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“You look good in red.”

A Peter Parker x Reader Fic 

Summary: You know Peter’s secret, you know he’s Spider-Man. But where’s the fun in letting him know that outright? It’s more fun to tease him about it…until you end up in between him and the Green Goblin. 

Warnings: fluff, some minor angst, I wrote the reader shorter than Peter so I apologize to those who’re taller than him ( :/ ), it’s long

A/N: I’d like to give a ginormous thank you to @riseofthehufflepuffs for always being there to help me with my Peter Parker fics and reading them for me no matter how shitty they are. Thank you, Mrs. Parker, you’re the freaking best friend a person could ask for and I’m so excited to see FOB live with you in Novemeber!

“So, Parker.” You poked at your food leisurely. “Do anything fun last night?”

“N-No.” He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Just worked on some homework, yah know.” 

“Did you see the news?” You dropped your head into your hands, narrowing your eyes at your friend. “That robbery downtown seemed intense.”

“Yeah.” Peter nodded. 

“Thank the heavens Spider-Man swooped in and took them down.” You continued on. “It was crazy, I can’t even begin to fathom living a life like that. Living half as a well-known superhero and the other as, well, some random person. I wonder who they are…”

“Probably just some random person, like you said.” Peter sipped on his drink. “I doubt we know them.”

“Yeah.” You mentally scoffed. “You’re probably right.”

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King and Lionheart — A Promptis Playlist.

And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand
Because you’re my king and I’m your lionheart.

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The Many Uses of Modern Technology

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Jared Padalecki x Reader

Summary: Imagine being actress who’s having an affair with Jared. Your relationship is revealed when sex tapes are released.

Warnings: Cheating (kind of), graphic descriptions of sex tapes, filth, public humiliation


It’s just after four in the morning when you hear the first message. The soft tone of your phone wakes you from a shallow sleep, but only for a second before drifting off again.

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Hey, guys! I’ve got a great idea for a compromise between the people who want to see a Harry Potter TV show, and those who don’t want to see the original cast replaced! Just do it as an animated show, and draw the characters based off of how the actors in the movies looked. Then get everyone who’s still alive from the original cast to come back and reprise their roles in voice-over form. Some deceased actors, like Rickman and Hurt, would have to be replaced, but I think this idea could work.

(confessed by anon; graphic made by @weasleyismyking540!)

(fanart source is out there somewhere, lost in time and space)


Trials and Tricks by @wendynerdwrites (made for @jonsaexchange)

Hey WendyNerd! I hope you like this! I spent forever trying to figure out what to create, and I figured why not make something for one of your many amazing fics? I really hope you like this, and I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future!

Yuri!!! on Ice Coloring book

Hey there! @dorkabeth, @mortal-apollo and I ( @lordzarcock) had the idea to make a coloring book for Yuri!! on Ice inspired by the @pjocoloringbookproject and the @voltroncoloringbook. It’ll be fan-made and free to download! All content will be suitable for all ages (i.e. no nsfw, no gore or graphic violence, etc.)

We’re currently looking for artists! The plan is to compile all the artist’s lineart in one book.  Please contact us if you’re interested, and reblog to spread the word!


Your name: submit What is this?

“I loved your first date story! Would you mind if I sent in a request? Could you do something involving Chris and Sebastian in a love triangle? Maybe you’ve been dating Chris for some time now, but you have started to develop feelings for Sebastian? You are torn between 2 great guys and don’t know what to do. Thanks!”

Summary: After a month apart you finally join your boyfriend Chris on the set of Avengers: Infinity War, only to find yourself being picked up by Sebastian, the man you were crushing on.

Word count: 2299

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader x Chris Evans

Genre: Romance, kind of angst maybe? Some humour

Warnings: Kind of fluffy?

Author’s Note: This ended up a lot longer than what I planned but I wanted to get it right. If people like it enough I might do a part 2 of this one. And hey look, I even made a graphic for it! Yay! Also to the anon who requested this, I really, really hope you like this, it kind of deviated a bit.

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If the Zircons get barbed with Lapis and Peridot, the tv would run 24/7. If Peri and Lappy aren’t watching Pining Hearts, the Zircons are binge watching every courtroom drama mankind has ever made.

Peri: Hey! Give us back the TV!

Yellow: So you can watch that drech? I don’t think so

Blue: They’re getting the case, looks like a murder- oh my Diamonds that is graphic! Why are human deaths so graphic?

