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Princeling of my heart…


Or, I wanted to draw a “quick lil warmup sketch” to get back in the drawing groove after Katsucon before working on Inferno again, and well yeah, that didn’t work out… SOBS I LOVE PHICHIT TOO MUCH I LOVE HIM SOBS


House Republicans scrap plan to gut ethics office after emergency meeting
House Republicans on Tuesday backed out of plans to weaken an independent ethics office after broad criticism of the move.
By Jacob Pramuk


There was public uproar about this move. There were phone calls, e-mails, tweets. There was a lot of attention. And guess what? It worked.

We’re not powerless, we just got used to not having to do anything. Get ready to do this a lot more for the next two to four years, because just because we got them to back off of this one doesn’t mean they’re going to suddenly stop trying to get things past us. They’re just going to try harder to be sneaky.

But we do make a difference. 

Also, in 2018? Which is NEXT YEAR?

I want you to vote these motherfuckers out of office. Get a list going. Let your representatives know when you call them that you are keeping a list of who votes how, and that you’ll be voting accordingly. Let them know that if they can’t do their job, they’re gonna be fired.

Power to the people.

Multiple people chose this pose so I decided to do them all at once. I hope you giggle even half as much as I did while struggling to draw this. :’D Poses meme ref is here.

Catnaps and Twitter

| Warnings: None. |


She pattered into the lounge, Dan sat on the couch mindlessly scrolling on his laptop.

His eyes slowly lifted from the screen to his girlfriend and widened when he saw her.

Her hair tousled, his camouflage jumper swallowing her body, a tired look upon her face.

“Hey, c'mere.”

He closed his laptop and moved it aside, opening his arms and gesturing for her to join him.

She crawled on his lap, resting her body against his as if he were a giant pillow. His lanky arms wrapped around her body, holding her close.

Her head lay rested against his chest, the sound of his heartbeat lulling her into a light on and off slumber.

“Hey baby?” Dan said, waking her from her catnap.

“Mm?” She groaned against the fabric of his t-shirt.

“Let’s stay like this all day.”

It was comfortable like this. As they both lay together, cuddled up in their pajamas, no plans for the day, they found solace in each other’s company.

Dan reached over and grabbed his phone, pulling up the camera and taking a photo of him and [Y/N], who was once again napping on his chest.

“She fell asleep on me and I can’t move send help.” Dan tweeted, posting the photo with it.

He put his phone on airplane mode and threw it aside, ignoring the usual onslaught of replies when the phandom would see the tweet.

[Y/N] began stirring and woke up, leaning up and looking at Dan. “Hey there.” She mumbled sleepily, a soft smile upon her lips.

“Hey cutie.” He replied, ruffling his fingers through her hair.

She yawned, and rubbed her eyes with the sleeve of his jumper. Dan honestly thought she was the cutest thing he’d ever laid eyes on right in this moment.

She grabbed his phone, rolling onto her side so she could still be held by Dan but lay more comfortably. She turned off airplane mode and checked Twitter as she normally did, but quickly noticed the photo he had tweeted.

She closed the phone, looking up at Dan and placing soft kisses all over his lips and face.

“What’s this for?” He asked between kisses.

“For being the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.”

But the romantic rendezvous was interrupted by the sound of [Y/N]’s growling stomach.

“How about we order your favourite pizza and marathon the cheesiest horror movies on Netflix?” Dan asked, reaching for his phone and placing a kiss on her temple.

“You really are the best boyfriend ever.”


Tell me if this story sounds real to you. Naive little kid with good grades and big ideas decides “Hey look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia! Where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!” Only to find, whoopsie: we don’t all get along. And that dream of becoming a big city cop: double whoopsie; she’s a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sy: no one cares about her or her dreams. And soon enough those dreams die and our bunny sinks into an emotional and literal squalor living in a box under a bridge until finally she has no choice but to go back home with that cute fuzzy-wuzzy little tail between her legs to become…
       You’re from Bunnyburrows, that what you said? So how about a carrot farmer?


