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None of you know how to treat women of color like actual human beings so this post is going to go utterly nowhere but anyway. Here’s some things that I’d like to lay out. 

  1. Women of color’s experiences are not life lessons or stories or entertainment for everyone else. Our pain, our suffering, and even our daily lives are not academic presentations for you to learn from. Women of color can be teachers and mentors, but us merely existing and talking about the things we love, the things we laugh at, the things we enjoy, and the things that make us angry, are not opportunities for you to boast about how “good” you are, to thank us for “teaching” you something you didn’t already know before, or a chance for you to guilt-trip us with self-victimizing emotional blackmail (i.e. “oh my god, white people suck/oh my god i’m so sorry that we white women are so terrible”). You may not even realize that you’re replicating white fragility and white anxiety, but that’s exactly what you’re doing! And when you do that, you dehumanize us, you strip us of our autonomy, and you make us look and feel like aggressive and violent monsters. 
  2. Of course there are certain posts that women of color write that get traction because they’re enlightening or relatable or offer valuable insight for everyone. And that’s absolutely fine. Look, if someone writes a sincere and heartfelt post about something you’ve personally never experienced or witnessed, and you learn and grow from it, that’s a good thing. But that doesn’t mean that everything a woman of color does is specifically geared toward educating white people or men! Treating our lives as if they are constructed around spite and bitterness is so depressing. And again, it’s dehumanizing. As if we cannot live, and write, and think, and breathe, and love, without our actions just innately being tied to how they measure up in white people’s eyes. We already deal with that - the ubiquitous, unrelenting gaze of white supremacy. So please stop acting as if taking everything a woman of color says or does as a “teachable moment” or an “activist moment” is progressive. It’s not. It places unfair burdens on us. 
  3. If a woman of color is clearly talking about something with other women of color and laughing at a certain aspect of, say, whiteness or male entitlement, that’s absolutely not an invitation for white people to barge in on the post with performative tags or comments. It’s invasive as hell. It goes back to what I said in the first point, which is that you’re treating our literal lives as if they’re classroom education lessons. You look at a post like that and clearly grimace or feel guilty. And hey again, if a post makes you self-reflect and critically think about something you previously didn’t acknowledge, that is a good thing, but you can engage in that self-reflection without pomp and circumstance and without making it about yourself. Because that’s exactly what happens when you reblog a random post a woman of color writes about herself & other women of color (a post in which she’s clearly commiserating with other women of color over something you as a white person cannot relate to). You’re making it about YOUR guilt or YOUR “activism” credentials. And that ties into the second point: treating every facet of a woman of color’s life as if it can only be measured by the worth it presents to white people. 
  4. There will be posts that women of color write that are specifically targeted toward men or white people. That is absolutely when you should be adding tags like “reminders” or directly engaging in learning and self-reflection. This post itself is clearly directed toward white people, in which case it would be fine for white people to reblog and learn from, whereas a post that I write about laughing at how hypocritical white women are is not an invitation for white women to tag it as “I’ll keep this in mind” or “I hope I don’t do this”. 
  5. And on that note, if you as a white person say “I’ve never done this but yikes”, you are fucking lying to yourself and to me. The reason you don’t think you’ve “ever done this” is because you’re surrounded by the glory of the privilege you receive under white supremacy. You’re embedded in whiteness. You can’t see around your own whiteness. It takes work to objectively deconstruct your own whiteness, and that definitely won’t occur if you look at a post about racism and say “well /I’ve/ never done this because /I’m/ one of the good ones”. You’ve definitely done it, and you’ll do it again, because that’s the nature of whiteness. 

Stop treating us like your educators and doormats. Stop talking to us as if we’re monsters and ogres. Please. I beg you. 


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In reverse (Part 4)

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Archive of our Own ♥ 

Lotor has always been a lonely person. He never truly had any friends apart from Allura while growing up.

It wasn’t like he didn’t try bonding with others, he did! But people never like him so much. They Galra children were mean to him thanks to his looks, and nobody talked to him. He was always ignored and left behind.

Alteans children weren’t so different. They made fun of the color of his skin and said awful things about him. But not Allura.

