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How would Shiro, Allura, Lance help a s/o who gets real bad acne and has self-image probs becauseof it? o:

;;aghh im having skin probs atm too and it SUCKS i hate having to go out bc of it lmao so I Can Relate

Shiro -

“My skin looks awful.”

Shiro and [y/n] had just settled down after a long afternoon of training, laid back easily in the lounge room until lunch would eventually come along. He had been examining a dislodged bit attached to his helmet on his lap when he heard [y/n] say such a thing and his gaze jumped over to where they sat beside him. They’re handling a small handheld mirror, peering at their reflection with narrowed, irritated eyes that had Shiro setting his helmet down for a moment.

“What’re you talking about?” Shiro questioned, shifting so that he could rest his forearm over the backrest, “Did you get a sunburn? I told Allura that we shouldn’t do outdoor training in that heat…”

“It’s not that.” [y/n] sighed as they set the mirror to their side, “My acne’s getting worse and worse…” They frown, ducking their head as if trying to avoid Shiro’s brown gaze, “I look ugly and-”

“Hey,” Shiro stopped them right there, a gentle hand resting on their shoulder before they turn to face him, “Acne or not, you’ll always always look as good as you’ve always have. Don’t be silly. You - ugly? Not a chance.” He can say that he can resonate with them on some degree, because he too had been self conscious of his face when he had first gotten the scar across his nose. Its presence still bothered him, but he had adapted.

[y/n] let their shoulders deflate, and Shiro could tell that they still didn’t quite believe his words. Shiro picked up the mirror and set it on the opposite side of himself, away from where [y/n] sat, before putting the flank of his index finger against their chin to plant a soft kiss to their lips. He can sense them relax at that, and that alone had him loosening up as well. Shiro hates the thought of [y/n] being displeased with their appearance, especially if they’re so drop-dead gorgeous in his eyes.

Parting, Shiro pulls a faint smile, “Still even prettier up close.”

Allura -


The bright control panel became forgotten for a second as Allura turned around to face [y/n], who had come up to sit cross-legged behind her, just to keep her company as she flew the castleship as always.

Smiling a little, Allura crouches down to their level, white locks shifting to frame her features, “What is it, [y/n]?”

They looked uneasy for a second, moving to scratch vaguely at their nose, 

“Do…do Alteans get acne?”

Allura blinked, “Ac-what?”

[y/n] looked even more wary as they avert their gaze downwards, hand still lingering close to their face, “Acne. You know…bumps. Really ugly ones.”

Allura could almost see where this is going - she’s definitely noticed a change in their mood over the past few days and they seemed to favour ducking their head quite often. She raises her eyebrows, fully settling down to sit down across from them comfortably, knees brushing.

“Ah, you mean Macula spots?” Allura questioned, resting her cheek against the heel of her palm as she eyed the other, “Alteans and Earthlings must have different names for it - but yes, even Alteans get those! Usually at a young age.”

[y/n] hugged their arms around their own chest, looking mortified for a second, “I hate it. I wish my skin could just be clear…but instead I look like - well - a mess.”

Allura couldn’t believe her ears. She had always seen [y/n] as a stunning, attractive being ever since they had met. Even now, she couldn’t see what could be so horrible about this ‘acne’. But seeing [y/n] looking so downcast over such a thing had her heart dipping.

“A mess? Oh, definitely not.” Allura grasped both of their hands in hers, giving them each a tight squeeze, “You’re beautiful no matter what, okay? If you ever think otherwise - just think about all of the other things that complement you. 

Your hair, your eyes, your smile…all of those things. Never forget that, okay?”
[y/n] looked taken aback for a moment, face turning a faint red hue. Allura only smiled back, and spread her arms to let the other into a well-needed embrace.
“Thanks, Allura.” They whispered as they hugged her tight, self-consciousness already ebbing away.

“Of course.” Allura murmured, stroking their back as a laugh catches her breath, “Consider yourself lucky, because Altean Macula spots were green!”

Lance -

“How in the world do you keep your skin so clear all the time?”

Lance visibly flushed as the soothing silence was interrupted by the comment, reaching up to push his sleeping mask from his eyes. To only see that [y/n] had been staring at him for a while.

“Uh, well-” Lance caught that signature grin on his face as he melts deeper into the pillow, “I like to think that skincare should be appropriate for all genders, you know? I’m comfortable with doing facials and all that jazz.”

