hey look astrid i tag it for you

I just wanted to write something with a daddy kink and I’m disgusting. Throw my body in the trash and leave me there to die. Bye.

Slight NSFW imagery also daddy kink warning.

It was the annual town carnival which meant lot’s of junk food, creepy carnies, and a chance for Jack to drag Hiccup out on a date. Astrid tagged along and together the three of them wandered around the carnival, feeding each other fattening treats and trying to beat each other at the games. Hiccup was about ready to go home when Jack pulled on his sleeve and stopped him. “Hey, look at this.” 

It was a ratty looking tent with a man standing at the entrance. He was extremely tall, with a long, gray face. He spotted the gang and his golden eyes seemed to shine before he smiled. “Ah, I see you’ve taken an interest in my humble tent.” 

“Jack,” Hiccup hissed, “I really think we should go home. I don’t like this guy.” 

Jack kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head reassuringly. “Relax, what’s the worst he could do?” 

“I can think of so many things,” Astrid muttered. 

The man gave a hurt look, pressing a hand to his chest. “I apologize if my appearance upsets you.” Jack shook his head, waving off his concern. “Ah, well, then how about a free trip through my tent?” 

Jack grinned down at Hiccup. “Come on, it could be fun.” 

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