Yellow: (bouncing in her seat excitedly) I want that case I want that case I want that case!

Blue: No way the ex wife did it. She was clearly framed by the best friend.

Yellow: No way. This case is so open and shut. The ex wife did it and you know it.

Blue: I could claim her innocence in less than the hour with commercials these mere humans have!

Yellow: I like to see you try!

Lapis: SHUT UP! Don’t make me come up there!

Blue: (cowers) she will

Yellow: (rolls her eyes and huffs unphased)

Excellent Benefits, Chapter 3

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Looking back, Nursey isn’t sure who to blame.

His first instinct is to pin it on Shitty. After all, Shitty was the one who started the conversation. And what he’s doing at a Samwell kegster instead of one of his Harvard parties is anybody’s guess. (Well, that’s not entirely true. Nursey remembers Andover. Harvard’s got to be even worse.) But once the subject of drunk makeouts was brought up, Shitty was the one who dragged Dex’s name into it. And he’s the one who spurred Dex to get up and dare Nursey to put his mouth where his mouth was, so to speak.

But Dex was the one who did it. So maybe it’s not Shitty’s fault. Maybe it’s Dex’s fault.

Nobody forced Dex to insert himself into the conversation. He was the one who kept insisting he was good for it, that he’d be happy to make out with Nursey. What motivated that, Nursey will never know. Can’t have been actual desire to get Nursey’s mouth on him. No,knowing Dex it was some stupid kind of pride, and Nursey answered it because Dex gets to him, every single time.

But in the end, Nursey knows there’s only one person to blame. And that’s the guy who got up and crossed the room and finally kissed the boy he’d been dreaming about for a year and change. The guy who made out with him until neither of them could breathe. The absolute rank idiot who then asked if Dex wanted to do it again. The guy who had Dex close to coming in his pants on a kitchen floor in his brownstone, and who only then realized how far things had spiraled out of control.

Yeah. Nursey knows it’s all his own fault. What he doesn’t know is what to do about it.

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Holding Roses (Stozier Band au)

Whoop just an au where Richie is in a band and doesn’t know the loser club | I’m thinking seniors in high school | There’s probably a lot of grammar errors so sorry



Stan didn’t go to concerts, but this time Bill forced him to go. They were meeting Mike, Beverly, and Ben there so Stan had no choice but to come. It wasn’t a fairly big event, probably around 300 to 400 people actually showed up and Beverly had managed to flirt her way to get 5 front row seats.

“Don’t worry Stan, you’re going to love the band.” Mike reassured him with a smile.

“Who’s actually playing exactly?” Stanley raised an eyebrow at Mike.

“It’s a small rock band called the Losers.”

Stanley thought that was pretty ironic. Considering back in middle school they all were the loser’s club.

Beverly and Ben went off to go explore, Bill went to go get food and Mike went with him. That left Stanley, all alone in the crowd surrounded by hormonal teenagers. He stood out of the crowd, he was wearing a nice blue shirt with skinny jeans, everyone else was wearing ripped clothes (literally everything was ripped).

The lights slowly turned down and Stanley started getting anxious because he couldn’t see his friends. The Losers came on stage, the lead singer was tall with blonde hair, the guitarist was skinny with black hair and brown eyes…Stanley looked at this boy a little longer than he sound have.

“Stanley!” A hand landed on Stan’s shoulder. He turned to see Beverly.

“You guys took forever! It’s about to start.” He yelled to be heard over the guy with the microphone.

“Sorry! But we got you fries!” Bev smiled and handed him a plate of fries.

The longer the concert went on, the more Stan was smitten with this guitarist. Bill told him that his name was Richie. He had huge glasses with a shit-eating grin on his face, sweat dripped off his forehead and Stan swooned.

“Stan!” Stan jumped and looked over at Mike. He must have zoned out.

“Ben apparently knows a guy and got us backstage passes! So we can go hang out backstage afterwards!” Mike was smiling widely, Stan knew he liked this music.

“I didn’t think this band was big enough to have the need for backstage passes..” Stanley himself was never really a big fan, he like calm music mostly, but he was willing to accept rock into his life.

Stan smiled at Mike and looked over at his other friends, Bill was screaming and Beverly was dancing with Ben to the song.

