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Yuri!!! on Ice Coloring book

Hey there! @dorkabeth, @mortal-apollo and I ( @lordzarcock) had the idea to make a coloring book for Yuri!! on Ice inspired by the @pjocoloringbookproject and the @voltroncoloringbook. It’ll be fan-made and free to download! All content will be suitable for all ages (i.e. no nsfw, no gore or graphic violence, etc.)

We’re currently looking for artists! The plan is to compile all the artist’s lineart in one book.  Please contact us if you’re interested, and reblog to spread the word!

anonymous asked:

Hi, i'm really curious on what technical solutions you use. Your game looks awesome and what is immensely impressive to me is how you combine "rigid" 2D Pixelart with fluent graphics, as can be seen in the foliage and the water. It really looks great. So, what do you use underneath? Which engine, any framework for that kind of stuff, or everything written yourself?

Hey, thanks!

I’ve made my own engine which uses OpenGL for rendering, and I believe pixel art should be true to the grid, so to achieve that effect I draw everything to a canvas/texture before upscaling it and drawing to the screen.

Most games draw the pixel art to the already upscaled screen, and this makes some pixels be off-grid.

There is no off-grid when each pixel on your art is one pixel on the screen.

hey you!! this blog is very new (just made it today), so need some blogs to follow. if you post:

-original art (sfw)
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-heathers the musical and/or the movie
-panic! at the disco
-studying help
-harry potter
-merch of any fandom listed & where to get it
-merlin (bbc)
-doctor who
-graphic/edits for any fandom listed

then please reblog/like this post and i’ll check out ur blog!!

cohale  asked:

* hey, so someone's reblogged one of your many amazing edits (I did my self a favour and went through your page). I was just wondering how you achieve the still background on through the silhouette like in /post/120416727688/a-thousand-silhouettes-dancing-on-my-chest-no ? I've tried and thought of how to do it but yours looks absolutely amazing. Thanks and I hope you have a great day :)

Thank you so much cutie, that’s very nice of you to say. I’ve never made a tutorial or anything before so sorry if it’s not good.

This is a tutorial on how to make the background of your image a solid color.

You do need photoshop and basic knowledge of how to use it.

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Husband: Hey I saw this stealth game on Steam sale and I bought it for you

Me: ??

Husband: Yea look, it’s called Shadwen and it has this stealthy assassin woman teaching a young girl how to be a stealthy assassin and it kind of looks like the old thief games but with modern telltale graphics and it made me think of you.

Me: …I want a divorce.

Husband: …

Me: so I can marRY YOU AGAIN

My redbubble is up!

Hey guys! Amy here. History is going down tonight as my redbubble is open for the first time! I got a bit excited and made a little promo image heh. It looks bare right now, I admit, but after my exams are over june 18, I will be making more art to sell! For now, help put me through uni next year by going over to the alphas account and getting your share of dragons goodies! Reblogs are much appreciated too. Thank you!


Hey everyone! So last week I’ve hit 4k followers which has always been my goal since I started making graphics since 4 is my lucky number (and also the number of death apparently?? thanks for the info, Kyra). Thank you all so much for following me, I might not show my appreciation a lot but every like and reblog on my edits or comment and kudos on my fic really does mean a lot to me <333

Also a quick shoutout to some amazing people that I’ve met last year and with whom I’ve become friends, whether it’s here or on twitter, I love you all and I wish we’ll stay friends this year or for some that I’ll get to talk and know them a little better ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

bold = mutuals/friends ♡


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Hey guys –– Look –– I made some digital portraits of Romelza, because, their love has such symbolism, and because, why not?

“Someone–a Latin poet–had defined eternity as no more than this: to hold and possess the whole fullness of life in one moment, here and now, past and present and to come. He thought: if we could only stop here. Not when we get home, not leaving Trenwith, but here, here reaching the top of the hill out of Sawle, dusk wiping out the edges of the land and Demelza walking and humming at my side.” ––Ross Poldark, Poldark Book I by Winston Graham.


Graphics upgrade! 
Hey guys, we’re upgrading the character sprites to this new set. The old one was made a long time ago and it seems very unpolished (and just plain ugly in my opinion). I’m my own harshest critic and I’m almost never satisfied with my own work but I’m quite pleased with how these new sprites look and I hope you guys like them too.

The demo is almost done! I’m really sorry about all the delays, I recently moved from one side of the continent to the other to study (game design :D) and I’m still adjusting to my new life here, I apologize again for this demo to be taking so long but me and the team want it to be as good as it can be and I don’t want to rush too much and end up with something mediocre to show you guys.

But like I said, we’re close to finishing the demo! We’ll keep you guys updated and I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween month :D


Okay I just wanna say this about the tumblr tag video.

The art was not meant to be seen by Dan and Phil obviously. It was meant for fans and made by fans. Some people reposted art and basically showed it to Dan and Phil, who it was not meant for.

The comments they made about all the art could be interpreted as rude. However, even if the art is not meant for them, it still shows them in sometimes very graphic situations. If they were making jokes about how weird someone’s art is when the art is something completely unrelated to the phandom and them, then yes their comments would be disrespectful. But one of the drawings had Dan literally naked and tied up by his best friend. It made them uncomfortable because it was porn of them made by complete strangers. They have the right to comment on it, they have the right to be made uncomfortable by it.

I saw another post saying that Dan and Phil paint their fans to be creepy and immature. When someone over the Internet draws you completely nude, yes you would be creeped out. When strangers over the Internet are freaking out that you may or may not be in a relationship with your best friend, it is a little immature. Not saying immaturity is a bad thing.

So yes. It sucks that people had their art stolen. It sucks that people drew this art and it was seen by eyes that it was never intended for. But when those people who it wasn’t intended for do see the art, they have the right to be either joyed or disgusted by it as much as anyone else. No one can expect anyone who sees literal graphic porn to not have an emotional response, that’s the whole reason it was made in the first place. Phanart and phanfiction is great, it’s an excellent outlet of creativity. It’s meant for the people involved in the fandom, but anyone else on the Internet might see it at any time.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense my thoughts are very jumbled.