter.” Dean responded.

“Gotcha… So I’m back, what’s the first thing to do?” you asked excited to finally be back with your boys. 

You saw Dean eye Sam, and Sam eyeing Dean back, having a conversation without even talking to each other. Before you could pipe in and ask what the Winchester only conversation was about; Dean blurted out: 

“We should probably address why you sold your soul to get me back in the first place.”

You weren’t expecting him to ask that, you thought it was obvious.

“Because it was me or Sam, and out of the two of us it’s pretty clear who it should have been me. You were dead with a one-way ticket to hell, again. And I wasn’t going to stand by while Sam sold his soul to get you back and you make a deal to get him back.”

“That wasn’t your call, (Y/N).”

“Bullshit if it wasn’t, Dean. My soul, my deal. It’s not even a big deal. I’m still me, just with black eyes.”

You honestly didn’t see why this was an issue. You really started to miss the love they were giving you moments ago. And it was starting to irritate you. 

Dean scoffed. 

“I’m still me, just with black eyes.” he mocked you.  

“Do you even hear yourself (Y/N)? You’re a demon.”

“Dean, what the hell. I thought we agreed that this is how it is now.” Sam interjected before you could chew Dean a new one. 

Finally, somebody who’s taking your side, you thought to yourself.

Dean switched his glare from your to Sam, who stood to the left of you now. 

“C'mon, Sammy. Don’t tell me that you think this is okay, that you’re okay with this. You want her back. Just as much as I do. I thought I’d be okay with this. Maybe it was me just being happy to see her or maybe it’s how scary calm you two are with this. She’s a demon, we’re hunters.”

He focused his glare back to you.

“And you know what we do to demons, Sam.” he added.

You stood there speechless with your mouth slightly opened, wanting to say something but not even knowing where to start. You felt tears gather in your eyes, quickly blinking them away so neither of the two men would see.

You couldn’t believe your best friend was saying these words.

You knew coming back to the bunker was a mistake. This part of your life died when you made the deal to become a demon. 

Your eyes flickered towards Sam, hoping he’d say something, anything. But he stood just as frozen and speechless as you.

If you couldn’t see demons true forms, you’d swear Dean Winchester was possessed. 

But he wasn’t, this is how he truly felt. 

And it broke your heart. 

Scoffing slightly and turning on your heels to exit the library, you felt a warm hand circle around your wrist.

“(Y/N), please.” Sam begged.

“Please don’t go.”

You closed your eyes, once again forcing the tears down, not even turning around to face Sam because you knew if you did, the waterworks would kick in.

“No. I’m not wanted here.” was all you said before jerking your arm away from Sam’s grip and running down the hallway; only stopping when you heard the shouting and sounds of objects being thrown from the library.

You let your tears fall, breathing in the bunkers smell one last time before teleporting back to hell, where you belong, where your home is. 

Not even really meaning to, you teleported right in front of Crowley. Who was sitting at his desk in his room, looking over hell’s paperwork. 

He noticed you right away and right away he noticed your puffy eyes with tears still streaming your face.

“(Y/N), love. What happened?” he asked frantically. His face full of worry, confusion with a slight hint of anger. He hated seeing you upset. He hated seeing you anything but happy. 

Opening your mouth and only a croaking sound came out before you fell to the floor; Crowley’s arms wrapping around you before your body could hit the floor.

He led you to the side of his bed so the two of you could sit; his arms never leaving your body. 

“(Y/N/N, you have to tell me what happened. Please." 

Between your frantic crying that turned into you hyperventilating, you finally got out the four words. 

"They don’t want me.” you said before breaking down even more; burying yourself in Crowley’s side. No doubt soaking his suit. But neither of you cared about that.

You two sat there until your breathing calmed down and you could talk without feeling like you couldn’t breathe.

“You know, they’re bloody idiots for not wanting you.” Crowley mumbled into your hair before kissing your head.

You still sat there, not saying a word. But all the words Dean said to you playing in your head over and over.

Suddenly, you turned so you were sitting face to face with Crowley on the bed.

“I want to make another deal.” you said with no doubt in your mind.

