hey look a sheep

Black Sheep

Don’t mean to be a let down, just seems to be how I get around
All these promises don’t follow through. That’s just how it is ‘cause I’m like you

But still I’ll always be your black sheep

Don’t mean to be a downer, just seem to be a frowner
We’re both just so full of it, so full of empty promises
Why don’t you ask me how I did in school? I got a good grade, didn’t break no rules

But still I’ll always be your black sheep

Don’t mean to be a failure, it’s just my role to fail ya
“Son, get off that microphone. Put down the guitar and just go home.
Go and find yourself some real work. Get a degree, don’t know what for.”

Go on and ask, “have you got any wool?”
Go on and ask, “why you look like a fool?”
“Hey, hey black sheep, this wool’s not enough”
Yeah, yeah I know, ‘cause you sheared it all off
“I really think you should stay in school
Babablack sheep, have you got any wool?”

But still I’ll always be your black sheep


Another subtle mix.  I did one more today, then I’m going to do some more gradients.

I’m looking at the pile of horns to finish and I think I might break from making new for a second.  Probably I will stop pouring new next week.  Give myself a month to clean what I have and work on Fusilli.

I would like to bring Fusilli to Dollism.  She would be on a jenky-ass body, covered in Epoxy sculpt with miss-matched joints, but it would be nice to have her there.


These turned out better than expected.  Subtle, but nicely balanced.   

I also sent out my first pair of Blue Otter Paradise horns out into the world today.  My dollwife, Funnylori, is always a bottomless well of good advice, encouragement, and honest opinions, so I gifted her a pair.

If “field testing” works out (including the set I have on my boy, Carver) I’ll throw some up on Etsy.  I want to know how they hold up first.  The only ones I have ready are small, but the straight spirals from season one are cleaned, sealed, and ready for magnet housing next.