hey look i can add text now

don’t be an asshole, reblog instead.

okay so, this a quick little tutorial on how to REBLOG posts instead of stealing them! it’s actually quite simple, follow along~

now first, what you wanna do is find a rlly nice post (it can be a gifset,a text post, anything). Then, you wanna tell yourself “hey, since this is a rlly nice original post i should reblog it onto my blog”

good job! you’re almost done! third thing you wanna do is: click this little button right here:

once you click that good ol’ button, then you see this window pop up like this:

wow! would you look at that! here in this window you can add your own little comment in the ‘caption’ section if you would like. you can also add ‘tags’ in the post! that way you can get more followers by using tags instead of stealing original content that isn’t made my you! :-)

after those quick steps you can hit that big reblog button in the bottom right and BAM–now its on your blog!! and gives proper credit to the poster that it rightfully deserves!

I hope this tutorial helped anyone that seems to be confused bc i’ve seen quite a few people not understanding this concept?? 

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Dennis comes home from North Dakota after a fight with Mandy - Mac picks him up from the airport and Dennis doesn't want to talk about it - they end up holding hands but They Don't Speak Of It after that

Elbows perched on the bar’s dirty countertop, Mac squints at the text gleaming from his phone. He blinks twice and then reads the words again, just to be sure.

“Goddamnit, Charlie,” Dee curses from behind the bar, one hand grasping a cloudy drink that looks as if it’d been infected with tapeworm. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop putting spaghetti in the soda gun lines?”

Mac glances up from his phone to see Charlie standing beside her, one hand on his hip. “Oh, look who’s too good for a little pasta in their mixed drink,“ he mocks.

“I think it’s a great idea, Charlie,” Frank voices from where he sits to Mac’s right. “Broads dig spaghetti.”

Dee narrows her eyes, mouth parted in disbelief. “Not in their alcohol, they don’t!”

“You’re telling me you wouldn’t try a spaghetti and tonic?” Charlie presses. “Spaghetti cranberry? A Mojhetti? Really, Dee?”

“Uh, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Those sound disgusting.”

Charlie purses his lips, head shaking in solemn disappointment. “You have no goddamn taste.”

Dee rolls her eyes as she pulls out a strand of spaghetti from the gun head and flicks it onto the countertop. Then she pauses, cocking her head in contemplation. “Well, I guess it would be pretty funny if you put some in a Highball and called it a Meatball instead,” she chuckles with a smirk.

Charlie and Frank both frown, squinting in confusion.

“That sounds like shit, Deandra.”

“Yeah that doesn’t even make sense.”

“Oh come on,” Dee whines, “How is my idea any worse than yours?”

Charlie sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Fine. Mac—what do you think?”

Mac blinks, heart racing. His eyes witnessed the exchange take place, but his mind’s been elsewhere. “Dennis is coming back.”

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  • Jaune: Hey Yang, can you help me with something?
  • Yang: Sure! What's the problem?
  • Jaune: Well, I err, I want to send a message to Weiss and ask her out on a date but I'm not sure if this text is good enough. Do you think I should add anymore? Take a look.
  • Yang: Hmmm, ok take out that bit....and that sentence at the start...that part at the end should go as well....and delete everything else.
  • Jaune: But now it doesn't say anything.
  • Yang: Perfect!