hey look my url

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Ravage me Akira ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'll be sure to show you my true form after that 😉

‘The show’s over.’

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♧ rachel..... don't let this popular blogger power go 2 yr head

andi you KNOW i have no ego or self awareness to speak of 

You’re my: coolest friend. like straight up you have an incredible, stylish, mystical power
How I met you: we were in the same creative class and i sat at the back by you but not like, right by you. also youre buds with sean  
Why I follow you: uhh why WOULDN’T i. just by following you i get + 5 to my extreme dopeness factor
Your blog is: amazing. the aesthetic is so chill, artistic, lovely and wonderful- just like you !!!
Your URL is: hey you know i love that star trek shit. just look at my url. 
Your icon is: very, very cool. love me a musically- inclined cherub. 
A random fact I know about you: yr dog’s name is moose and although i haven’t met him i know he is a very good boy
General opinion: tbh i’m incredibly luck just to know you. you’re so smart and talented and stylish and adventurous and i could go on and on and on! 5/5 stars would recommend. 
A random thought I have: i remember when we had to present our final projects in our creative writing class you bound your book and i thought that was the coolest shit ever. i lost my whole mind. i still think about it today.