Stanley turned his attention back to the stage and Richie was staring at him. He was still playing along to the song but they were making eye contact. Stanley felt himself flush and he looked away nervously, so Richie did the same.

After the concert they all went backstage. Honestly, Stan was tired..it was past 2am and could see eye bags forming under his eyes, his hair was frizzy from it being so hot, so let’s just say that to him he didn’t look attractive.

“So what do p-people usually do backstage?” Bill asked Beverly because she seemed like a person who would know that kind of stuff.

“Usually they just hang out and drink.” Beverly answered and continued walking while the others followed.

As they walked, someone caught Stanley’s eye, it was that same boy. They made eye contact for the second time and both flushed pink. Stan watched as he friends walked and suddenly Richie was walking toward him. Stanley didn’t know what to do, does he catch up with his friends or talk with Richie?

“Hey.” Stan’s thoughts we’re stopped by someone grabbed his arm. The taller brown eyed boy looked down at Stan.

“…H-Hey.” Stan internally cringed at his own voice, Richie looked so much cooler than him. He was wearing ripped jeans with an Evil Dead graphic t-shirt.

“I saw you in the audience..you seem kinda out of place.” Richie smiled and Stan smiled back.

“Well my friends forced me to come, I don’t go to these kind of things often.”

Richie nodded, “I don’t blame you, it’s pretty fucking crazy at times…oh I’m Richie by the way.” Rich realized he was still holding Stan’s arm and quickly let go.

“Oh I know. Shit- I mean..my friends told me who you were.” Richie laughed at Stan’s response and Stan blushed, “and I’m Stanley or Stan for short.”

“Well nice to meet you Stanley or Stan for short.”

“So you’re into dad jokes?” Stan raised an eyebrow and grin.

“Yeah, it’s kinda my ‘thing’ you know?” Richie did some weird hand motion with the word thing.

It took everyone a couple minutes before they realized Stan was missing. Ben decided to trace their steps because Stanley probably got lost or something. When they all went back they saw Stan flirting with the guitarist. Bev couldn’t help but to laugh and take pictures, Bill urged her to stop so they wouldn’t embarrass him but Mike cheered her on. Ben was just happy they found their friend.

“Juh-Juh-Jesus, who knew Stan was so good with the guys.” Bill smiled slightly and looked at Mike.

Stan bit his lip, “Well I should back to my friends now..”

“You guys can hang if you want, me and the gang we’re actually about to go crack open some beers and listen to music..” Richie really wanted him to stay.

“Oh..yeah I think they would love that.” Stan smiled, “l’ll go find them.”

After a couple (definitely more than a couple) everyone was pretty buzzed. Especially Stan, who was not used to drinking alcohol. Beverly was probably the most sober, it was almost impossible to make her drunk. She was definitely driving their asses home.

“You’re so cute.” Richie hummed and kissed Stanley’s cheek which made Stanley laugh.

Bev made a mental note to keep an eye on them.

“Stop it.” Stanley blushed and looked down, “I’m not cute.”

Richie ran his hands through Stan’s hair and smiled lovingly. He grabbed Stan’s face and kissed him. Stanley wrapped his arms around Richie and giggled before kissing back.

After a while, Bev finally had enough of everyone’s shit. She grabbed everyone and started walking out the door.

Stan woke up in bed with a slight headache and closed his curtains. He sighed and rubbed his hand. Quickly he changed into some new clothes, he was about to put his jeans in the wash before a small paper inside a pocket. It was a phone number and the name Richie at the top in chicken scratch.

Richie was back home. He chugged a water before grabbing his phone and setting it by his bed. He turned on TV and waited. It wasn’t until around 5pm he got a call.

He jumped and grabbed the phone.

“H-Hello?” Rich bit his lip, hoping it was Stanley.

“Oh! Hi, it’s uh me…Stan or Stanley for short.” Stanley rubbed the back of his neck and nervously looked over at Bill who was giving him a thumbs up.

“Hey!” Rich realized how he excited he sounded and tried to tone it down, “You know..we should go out sometime…like to the arcade or something.” He tried sounding cooler.

“Y-Yeah, that sound great, how about tonight?” Stanley made an excited face at Bill, who mouthed ‘You’re doing great.’

“Perfect, I’ll meet you at the arcade by the movie theatre around 8?” Richie leaned onto his bed.

“Y-Yup, well I should g-go..” Stanley took a deep breath, “Bye, Richie.”