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”


Hey look! Another video with somewhat moving pictures!


Tell me if this story sounds real to you. Naive little kid with good grades and big ideas decides “Hey look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia! Where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!” Only to find, whoopsie: we don’t all get along. And that dream of becoming a big city cop: double whoopsie; she’s a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sy: no one cares about her or her dreams.


Peter x Reader

Requested by @harvest-witch


Peter grinned as you came out of the trailer and crossed over to the hammock and handed him a beer.

“Is that my shirt?” He chuckled after taking a sip and you looked down at what you were wearing.

“I mean… maybe… I don’t know it was with my stuff.” You muttered and he grinned.

“Hey not to worry Sweetheart, it looks good on you.” Peter chuckled and moved so you could sit next to him on the hammock, offering for you to take a sip of his drink.

Wickling Shenanigans Chapter 1 ~ Wednesdays

Disclaimer: I love these nerds but do not own them in any way.

Chapter 1:

I fucking hate Wednesdays. I mean, how could you not? It’s the middle of the week, nobody cares anymore, you’re not waiting for anything because nothing quality is around Wednesday and nothing good ever happens on them. Wednesdays are hell.

I woke up at the normal time. 5:00. Followed the same dull routine. Wake up. Get dressed. Brush teeth and put deodorant on. Eat breakfast. Do homework. Go to school. Fucking Wednesdays. I began walking towards my first period when some asshole tripped me. I looked at them and simply glowered before moving on. “Hey Kaplan! Watch where you’re going dumbass,” the kid says as he tries to taunt me. Kids are such assholes.

I just sat through most of AP Physics, finishing my busy work then being bored out of my mind for twenty minutes. By the time the bell rang, I couldn’t be more ready to leave. Second period was dull at best and then English was just Mr. Daren yelling at us about “the importance of commas” and then assigning a paper on it.

Thank Scarlet Witch for fourth period. My only period where I get to actually get to deal with manageable people. But sadly, that flew by faster than Quicksilver. Then lunch. Fucking lunch. Kesler found me as soon as I walked out of class, his giant, terrifying smile covering his face. “Well hey there Kaplan! Funny seeing you here! Me and the boys were just talking about going to lunch, but we seem to lack the funds. Good thing we found you, eh?” I can’t help that my eyes widen at the statement. I begin wildly fumbling at my pockets, not bagging eye contact with him, memories of how last time ended when I broke it. My still bruised chest throbs with the phantom pain of remembrance.

I can’t find my wallet. God dammit. I smile weakly at Kesler. “Um, looks like I’m fresh out too. I could maybe go and grab some cash somewhere else?” I try to ask, not getting any further before I feel a fist slam into my side. I recoil from the fist, almost falling to the ground. I look to where the fist came from. One of Kesler’s goons is standing there proudly, looking at Kesler. He simply smiles before looking back at me.

“Now, now. You know the rules. A proper gay should always support their heterosexual betters. You can’t be forgetting something as important as your wallet. I’m sure my boys will find it on you somewhere. Boys?” Kesler’s smile just grows. The four other guys that were with him smile like idiots.

“Yessir. Don’t worry, the fag won’t forget his wallet again.” The largest says, before charging me.

The rest of the session with Kesler was a blur. Punches all over my sides and a few on the face. I can’t really remember when I passed out, but I know I did. I woke up sometime after, my face looking up towards the sky and my body hurting everywhere. Kesler and his goons were nowhere to be seen, but I was still in the same spot. Sighing, I got up and checked my phone for the time. Fucking hell. It was 2:00. 6th period ended in 30 minutes. I had to present my project in 5th. “There goes my grade.” I muttered. I decided that it would be better than nothing to finish 6th and claim I was helping someone who was getting sick or something.

