hey look it's jensen

Op 3 of 4, with Jensen and Misha (technically 4 of 4, but I’m saving the best for last). 

I was clueless on what to do for this one, since I’m not sure if Misha is a sports fan (I know he runs and bikes, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk about team sports he follows). I originally intended to go for a squish hug, but decided to grab the football and do keep away instead. I told Jensen I brought it back (”Awesome”) and Misha took it out of my hands. I said I wanted one with the ball and I would try to get it while the other held me back. Misha took up a throwing pose while Jensen wrapped his arm around my throat and I reached for the ball. I ended up looking away from the camera, but I think the picture still turned out well.

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“We are quite unalike. Dean Winchester is a typical hero, always running into battle first, a very distinctive personality. I am a very peaceful person on the other hand. I don’t like adventures, not that I’m afraid of losing, but I think my life is really good right now. I don’t feel the need to change anything about it now. In real life, I’m very gentle and a go-with-the-flow person." 
Happy 37th Birthday Jensen Ackles  ♥
March 1st 1978

Op 4 of 4: Jensen and Jared

I’d only been watching the show for only around 7 months, but I had a flash of an idea when I found out the boys follow the same NFL team I do (Dallas Cowboys). I started thinking of a football-themed op (yes, I know, I’m obsessed) when I realized I was able to get a J2 ticket. I brought along a football and two flag football belts. Having the pose to focus on helped with my nervousness when I was finally in front of them, but I didn’t really say much else. One of the volunteers took the belts while I was still in line and handed them to the boys when it was my turn. Jensen fully undid the belt before wrapping it around his waist. Jared kept it slightly fastened and just stepped into it and pulled it up. I explained what I wanted (one’s offence, one’s defense) and I would be in the back cheering. The picture turned out better than anything in my wildest dreams. I thought I would look strange, but I didn’t and the boys positioned themselves so well. My friends found the print before I did and said others were taking pictures of it while it was on the table. My roommate grabbed it and did a “dramatic reveal”. I was almost shaking with excitement. She turned it over and I was in shock for about 30 minutes and nearly started crying it came out so well. 

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*Shuffling nervously* Um, hi.
Jensen: *smiles* hi. 
Me: How are you?
Jensen: Good thanks.
Me: Um, could I kiss you on the cheek?
Jensen: *blinding grin holy crow hold the banana phone while I have a heart attack* Uh, well we can pretend… if I let you then everyone will want to kiss my cheek.
Me: Fair enough. Thanks!

And this is the end result. I’m so awkward with my arms and face… but Jensen looks adorable!