“Goodbye, my prince.” Richie said in a british accent before hanging up the phone.

If Rich only had three hours to get ready then he better start now.

anonymous asked:

How do you make your graphics, gifs,and colorings? I'm trying to learn and I haven't found a single source so I came here and I fell in love with your edits. It's perfection. ❤️❤️❤️

Hey there! Thank you for loving my edits ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ I’m really happy to hear that you are trying to learn, because with a heart to learn, you’ve already made that first step. 


I don’t exactly have a “formula” for my graphics, but I do have advice if you are trying to learn, and that is to put in effort. You’re really not going to get anything done if you don’t give your 100%. Next is to be open-minded. Never stop looking for inspiration. Sometimes, I plough through the internet to look at other people’s portfolio so that I can gain some insights/inspiration on my next idea. A big mistake is to be jealous of other people’s creations because you’ll never learn. Lastly, is to find a unique style. This is the hardest step. There are several brilliant designers whom I follow (check my follow forever for a complete list) who’ve developed their own style, to the point where with just one look, I can tell the edit was done by them. Try to look through their portfolios and gain some inspiration on creating your own style. 

For e.g. Jenny @mewchim makes very classy, clean edits that have a lovely dim-effect to them. This is her niche and i’ve not seen anyone pull off the same effect as she can. Jess @mangaetteok makes perfect use of bright, vibrant colours to create her gfx. She is also very skilled with colour gradients. Jess @yoongsins is basically an all-rounded designer. She can do illustrations, art, animations etc, and she’s also very skilled with textures. Cassie @comeherejimin is very, very skilled with animations and extremely good in creating exposure graphics, layering and adjusting the layer styles for each layer. You’ll get it if you check out her graphics. Andi @ceiste is extremely good at using contrasting and vibrant colours against a black canvas. She’s also really skilled with fonts and font spatial arrangements etc.

Developing a style takes you the longest and typically is the last step in the whole process. It took me really long on this (I am still trying to find a style! I haven’t found one yet!!!!) so don’t rush this step. You should try to explore what kind of graphics you like to do, and what kind of graphics are you good at. Ofc, if you are as versatile as @yoongsins then that’s awesome, but it’s a level that is hard to achieve, so try to find something niche that you are good at and then just keep practising that ^^


Gifs are a different ball game all together. This is a pretty good tutorial, but I would advice you to limit gif frames to 2 and typically, each frame i’d set it to about 0.08 to 0.13 seconds depending on how the gif looks like! 


I’ve done a colour tutorial here, which basically forms the basis of ALL my colourings. I reuse the steps (and add alterations if necessary) but the tutorial has almost all necessary steps! Colouring is really 100% trial and error because how well the colour turns out also depends on the extent of your greyscale image. My advise would be always go back to the base photo and change the lighting, shadows of the greyscale photo before going back to doing your colourings! It’s a never-ending process of trials so don’t ever give up!

Hope this helps you ! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Lewis Puppet v2.0

Heya everyone, it’s report time!

So first off, me and the crew are still tinkering away at the next project.

As we rapidly approach the 10 million(!) mark on the original Ghost video, we are hoping to get more information out to you guys soon, though I can’t really give out any real specifics until we feel like we have something worthy of showing all of you.

Ghost was always designed to be a one off video, given that no one would have predicted how popular it would have gotten.  Many of the assets created for Ghost were designed with that in mind, with not much consideration for reusing things in the future.  Character puppets in particular were light on features, mostly there to serve as a base to build on top of and graft on random, chunky assets as things progressed.

In order to better future proof the characters, we had artsyfeathersartsyblog go in to refine the design slightly while professional puppet creator chloepoisonhearts worked on a pro-grade rigged puppet.

We’ve finally got Lewis’s puppet where we wanted it and can now show everyone, though I wanted to sort of talk through the changes to give everyone a behind the scenes look into the thought process of what exact has been adjusted with Lewis v2.0.

Here’s some side by sides of New (Left) and Old (Right) Lewis.

The changes aren’t terribly dramatic but there are certainly key differences.

-The legs are now slightly longer.  The top heavy design was definitely meant to be there from the start, though looking at it now he reads a bit stumpy.  We evened up his proportions to make him a bit sleeker. 

-The feet also got thickened a touch with some slight hints of depth in the toes to make them read a bit stronger.