“Yeah, but-” [y/n] scooted a little closer, now resting their chin against his chest as they shut their eyes defeatedly, “No matter what I do, my acne keeps coming back. And obviously, it’s getting pretty bad…”

Lance, at first not seeing the topic sensitive and more like casual talk, brushed a few strands from their eyes, “Don’t worry, starting tomorrow I’ll let you use some of my products! We’ll see what works best for you.”

He recalls that awkward stretch of time between his 12th and 14th years, when he hadn’t cared much about his skin and would wear his acne like it wasn’t such a big deal. Which he still somehow feels it isn’t, in [y/n]’s case - because he couldn’t see a loophole for acne to taint the qualities of someone’s appearance as a whole. But acne sure is a nuisance for the bearer, he would know.

“No, it wouldn’t work.” [y/n] murmured, voice more distraught now as they slightly recoiled from his touch, “The acne always comes back. I feel so ugly all the damn time, sometimes I hate being around the rest…”

Lance perked up at that, rolling over a little to gaze clearly at their features, still stunning and kissable as always. He sees that they were in fact dead serious, and his eyebrows rise in the slightest, “[y/n] - no. You’re amazing to look at, with or without acne. Don’t let it get you down, alright?” He cups their cheeks as he’s saying this, meaning each and every word without a doubt, “But like I said, if it bothers you that much…just say the words and I’ll help out however I can.”

The Real Ghostbusters (Season 1) sentence starters
  • "Talk about ugly with a capital UGH!"
  • "Come back here, nice (BLANK)!"
  • "I gotta say this, (BLANK), you should get into better shape!"
  • "And I gotta say this, (BLANK), I never liked you, or your family, or your dog!"
  • "We've gotta go after it!"
  • "No we don't, show me where it says that!"
  • "I'll hold them off!"
  • "Yeah? You and what starfleet?"
  • "Never mind, just never mind... It would take far too long to explain anyway..."
  • "No way! I'm not going anywhere until I've had my breakfast!"
  • "Get out of my face or eat flaming terror."
  • "(He/she/they) doesn't look a thing like me."
  • "I'm not going to talk to you again for at least a week, it's not good for me."
  • "Hey don't make fun, this is how I got through college."
  • Man, this job was a lot easier when these things didn't shoot back!"
a night reimagined

Summary:  After getting stood up by his blind date, Phil decides to give up on the endless chase for romance. That is, until he encounters a crying boy on the bus ride home. Somehow, they end up spending the night together.

Word Count: 11.5k

Genre: fluff, v. mild hurt/comfort

a/n: hey i wrote smth and actually finished it wtf! anyways dedicated to @glitterdan ily buddy and @jilliancares ty for being dope <3

or read on ao3!!!


From the very beginning, Phil knew that going on a blind date wouldn’t be the best way to spend his last night in London. Unfortunately, Phil also knew that he’d never been very good at saying no to his friends.

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Hi Guys! Here is my Valentines Day Fic (but its not really valentinish, I don’t think) I hope you enjoy! :D 6,200+

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Just Another Day

She was single again on this overrated day, well, when wasn’t she single really, but it just so happens that her best mate was also single, she seemed to be taking it a lot harder.

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There was a halloween party at my course today and i went as bruised-fem!jake english (?) yea idek, i just wanted to put some cool make up since i knew no one would recognize me and guess what?? i was right, nobody recognized me ):

But i did had so much fun! the little kids loved my fake bruised face haha too bad i had an allergic reaction and had to leave the party because i felt like my face was burning im dUMB

And about the picture, i really really dislike it, but it’s the only picture of my full-cosplay i have so i tried to save it with editing and it didn’t work as you can see, i still look stupid OTL

wow it looks like there’s a face in my knees 2spooky

Luke coming over the night before your family leaves for vacation and he’d watch intently as you fold all your clothes before rolling over onto his stomach and sighing, whining out an “I don’t want you to leave” and you’d push him off the bed and laugh at his pout before Luke would stand back up and literally sit inside your suitcase, his long legs dangling over the side as he just smirks at you. you’d just shrug before piling all of your clothes on top of him at once, causing Luke to burst out in laughter as he finds once of your bras and jokingly puts it on, striking a pose before you hit him on the shoulder with a shoe and tell him to get out. Luke’s face would light up as his eyes widen and he stares at you, causing you to raise your eyebrows before “hey y/n, do you think we could go sledding down your stairs in this?”

Songwriting - Kim Namjoon

Hello everyone~ This is for the lovely anon! I hope you like this :D I don’t think it’s fluffy enough tbh. 

“Hey (Y/N)! You should come down to the studio. I’m stuck. Again.”