[Note: Fuck past tense, I’m going present]

I begin slowly walking across campus towards my 6th. I fucking hate Wednesdays. As I pass the Palidian Building, I suddenly notice how amazing the architecture is. And then proceed to walk right into a column. It takes me a solid ten seconds to get up after feeling the extreme pain of reopened cuts and bruises getting slammed. “Hey, you ok? You seemed kinda distracted. And those are a lot of bruises.” I look up and suddenly realize that it wasn’t a column. It was a guy. A really hot guy. And I can’t speak.

“Um, yeah, I-I, um, fine.” I say, trying to stop the blush furiously starting to cover my face. I break eye contact and try to stand up, only to fall right back down, the pain in my right leg shooting up until my hip. “Agh!” I exclaim, trying to look as normal as I can. It doesn’t help.

“Oh my God, you are totally not ok. Here, let me help you.” The guy’s voice is super concerned and sweet, and I can’t help but just stare blankly. This guy’s seems like he means well, and he certainly looks great, but there’s no way in hell I’m trusting that. I mean, after all, last time I trusted someone like that, he broke my heart and everyone in the school knew I was gay. So yeah.

He doesn’t seem to read my thoughts, and bends down, trying to wrap his arm around my waist to help me up. Instead, he brushes against a bruise and I cry out in pain again. “Oh shit! Sorry! God, I’m such an idiot.” He looks at me again. “Hey, I’m gonna help you, so I need you to help me out, tell me where I can help you up. His crystal blue eyes shine with worry and I can’t help it. I let him help.

“Right around here.” I vaguely motion in a general area that seemed to be spared from the brunt of the beating. He smiles, his teeth catching the sun in a perfect way and his golden hair framing his face in the sunlight. He might as well have been an angel.

“Ok.” He reaches around, and I wince, but it’s not as bad as he helps to hoist me up. I lean on him when we finally are both standing, trying not to put any weight on my right leg. As he begins walking, I can’t help but feel how great his arm feels, wrapped around me, and how warm he is. After about 20 seconds, I realize that we aren’t heading for the nurse, but rather the parking lot.

Mustering up the energy to speak, I look at him questioningly. “You aren’t going to drug and sell me are you? Please? I’ve already been through enough today.” I’m only half joking. His laugh is one of the greatest things I’ve heard. And a welcome change of pace to the fake one I hear much too often from my family or the cruel one Kesler often gives.

“No, I’m driving you to the fucking ER, you look like you can’t even do anything right now. Then, you’re getting sold.” He winks at me and I think I might die then and there. Whether from blood loss, the concussion or him, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, I trust this Adonis of a man and willingly let him place me in his passenger seat.

His car smells like vanilla and is completely immaculate, totally not matching the earrings that he wears. I raise my eyebrows at him when he enters from the other side. He looks at me. “What’s the face for?” I smile at him.


The car ride is short, and he quickly helps me out of the car when we arrive. We get to the front desk and an older woman with red hair that falls into curls around her head behind the counter immediately stands up upon seeing me. “What happened to him?!” She says. Suddenly, the guy’s face turns red and sheepish.

“Um, I don’t know, I just found him at -” I quickly interrupt him.

“I fell during a hike. He found me at the base of the hill.” I quickly say, trying to manage the best lie I can.

The woman seems to believe it and just motions for me to sit down while she heads back into the actual hospital, looking for a doctor. In the meantime I’m stuck with Mr. Nice next to me. That’s when I realize I haven’t even asked his name. “Um, what’s your name? I’m sorry I didn’t ask before, I guess it slipped my mind, what with the blood and broken leg and everything.” He asks, looking at me with the same adorable red face.

“Billy.” I say, feeling the a familiar blush hitting my face as well. “Yours?”

“Teddy. Teddy Altman.” He replies, the same small grin playing at the edge of his lips. God dammit he really is cute. And his eyes are so fucking entrancing. We stay quiet for another minute before he breaks the silence yet again. “Why did you lie about how you got hurt?” He asks, face etched in worry.

I look away, anywhere but him. “I don’t like talking about it. Would you tell someone that someone beat the shit out of you when that someone’s family has enough money to out-lawyer then buy said company of the prosecutor? Because that’s Kesler for ya.”

