hey look it's transparent!

til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

I’m going to my prom tonight, and in the hype for it, I sketched up Marinette wearing my prom dress (and jewellery). It isn’t my best artwork, but hey, she looks cute in it. <3

Btw its transparent ;P


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transparent manga:bishounen-senshi-gakuran!akoya!!! or some.. thing… i dont know its just him bein beautifully ridiculous/ridiculously beautiful/both.

that aside in case you havent realized yet were very veeeery lucky to have our friend elucida-chan working on the scanlations for the seifukubu manga~ theyre taking their time and r super thankful for our patience, almost as much as were thankful theyre sharing this with us yeeeey! make sure to show them some love alright!!! also support and stuff~ OH yeah you can read what they have of the seifukubu manga (its super hilarious i swear i am so in love) here and lets look forward to it!! uwu