hey look a sheep


Another subtle mix.  I did one more today, then I’m going to do some more gradients.

I’m looking at the pile of horns to finish and I think I might break from making new for a second.  Probably I will stop pouring new next week.  Give myself a month to clean what I have and work on Fusilli.

I would like to bring Fusilli to Dollism.  She would be on a jenky-ass body, covered in Epoxy sculpt with miss-matched joints, but it would be nice to have her there.


These are a pair of glyndarling’s horns–and I love how easy they are to use! They come with the heavy neodymium magnet to put inside the horn and then a slimmer one to go under a wig, which is so much easier than fussing with gluing magnets inside a head or a headcap. I have a second pinky salmon pair but they are drying and I am trying to be patient and not get glue where it shouldn’t be :D

That’s Polly, my Dollzone Celine harpy.


And I am done!

I am going to work 100% on getting all the horns so far cleaned, sealed, glossed, and drilled.  As you can see in the close-up, season two’s mold is pretty much dead anyway.  I will keep updating with progress shots of the finishing batches and my hacking at the poor ¼ scale doll I’ve been building for over a year.

After Dollism in September, I hope to have season three ready to roll and an Etsy store for your entertainment.


And this is it for the “blended” colors for a bit.  I have another gradient in the molds tonight.  The other big curved horn is missing, because it had a bubble in the tip to I am trying to fill it with resin for tonight’s cure. 

(As an aside, I am totally started on an original “option part” that will work for Dragon Doll Uncle boys.  People should not give me bad ideas.  eludyaq I am looking at you.)

So I counted.  I have 64 complete (and bagged) pairs of horns.  I have 15 more in the final sanding cup (magnet housing and a final clean).  Not all of the 15 will make it (I get really picky at the end), but even 64 is way more than I expected I could accomplish.  I even made care sheets to go along with.

I want to thank everyone that commented, liked, reblogged, sent a message, or even looked at one of my progress shots and nodded in approval.  You are all awesome!  You helped keep me on task no matter how tedious the job or how frustrated I became.

The next time you see a pile of my horns, it will be at Dollism.  A week and a bit, friends, a week and a bit.

This is everything that is totally finished.  All have been cleaned, sealed, and drilled for magnets.  I’ve been tossing “flawed” pairs into a bucket to address later (I have plans), so many have been weeded out.  I’ve fallen into a cycle, one week to seal, one week to rest (so I know the Krylon is totally cured), drill the next weekend.  After that they get a nice soak and scrub to get all of the drill-dust out of the magnet housing.  I’ll be able to add at least a few more sets to this pile over the next month.

So, yeah, room sales at Dollism next month!  Whoo!