hey look i'm in your shot

Warnings: swearing, blood

A/N This is not the best, but I hope ya’ll enjoy it….boop ;)


“Hanzo!” You cried out as a talon agent slashed him in the arm. His bow fell out of his hand as streams of blood ran down his tattooed arm. Aiming through your scope, you took down the agent in one shot.

You ran up to your lover’s slumped body, his chest rising in a rapid speed.

“Hey, baby, look at me! You’re gonna be okay” you kneeled down beside him, snapping your fingers to alert his fuzzy mind.

Currently in panic mode, you ripped a piece of cloth from your costume, applying pressure onto his gash to slow down the bleeding.

You grabbed your medical kit, taking out the disinfectant and pouring it onto his wound. “Fuck!” Hanzo hissed, “shh, it’s alright” you reassured, dabbing the cloth onto the bloddied arm.
You then grabbed the needle and “thread”, closing the wounds on his arm.

“Thank you” Hanzo whispered while you bandaged his stitched arm, “anything for you baby” you smiled.

Hanzo pulled you in for a passionate kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body closer to his.

“If you two are done sucking each others’ faces, some help from you two would be nice!” 76 yelled. You two parted, pink dusting both of your cheeks.

You giggled, “c'mon tiddy man, back in the fight! Just becareful out there yeah?” You joked, helping Hanzo get back up on his feet.

Hey everyone! Noctis-mun here! This is my first time roleplaying with such a large group and I’m looking forward to interacting with you all– or if not,  at least admiring your threads from afar, haha. My Noctis muse has been up and running for quite a while now so I’d thought i’d give him a shot.

In any occasion, if you’d like to interact with Noctis please hit the like and I’ll throw a starter @ you. You can also hit me up via IM/Ask to plot! :)

Guess What Time It Is, Guys?!

That’s right!

Time for another friendly reminder that you should stop tagging your F!Inquisitor centric fic with M/M and Adoribull. 

I know you’re proud of your work and you want readers, but people who are tag searching for M/M and Adoribull aren’t looking to read that sort of story. They’re actually trying to filter it out.

So while you might think–hey! I mention Adoribull, maybe they’ll give my writing a shot what actually happens is:

- Another F!Quiz-centric fic lands in the ship tag. 

- Brief flare of elation because yay! A new story that fits my interests!

- Sudden disappointment that oh. It’s uh…not my pairing. Even though it’s tagged with my pairing. In fact it’s more het lit. Excellent. 

- They don’t click it. They don’t read it. All they feel is frustration because the tag becomes yet more clogged by things that don’t fit in the tag.  

Please stop, guys. 


“Hey, babe!” Liam called out for you. “What?” You asked as you walked out the bathroom, towel wrapped around your body, dying your hair. “Your friend is outside.” He said. “Which one?” You asked him. “Uh, Steve.” Liam said. “Oh, I’ll be right back.” You said. “Hurry.” He told you, kissing your temple.

“Mkay, love you.” You said before walking to the balcony. You looked down and saw Steve in a leather jacket. He seemed different, his hair was dyed brown and was walking circles.“Cap!” You called out and he looked up with a childish smile. “Y/N!” He said happily.

“What are you doing down here in the middle of the night?” You asked him. “I dunno. Thor and I drank Asgardian liquor. Like a lot.” He said and giggled. You couldn’t help but smile. “Do you need me to drive you home?” You asked him.

“I love you!” He shouted. “Love you too, Cap. I’ll be down in a minute.” You said, turning around about to walk away but he shouted for you to stop. “No! I love you, a lot. For a long time.” He admitted. “Oh, Steve. I’m dating someone.” You told him and Liam walked out. He was shirtless and was only wearing his pajama bottoms.

“This sex is better with me.” Steve called out, causing Liam to laugh. “I’ll drive him home. You get some sleep.” Liam told you, giving you a kiss. “We could have had it aaaallll!” Steve sang.