hey look a sheep


Another subtle mix.  I did one more today, then I’m going to do some more gradients.

I’m looking at the pile of horns to finish and I think I might break from making new for a second.  Probably I will stop pouring new next week.  Give myself a month to clean what I have and work on Fusilli.

I would like to bring Fusilli to Dollism.  She would be on a jenky-ass body, covered in Epoxy sculpt with miss-matched joints, but it would be nice to have her there.


These turned out better than expected.  Subtle, but nicely balanced.   

I also sent out my first pair of Blue Otter Paradise horns out into the world today.  My dollwife, Funnylori, is always a bottomless well of good advice, encouragement, and honest opinions, so I gifted her a pair.

If “field testing” works out (including the set I have on my boy, Carver) I’ll throw some up on Etsy.  I want to know how they hold up first.  The only ones I have ready are small, but the straight spirals from season one are cleaned, sealed, and ready for magnet housing next.