Crowley stared at you for a few minuetes before speaking again.

“I’m not erasing your memories if that is what you’re asking for.” he replied.

“No, I need you to get in contact with your mother. She owes me one.”

Crowley couldn’t piece together what you meant and why his mother even owed you anything.

“What do you need from her, (Y/N/N)? You have to tell me before I go along with this.”

You breathed in your mouth and out your nose before you looked Crowley in the eyes.

“I need her to take any emotion I have for the Winchesters away. I know she can do it and I can get her everything she needs. Now will you please get her here?”

Crowley looked stunned, stunned that you’re wanting to go to these extremes. But he wasn’t against it. He supported everything you’ve down. And even if he did say no, you’d go behind his back and find another way. 

“Okay. I’ll have her here as soon as I can.” he said before getting up and leaving you alone so he could go find Rowena. 

You don’t know how long your phone had been vibrating in your bag until it suddenly grabbed your attention. 

Walking over to your bag and picking up your phone, you say 16 unread messages from Sam Winchester.

’(Y/N, please)’

‘Come back.’

'We can leave together.’

'Dean was out of line.’

'I don’t feel that way.’

The messages went on and on, as tempting as it sounded to leave and run away to start a new life with Sam; you knew it wouldn’t last. He’d always choose his brother, whether he admitted it or not. And you don’t blame him. That’s his only family. 

Turning off your phone and throwing it back into your bag; you decided a shower would soothe you and kill time before Crowley came back with Rowena. 

Walking down the hall to your room, you picked out some clean clothes from your wardrobe and headed into the shower. 

You had spent a little over an hour in the shower but reluctantly getting out and patting yourself dry and drying your hair slightly so it wasn’t dripping everywhere, opting to let it air dry before doing anything with it. 

Hours passed by and still no sign of Crowley or Rowena. You’d styled your hair and put on makeup hoping the time would pass faster. 

You needed them to hurry because you felt like if you had time to sleep on this, you’d back out.

You knew this was the right choice. Sam and you couldn’t work and Dean made it clear how he felt. 

All of their problems would disappear if they would cure you, but you’d never forgive them because honestly, you didn’t want to be cured. Or need to be for that matter.

Hearing your door creek broke you from your thoughts and in came through the door your favorite red-haired witch. 

You’d gotten along well with Rowena from the start, even before you became a demon. She had that fire just like you did and you both loved it about each other and you both also considered each other as dear friends. 

True she owed you a favor but she would have done this for you either way. 

“Ro!” you said cheerfully before getting up and walking towards the door wrapping her in a hug and her arms wrapping around you.

“(Y/N), dear. Looking stunning as always.” she said kissing your cheek. 

“Fergus filled me in on the annoying way here.”

She was cutting to the chase, she knew you needed this and she knew anymore thought and you’d back out. She was doing what’s best for you.

“Do you have what I need?” she added while she searched through her bag.

“Yes.” you said walking over to your dresser and pulling out Sam’s flannel and one of Dean’s favorite tapes he’d play in the Impala.

Two items that belonged to who you wanted to not love anymore.

You’ve seen Rowena do this spell before on people for almost the same reasons as you; so you know how it works. 

She chants a spell and does her witchy stuff and you fall asleep and once you wake up, all love is gone. Simple, easy and painless.

“Ready?” she asked and you nodded and headed to your bed to lay down. 

The spell was done and finished quickly. The last thing you remembered was Ro wishing you well and leaving your room before you fell into a deep sleep. 

You felt like you’d been sleeping for days whenever you woke up due to Crowley’s voice pulling you from your slumber. 

Okay, maybe you lied to yourself about the pain because your head felt like it was about to explode but you knew it would go away within the hour. 

You glared up at Crowley. Human or demon, you didn’t like being woken up. Especially since you didn’t need to sleep as a demon, but if you did; you sure fucking enjoyed it. 

“I’m trying to sleep, Crowley. What is so important?” you groaned.

“Squirrel and Moose are in the dining room requesting you." 

"Okay? And your point being?” you sassed back at him.

“Right, no love for the Winchester boys." 