These text messages from Namjoon were the norm after he found his passion for rapping. Even before he was signed to Big Hit Entertainment, he and I used to sit in silence until he was inspired by odd things surrounding him. It could be as simple as the sound of his cellphone to how a tile reflects light. However, I didn’t understand why he needed me there. Sure, we’ve been friends for a while after meeting in grade school for a project we needed to do together, but it didn’t explain his weird lyric writing habit.  

There were times when I asked him why my presence was needed. He claimed that I helped him concentrate and write better lyrics which helped with the overall flow of the song. Two of his band mates, Yoongi and Hoseok, were also songwriters. On rare occasions, he’d write lyrics with him. However, he helped with the overall instrumentals of the songs, rather than write lyrics among or with them.

I tore my tired eyes away from my flash cards and checked the time. It was midnight, meaning I had to get up early for classes later today and I wouldn’t get much sleep in anyway. Luckily the test I was studying for wasn’t until Monday. I picked up my phone, quickly texting him back that I’ll be there soon. I was stressed out, but I knew that my stress probably didn’t compare to his. He had to compose music all the time, and now that they were becoming a big deal, it only got harder to please the public and his fans.

I threw on a sweater and made my way to Big Hit Entertainment. I practically lived in the studio because of Namjoon. I made my way through the familiar hallways and climbed a couple of flights of stairs. At the end of the narrow hallway on the third floor was the too familiar studio. As I walked closer to the door, I noticed Namjoon was hunched over the computer space, papers strewn everywhere, some crumpled, some carelessly thrown aside.

I walked in and knocked, just in case he was too into his composing. However, he had headsets on full blast, listening to some music to get him inspired. Poking his shoulder, I took the only other empty seat across from his after climbing a mountain of papers of rejected ideas. He perked up and looked back at me, flashing me a very tired smile.

“Hey! I thought you wouldn’t come,” Namjoon said, pausing the song. “I texted you silly. Don’t tell me your phone is on silent again,” I said, a small smile making its way onto my face. Then, his slender hands picked up his cell phone and saw the unread text I sent him only several minutes prior.

After that small bit of conversation, we sat in silence, his eyebrows furrowed as he contemplated. He began scribbling away in messy handwriting, smiling brightly as his inspiration flowed onto the piece of paper. I stared at him for a while, taking in his handsome features as he wrote diligently. Yes, I had a slight crush on him, but I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. That’s the only reason I obliged to come to ‘help’ him with his composing; it’s the only time we spend together because I was busy with school and he was busy being an idol.

I tore my eyes away, now averting my gaze to the ceiling. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I breathed in, “Namjoon.” The blonde rapper turned to me, “Yeah? What’s up?” “Why do you always want me to be around you when you’re writing—“ “Can you close your eyes for a second?” he asked, interrupting me out of the blue. I raised an eyebrow at his odd request, crossing my arms.

“It’s nothing weird! Just trust me,” he said with a chuckle. “Sure… I don’t see how this answers my question though,” I said hesitantly as I closed my eyes. I heard the rolling office chair roll closer to me. Despite wanting to see what he was doing, I obeyed and kept my eyes closed.

Then, I felt a soft and pleasant pressure against my lips. My eyes seemed to flutter open by themselves and revealed that Namjoon was very close to me and he was indeed kissing me. I quickly reacted and kissed him back before he got the idea that I didn’t reciprocate his feelings. My heart beat matched that of a hummingbird and my stomach exploded into little butterflies.

As he pulled away, he stayed close, but his eyes opened slowly and locked with mine as he spoke. “I guess I’ll confess now. You want to know why I always call you when I write songs? Because you inspire me. You’re the topic of almost all of the songs I write. I thought it was obvious. Who gets inspired by how a tile reflects light anyway?” he said, laughing at his own rhetorical question.

I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, “You could’ve just said that a long time ago instead of telling me the sound of a text message inspired you. I always wondered how you wrote a love song by listening to the sound of a water bottle being swished.” “It was never any of that. I’d look at you and lyrics just appeared in my head. You’re my muse,” Namjoon said, placing his forehead against my own, closing his eyes. He seemed so peaceful in this state. We didn’t need to speak at this point to understand how we felt for each other.

“Hey (Y/N)?” he asked, holding my hands.

“Yeah?” I asked back.

“Kiss me,” he whispered and I nodded, closing the space between us once again.

i was feeling a bit sad today, so i put on my jade cosplay (except the wig, because the weather was too hot) and took some dumb pictures to cheer me up

it worked!!

also, my rifle is now 95% done. i only need to paint the black parts and that’s it :D i am going for a cartoonish look btw, i’m using this as reference:

(source: mspa wiki)