-The ribs got a overhaul.  My original version of the ribs were a bit… bulbous, as I was trying to account for their functionality as they turned.  They’ve been given a more clearly defined shape and depth to them so that they are a bit more threatening looking (as opposed to the sausages that were the original ribs.

-His arms are a bit more beefy now.  It’s weird looking back on the old one and seeing exactly how friggin’ tiny I made the upper part of the arms.  The plates on his gloves got a bit more depth to them as well.  Also, somehow his hands got slightly BIGGER from the old version(???).  Oh, also sleeve buttons, because hey, there was a lot of empty space in this arms so why not?

-The glow on the hair has been reformatted into a graphics symbol based Softened Fill Edge from what was once a Movie Clip based glow filter.  Long story short, this is to make his hair way, way, WAY more stable in Flash, because Movie Clip effects can introduce a lot of shenanigans, especially if you are doing a lot of zooming in or resizing.

Here is what the wire-frames look like (again New (Left) and Old (Right)).

Under the hood, the new puppets have been given some proper joints for the limbs, where before they were just straight up stiff, single shapes.  The lines of the old version were converted to fills, hence why the new outlines are more chunky looking.

Oh… and due to popular demand….

Actual back poses!

The mystery of what his ribs look like from behind is now officially solved!

And that just about covers things.

At some point, we will be revisiting Arthur and Vivi’s puppets to give them similar tweaks and adjustments and we will show them off when they are ready as well.

In the meantime though, I leave ya’ll with something that’s been a long time coming.

A fully spinning Lewis~


For those of you keeping track, his height is exactly the same as before.  That has not changed.


The heart is still a thing, but for the sake of this display we don’t have it on him yet.


Reworked the preview images because I forgot how bloody tiny Tumblr makes images that are a certain sizes. Blurgh.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I don't know wether I told this or not, but I've been following your work since.. 2012? 2011? Back when I was new to spn fandom. And back then you were Whoa, they can draw like that? Unbelievable. But years have passed and you became even more of a WHOA HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. What I'm trying to say that you are great, and you also have grew as the artist very much.

Hi anon!

Thank you so much for your message ♥

I don’t know wether I told this or not, but I’ve been following your work since.. 2012? 2011…

When I started to read your message I was afraid you were gonna tell me about my Resident Evil fan arts with this zombie playing cello or going on vacation with Billy Cohen but then I kept reading and thank god, it was about the Supernatural fandom. xD

But years have passed and you became even more of a WHOA HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. 

Thank you so much for enjoying my work and following me for so long ^o^ I think the “big break” came up when I got a new computer, Photoshop CS6 and a new graphic tablet (around 2012). It REALLY made a difference and I can see it when I have a look at my old artworks. Sometimes I want to grab my head in my hands and I’m like “OMG, what the hell is this crap? The colors, the anatomy. What the hell was I thinking T__T”. But hey, you learn drawing after drawing and you know, it’s not worth trying to hide old stuff anyway because on the Internet nothing really vanishes. I mean, when I was working on this big PDF that gathers all my collaborative works from LJ, I had a couple of artworks missing. I asked on Twitter if by any chance, people knew were I could find the missing drawings (I was thinking about reposts on Pinterest mostly) but NO! Some people had in their computer super organized “Petite-Madame folder” with ALL my art from LJ and they just asked me what I needed O___o Amazing isn’t it?

What I’m trying to say that you are great, and you also have grew as the artist very much.            

Thank you! ♥♥ I grew up in the sense that I’m less “afraid” of backgrounds, complicated artworks and mechas (which is something you shouldn’t be afraid of if you are in the Stucky fandom because you’ll have to draw Cap’s suit or even Bucky’s arm at a moment or another). I would never have drawn something like this or like this 5 years ago.

But what is strange is that, at the same time, I sometimes have the feeling to stagnate, to always draw “the same bullshit”. When I look at The Life of Bucky Barnes, I’m not sure if my art has getting better or if I’m going into a kind of routine by using always the same palette or the same lighting. But hey “you are always your worst critic”, right?

Anyway, it’s very kind of you to have followed me for all this time and also that you took the time to contact me to tell me this, it really cheers me up. I also would like to have a thought for all the people who stuck with me through all the shitty drawings and the “I’m experimenting a new style” phases because when you look at my art chronologically it went all over the place xD

Have a great weekend! :)