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Hey Andi can I get your wonderful opinion on something. I was cruising around Instagram looking at random posts and I came across a series of posts with pictures of this guy who looks like he could be a sterek kid. I do not take any credit for it as someone else did but could you take a look at Wesley Trucker and tell me what you think? You're the best in advance♥️💙♥️





I approve.

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Heeey! Guess who's back from vacation and near his art supplies! I've already finished the coloring on Wilson and Spidey, and I've begun work on the Multi-Spider-Men doodle! (Which I am now for certain will include Noir, Miles, 2099, earth 616, and Captain Spider) Just gotta find time to post the colored product soon . . . Oh, but I had a question! So we've seen what Mae and Bea are like when their, "Frisky", but what about Gregg and Angus? How do they get, "Frisky"?

Oh hey!! Welcome back!! 

Oh my gosh that’s so cool to hear! I can’t wait to see the colored versions soon! I know they are gonna look amazing!!! (>w<)b

Oh my… Haha, well I mean if it’s with Angus and Gregg, It will be something like this… With Gregg being Frisky, all he has to do is plant a lot, and I mean A LOT of kisses on Angus. And it works 98% of the time (because Angus LOVES kisses).

When it comes down to Angus being Frisky… Well he knows how to get to Gregg with a simple question…

… Don’t question what Marshmallow Mountain is, alright? xDD

Hey, Casual Commission Post

If any of you nice people want to commission art from me, that’s a thing I’m open to!

Current prices are

     $20 for little flat-color chibi-types, with additional characters at $15

     $30 for full-character lineart

     $60 for full-character colors

Examples of cheebs are here, and a smattering of my other art is here

And then the fine print business, extreme details can be extra, no sexualization of characters that look like minors, no straight up lewds, no people or people’s characters without their permission, all that good stuff.

If you like something in my art tag that isn’t covered here, ask about it! This isn’t an all-encompassing list of the three things I’m willing to do.

Contact me through an ask, or at WJMuzzi@gmail.com if you’d rather

Okay thanks for your time, bye!

Think Outside the Lovesquare Day 6: Social Media

I haven’t forgotten day 5, but it did get a little out of hand, so it’s going to be late. I thought I’d post this one on time at least!

Alya was staring at the computer, torn between two background colors for her latest update to the Ladyblog when she heard a light tap on her balcony door. For a moment, she assumed it was a branch or something caught in the breeze, but then she caught sight of the silhouette. She scrambled out of her chair and rushed over to open the door. “Ladybug?”

“Hey, Alya.” Ladybug stepped back, hands behind her back and looking almost as nervous as she had the first day she’d shown up in Alya’s life. “Are you busy?”

“No, of course not. Come in.” Alya grinned, hardly believing her luck. “I was just working on the Ladyblog.”

“Oh. Right.” She stepped inside, hardly looking around, and sat on the edge of Alya’s bed. “I actually had a favor to ask.”

“Yeah?” Alya sat across from her.

Ladybug shifted, settling one leg under the other and finally made eye contact for the first time since she landed on Alya’s balcony. “Well, you’re really amazing with the Ladyblog, and I know you’re really busy, but could you help me set up a blog of my own? Chat Noir has one, and it’s all cat jokes and bad puns, but I think it would help for me to have one, too.”

“That would be amazing!” Alya smiled. “Just promise you’ll give the Ladyblog a shoutout, okay?”

Ladybug nodded, visibly relaxing. “Of course!”

“Okay, first, you’ll need a site.”

“I have one. I just need to know what to do with it.”

“Just leave it to me,” Alya assured her.

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hey, how do you even start analyzing homestuck? how do you even like... pick things to pick out? your analytical skills are the most detailed i've seen so far & i'm kind of blown away.

