hey look i finally submitted a drawing

Here for you

Hey guys!

So, that’s it: after months of studies, I’m finally on holidays - hoping I passed finals. And I know I already have some asks to do, but I had this idea in my mind for a while, and now’s the perfect time to submit it.

We all live bad days, something goes wrong, bad news, unlucky stuff… life looks bad and it sucks. That’s why I’m here to cheer you up!

Come to my ask box, and ask me anything you want, and I’ll draw it as quickly as I can to make your day better. I can’t promise I’ll do it right away, but I’ll try my best. It can be a character you love, a ship, a brotp, anything. 

The goal is just to give you a smile - and if I can make that happen, then I’ll consider my job done. Plus, that would make me happy too.

This post isn’t only for this month, but the whole year. This is the first time I try this, so I really hope I’ll answer quickly, but please don’t be too disappointed if I don’t - I still have responsibilities and a life to handle, unfortunately.

And here we go!

tycoontykun submitted: hey, i drew this a bit back and it is actually a redraw of a piece i did before. im wondering if lighting is used effectively here? thank you so much~

Overall the shading is placed correctly. However, the sun beams makes the drawing look a bit confusing. Placing them behind your character might make the drawing look better, and adding highlights on their hair will also help avoiding making them look too flat. The shading on their face should also better follow the face anatomy. Finally, the tattoo thingy on their cheek doesn’t glow properly. Here’s an edit by Mod Mango:

Keep drawing!

anonymous asked:

do you have image ref's for the boys older versions? id like to draw them some but im not really sure about their outfits/features/scars/ect

((Hey there, Art-Mod didn’t ever draw full body refs - so I unfortunately can’t provide those (so if you drew their full bodies feel free to make up what the bottom part of their outfit looks like ; w ;) but I do have some of the other lovely drawings she has done of them! Most of them are Vio, but I’ve got the original designs for the four teens and the muscle pics. Some things changed between their original designs and their final, but hey, the boys change clothes so….:D

Please submit your drawing when you’re done, I would love to post it! Thanks so much! :) ))

Casual Reminders: a summary

Casual Reminders is my final thesis project. I am an illustration major at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and I’ve been thinking about this project for a long time. I suffer, and am successfully recovering, from anorexia, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, body dysmorphia, and many forms of abuse.

Essentially, what I want is for people to submit whatever they would like to with the knowledge that my blog (and this project) is a safe and judgement free place to express themselves in any way. Every detail may remain anonymous with the click of a button. Submit stories, secrets, selfies, something that makes (or made) you smile, photos. Absolutely anything is free game. The final product will be me taking and analyzing those submissions, drawing and illustrating them, and organizing those illustrations into a cohesive book format. Whether this be a story constructed by me through the use of countless strangers submitting things online, or simply a book of different chapters decided by what the submissions are.

At least that’s the hope. I want the final message will be something like “hey you’re not alone and you’re worthwhile because look at all these other strangers dealing with shit. We’re in this together and you’re beautiful for all of the odd things that might go through your head” kinda thing.

I will be working on this over the course of the next year, slowly at first, and then much more rapidly this coming fall. Any submissions, exposure, or support would bring me that much closer to succeeding and showing him that people can come together to create a community of love and acceptance.

Every person should know that they are worth something. You are strong. You are brave. You are beautiful. This is a place of love, of honesty, and of casual reminders from a stranger in Ohio.

Thanks so much.