hey look i'm really into ghosts now!

  • someone: hey whats up
  • my ghost friend del who lives in my head and occasionally comes out to aggressively rap at people: Finally, someone let me out of my cage
  • Now time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age
  • Now I couldn't be there
  • Now you shouldn't be scared
  • I'm good at repairs
  • And I'm under each snare
  • Intangible
  • Bet you didn't think so I command you to
  • Panoramic view
  • Look, I'll make it all manageable
  • Pick and choose
  • Sit and lose
  • All you different crews
  • Chicks and dudes
  • Who you think is really kickin' tunes?
  • Picture you gettin' down in a picture tube
  • Like you lit the fuse
  • You think it's fictional?
  • Mystical? Maybe
  • Spiritual
  • Hero who appears in you to clear your view when you're too crazy
  • Lifeless
  • To those the definition for what life is
  • Priceless
  • To you because I put you on the hype shit
  • You like it?
  • Gun smokin' righteous with one toke
  • You're psychic among those
  • Possess you with one go
  • The essence, the basics
  • Without, did you make it?
  • Allow me to make this
  • Child-like in nature
  • Rhythm
  • You have it or you don't, that's a fallacy
  • I'm in them
  • Every sprouting tree
  • Every child of peace
  • Every cloud and sea
  • You see with your eyes
  • I see destruction and demise (that's right)
  • Corruption in disguise
  • From this fuckin' enterprise
  • Now I'm sucked into your lies
  • Through Russel, not his muscles but percussion he provides
  • For me as a guide
  • Y'all can see me now 'cause you don't see with your eye
  • You perceive with your mind
  • That's the inner
  • So I'ma stick around with Russ' and be a mentor
  • Bust a few rhymes so motherfuckers remember where the thought is
  • I brought all this
  • So you can survive when law is lawless (right here)
  • Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead
  • No squealing, remember that it's all in your head
Ruki in horror
Ruki: In the middle of song making now but I heard noise at the pause of a timing. "What is that?" I thought and increased the volume. I feel chilly. I definitely heard a sutra! When I muted the whole track, the noise of sutra, mixed with a woman's voice. 

Ruki: I tried recording but the waves are not showing up. What is this... In the next there was only noise. 

Reita: Eh really!

Ruki: Hey you! Really it is! Isn't it awful?

Ruki: And then now I'm shocked by the reactions of followers.

Ruki: It has been decided, next time when you guys feel spooky, I'll reply with w ←!! And I will make you remember of it in the middle of night when you had forgotten about it!

Ruki: Ah? I'm sorry? (In picture: What've you said!!? I couldn't hear you!!!)

Reita: That's weird. Is it true? Or is it another lie?

Ruki: You're the one who always lied! Isn't it monster(/ghost)? Before this when you looked at the watch there was something!

anonymous asked:

I don't know what to do Ryuko. Recently (read as, over a year ago), I came to this realization that I'm alone. I will always be alone, even though it's not what I want. There's absolutely nothing out there in the world for me. People are never what they seem, and I can't play the guessing game with them anymore. Love won't find me. My friends will grow... and I will remain a ghost. I'm not sure how much longer I can do this anymore. I'm not sure how much longer I want to do this anymore.

Hey now, anon, I know that kind of pain all too well.  I’m so sorry you’re facing this darkness and that you feel alone and so, so tired of it all.  It shows how much you’ve been trying, which is fantastic!  I’m really proud of you for making it this far!

It can seem that way after a while - whether you’ve been looking for a friend (or companion or partner) for a few days, weeks, or even years - it all feels the same.  Miserable and grey and the last thing you ever wanted.

Life can drag on like that for what feels like a lifetime.


Life can change in a matter of minutes, when you least expect it.

I can’t say when it will happen.  I can say though, the only way it won’t happen, is if you’re not there to see it.

Even the lowest days have an end.  Even the darkest nights give way to light.  Let yourself rest, but do not let yourself fade away!

There was a comic posted that talked about being alone.  It started out as something unhappy.  But as time went by, the artist realized that it gave them a chance to really get to know someone and love them - themselves. 

It will get better, anon!  And if you ever feel tired, come to my blog anytime! You’ve got a friend here, and I know I’m not the only one!  You can do this - I believe in you!