Um… thank you! I made one post about methodology (x), but here’s two more, focusing on image composition:

Sometimes it helps to be looking for something in particular. Like, the aspects are color coded, right? So you might go into the comic looking out for those colors in particular. So you see that the orange and yellow of Light are in John’s fireplace – so descriptions of the fireplace should inform you about the Light aspect, and vice versa. The purple of Rage is in the grist blocking the hole into Dad’s room – so you can associate purple and Rage with the dread John feels towards entering his Dad’s room, as well as the descent itself.

If a panel composition is reused, assume there is meaning. Reusing panels is an implicit request to compare/contrast the situations and piece together some semblance of a unifying narrative. Take this for example:

The pose for Vriska is reused, but the subject/object in the bottom right corner changes. From this, you might gather a loose sense of Tavros = treasure chest. In trying to make sense of that, you might remember Vriska’s fixation on unlocking Tavros’s potential and think ah, Vriska’s attitude towards Tavros’s potential and treasure are very similar! Then comes some visual payoff:

In this case, Tavros is reaching into the treasure chest, recycled from the panel with Vriska. Symbolically, he is reaching inside himself! And within, he finds the strength to confront Vriska (it was right next to the mounting anger).

But yeah, if images or compositions are reused, it is an invitation to flex your creative muscles and synthesize/discover the thematic connection yourself. Even callback gags can reinforce ideas in the story.


are the balls in Eunwoo and MJ’s rooms/bottles supposed to represent carbonation????

bc their colors were the same colors

as the bottles in breathless…….

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Hey, I love the banner you use for your posts! How did you make it? Was it photoshop or something free, 'cause I'm not allowed to buy anything but I really want to make my own decent looking banner :(((

Thank you so much <3 ! I actually use gimp which is free to download! I’m putting the instructions under the cut

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Broadway Blogs!

Hey everyone! I’m looking for some fresh faces for my dash. So if you post or reblog any of the musicals or just theatre stuff in general like/reblog this and I’ll check your blog out :)

-Spring Awakening
-Something Rotten
-Fun Home
-Any of the new shows: Waitress, Tuck Everlasting, She Loves Me, Shuffle Along, ect.
-The Color Purple
-Any of the classics: Annie Get Your Gun, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, ect
-Next to Normal

Really any musicals because I love being exposed to new ones.

Hey about the color cones eye thingermajiger post, like this?

 it’s not based on fact about fourth cones or something (they exist but don’t do what the post says)

but I would Totally check out color theory in general! it’s super informative, and useful to artists, and helps explain why some colors look like shit together and others look better. you can really bend reality seemingly when you play with color composition, in size, shape, or whatever.

i’ll try finding examples of simple studies i did some time

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Hey so idk if you do stuff like this, but could you post a tutorial on how you color your gifs so that they look kind of gray, or vintage, or whatever you want to call it? something kind of like this (/post/103096816584/clara-oswald-week-day-three-favourite-trait) or this (/post/102854685849/if-you-think-this-has-a-happy-ending-you-havent)? It's totally cool if you can't, I just love the style of your gifs! Thank you :)

How to go from this:

to this:

English isn’t my first language, i’m sorry for any grammar mistakes. Also i use CS5/CS6.

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Pass the happy along! When you see this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, and then send this to the last 10 people in your activity. ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins have won their 5th Stanley Cup in franchise history!
  2. Happy wlw couples.
  3. TONY AND ZIVA (though they also make my soul bleed but hey whatever)
  4. That moment when I’ve taught a kid something and I can tell that they get it or that they appreciate something I’ve given them.
  5. Coloring my hair.

I got this twice so I’m only sending it to 10 people but I figured I’d post five different things as a response to each ask. I needed a little happy this morning (if you look at my blog you’ll see why) so this helped, thank you and @loudlooks for making me remind myself that there is good out there sometimes.

I know that I just submit my life with ship yesterday but You as a kpop idol P.2 sound fun 😆✨
If not too much, may I have one??

Here is a link to my request :

Favorites hair color & makeup style:
Ash brown hair color and natural or nude makeup look are my favorite.

Favorites style of outfit :
Usually I’m wearing something cozy, cute or vintage.