They weren’t the best of friends since Allura was only good to him because she was a princess and had to behave, but they built a pretty good friendship from that. And really, Lotor was happy. He couldn’t complain.  

“Finally a friend,” he thought.

Lotor regretted losing Allura, Alfor and every good altean he met. After the fall of Altea, he felt even lonelier than before. He had lost a friend and a second family.

He resented his father for what he did.

Recovering Allura in his life, even as an enemy, was a gift for Lotor.

They friendship was broken, of course. His father had kill her family, and he was now leading his armies against her in order to please Zarkon’s wishes. But he was still glad to talk with her.

It was odd, really. They were enemies, but he could still stop and have a chat with her and her paladins.

Without realizing, he started meeting the princess once in a while in equal ground to talk for a bit. She always trying to convince him to join them and stop whatever thing he was doing, or just talking about old times.

Lotor never fails to notice how in those meetings the Blue Paladin is the only one of the paladins that talks to him and even stands by his side, keeping him company. Of course, Lotor sees this as a friendly and kind action. He doesn’t think too much about it

But Lance calls him “My prince” and Lotor is surprised. He wants to think he’s joking, but the paladin keeps calling him sweet names and giving him compliments once in a while and really, Lotor is not sure what to do about it. Sometimes he laughs or smiles politely, but most of the time he blushes.

Lotor doesn’t mind, and starts finding it funny even when he feels embarrassed.

He gathered the courage to answer. “Good bye, my paladin.” He feels motivated to keep saying it after he sees a big smile on Lance’s face.

They start talking, and it’s nice. Lotor feels a bit confused by this change, but he can’t truly complain. The Blue paladin has proven to be a nice and friendly person, and Lotor couldn’t help but being attracted to him. Their talks are simple and about nothing important, but the prince enjoys them deeply.

Lance becomes a dear friend to him.

But then Lance starts calling him endearments, and calling him “My love”. And Lotor is not so sure anymore if that’s how friends behave.

Lance gets closer to him. He touches his shoulder or pats his back. It weirds out Lotor at first, not used to having anyone doing something like that to him. It’s strange, and Lotor gives Lance a funny look the first time he grabs his shoulder.

But he says nothing, and allows the paladin to be close.

Then he touches his hair, and Lotor is again confused and surprised by this.


“Because I need to prove if it’s as soft as it looks. Now, stop complaining and come here.” He doesn’t understand where the sudden need of the paladin to feel his hair came from, but he doesn’t put any restrains.

He shivers when he feels Lance’s fingers softly playing with hair.

“Are you satisfied?” He asks.


And when he lets his hands falls, he caress his neck with so much tenderness that made Lotor jump and blushed like crazy. He looks at Lance scandalize and confused, but the human was smiling. Oblivious of what he had done.

Lotor swallows hard. He was not used to having someone touching him so much. Even when Lance’s actions are small, they do an amazing number on him.  

Something changes. His meetings with Allura becomes shorter, and his conversations with Lance longer. He wonders why the princess is always on a hurry, but he can’t truly complain when he earns more time with Lance.

He becomes eager to see him.  But suddenly Lance is not waiting for him anymore, not looking at him so much or even talking to him. He tried waiting to see a reaction of the Blue paladin, he hoped he would suddenly look for him again. But he didn’t.

So he takes a step forward, grabs Lance’s hand and invites him to stay with him for a chat. He tries to flirt like Lance did many times with him. He knows he’s probably making a fool of himself, but he doesn’t care. Lance is laughing and he looks beautiful. And it made Lotor happy too.

He leaves to a planet, he has duties to attend. To his surprise, he sees Lance there and feels the need to run to him and greet him. But his guards are close, and they could tell the Witch about his meetings with Voltron or try to attack the Paladin.

Lotor takes Lance by the wrist, he doesn’t lets him talk much before guiding him to a dark alley, away from his guards.

“Ok, I think we are safe her–” Lance hugs him, and it takes him by surprise as always.

Lotor feels a pleasant warm spread in his chest. He hesitates a bit, but he returns the hug. Embracing the paladin on his arms. They are so close, and it makes Lotor anxious. A good anxious. His heart beats, and he swears his cheeks are blushing like they always do when he’s with Lance.

He hands are on his waist, holding him close. He doesn’t want to let him go.