He nods. “I guess I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to hurt my family or myself any further.” Yet another minute passes. Then another. And then it’s me who shatters the veil.

“So what do you do for fun, Mr. Teddy Altman?” I try to ask casually. It’s his turn for his eyebrows to raise as he looks at me suspiciously.

“Nothing much. I used to play basketball, but I love a good night in reading the latest issue of Captain America.” He finally says after a moment of hesitation. My ears instantly latch onto the words “Captain America”.

Trying to be as nonchalant as possible, I look over. “Captain America?”

He looks back at me with the same suspicious face. “Yeah. What’s wrong with Captain America? You don’t support my nerdiness?”

I can’t help but laugh at how serious he sounds. “Dude, I invented nerdiness. But Scarlet Witch  is my favourite.”

“Isn’t she a villain?” He says, and I can’t tell if his smile is from joy of talking about comics or just because he knows how upset that will make me. I can’t stop myself.

“No! Are you kidding me!? She has Magneto for a father yet wants to be a hero. It has to be hard choosing between family and ideals. I mean, clearly -” Before I can get very far a man in scrubs and the same woman come out of the door.

“Mr. Kaplan? We can take you now.” She says. I get up with Teddy’s help and work my way over to the wheelchair that they brought out. She begins wheeling me through the doors when Teddy speaks up.

“Hey, Billy, don’t worry, I’ll stay out here and wait for ya.” He states. The nurse chuckles as the door closes behind us.

“Your boyfriend is so sweet darling! How long have you two been together?” Her eyes have a twinkle of amusement in them as she continues wheeling me towards the room that the doctor quickly maneuvered himself into.

“Um, we aren’t dating. I told you, he found me today at the base of the trail.” I say. She just deadpans and looks at me with the most serious face I’ve seen of her.

“Kid, you weren’t on a trail. We both know that. I can accept the fact that you don’t want to say who it was, but it certainly was a beating of sorts.” She then leans down and looks me straight in the eye and simply whispers, “Was it him? Out there?” She seems so worried.

“No! No. Just, someone else I know. It’s a long story.” I can’t help it. I still can’t tell anyone about Kesler. I mean, it’s not like she can do anything. The doctor checks me out quickly, saying it’s a normal case of battery. I just nod my head along with everything he says and he eventually tells me I’ll need crutches until my broken leg heals. Accepting it, I take the pills he prescribes and take the crutches. Boy, this will certainly be a fun story for mom. She’s seen me beat up before, but this is completely new. I leave, and Teddy immediately stands up when he sees me. I know it’s weird, but for a second, I almost think that I see relief in his eyes.

“Hey! Are you ok?” He asks, coming up to me. I smile weakly.

“Yeah, quality enough to sell.” I wink at him, feeling confident.

He laughs again and we both smile. “So, I’ll take you home if you want. Make sure your parents don’t murder you or something, right?” He says.

“Yeah. Mom will flip, but she’ll accept it. She always does…” I trail off, unable to really continue a sentence. Teddy looks at me with those kind, worrying eyes.

“Hey. It’ll be okay.” Despite his strong build and impressive figure, I can’t help but recognize his weak smile. God, I wish he was gay. Why are all the good ones straight? He helps me back to his car and we drive, casually discussing comics and television on the way back as I lead him to my apartment.

We finally pull in front of the complex, and he looks at me. “Are you good to head up yourself?” He asks.

“Yeah, I think I’m good. Thank you for everything today.” I look at him and genuinely smile at him. I throw on my backpack and start heading towards the elevator. As I get about five feet, I suddenly hear a voice from behind me.

“Hey, um, Billy?” I hear Teddy ask from his car. I turn around and raise an eyebrow.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“Would you maybe wanna go get dinner sometime? Or maybe just head to the comic store?” His face is furiously red and at the sound of those words, I swear I’m about to die from excitement.

