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In which Noctis is caught staring at his beautiful boyfriend!
@destatree needs to stop enabling me to do these things. Its a never ending circle of goodies now—-but like, it’s Promptis so I guess it’s okay!
        Little panel thing based of of this Lil Promptis thing she wrote! I’m in promptis hell.
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“Did you like your present?”
“The book’s great but I think I like this one better…”

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i love the way u write jocasta nu she's like jedi professor mcgonagall. i can totally see her saying "have a biscuit, anakin."

Anakin knew better than to cry. It didn’t ever help. It just made his eyes sting, and if the Masters saw him they would be angry. Masters didn’t like to see you cry. It was probably bad for business.

Or…bad for meditation, anyway. Bad for communing with the Force, maybe. Anakin wasn’t really sure. He never seemed to know the right words to say here.

So it was better not to let the issue come up.

Anyway, Master Obi-Wan was busy right now. Maybe he would be angry later, after Master Tiin told him what Anakin had done, but that was later. So Anakin would have some time to prepare himself, to come up with the best possible apology. Masters liked apologies, as long as you got them exactly right. And Master Obi-Wan was much easier to apologize to than Master Tiin. Usually, he just told Anakin to meditate. That wasn’t so bad. He could think about whatever he wanted, and no one would ever know the difference.

So he would apologize to Master Obi-Wan later. If he said just the right thing, maybe Master Obi-Wan would even smooth things over with Master Tiin. He had last week.

The massive entry of the Temple Archives loomed suddenly before him, and Anakin almost forgot about apologies. He stopped and stared up at the towering door. He couldn’t help it. It was huge and ancient and inside there was more knowledge than he’d ever imagined could be in one place. And Master Obi-Wan had said he could go there whenever he had free time. He didn’t even have to ask.

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Morality: Hey guys, look, I found this new thing called “fan art”!

Every other personality: uhhuh cool Morality

Morality: They even have ship names again! Oh! This one’s with you and Roman, Virg!

Anxiety: Look Patton-They’re just boats-there’s nothing exciting about them. Princey and I are probably just photoshopped bending over a railing.

Morality: …

Morality: Well you’re certainly bending over Virgil-but I don’t think it’s for a view over railings.


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

So this got waayyyyyyyy out of hand, lordt. It’s been giving me trouble for like three weeks now, but here it is, finally! A proper portrait of my good good beautiful daughter Aurora ;-; Please click through to view in HD! It looks way better, I swear. 

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Hey! For that requests thing, maybe something with Donnie and Karai bonding? Like over armour or weaponry or something? we see so little of them together in canon, but they have so much potential to be an ultimate brotp xx

(friend i completely agree with you. it took a bit but i got back to this. cue snakesis and turtlebros shenanigans.)

((AO3 version))

It starts with a sticky note.

Karai stares at it, posted innocently in a location it shouldn’t be. Seriously; this is the heart of the compound, right on the screen of the center security monitor. It should not be here.

‘your security sucks ass’ proclaims the note, in messy haphazard handwriting. None of Karai’s soldiers or cameras caught the intruder in action; none of them noticing the sticky note until hours later and fifty unregistered security protocol updates had been added to their systems. All without Karai’s know or say.

Karai doesn’t even have to guess who it is that’s left the note.

“Honestly, senpai, we have no idea how he got in,” Shini says as she leans over Karai’s shoulder. “Or how he got out,” She adds with a slight grimace. “He erased all the footage and none of your soldiers have found his exit point yet.”

Karai narrows her eyes at the note, weighing her options. On the one hand, her security systems are at least three times better than they had been, far as her meager computer staff has been able to tell. On the other hand, her brother is a snot-nosed know it all who needs to mind his own business.

She snatches the note off the screen, and crumples it in her hands. “Tell the men they’re to scour the whole building until they find how Donatello got in, and then tell them that if their performance doesn’t improve I’ll start singling people out. And remind them how quickly those individuals disappear, won’t you Shini?”