"Anyways, my point is, they killed 12 of my men until one of them brung them to hell to see you. So get up and let’s go handle this” he added on before pulling the blankets off you and leaving the room. 

“Get to it, (Y/N/N).” he yelled over his shoulder with a laugh before shutting his door. 

You groaned and threw your head back onto the soft pillows that surrounded you.

You really didn’t care nor want to deal with this right now or ever for that matter. 

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Can I request Asahi and Iwaizumi scenarios with tall!s/o who blushes really easily and is annoyed because of this? Like... Somebody comes too near and she's all red already. (Not this "cute, delicate, flower and rainbow" type of the shy person. More like not-so-normal, nerdy but just kinda insecure person.)

Hi nonie-chan!!! I hope this is what you meant :o but I hope most of you like this anyway… 



Azumane Asahi

You walk out the door and you bump into one of your classmates.

“Hey, _____, can I have some notes for Literature?” He looks up at you. Your face flames up, your handwriting wasn’t the best and you didn’t really want to show him that.

God he had to look up at you.

“W-ell, y-you see uhm…” You stutter some words out, hoping he would get it. You look down, afraid of his judgmental eyes.

He looks at you, confused. “I have no idea what you said.” He laughs lightly and you feel yourself shrink. You were tall, it was a fact. But you felt 3 feet tall at the moment.

Asahi sees you and his eyes wide. He’s seen you get red a few times already, but he could never be too sure.

‘What if he’s flirting with her? What do I do? Do I walk over?’

His thoughts scramble as he shakily walks over you two.

“Asahi!” You say, surprised to see the ace walking over to you. The guy backs away, slightly surprised.

Asahi freezes, what does he do now?

“Oh! Hey Azumane-san.” The guy says. Asahi smiles weakly and nods at him.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Asahi clenches his bag and looks at you, red faced and all.

“I was asking if I could have some notes for Literature.” Asahi relaxes and lets out a soft “phew”

The guy’s eyebrow raises and he looks back at you. You avoid his eyes and reach to get your notebook.

“Here you go…” t was barely a whisper but he heard it, thanked you, and promised to return it the next day.

Asahi looks at you, a worried expression on his face.

“Hey,” he holds your hand and you look at him, still a little flustered.

“What’s wrong?” He asks as you walk hand in hand out of the school. You take a deep breath and rest your head on his shoulder.

“I don’t know…”

You keep walking and soon, the chatter of your schoolmates disappear.

Asahi looks at you, holding onto your hand and strokes it with his thumb.“You know I’ll still love you even if you tell me, right?”

A blush creeps onto his face and his voice was soft, completely smitten over you. You bite your lip. A moment of silence surrounds you and you take breath to speak.

“Am I too tall?”

“You’re not.” The suddenness made your eyes widen and you look at him.  He stared into your eyes, stopping his tracks.

“You’re beautiful just the way you are.” Your heart beats faster and a blush covers your cheeks.

“But, doesn’t it bother you? Like, you don’t even have to look down at me… “ You look away and think of the stereotypical girl-is-shorter-than-the-guy relationship.

He sighs and holds both of your hands, facing you directly. He takes a deep breath and his hands shake out of nerves.

“It doesn’t bother me. As long as you have me in your heart, I’ll be perfectly fine.” His arms snake around your waist and you rest your head on his shoulder, embracing him by the shoulders.

“Love yourself, _____. You deserve to.”

Iwaizumi Hajime

You’ve never met the volleyball team before, and Iwaizumi said maybe it was time to meet them.

To your dismay, that is.

“What if they don’t like me?” You say as you avoid his eyes, He cups your face and looks you in the eye.

“They will, okay? Don’t worry.”

Your heart beats against your chest and you feel your hands shaking.

The door to the gym opens and Oikawa rushes to you. Your face heats up with all of the eyes on you. You see some members whispering to each other and you look at the floor.

“Woah, you’re so tall!” Oikawa beams at you. Your cheeks turn a vivid red and he continues to awe over your height.

“Oi, Crappykawa, leave her alone.”

Iwaizumi wraps his arm around your wait and kisses your cheek.

