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Tinged With Gold (Part 4)

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Prompt: “My entire universe is you.”

It’s midnight, and the moon is high up in the sky once again, peacefully illuminating each dark corner of the world. Tonight is not a cold lonely night as even the moon gets accompanied by millions of glittering stars, twinkling with glee, blinking to each and every pair of eyes that waste a second to look to the sky. A gentle tune is playing from somewhere around the neighborhood, swaying its beats to the rhythm of a lovely dance from the lovers that can’t fall asleep, escorting young drunken teenagers to their respective home, lulling the lonely souls into a deep slumber for tomorrow they will have to fight for another day.

Harry is peaceful, and calm, and content, and happy, oh so very, very happy, but Harry is wide awake, and so does Draco. They are both lying on Harry’s bed, face to face, knees to knees, with only two inches distance between them. The moonlight is once again lighting each and every Draco’s feature –he’s different. Gone are the too pointy chin and the too sharp jaw, the bags under his eyes have vanished, the only thing that still stays the same is the high cheekbones. For once Draco looks softer around the edge –more approachable, for once the grey orbs look brighter and much, much lighter. Draco looks happy.

They don’t exactly do anything as they have spent almost 2 hours lying in the dark, with silence blanketing the room, only staring at each other and smiles occasionally when they see something amusing, for once not trying to challenge each other, just lying there peacefully, trying to memorize each and every part of each other. Draco is spellbound under Harry’s gaze, he never know staring at someone’s eyes can be so captivating. Right now, Harry could ask Draco to do anything and give everything, and he won’t argue at all. Harry’s eyes are green –so very, very green, it’s mesmerizing. His hand moves instinctively to Harry’s temple, instigating the first touch of the night, creating the first golden light inside the dark room. Draco’s attention doesn’t get sidetracked, his sole focus is in Harry’s green orbs, now illuminated under the golden hue. Draco watches in fascination how Harry’s pupil dilates slightly under the light, and then he takes note on how Harry’s eyes are not exactly green, there are some hazel freckles beneath the bright green. Draco can only think about the color of the forest, deep, silent, and peaceful forest. He wants to be enthralled inside those orbs forever.

Harry is never very good with his emotions, he never exactly consider them important before. Thus the sole reason why he doesn’t exactly knows what to do when his heart assaults him with all of these feelings. He can feel his own heart swelling to the point of almost bursting, and he’s helpless to the assault, his body is not cooperating with him. The way Draco lies in front of him, staring at him like he’s something so priceless, but also the most precious in his life, is not helping with the way his heart is reacting tonight. The way Draco delicately touch his temple only to look deeper into his eyes, and the way he smile in the end, it all makes Harry feels treasured and loved –oh, so loved by the other boy. So the only way Harry’s body can cope with the assault is by producing tears. His eyes blurred with so many tears, but his lips are smiling widely. Draco suddenly concerns and throws the first sentence that night.

“What’s wrong?” The edge in his voice makes Harry chuckles wetly.

“Nothing, I’m just feeling too many things at once. My heart feels like it’s going to burst with emotions.”

“You’re such a sap, Potter. Crying after sex? People might think I did something immoral to deflower you.” Draco says in his usual weird joking tone, but Harry laughs nonetheless.

“May I remind you that it was I, who seduced you to this room?” Harry grins as he wipes the remaining tears.

“You’re not alone, you know?” Draco says.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not the only one who thinks that he will die because his heart bursts or collapsed with too many emotions.” Draco leans in to let his lips mould with the boy in front of him. The kiss is consuming for the both of them. It never fades since the first time they kissed, the feelings is always there, the feeling of both giving everything of their being and taking anything the other one provides, the feeling of being inside a warm cocoon that tingles their body from head to toe, the feeling of the world fading into blurred lights –leaving them as the only concrete reality when the concept of time is no longer absolute, the feeling of being linked to each other core.

Harry’s heart once again feels like it might combust, but this time he lets it happened. He surrenders to the emotions, drowning himself into the sensation of his soulmate. The tears once again fall from the corners of his tight shut eyes, his mind only resonating one word, bouncing freely inside his mind, claiming his entire being, making a home in the corner of his heart, an endless yearning for the boy above him –Draco. Draco. Draco. Draco. Draco.

The world is forgotten, what important for Draco is the boy beneath him. It’s like his life has shifted and now it’s not gravity that holds him to this life, it’s him, it’s Harry Potter. Hands keep roaming each other, taking in every kiss and every golden mark they leave on each other. Circe, Harry is beautiful, but nothing can beat tonight. Harry is so fucking beautiful, lying under him, showing his bare soul to every eyes in the room, mouth pliant beneath Draco’s, glowing with each and every touch Draco makes –no matter how light, with tears in his green eyes, and oh so much love inside those orbs, heart beating loudly under Draco’s arm. This side of Harry is magnificent –phenomenal. And it’s all for him. Merlin, he is definitely the death of Draco.

Once the both of them finally go back to staring at each other eyes, Harry finally puts his palm on Draco’s chest, right on his beating point. The force and seriousness in his eyes almost make Draco dizzy.

“I love you.” Draco’s eyes widen as wide as they can.

“So soon? It’s only our first time doing it together, only four months after you knew about this golden shit and all.” Draco is not sure whether he wants to back off the relationship or to actually making sure that Harry knows what he’s talking about.

“Doesn’t matter. I love you.” Harry says with certainty which makes Draco eyes water for the first time in the night. Once again, he moves his hand, and runs his finger on Harry’s face, creating a trail of gold behind, caressing his lightning scar, and finally resting on Harry’s cheek. Harry nuzzles into his palm a little.

“I have my entire universe right here, right under my palm, and if that’s what you called as love, then I love you too, Harry Potter.” Draco smiles as Harry snuggles into him, resting his head on the crook of Draco’s shoulder. Draco kisses the top of Harry’s hair, muttering quietly before slipping into a deep slumber. “No longer an impossibility in my life.”





I’m so happy with this one?? Like, I’m very proud of this 4 part long drabbles?! Ehe, whatever, this is the last part folks, hope it does justice to close the story.

“This way you won’t miss your wings anymore.”

“I don’t need wings when I already have you, Dean.”

A happy belated birthday to whelvenwings! Here’s a fluffy doodle for the fluffiest person to have ever fluffed!


Ashton: We’re like brothers, man. It’s like, umm, we’ve been through everything together. We’ve written music together and we’re sorta chasing the dream together and uhh…

Michael: We can comfortably stand this close to each other without it being awkward

Ashton: Yea like… it’s brotherly.

-5SOS for Billboard