hey look it's raining

When You Argue

PROMPT: “It’s about to rain, get inside.”

Kang Daniel rarely gets mad but when he does, its bone chillingly terrifying. You sit across the room, staring at your bandaged hands to avoid making eye contact with him. You try to calm yourself down, controlling your breath since the both of you knew crying won’t be of help right now.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?” Daniel asked softly but there was a certain edge to his voice that indicated that he was still mad. “We talked about this before.”

You only nodded, “I know. I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t apologize. I don’t need your apology, I need you to do what you promised.” Daniel retorted, frustration rising from his voice. He ran his fingers through his hair before walking towards you. “You can’t keep apologizing over and over and still do the same thing!”

“I get it, it was mistake. Can we just get it over with?” You asked, standing from where you sat, finally facing him. Daniel looked at you with an expressionless face which would normally soften you but you were starting to feel frustrated as well.

Without another word, you grab your coat and stormed out, leaving a frustrated Daniel in your apartment. Furious, you head towards the playground where you and Daniel met. Sitting on one of the swings, you recollected the root cause of the problem.

His fans.

You of all people knew how important Daniel’s fans were. They enabled him to reach his dreams and showed utmost support when they knew you were dating. That, along with the fact that they were the ones who protected the both of you from rumors made them extra special to him and especially to you. However, despite the warmth the showered you, they were not without mistakes.

His fans often get in trouble for flipping barricades, for tresspassing in dressing rooms, for leaving a mess everywhere and more things that often lead to trouble and most of the time, you bail them out.

It was when Wanna One had to shoot a variety program when a teen fan jumped over the barricade and interrupted filming when one of the moreature fans contacted you and you rushed, claiming to be her guardian to avoid more damage to the teen.

This has happened so many times before that Daniel would often confront you for putting yourself in such a position. But today, at the news of you aiding a repremanded teen, Daniel rushed to pick you up. The fans went wild and one thing led to another and you found yourself with a sprained wrist.

“I know you care but you can’t always take their side otherwise you’ll get caught in their mess too.” Daniel had said before. “They’re thinking adults, let them act like one.”

Daniel was a man with iron clad points in arguments but you didn’t have it in you to let kids be put in such positions after looking after you and Daniel.

“Hey. Its about to rain. Let’s get inside.” Daniel called from behind, walking towards the swing before sitting next to you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted.”

You shook your head. “Its not your fault. I just needed some fresh air.”

“Look, I know you feel the need to support them the way they support us but you have help them understand that there’s a healthier way of supporting their idols.” Daniel explained, swinging ever so slightly.

“I would say sorry at this point but I remember you don’t need my apologies.” You mutter quietly, a twinge of bitternes after being shouted at earlier encompassing your tone.

Worried, Daniel stood up and crouched in front of you, holding both of you hands in his. He stared at you, hoping you would look at him but your gaze remained at your hands. “Hey, look at me.”

You gazed at him briefly and went back to looking at your hands, causing Daniel to sigh. “I appreciate how you care for them. I really do. They’re important to me too but your safety is my top priority.”

“I can take care of myself.” you argued, pulling your hands back from Daniel but he only held on firmly, careful not to put pressure on your injured hand.

He intertwined his fingers with yours and continued to stare at you. “I know you can but you can’t expect me to sit around while you get involved in accidents. You’re not my fans’ babysitter. Can we just comprimise, just this once? I hate fighting with you.”

“Okay,” you muttered.

A smile creeped up on Daniel’s face, his eyes lighting up at your words. He removed his hands in yours and placed them on your cheeks, pulling you closer as he placed a chaste kiss on your forehead. “Thank you.”

Based on that “what character would you be in an anime” generator thing I reblogged yesterday, where I was “angry protagonist in a mystery anime” and @i-lavabean was “tired senpai in a mystery anime”. She decided that made her “Radio’s Tired Mom-Friend”.

So here we are. I’m probably yelling I SEE YOU, VILLAIN! or something. Don’t ask me why I have a poncho and rain boots on, I just do, I guess.


The ‘He isn’t listening’ person doesn’t give me any particular vibes for anyone, so I clearly have no idea what’s going on anymore. So many of them are AMUSED by Kamui’s reactions here, and that just doesn’t ring true for my impression of the Dragons of Heaven. Some of them were fun people, sure, but when it came to situations like this they were usually pretty serious.

Either way those hover scooters are really cool and I would honestly love to try one.

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2:39 pm - 15 Apr 2015
  • S!N: Mama....mama...Look...! It's the sun...! Hey, Mama, the rain...it stopped...!! The sun, it's really there...!! It's warm right? , it's beautful right?...! Mama...hey mama... open your eyes mama...the rain...it stopped...mama...
  • Rio: I cried
  • S!N: Rio...Rio...look...! It's the sun...! Hey, Rio, the rain...it stopped...!! The sun, it's really there...!! It's warm right?, it's beautiful right?...! Rio...hey Rio...open your eyes Rio, the ran...it stopped...Rio...
To The DHL Driver Who Took My Bras

So, dear driver, you’ve removed my package
containing four brand new bras, from transit.
The forged signature you put in the trackage
means you’re not about to deliver, let’s face it.

I’ve not seen a driver with breasts on this route,
let alone one with my exact measurements,
so I imagine what you found after your bout
of unpacking, will be surplus to requirements.

Cruel consequence that now my bras no longer fit,
I will have to travel scandalously unsupported,
or with broken underwire slicing into my armpit,
take in the changing view untransported.

I thought trying on bras semi in public was a pain.
Driver, get fired. I’m going shopping in the rain.

- Quaint Ink