“No need to show off, Iwaizumi.” Matsukawa rolls his eyes as he walks over.

The whole gym was staring at you and you feel yourself shrink under their gazes.

They hate me don’t they?

“Wow, you’re really tall.” Hanamaki’s wide eyes made you feel so small.

You really wanted to disappear, then and there. You just weren’t comfortable being the center of attention.

“You should join the girls volleyball team! They could really use your height and-“

“Oikawa I said shut up.” Iwaizumi drags you out the gym and you look away. The eyes don’t leave your frame until the door close.

He holds you hands in his and he sighs as he rests his forehead on yours. You close your eyes and he slips his hands around your waist.

“I know you get really anxious, being the center of attention and all,” He cups your face and you open your eyes.

“But you’re beautiful.” Your heart beach paces in your chest and you feel your fac reddening.

“And you deserve all of the attention in the world.” He chuckles as you hide your face in your hands.

He takes hold of your hands and holds them in his. You hold onto him tightly and peck his cheek. His eyes widen and he relaxes.

“Now let’s go beat the hell out of Oikawa.”

“You know, I really think you’re gonna leave me for him someday.”

Hajime laughs and shakes his head.

“You’re the only one for me, sweetheart.”


everyone is miserable and there’s link running through the shot like some jazzy little elf.



Billy Maximoff as “Wiccan”

Billy is the son of Supreme Sorceress Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and an unknown mage from Sri Lanka. He was raised by Scarlet Witch in New York City and throughout his childhood he was taught basic magic spells and hexes. During his teenage years, Billy came out as gay at his school and was subjected to a lot of bullying. The mixture of his multiracial status and his homosexuality caused a stir with the bigots at his school. When his bullies physically assaulted him, his X-gene activated and Billy developed the mutant ability to generate electric blasts which he was able to ward off the bullies with.

Upon learning of his son’s newfound powers, Wanda decided to begin training him in magic. However, his training was interrupted when Director Nick Fury recruited his mother for the new Avengers team. She then left Billy in the care of the new Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning where he is now able to better control his mutant powers in addition to his magical powers. Billy is a naturally gifted student and is able to pick up knowledge fast as well as absorb it.

At the school the students are divided into 3-person squads to train with. Billy, codename “Wiccan" is currently in the student squad called the Paragons which is composed of the brightest and strategic of the students. The team is mentored by Instructor Kuan-Yin Xorn and consists of Wiccan, Hisako Ichiki aka Armor, and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier aka Aurora. Wiccan has developed a close friendship with Hisako and the two often hangout after school. In addition, he has also been tutoring Colossus in spells as he has shown some affinity for magic.

Design Notes: Hey look! So I decided race bend Billy because south asians are rarely represented in comics. In addition, his outfit is just a weird combo of his two outfits that I liked haha. 

EDIT: So I guess it wasn’t clear but it was brought to my attention that my Billy reboot’s ethnicity is not clear. I decided that instead of Billy being created as a result of Wanda’s reality warping powers, I thought it would be interesting to let her have a biological child, in this case with a Sri Lankan Desi Jew. So his ethnicity in this reboot is a quarter Roma, a quarter Jewish, and half South Asian, and his religion is still Judaism. I realize I did end up reducing the minority ethnicities Billy was before, but I decided that I didn’t want Wanda to be pegged as the “mentally ill” superhero and root Billy’s origin in that, and, coming as someone who is a mix of ethnicities, I thought it would be cool to see a superhero with a similar background. If you think this is offensive then please send me a message and we can discuss and I can edit/change it! Thank you!

Watch on asexualadvice.tumblr.com

A video of mine on asexuality- I hope it might help some people wanting to know more!:)

(Mod note: Hey, look, a quick 3 minute intro to asexuality! Thanks so much both for making this and sharing it! 

Do be aware - just from my watch through, I noticed a few issues here and there that could use clarification, such as not discussing aesthetic and sensual attraction as separate from romantic attraction, the common “many asexuals have sex” [remember, only about 4% of asexuals are sex-favorable, so the odds are that most asexuals are not interested in sex], a few other little nitpicky things… but for a 3 min video, very well done! -Kiowa)