“U-Um. Yeah. That sounds great! Here,” I say, fumbling out a piece of paper and a pen, “is my phone number. Text me!” I hand him the piece of paper after writing down my phone number. I look at him and we both kind of just stare at each other for a second. “I’ll see you later Teddy!”

“Seeya Billy.” I fucking love Wednesdays.

MAKING UP {last part of MY OWN EYES}

Jin spent a couple days in the hospital. There was still no word from you and he felt his heart hurt with every passing day that you didn’t reach out. But he thought about what you said to Mina, that she was a bully, that she brought people down to make herself feel superior, and he was scared you thought about him that way. Yoongi was very open that Jin had fucked up big time, but Jin wanted to believe there was something he could do.

So on the day he was released from the hospital, he went to your apartment. He had heard from the managers that you had quit at BigHit and you were moving back home. He wanted to do the movie gesture to stop you. There you were with your father, packing up the moving van.

Hey! Jin screamed and you looked up. You weren’t wearing a lick of makeup and you didn’t need to, you had an old tshirt and leggings on and you looked over at your father. His stern face made Jin realize that you probably talked about what happened between the two of you. Jin became very apprehensive.

She doesn’t want to speak with you. You father said as you walked back into the building to grab more boxes.

Sir, I’m sorry for any pain I’ve caused your daughter. I never meant for that to happen. I actually wanted to make her happy and keep her safe. I wasn’t in the best circumstance and if she would give me another chance, I would love to try to make it up to her. Jin pleaded and your father sighed, looking up at Jin. Jin could see the years that traced your father’s features, his simple outfit and calm demeanor made Jin respect this man before he even opened his mouth.

Kid, my daughter means the world to me. She is strong and talented. She does so much for others and she loves everyone. I have watched her get hurt time and time again. People take advantage of her trustfulness, and I watched my daughter, the light of my life, fall apart. I watched her become a girl that I didn’t know. She hid from people and she was scared. But right now? Right now, I see my daughter again. Whatever happened between the two of you brought her back, but she is afraid. Afraid of how she feels, maybe. Or maybe she’s trying to protect herself because she’s afraid you won’t stick around. Your father continued and you listened from a ways away. You dad was your knight in shining armor, so to hear him say this broke you apart. You wanted him to be proud, you wanted him to be happy and not worry about you. So son, I want you to make things work, but I’m scared that you’ll hurt her and my daughter will hide again. You could hear the skip in his voice. Your dad was putting his heart out there for Jin to see. You walked up to your dad.

Oh dad. You hugged your dad and he smiled at you.

So this is the boy you’re running away from? He asked and chuckled when you looked at him with your mouth slightly ajar.

You’re running away from me? Jin said from behind you and you turned around.

You’re the one that ran away first! You exclaimed and your dad slipped away. Jin held up his hands.

Woah woah! I told you that I wanted you to be safe! You’re the one that went off the deep end! He responded.

The deep end?! THE DEEP END?! I’LL SHOW YOU THE FUCKING DEEP END! You yelled and you heard your father laugh behind you.

Now, now, Y/N, let the boy live! He chuckled and you calmed down. Jin looked at you with an earnest gaze.

Please give me another shot? He pleaded and you smiled. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear.

Do that shit again, and I’ll put you in the hospital. Jin gave you a side smile and hugged you tightly. Turning around you looked at your dad, who was already unpacking the truck.

C’mon, you two. I’m not doing this by myself! He exclaimed and you laughed, hitting Jin on the shoulder to help.

The two of you had baggage and uncomfortable pasts, but they brought you two together.  


Here is my first imagine, hope you like it! Trying to get into the swing of things! Imagine: the club ‘deal with’ your abusive partner - Anya
Warning: mentions of domestic violence, plus like violence, language??

