hey look a new thing

Min Yoongi as your boyfriend

- hooooooo boy here we go

- nap times are must™

- loooves taking you out to fancy dinners but he’s absolutely down for just cuddling on the couch and just mumbling nonsense to each other or sleeping

- does that thing where you sleep on the outside of the bed so if a murderer came in the room you’d get murdered first

- kind of shy of showing and expressing the things he likes just b/c he’s scared that you won’t care for them (he wrong) but once you show that you appreciate him opening up to you it’s suddenly

- “hey, you, person, look at this cool thing”

- “this new song I found, i-i think you should listen to it” (Agust D starts playing)

- adores just silently gazing at you time to time, not saying anything, just taking your appearance in

- notices little quirks and habits you might have and light-heartedly teases you of them

- blanket stealer

- you’ll wake up in the middle of the night, freezing and notice he’s cuddled up in the whole blanket.

- if you wake him up tho, he’ll probably grumble something under his breath and open his arms up for you to get under the blanket w him

- low-key jealous

- if he sees you too close w namjoon or something will just nonchalantly interrupt and wrap his arm around your waist and bring you closer to him

- the very first to hear a new track or idea

- will write lyrics with you in mind but will write it in a way that when you listen to the song you won’t notice that’s it’s about you

- you’ll just be chillin in the studio to yoongi’s request b/c u his muse

- will definitely overwork himself time to time (ugh smol) so sometimes you’ll just find him on his laptop in the living room in the middle of the night

- you’ll walk up w a blanket and just sit quietly next to him and wrap the blanket around the both of you as he silently works

- constantly wants to comfort you and be there even when he’s away because he want to make sure ur alright

- will send cheesy postcards like “greetings from Chicago!” but will cross out the city name to say “greetings from…hell because you’re not here y/n )-:”

- super gentle with you if he knows you’re not feeling all right

- will just bring you close to him and caress your face and makes jokes like “whoever did it, i have gun in my bag”

- constantly supports you and your decisions and appreciates it sm when ur his lil cheer-up when he’s not feeling too well

- overall loves you so so so s o much

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2016 bones challengeday 3: first episode you watched, and when (august 2010)
“My name is Brennan. I’m Dr….. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a Forensic Anthropologist. I specialize in identifying….. in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was a science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper. My brother….. I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.”


one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)

Oh hey so I made that warlock of the Raven Queen today!

Anyone wanna listen to me talk about her? Yes? No? I’ll tell you anyway.

So I’ve not really figured out what she was doing before she was… 18-ish? I mean.. what do kids even usually do in the dnd-verse? go to school?? is that a thing?? dunno. But at around 18-19 she started stealing things, breaking into places, that sort of thing, to make money. Most of the money probably went into food and all that but she always made sure to give a part of it to the local temple (/some other form of charity). She learned to be quite a successful cat burglar, and maybe even made a bit of a reputation for herself, she was probably caught once or twice but usually managed to break her way out of holding and just hid somewhere for a while. She also kind of dated this awesome half-elf girl, who also happened to be a very reliable fence, for a while. It was a really casual thing though, they were never anything serious (also she’s. like. so gay. (which i believe has somehow become like a theme for underlings of the RQ?? i’m okay with this.))

Then, she managed to somehow make some really powerful enemies in the criminal world (maybe she broke into the wrong place, maybe she stole something important, maybe she made out with someone’s girlfriend, who knows) and she had to go into hiding. She’s about 22? at this point. This is also the last time she saw that fence girl, I’m really hoping they meet again at some point. She managed to stay hidden for a while, probably moving from city to city, but eventually those enemies found her and they tried to kill her by burning down the house she was in at night. And they succeeded. Sort of.

As she was dying, or dead, or something, she had a vision of the Raven Queen. She was offered a deal; she could survive the fire and continue her life if she swore to help track down and recover an important artifact (maybe???) that was stolen, probably from like some ancient temple ruin or something. She agreed to the deal because a) she didn’t want to die and b) she liked the idea of possibly getting revenge on the ones who murdered her. And that’s how she became a warlock! I’d also like to think that after the fire the word spread that she was dead, but she managed to get a message to a few of her closest contacts (including the fence girl, i just really want a reunion okay) that she was still alive.

She’s very charismatic and pleasant to be around, and she has a habit of trying to convince people she’s right. And also lying (i mean what, her?? lying??? never.) She has pretty good stats all around - except her strength, she’s feeble af - and she has skills in things like arcana, history and religion. She’s also kind of a kleptomaniac, she can’t help but think of stealing little trinkets and whatnot whenever she visits a place. I think she also doesn’t exactly advertise the fact that she’s a warlock or who her patron is (like most warlocks i think?), but I haven’t quite figured out how she does explain her powers, maybe she just pretends to be a wizard. Or a rogue.

Oh, and she’s a half-elf, btw.

I’ll be honest, I think it’s really neat when someone you’re following finds something new to love. Like, there’s that period of them apologizing, going “hey I still love that other thing and all BUT LOOK AT NEW THING OMG” and often they slowly just become dedicated to new thing, not because they love old thing any less but because there’s so much stuff for new thing! New headcanons to think of, fics to write, art to make, things to reblog!

And I like it. Even if I followed them for old thing and i have no idea what new thing is, I like seeing people fall in love with something.


It’s been the most exhilarating thing. It is in some ways the stuff dreams are made of. But you get back into the cold rehearsal room on the outskirts of London somewhere and its back to the gritty of filmmaking. It’s certainly a crash to reality, but a wonderful one.