Thank you so much 😊❤️
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and CONGRATS for hitting 400 followers 🎉

@chana-ninja Hey sweetie :D Of course here is your Idol collage ^-^ Thanks for staying with us for such a long time ! We love you 😉

I hope you like it ❤️

Feel free to request more !

Thanks for requesting 😁

Have an amazing day 🍀

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Being best friends with Alexy would include? Sorry if you've already done this:/

I haven’t done it yet so no worries!

Being Best Friends With Alexy Would Include…

  • Lots of dress up/becoming a doll for him to choose clothes for (occasionally, he does makeup and hair)
  • Lots of goofying-off/dancing around without any music
  • Knowing it’s okay to ask him hey does this underwear look cute or should I go with this color instead
  • Him approving your selfies or telling you what to fix/change before you post it (it’s never all negative though, he’ll say something like okay fix that hair a bit but your eyebrows are on point or okay you need to tilt your head up a bit for it to be more flattering, but you’re always gorgeous anyway)
  • Lots of gossip and drama
  • Him standing up against bullies for you
  • Singing songs off-key in the car loudly
  • Him making sure that your drinks haven’t been spiked at parties
  • Constant parties and clubs and lots and being each other’s wingman

Bonus: One GIF to sum up being best friends with Alexy

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so i always seem to think of pynch headcanons when i’m listening to blue neighborhood (bc emo gay lyrics) 

so i was listening to ‘for him.’ and the part that says “pizza boy im speeding for ya we can get married tonight if you really wanna” made me think pizza boy!adam AU 