The kind of intimacy they were sharing in those moment was something he had never experienced before, and Lotor just wanted to cling to Lance’s body.

To get more and more of him.

Lance moves, and now they are staring. The boy bits his lips, and Lotor takes a deep breath. Lance’s eyes are shining, and Lotor is not stupid. He knows what the paladin is waiting for. And God, he craves it too. But he is unsure.

What does he feel? Is it desire? Is it love?

Maybe he was only starved-touch.

Lance breaks apart. The moment is gone and the paladin only gives him a kiss on the cheek.

He feels a little bit sad, to be honest.

“It’s good to see you, my prince.”

Lotor’s smile returns, and he nods leaning to kiss him on the cheek too. “The pleasure is all mine, my paladin.”

He swallows and shakes his head. Being near to the Blue paladin always makes funny things to him. He clears his throat and starts talking, trying to ignore what happened between them, at least for now.

Lance stays for a week. And it’s wonderful. Lotor manages to get rid of his guards, so he can be with Lance all the time. He feels truly happy, and he doesn’t feel as lonely as before. He finally has someone with him, and it was Lance. He was his friend and so much more.

Lotor slowly comes into terms with his feelings, and realizes he likes Lance in the romantic way. And how could he not? The paladin was adorable. He was funny, good-looking, kind, and just perfect to Lotor’s eyes.

“It’s time for me to go.”  

“What? Why?” Says Lotor looking alarmed.

“Lotor, I finished my mission days ago. I need to return to my team, they need me.”

“Can’t you stay a bit longer?” Lotor takes his hand. His grip on him strong. He doesn’t want to let Lance go.

“I’m sorry, but I told you I need to go.”

He frowns and panic settles in his chest. He knows he looks pathetic, looking so devastated, but he didn’t care. Lotor embrace Lance in his arms, hugging tightly. His heart breaking at the thought of Lance leaving him after realizing he was in love with him.

“I need to tell him!”

Lance cups his face on his hands, obliging him to look at him. Lotor recognizes it, the same longing look they share in the dark alley and he decides he won’t let that opportunity go away.

Slowly, he leans forward. He can feel his heart beating fast and his cheeks blushing. He is nervous, but not afraid.

They kiss and Lotor can’t believe what’s happening. He tries to be soft, sweet. To show Lance through the kiss how much he cares for him, how much he likes him. Lance responds with eagerness, and Lotor makes a surprise noise.

He makes his best to follow and to repeat some of Lance’s movements.  

The kiss is kind at first, but it gets a bit intense with time. Lotor wants more, and so does Lance he can tell. But the prince stops before things can get out of control. Lance’s lips are red from their make out and Lotor can’t help to give him a few kisses more.

Being new to the experience, he only wanted more.

Lance chuckles. “I think I can try to talk with Allura and see if I can stay a bit longer.”  

Lotor nods, making Lance laugh even more. The boy takes his helmet, gets up and leaves the room to talk with his leader in the halls. Meanwhile he stays there, touching his lips with a small smile on his face.

He sighs and lets his smile fades for a bit.

He just hopes that his happiness last.

They always say that ignorance is a bliss, Lotor.

Enjoy things while you can, my prince.

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Hey Andi can I get your wonderful opinion on something. I was cruising around Instagram looking at random posts and I came across a series of posts with pictures of this guy who looks like he could be a sterek kid. I do not take any credit for it as someone else did but could you take a look at Wesley Trucker and tell me what you think? You're the best in advance♥๏ธ๐Ÿ’™♥๏ธ





I approve.

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Heeey! Guess who's back from vacation and near his art supplies! I've already finished the coloring on Wilson and Spidey, and I've begun work on the Multi-Spider-Men doodle! (Which I am now for certain will include Noir, Miles, 2099, earth 616, and Captain Spider) Just gotta find time to post the colored product soon . . . Oh, but I had a question! So we've seen what Mae and Bea are like when their, "Frisky", but what about Gregg and Angus? How do they get, "Frisky"?

Oh hey!! Welcome back!! 