“Hm, it would be my pleasure,” Shini replies with a catlike smile. Shini sashays off to terrify the recruits back into order, and Karai is left to stare in frustration at the computer monitors her brother had altered.

She draws out her phone, and taps out a quick message. Try that again and I’ll flay you. I can’t afford to look bad in front of my soldiers.

You should’ve hired better technicians, then, is Donnie’s immediate reply. It was like shredding wet tissue paper. You should thank me for saving you from someone a lot less innocent in intentions than I was.

Don’t you have things to do besides bother me?

Bothering my brothers is only so entertaining.

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my september in pictures (where @prettiestperrie tagged me to make a moodboard out of pictures I exclusively took during the month of september.)

yes, that’s a drumkit turned into a lamp.

I in turn tag @intenselouis @harrysgaytour @justlookatthehearteyes @aurrorpotter @alicedoesntsharefood @wesninskey and @soulmatesandfate 💕

Pete's Coffee

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: In which a boy orders coffee and a girl makes them.

Part 4: The Black Tie

Side Note: This story is a story that will have five parts. Therefore, welcome to Pete’s Coffee.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

Originally posted by rain-tea-coffee

“Ned I don’t know if this is a smart idea, I literally just found out her name and I don’t want to screw this up.” Peter spoke nervously to his friend walking beside him, as Ned listened quietly.

Peter had told Ned what happened the last time he was in the coffee shop, how you showed him how to make a Cappuccino, how you let him stay after the shop closed up, how you even sat down with him at the table and had a coffee with him, and then to top it all off, you finally told him your name.

“Do you think it’s obvious that I like her?” Peter suddenly questioned aloud, making Ned snort out in response.

“Dude, you go to the shop almost everyday, you become a stuttering mess, and you leave her huge tips, I think it’s pretty obvious.” Ned smirked slightly, as Peter let out a groan and rubbed his face.

“This is a mistake, what am I doing? Why am I taking you here with me?” Peter rambled, as they approached the one and only Pete’s Coffee shop.

“Did she name this place after you? Cliché.” Ned teased, making Peter’s cheeks turn a light pink, he never really thought about the name of the shop that way.

Great, now he was even more nervous than he was already, thanks a lot Ned.

Ring. Ring.

“Hello! Welcome to Pete’s Coffee!” A man from behind the counter greeted, making Peter’s brows furrow, where were you?

You normally worked every morning, hence why Peter always took a trip in the morning before school started.

Ned finally walked up to the counter, leaving a confused Peter behind him, before he realized he was standing alone like an idiot in front of the door.

Embarrassed enough already, he caught up to Ned at the counter, where he was ordering a simple Espresso and a breakfast sandwich.

“And for you sir?” The man looked at Peter, a kind smile on his face with a pen and notepad in his hand.

“O-Oh, right, yes, uhm, may I have The Black Tie please?” Peter spoke casually, it was a bit easier to talk to someone other than you, mainly because you made his heart beat so fast he felt it in his throat.

“What size would you like sir?” The man, whose name was Joshua questioned again, as he waited for Peter’s response.

“Right! Uhm, I’ll have a medium please,” Peter looked up at the menu, "Hey you guys added some new things to the breakfast menu.. nice.“ Peter commented, making Joshua laugh, nodding in response.

“Indeed we did, people have been loving our breakfast so we added a few new items, would you like anything?” Joshua questioned, looking between Peter and Ned, who was waiting for his order.

“Yes, actually, I-I’d love to try the Bacon and Cheddar breakfast sandwich please.” Peter smiled anxiously, his hands fiddling with one another.

“Alright, that will be fifteen dollars and thirty-six cents.” Joshua placed the order, as Peter handed him the money, before waiting with Ned for their food and drinks.

“I guess your girl isn’t working today.” Ned shrugged, glancing around the small shop, as Peter bit his lip.

Peter eventually nodded in agreement, coming to terms with the fact you just weren’t here, and it really bummed him out, he was looking forward to see you.