You stepped out of the car, closing the door behind you. You had been avoiding the club for days after what had happened between you and your boyfriend but they were getting more and more worried and finally you were persuaded to come by. Foundation was your only option to cover up the bruising on your face and you were really hoping it was enough.
“Hey baby”
You looked up to see Gemma,
“Oh hey, how you doing?” You replied moving forward to hug her.
“I’m doing fine, I should be asking you this haven’t seen you for days, where ya been?”
“I’m sorry, there’s been shit going on.”
“You okay? What’s up?” She asked, looking concerned.
You nodded your head trying to make it look real but it ended up you shaking your head, looking at the ground. You didn’t know what to say, it was best too say something but you didn’t want to get into any more trouble with your Boyfriend.
“I….I …I’m just really scared Gemma, and I don’t know what too do because I don’t want to get him mad again but I need to get away.”
You suddenly found the ground very interesting as you spoke unsure if this was the right thing to do.
“Okay baby, how about we go inside and talk about this. We can deal with any problem, yeah?” She replied, leading you inside the clubhouse. Gemma had always been caring towards you, she saw you as a daughter and was very protective over you.

You said hello to Jax, Juice and Clay who were inside quickly following Gemma towards the bar to avoid the same questions from them. You knew that once you told Gemma the club were going to find out and you also knew that the three members in here would probably be able to hear your conversation with Gemma but you had gotten to a point where you needed to tell someone and you just didn’t care.

“Talk to me honey,” she said whilst wiping the tears you didn’t even realise were coming out of your eyes. You were about too start, having planned what you were going to say but her face suddenly changed from a sympathetic one to an angry one,
“Who the hell did this to your face?” She asked loudly, catching the attention of the others in here. You started to panic, she had wiped the cheap foundation off and discovered the large bruise on your right cheek.

“What’s going on?” Jax asked, walking over, along with Juice and Clay.
“how did you get this bruise?” Gemma asked, trying to stay calm about the fact that someone had hurt you. You looked down, sighing. This was it.
“My boyfriend, a few days ago he came home late and I had stayed up for him. He was drunk, and he started yelling at me about how I’m cheating on him and I’m a no-good slut.”
You took a pause, trying to slow down and breath.
“Then, he-he grabbed me and hit me around the face, screaming at me that i was a bitch who needed to be taught a lesson.” You pulled up your sleeve to show the raw marks around your wrist.
“He pushed me back into a wall, kicked my side and just like that he walked off to get another beer. Cause that’s what he needed, more alcohol.”
You scoffed, wiping the tears and shivering at the memories of the monster that came home that night.
“I, ugh, haven’t been home since, slept at a friends” You stuttered out, unsure of what else to say.
“We’re gonna find this shithead and make him pay, there is no way he is coming near you ever again, you hear me?” Jax said, his jaw clenching.
“Call everyone to a meeting now.” Clay added, walking into the chapel with a very angry looking Juice and Jax following.
“It’s okay, baby. They’ll make this right, I’m just glad he stopped and you’re safe now.” Gemma says, pulling you in for another hug.


The club pulled up outside your house, angry that a member of their family had been treated this way.
They burst through the door, seeing your so called boyfriend passed out on the sofa.
Jax walked over pulling him up and pushing him towards the rest of the boys.
“Who the hell are you?” Your ex slurred, barely awake.
“Ahh, well you see, we are Y/N’s family and just came round to give you a wee message.” Chibs replied from behind him.
“And what might that message be?” The drunk asked, fear creeping up on him.
The boys chuckled,
“Well…” Clay started, before punching him square in the face, knocking him to the ground.
Opie, Jax and Tig moved forward kicking him. All that could be heard was the groans from your ex.
After allowing everyone from the group to get their payback for what he did, Clay stood above him with the rest of the club behind.
“Now you listen here, you are gonna leave this town tonight and you are never to return. You will never come near Y/N again and if I hear anything whatsoever, or I even see you back in this town, you will not make it out alive you hear me?” Clay threatened, very much speaking for the club, as he looked down at the bloody face of your ex. Once the message was across, the club turned walking out of the house. Although Jax turned around last minute, making sure too get in one last extra punch before following after the boys.