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Hey let's pretend the champions just revive at the end of the game and go back to their villages (Im still so sad about that cutscene where they all just fade away, felt like they needed some more closure). How would the reunion with their S/O go?

For the sake of easiness, I’m going to assume s/o is the same species as them, to make things not exactly the same in every version.

….I know you probably want this to be happy but…. brace yourself.

-The sometimes apologetically sadistic Mod Pinks

Reunion with S/o 100 years later


  • When Urbosa returns to Gerudo city, there is so much joy and celebration, people go nuts!
  • Riju and Urbosa re-unite in joy, and Urbosa gets to see how her daughter has fared.
    • Eventually she asks where her love is.
    • And feels her heart thump loudly when she is brought to elder.
  • She recognizes them and and smiles.
    • I’m sorry you had to wait so long for me… my love…”
  • They have a lot of stories to catch up on.


  • People lose their SHIT when Mipha walks into the Zora Domain
    • Sidon and Dorephan are crying tears of joy and hugging and are full of joy.
    • People are crying tears of joy as their beloved princess returns to them, safe and alive and as bright as the day she was taken from them. 
  • Everyone is celebrating, loudly, joyously
    • And then, she hears a voice.
        • Mipha? Beloved?”
        • “(N-name)?”
  • When she sees them, her jaw drops.
    • They’ve grown older. Not by a lot (Zora age much much much slower than Hylians), but still. Taller. Wiser.
  • Sidon and Dorephan are not the only ones crying tears of joy.


  • You- you didn’t have to wait so long on me- it’s not- why?!”
  • Having waltzed back into the village, he had expected so many things. Talk to the elder, see how people have grown, see how the village has changed.
  • He hadn’t tears of sadness, as he is taken by the hand by someone small and young to an elderly Rito, frail and old on their death bed
    • With tears in their eyes and a smile on their face, they tell him how they waited for him, made sure his heirs (adopted, birthed or otherwise) carried on his legacy.
  • It’s not fair to them, not at all. They gave up their life and dreams to make sure he wasn’t forgotten. And now that he’s back, they’re dying??? It’s- it’s not fair!
  • For the first and last time, in a long time, they are quietly holding each other, tears of both sorrow and joy as their meeting is brought to an end.


  • Took you long enough! Thought the mountain had eatten you up!”
  • “And take me away from ya? Never!”
  • Goron age really slow, given they’re practically made of stone, so to Daruk, the wonderful Goron before him was as wonderful as the day he left, plus or minus a few wrinkles.
  • The people celebrate at the return of their leader, and s/o introduces him to all the family he’s missed out in his time in the Divine Beast.
  • That next morning, as the village sleeps in exhausted slumber, the two are up on the mountain, looking over everything.
    • (Name) tells him of all that he’s missed, and notices that he’s gone quiet.
    • His tears fall freely. So long he has been gone. Missed so much. How many family memories had he missed?
  • They hug each other. It would not be easy, but they would find their way again. Together.

a list of memes from this iconic montreal trip

  • croque nature
  • (pristi stanice, rathaus croquenature)
  • take me to GHURCH 
  • (also take me to SKURCH after passing by a cathedral that had been incorporated into a university building)
  • purposefully mispronouncing “jean coutu” as “jean cocteau”
  • tintinxhaddock (why isn’t it called Hintin is the Real question here)
  • jaywalking in front of police cars
  • juice…. and friends
  • “is the poutine okay”
  • this is it, we’ve peaked (on the chalet du mont royal)
  • -points to bank- is this a gay bar -points to drugstore- is this a gay bar -points to tree- is this a gay bar
  • singing phantom of the opera songs at a gay karaoke bar
  • hey let’s get to the police station faster by jaywalking
  • “i’m so glad i wasn’t the one who got my purse stolen,,, my passport photo was pretty great”
  • good friends will spring you out of jail. best friends will spring you out of canada

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Why are they showing a video of Steve in a school if he is now a villain to the world? I'm talking about spiderman new trailer!

tbh, I was wondering the same thing. I thought Captain America was a criminal. Isn’t that what War Machine said? Plus, he just broke out prisoners and is hiding a wanted man. But hey, let’s use him to tell kids about health? lol k 

Also, am I the only one who, in response to Peter saying that he stole Cap’s shield, said, “And then he kicked your ass.” ?? hehe I’m kinda annoyed that they gave away so much in the trailer, but I shouldn’t be surprised. They don’t know how to hold things in. It’s weird. First, they are all secretive during filming and there’s jokes about snipers and such and then they just tell all in their trailers - leaving no mystery. *sigh*

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Hey, Mjolnir lets one fly, shoot lightning and hit things really hard. So I'd rank it pretty high as relics go. That said, the 'worthiness' needed to wield it is entire based on Odin's personal definition of 'worthy', so don't sweat it too much that you can't use it.

Thanks for the info, but…really…
I wouldn’t be able to use the Mjolnir properly, at least not for long.

My hands, remember? I can’t hold anything tightly for too long, it hurts like hell.

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Hey, just letting you know, the 12 Ways Humans Are Adorable post you rebloged is a stolen post. teaboot(.)tumblr(.)com/post/158372683015/humans-are-adorable is what appears to be the original post.

deleted and reblogged the right one! thanks for telling me!!!

whisker up and prepare for another eightxciting year of weird tweets and weirder vid! 

can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready