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Hetalia Fandom Hub June Interview: @inspirationalhetalia

For our first interview, I’m talking to @inspirationalhetalia, an edit maker and quote enthusiast!

Hi! Can you quickly introduce yourself for everyone?

I’m @inspirationalhetalia, but thankfully that’s not the name on my birth certificate. I’m CC. I have a name, it’s so surprising, I know. I’m 19 so a college sophomore and I cry as I write this, how am I 19 and still liking Hetalia. My blog’s actual purpose is putting Hetalia quotes on top of pretty pictures which is the dumbest idea ever but listen. On the side I do edits and graphics, which I know is what most people follow me for, ha. 

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

I’ve been in the fandom since December 2010. Actually, how I learned about Hetalia is… probably not how most people did. So at that point in time, the website I frequented most was Cracked. And I was reading an older article. ‘9 Beloved characters Made Horrifying by Japan.’ And then I got to the second spot, awarded to Hetalia. But god I was actually kind of intrigued? So I checked it out. And I liked it. Here I am now. I actually took like a year-ish long hiatus in 2011 I think (the years blend together) but I came back. My strange addiction.

Did you check out anything else on that list? Could there be an alternate dimension where you didn’t end up a Hetalia fan?

I HAVE ACTUALLY. Hellsing is on there. Well I just saw a bit of the anime. And the top entry was Jesus. Never found the manga but god it looks so terribly fun. You know, I never had a Naruto phase. So alternate me who never liked Hetalia probably liked Naruto. I think I got the better deal.

What is your favourite thing about the fandom?

I think my favorite thing about the fandom are the creators. The ones who translate, who write, who make art. A lot of Hetalia is fandom-driven because Hima lives in the Twilight Zone or something. And that keeps it active and alive, which I’m thankful for. 

What do you enjoy most about making edits?

God, can there even be a favorite thing about making edits… every day when I open up GIMP I get to urge to punch it and then myself. That’s a joke. Mostly. I have a love-hate relationship with making edits. Since you asked about what I like about it, I’ll talk about the positive right now. When I actually have an idea, it’s so fulfilling to have what I had in mind come to pixelly life. But of course, I’m nothing without feedback. So I stalk tags like they’re zebras and I’m a hyena that hasn’t eaten in a week. And when I see someone has said something nice about what I made, it makes me really happy (yes, I see what y’all write on everything I make). Not just in the tags though; also when people tell me directly. I actually keep a folder of all the nice things people say to me to cheer me up and keep me motivated. 

That folder sounds so cute! Maybe you can rummage through it and tell us what the nicest thing someone’s said to you has been?

Ohhh my god. Okay. Um. I’m looking through it but I don’t think I can pick like THE nicest thing. They’re all varied, from people saying they like what I do, to people just thanking me because what I do makes them happy, to people actually thinking I’m neat. Jesus I can’t pick. They all matter to me.

What usually gives you ideas for your edits?

I find inspiration (ba dum tsh) all over. Sometimes from seeing graphics for other fandoms. Sometimes in the real world, like seeing actual graphic design makes me go ‘Hey that gives me an idea.’ The layout of some websites sometimes set off a spark. Advertisements, too, especially when they use animation; I’m always looking for new animations. And TV shows and other anime, too. Okay so to sum up, in everything. I’ve done edits inspired by the opening to The West Wing, the opening to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the bags from Sephora, a painting in our bathroom, a bottle of soap, and a mousse bottle, to name a few.

Is there anyone in the fandom you look up to?

There’s some people I think are great and knowing they’re around makes me go like America in that one Beautiful World episode where he eats blowfish and doesn’t die and makes a victory pose.

Thank you very much to @inspirationalhetalia for being our interviewee! Please show this creator your love!