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In which Noctis is caught staring at his beautiful boyfriend!
@destatree needs to stop enabling me to do these things. Its a never ending circle of goodies now—-but like, it’s Promptis so I guess it’s okay!
        Little panel thing based of of this Lil Promptis thing she wrote! I’m in promptis hell.
One of these days my screen tone things will be clean I promise


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

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i love the way u write jocasta nu she's like jedi professor mcgonagall. i can totally see her saying "have a biscuit, anakin."

Anakin knew better than to cry. It didn’t ever help. It just made his eyes sting, and if the Masters saw him they would be angry. Masters didn’t like to see you cry. It was probably bad for business.

Or…bad for meditation, anyway. Bad for communing with the Force, maybe. Anakin wasn’t really sure. He never seemed to know the right words to say here.

So it was better not to let the issue come up.

Anyway, Master Obi-Wan was busy right now. Maybe he would be angry later, after Master Tiin told him what Anakin had done, but that was later. So Anakin would have some time to prepare himself, to come up with the best possible apology. Masters liked apologies, as long as you got them exactly right. And Master Obi-Wan was much easier to apologize to than Master Tiin. Usually, he just told Anakin to meditate. That wasn’t so bad. He could think about whatever he wanted, and no one would ever know the difference.

So he would apologize to Master Obi-Wan later. If he said just the right thing, maybe Master Obi-Wan would even smooth things over with Master Tiin. He had last week.

The massive entry of the Temple Archives loomed suddenly before him, and Anakin almost forgot about apologies. He stopped and stared up at the towering door. He couldn’t help it. It was huge and ancient and inside there was more knowledge than he’d ever imagined could be in one place. And Master Obi-Wan had said he could go there whenever he had free time. He didn’t even have to ask.

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one hundred marvel ladies


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Imagines- At a Meeting (Pt 2)

Here’s another post about what I think happens at meetings. I love imagining what they could possibly talk about, but honestly Will would call them in for anything from a new video to ‘hey look guys, Mark tweeted about this thing none of us care about but I’ve brought you here to annoy you. Yup, that’s Will

During the Meeting

Dark will snap, on average, 4 or 5 times a meeting, his shell completely cracking to reveal the impatient demon beneath. This is usually because the meeting is pointless and no one seems to be listening to him when he actually has some valuable advice to give

The Host will constantly narrate to calm his nervous, getting louder when the others start to argue because he hates the noise and tries to concentrate on his own voice. Sometimes, he decides to control the situation and start to tell the story of ‘how a room full of alter egos lost their voices’, immediately shutting up everyone in the room bar himself

Dr Iplier will always agree with Will, regardless of whether his point is accurate or not, because he knows Will is the actual boss around here. Likewise, Google and Plus tend to side with Dark because he’s the only one who takes charge anymore

Chrome is too busy communicating with Bing to add anything to the debate, and Oliver is left stuttering when someone addresses him directly because he’s still not used to being seen as one of the ‘major’ egos

Silver stays quiet, only speaking when spoken to, but when he’s asked for his opinion, he always makes valid points that even Dark can’t argue with

Bim chimes in often, allowing his ‘confident presenter’ act to break through so he doesn’t get too nervous being in the same room of someone who could corrupt him, someone who could control him and four robots who want to destroy mankind

Ed agrees with no one and is always the one who starts an argument, even if he isn’t actually involved in the initial discussion, because where’s the fun in talking like civilised people when he could be sitting back and laughing at the others getting flustered and annoyed with each other

Will just tries his best to keep the conversation together but never works. The Jims are sat on the floor (since there were no more chairs) wondering why they were invited because Will never seems to address them, so they chat between themselves about TV shows or movies they like to pass the time.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens || Glitter & Gold

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Inspired by the amazingly talented @voordeel-ts​, Grable424 and @djcprodvids​. Watch their videos next: 

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Seriously, their editing makes me feel ALIVE and I wanted to try my hand at a TFA version. Enjoy! 

“I wasn’t aware that super-mega-ultra-ley-cool was an adjective, Alan. Let alone one used to describe meditation.”


It’s been the most exhilarating thing. It is in some ways the stuff dreams are made of. But you get back into the cold rehearsal room on the outskirts of London somewhere and its back to the gritty of filmmaking. It’s certainly a crash to reality, but a wonderful one.