Maybe him asking for your name scared you, and that was why you weren’t working your normal shift.

Maybe you just didn’t like Peter the same way he liked you.


His train of thought got cut off by the sound of the bell ringing above the door, his focus now seeing who had entered, his eyes widening slightly.

It was you.

“Sorry! Sorry I’m late!” You muttered, looking at your coworker with a sheepish smile, as Joshua shook his head and laughed.

“It’s fine, just come back here and help create their order alright?” He smiled, as he motioned to the two waiting for their food and drinks.

Your face lit up at the sight of them, even if you did look like an absolute mess, seeing Peter made up for it.

“Hey Caffé Parker!” You smiled, walking over to him, making his heart beat speed up.

“H-Hey.” He stuttered, making you smile, you weren’t going to lie, Peter was adorable, and the fact you made him nervous was a bonus.

“Hey I’m Ned, Pete’s best friend.” Ned introduced himself, putting his hand out so you could shake it.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, nice to meet you Ned.” You smiled, shaking his hand before giving a small wink at Peter, before disappearing into the back to change into your work uniform.

“Damn, now I get why you come here, she’s gorgeous dude, and it’s clear she has a thing for you too.” Ned teased, making Peter roll his eyes as he sat down at one of the tables.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Peter shrugged, playing with a napkin as Ned sat down across from him.

You soon reappeared out from the back, your uniform on as you looked at what Joshua had wrote down, a smile on your face as you read Peter’s order.

“How original.” You mumbled, unaware that Peter could hear you due to his Spider-Man abilities.

You then helped create their order, before taking their drinks and food over to them.

“Okay so, I’m gathering the simple Espresso is for the lovely friend of Caffé Parkers,” You teased, making Peter smile nervously as Ned grinned, nodding, “And The Black Tie is for the one and only Caffé Parker?” You questioned, a teasing smile on your lips as Peter nodded.

“And here are your breakfast sandwiches, they’re really good just an fyi.” You smiled, before taking the tray and walking back behind the counter, explaining to your coworker why you were late.

“Seriously?” Joshua questioned in shock, as you nodded, leaning against the counter.

“I don’t know how it happened, one second I’m walking to work and the next I’m being stalked by some creep and then out of nowhere I’m basically being kidnapped, but thankfully I packed pepper spray and got away.” You breathed out, an anxious expression on your face.

Peter however heard all of this, his jaw clenching at the thought of someone trying to harm you and kidnap you in broad daylight.

“You alright dude?” Ned whispered, seeing Peter’s tense expression, making him snap out of his daze.

“Someone tried to kidnap Y/N, that’s why she was late, I knew I felt off this morning but I couldn’t place it, and now I know why.” He muttered, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Ned and Peter continued to stay at the shop until they were finished, Ned excusing himself to the bathroom, giving you a chance to talk to Peter.

“Hey brown eyes.” You smiled, making his face light up and his cheeks warm at your comment.

“H-Hey Y/N.” He stammered, a soft smile on his face as you sat down in the seat across from him.

“So I found out from a little birdy that you were looking for me this morning.” You smiled, making his eyes widen and his cheeks turn redder.

“I-I, Uhm, I mean, y-yeah?” He shrugged, a smile on his lips, making your face heat up slightly.

You quickly grabbed his cup, scribbling something on it quickly before handing it back to him, your hand gently moving a curl out of his face.

“See you around.” You winked, before disappearing back behind the counter, leaving Peter stunned.

“I leave for five minutes and I find you frozen like a statue, what happened?” Ned questioned, looking at Peter’s shocked expression.

You just gave him your number.


one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)

Undercover? Not so much.

@purple-possibilities The writing bug bit me, and I saw you tag that one post with Madakaka. Something happened. And by something, I mean nearly 1,000 words of nonsense. I love you?

Also tagging @madakaka because I’ve been a bit light on the tribute, recently.

A stranger asks Madara Tolkien Trivia. Friendship ensues…maybe?

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