  • its another one of his shitty jobs right. probs works at ninos w blue omg omg ok 
  • so like he always has to deliver pizzas to aglionby boys. and like he feels super shitty and self conscious about it bc like they’re so rich. and he goes to their school. and he’s their fucking delivery boy. and then like they see him at school and they’re like– wait…that’s the pizza guy and they all laugh
  • also he hates when they give him tips bc they always give too much, like they can just throw their cash around like its nothing. but he also can’t complain bc he does really need the tips. 
  • him and blue probs bond over their hate for aglionby boys even tho he’s like. technically one. but blue’s like ‘nah ur chill’ 
  • so then one night he gets an order to be delivered at monmouth manufacturing. and he’s like wtf at first (blue: isn’t that the old factory warehouse?? someone lives there???) 
  • and then he remembers. that gansey kid lives there. oh fuck. another aglionby boy delivery. and gansey man. he’s like the epitome of aglionby boy right??? 
  • so he goes over there all grumpy and displeased. knocks on the door but no answer. he opens it and realizes he has to go up to the second floor. 
  • he knocks on that door and he’s just like. waiting for five mins. and he just wants to get this over with. 
  • more knocking knocking knocking. he hears a door open from inside and then the obnoxious sound of screeching music. 
  • then finally the door is opening and— 
  • its not that gansey kid…its…that guy from his latin class. ronan lynch. fuck. 
  • ronan is just standing there, probs like shirtless, in nothing but sweatpants. adam is just like. sTARING. 
  • internally ronan is screaming bc WTF Adam Parrish?! as if he was not just writing some cheesy poem about him in his room waiting for the pizza. (and possibly doing some sinful things thinking about him too) he looks up at the heavens like thank u god but also fuck u bc Parrish looks fucking HOT rn what am i supposed to do w this??
  • so he’s just like ‘pick ur jaw up off the floor u look like a loser’ and adam just startles and then scowls and hands over the pizza. and ronans internally like shit why did i say that ur beautiful ur beautiful. beautiful loser.
  • adam’s like expecting more hostility from ronan bc…its ronan lynch. everyone knows what he’s like. but ronan is oddly quiet. and he just goes back into the room and he sees him pull out some money from a wallet on the coffee table that adam suspects does Not belong to ronan. 
  • he gives him a 20 dollar tip for an 11 dollar pizza and adam like. doesn’t even care. 
  • so then after that like. it becomes a Thing. ronan figures out adam’s schedule like a Lovesick Loser Nerd and only orders pizzas when he knows he’s delivering. 
  • blue always answers the phones and after awhile she starts recognizing his number and she calls over to adam ‘ur raven boy’s calling’ and he’s like ‘shut up!’ but he’s blushing so hard. 
  • and every time they slowly start getting more and more friendly w each other and ronan is like Dying bc adam looks so fucking hot in his tight Nino’s shirt ok it’s like a size too small bc he accidentally shrunk it in the dryer once and it says “Nino’s Pizza” inside a circle that supposed to be a pizza (i put way too much thought into these things…i work at a pizzeria ok) 
  • so anyways ronan is like interally Screaming every night adam shows up on his doorstep and he always wants to invite him in and press him up against a wall and make out with him so hard like fUCK. 
  • so then one night ronan finally gathers up the courage to invite him in and he’s like. ‘u know. my roommate’s not home. and the other one is a ghost who doesn’t eat (adams like wtf at that) and this is a lot of pizza…even for me…i mean. do u want a slice?’ WHAT A LOSER NERD WHAT THE HELL
  • BUT IT WORKS. and i mean. adam’s been working all day. hasn’t had time to eat anything. so in response his stomach growls like super loud and ronan’s like ‘i’ll take that as a yes’ 
  • and adam follows ronan to the couch and he gets a slice. ronan turns on the tv…adam’s like…i really should go tho like. i’m sure you have stuff going on…and i have to get back…but ronan’s like ‘sit down parrish’ 
  • so adam sits. and he’s like ‘u know my name???’ and ronan’s like ‘duuuh i sit behind you in latin’ (and i’ve written 10 thousand poems about ur dumb gorgeous hands and face and everything!!!) 
  • so then they eat more pizza. and watch shitty tv. and they keep getting closer and closer on the sofa. and they keep glancing at each other and looking away too fast. eyelashes fluttering. until finally!!! they look at each other at the same time and its like ‘oh’ and they do like that nervous laugh thing and try to look away but they can’t. 
  • and then they’re just like leaning forward, all slow, and the moment is so quiet and they’re both like fuck it. who cares. and their lips touch. slow at first, testing. and they’re both like thinking OH FUCK but also OH YES and they want this so much so then they just go for it, desperate, hungry for each other. 
  • and after adam returns to ninos hair all mussed up, lips bruised, hickey’s everywhere and blue’s like “i’m happy u finally got w ur raven boy but that was horrible for business do u know how many pizza’s i had to refund when u never showed up to deliver????” and adam just drops a wad of cash on the counter and he’s like ‘from ronan’ and he’s so blissed out he’s smiling so big like wow he really just made out w ronan lynch and they have latin tomorrow wow he gets to see his face again in a few hours 
  • and blue just laughing and shaking her head all fond bc dumb kids in love and she wonders if she’ll ever look like that about someone and then the door open and ‘oh what’s this who’s coming in so late we’re about to close…’ 
  • “hey sorry, are you still open?” says the customer *adam is unresponsive lost in thought about ronan* Blue: “barely. what can i get you?” and she looks up and..ugh its a raven boy. who is this loser wearing a salmon colored polo shirt and bOAT SHOES?? *thIS could be the stART of something nEW* ;) 

Hey I’m taking commissions! And while most of these examples are fatfurs i’m more than willing to draw other things.

Prices- DUE TO STARTING CLASSES ON THE 31ST OF AUGUST THESE PRICES ARE TEMPORARY and will go up as i have to juggle drawing and classes. Look for a new post on the 31st

-Uninked sketch: 7$ per character

-Inked sketch: 15$ per character, backgrounds and other objects extra on a case by case basis 

-Inked and colored/shaded drawing: variable depending on how much, but something like the rhino bust would be 25$ while the blue sketchy one on the bottom would be around 20$. something on the level of the cat would be above 30$. tl;dr colors are tricky and variable and depend on the scope of the project.

I don’t draw explicit nudity. 

Contact me through my askbox or on my twitter, @smandraws