Oh my gosh that’s so cool to hear! I can’t wait to see the colored versions soon! I know they are gonna look amazing!!! (>w<)b

Oh my… Haha, well I mean if it’s with Angus and Gregg, It will be something like this… With Gregg being Frisky, all he has to do is plant a lot, and I mean A LOT of kisses on Angus. And it works 98% of the time (because Angus LOVES kisses).

When it comes down to Angus being Frisky… Well he knows how to get to Gregg with a simple question…

… Don’t question what Marshmallow Mountain is, alright? xDD

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hey, just wondering... you know how there’s a gay flag & a pan flag & an ace flag & etc, is there a queer flag? and if so could you find a pic of what it looks like or something for me please? thank you!

Hi anon! As far as I know, this is the proposed and generally accepted queer flag: 

Which I found on the tumblr @queerflag. I would suggest checking out this blog because there’s several proposed flags and options - but also there’s some posts that go into more detail about why the chevron was picked (because there’s sometimes queer flags with ace/trans/bi/pan/etc colors incorporated, which I find super cool.)

Mod Bethany

Hey Look I posted something! It’s Shuichi’s execution!

I love V3.

This is my tribute to Kokichi and all his goofy free time events.

He’s just hangin’ out with K1-BO’s mom.

I love V3.

I was gonna do a whole, “Hey, look at the same scene when I draw it with my mouse vs my tablet!”

…. But then…. the laziness set in and…. I just rushed the rest of this. Can’t even be bothered to color it and fix the anatomy and BAHHHHH. I’m more interested in what she could be protecting him from. Judging by their faces, it must be something Shina’s never witnessed before and Sakura is very cautious of

Here is the mouse version btw: http://askshinachiku.tumblr.com/post/163392713758/i-dont-have-my-tablet-installed-on-this-computer

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hey! so ages ago on your old account you gave some links to good sites for referencing cat poses, could you post it again if that's okay? I've been looking all over google but there haven't been any that aren't obstructed by foliage or just laying about <3

um idk if i listed multiple but the main one i use is warrenphotographic or i add cfa or tica to whatever i’m searching. so like maine coon cfa or something will usually give you a cat standing on a colored bg, good for references o: 

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hey!!! i saw a bullymagnet post you made a while back (for the record, your art is amazing) and noticed you didn’t know what color max’s eyes were. believe it or not, on ch1 pg12 they are shown to be blue. just for info! have a great day! :)

hi there!! thanks for the info, @callow-maturity pointed it out to me recently too and this is what i got from the screenshot she sent me:

it looks like greyish-blue? i mean, its probably different now but i dont know if zack’s ever released something like a character ref sheet so /shrugs

also its kind of the same-ish colour as his hat in the early early chapters, so its an old hc of mine that max’s hat was a gift from his mom who bought it coz it was the exact same colour of his eyes :) :’)

Think Outside the Lovesquare Day 6: Social Media

I havenโ€™t forgotten day 5, but it did get a little out of hand, so itโ€™s going to be late. I thought Iโ€™d post this one on time at least!

Alya was staring at the computer, torn between two background colors for her latest update to the Ladyblog when she heard a light tap on her balcony door. For a moment, she assumed it was a branch or something caught in the breeze, but then she caught sight of the silhouette. She scrambled out of her chair and rushed over to open the door. โ€œLadybug?โ€

โ€œHey, Alya.โ€ Ladybug stepped back, hands behind her back and looking almost as nervous as she had the first day sheโ€™d shown up in Alyaโ€™s life. โ€œAre you busy?โ€

โ€œNo, of course not. Come in.โ€ Alya grinned, hardly believing her luck. โ€œI was just working on the Ladyblog.โ€

โ€œOh. Right.โ€ She stepped inside, hardly looking around, and sat on the edge of Alyaโ€™s bed. โ€œI actually had a favor to ask.โ€

โ€œYeah?โ€ Alya sat across from her.

Ladybug shifted, settling one leg under the other and finally made eye contact for the first time since she landed on Alyaโ€™s balcony. โ€œWell, youโ€™re really amazing with the Ladyblog, and I know youโ€™re really busy, but could you help me set up a blog of my own? Chat Noir has one, and itโ€™s all cat jokes and bad puns, but I think it would help for me to have one, too.โ€

โ€œThat would be amazing!โ€ Alya smiled. โ€œJust promise youโ€™ll give the Ladyblog a shoutout, okay?โ€

Ladybug nodded, visibly relaxing. โ€œOf course!โ€

โ€œOkay, first, youโ€™ll need a site.โ€

โ€œI have one. I just need to know what to do with it.โ€

โ€œJust leave it to me,โ€ Alya assured her.

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hey, how do you even start analyzing homestuck? how do you even like... pick things to pick out? your analytical skills are the most detailed i've seen so far & i'm kind of blown away.

Um… thank you! I made one post about methodology (x), but here’s two more, focusing on image composition:

Sometimes it helps to be looking for something in particular. Like, the aspects are color coded, right? So you might go into the comic looking out for those colors in particular. So you see that the orange and yellow of Light are in John’s fireplace – so descriptions of the fireplace should inform you about the Light aspect, and vice versa. The purple of Rage is in the grist blocking the hole into Dad’s room – so you can associate purple and Rage with the dread John feels towards entering his Dad’s room, as well as the descent itself.

If a panel composition is reused, assume there is meaning. Reusing panels is an implicit request to compare/contrast the situations and piece together some semblance of a unifying narrative. Take this for example:

The pose for Vriska is reused, but the subject/object in the bottom right corner changes. From this, you might gather a loose sense of Tavros = treasure chest. In trying to make sense of that, you might remember Vriska’s fixation on unlocking Tavros’s potential and think ah, Vriska’s attitude towards Tavros’s potential and treasure are very similar! Then comes some visual payoff:

In this case, Tavros is reaching into the treasure chest, recycled from the panel with Vriska. Symbolically, he is reaching inside himself! And within, he finds the strength to confront Vriska (it was right next to the mounting anger).

But yeah, if images or compositions are reused, it is an invitation to flex your creative muscles and synthesize/discover the thematic connection yourself. Even callback gags can reinforce ideas in the story.


are the balls in Eunwoo and MJ’s rooms/bottles supposed to represent carbonation????

bc their colors were the same colors

as the bottles in breathless…….

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Keepers on Instagram

-Charlene’s is so artsy with stunningly gorgeous selfies and pics of her ~avacado toasts~ and ~lattes~ and sunsets and its insane, all really light colors and well organized and her life looks so put together. 

-Finn rarely posts anything but if he does its like an embarrassing photo of Maybeck or a really poorly lit selfie or a video of them all doing something ridiculous but cool, like those trick shot basketball videos or a pic of Amanda during a date

-Philby uses his to update people on his projects, “hey here’s how much of my computer is rebuilt, I still have to add more RAM and yada yada tech talk” and his fangirls dont car at all but watch every second. He also posts a lot of travel pics. Him and WIlla hike a lot so theres some REAL nice pics of Willa and a sunset on a mountain

-Willa’s is all pics of bookshops/cute lil stores she finds while exploring with Phil, disney selfies, pictures of her with the other keepers, and wholesome “HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU” posts. a wholesome, goofy account.

-Maybeck is also artsy af, he’s the kinda guy that gets dressed up and posts photoshoot pics, so it’s a lot of pictures of him but exactly zero people are mad about it because *swoon*.

-Jess posts her art and her photography. She’s rarely ever pictured on her own instagram but she loves photographing her friends, so they’re on there a ton. She’s generally the person who takes Maybeck’s photoshoot pics.

-Amanda’s is like a mashup between Charlene’s and Willa’s. Not as artsy but not as goofy. Occaisionally she’ll put up a photo that jess took of her where she looks like a literal godess; she also has pictures of her and FInn up where they look like the most relationship goals-y relationship you can find.

-”Finn please do not post that embarrasing picture of me” “Too late”

-”Willa you cant just post pictures of other peoples dogs its weird”

-every year they take a ridiculous “family holiday card” picture wearing ugly sweaters

-Charlene has the most followers, second is Maybeck; they are the queen & king of insta

-She enjoys it way too much

-”Charlene I swear if you post one more picture of a latte im unfollowing you” “K not like i need ur follow anyway ;) xoxo”

-Finn does prank videos all the time. Willa is his partner-in-crime. Jess and Maybeck are their main targets.

-them commenting just really positive things on each other’s posts and just being so adorable and wholesome