hey kids guess what

hey kids if ur parents r gross n transphobic n homophobic then guess what aphrodite (goddess of wlw) is ur mother and eros (god of mlm) is ur brother and dionysus (god of trans people) is ur cool wine uncle

  • person: you okay?
  • me: yeh
  • my brain: 🎶 here we go here we go here we go Arnold dadadadadadedudududadadadaduna hey Arnold dadadaddaduDADADADUNAdadada dededededanadenadadadu DuNaaaa *screech* HEY ARNOLD deeedeede DANU dAnU Arnold dAnU dedede Arrrnold duuduuduu arNOLD dada dananada *stomping* dadaduna DANANANE aaarrrnnnooollld dananandeeee
  • badananane Hey Arnold! ba ba AAAAHHHHHHHH
  • created by Craig Bartlet

“Wow, a real space ship,” Wally says in amazement, turning in a circle to get a good look at his surroundings. 

“Actually, it’s a time ship.” Wally whips around, planting his attention on the man leaning against the entrance to the bridge. 

“Uh, hi,” Wally says, eyes wide. “Sorry, I just assumed-" 

"It’s all good. I’m Jax, by the way,” Jax says, walking over to Wally. He extends his hand and Wally takes it, apparently forgetting how to shake hands because Jax’s are so warm. 

“Wally,” he says, “Wally West." 

"Yeah, Kid Flash,” Jax says with a smile on his face. “And, uh, glad you like my ship." 

Wally gawks at Jax. 

Your ship?“ Wally asks, still reeling from being in an actual space - no, sorry - time ship. 

"Mmhm,” Jax hums. “You know, being the captain and all -" 

Co-Captain,“ Sara says, waltzing into the bridge. She comes up next to Jax, slinging her arm over his shoulder. 

"Sara Lance, I’m the other Captain.” She gives Wally a wink, and squeezes Jax a bit to her side. “But, Jax is Chief Engineer, he knows this ship better than the back of his hand. Maybe he can show you around." There’s something in her voice that makes her sound like a meddling big sister. She side glances at Jax, a smirk on her lips. 

Jax wants her to leave, because he cannot spit game when she’s here embarrassing him. 

"Yeah, I’d like that,” Wally says. “I’ve never been on one of these before, so I could use a knowledgeable tour guide.” Wally’s wide grin and shining eyes make heat rise to Jax’s face, but he quickly gathers his composure. 

“Alright, let’s get started then.” Jax nods for Wally to follow him, and they almost make it out of the bridge without incident. Until Sara calls out to them. 

 "Why don’t you show him where the sleeping quarters are first?“ 

 Jax just shakes his head and groans, tugging Wally into the hallway.

The Affair - Chapter 11

Summary: On the way home from the game, the OC (reader) and Negan find something that helps progress their relationship while also having to deal with nosey neighbors. 

Characters: Negan & Reader (OC)

Warnings: Swearing. 

Notes: This story is very much an AU, just letting that be known. I also wrote this very fast and didn’t really get a chance to look it over that much. It’s a very fluffy chapter with a bit of angst.Thanks @ghoulkidclub for the name of something I used in this chapter! 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10224827/chapters/26965440

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Boyfriend Vernon (Seventeen)
  • Alrighttt I actually never thought I would be doing this ???
  • A mess okay here we go…
  • I think he’d be a pretty shy one ?
  • At least at first
  • & he would be anxious to text you, but he wouldn’t want to text you too much, so he would give you excuses to text him first
  • ”Oh yeah text me when that show starts” “hey do you know this person?” *Sends memes as excuses as well*
  • He’d turn into the meme he is after a while of dating
  • Everyone already knows how much of a meme he is and he will definitely get worse just to mess with you
  • He’ll know you love his dorky meme-y ways
  • So he’ll always bring that side of himself out to you

This is the second time attempting to do this alright 😂 

• I really think Vernon’s pretty goofy when it comes to dating someone 

• Like he swears he’s super cool and chill but no 

• He’s always dying inside around them so he makes all these dumb jokes to make himself seem ~cool~ 

• I don’t see him doing a lot of skinship at first honestly 

• I see him holding hands with his s/o and putting his arms around them but not much until they’re really together 

• Then he will be more open with the fact that he wants to be with his s/o all the time and wants to be as close to them as possible 

• I see him and his s/o having a lot of deep conversations late at night (whether they be in person or on the phone/texting/Skype/FaceTime…) 

• This couple will definitely be best friends and supporters of each other before anything 

• He will go to his s/o with any worry or difficulty he’s having in his life 

• These two will be each other’s lifelines 

• Expect a LOT of laughing 

• I do feel like he prefers speaking Korean to English but there will be random English phrases while speaking to his s/o 

• And they will mostly be meme-y phrases like “shrek is love shrek is life" 

• I don’t I see him as much of a kisser? 

• Like he loves kissing you but he may be more of a chill dude who just likes keeping his arms around you 

  • The kind of boyfriend with simply the occasional sweet cheek kiss 

• I mean there will definitely be kissing, but it won’t be that much 

• He will try to act sexy and like a "sangnamja” sometimes but no 

• Mostly as a joke 

• Would share his earphone with you all the time 

• The type of boyfriend to send new songs and playlists when he finds a GOOD SONG 

• You see Seventeen a lot, even though he was really embarrassed to have the guys meet his s/o 

• Mostly because of the inevitable relentless teasing 

• Gets embarrassed when you play his songs 

• “Babe, please, no. Not again” (he says through endless giggles and an extremely red face) 

• He just loves hanging out with you 

• Even if you don’t do anything at all 

• He still loves just being in your presence 

• It’s comforting and helps him relax especially when he’s anxious

Now it is my third time editing woopsie

  • I really like the image of him lovingly staring at his s/o because he can’t believe how beautiful you are
  • You would bring up his videos from when he was a kid
  • “Vernon, hey, hey Vernon. Guess what”
  • “What, babe”
  • “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  • “Get out”
  • Ugly selfies from both of you
  • Laughing all night at weird filters
  • and LOTS of dumb jokes/puns
  • He would trust you completely
  • I don’t see him as someone for PDA no matter how far you two are into the relationship so~
  • Would prefer to date someone who is passionate about something and would work hard to reach their goals
  • He would looove for you to get along with his family
  • It would be his favorite thing
  • He would definitely worry about you all the time, even if he doesn’t show it too much
  • The type to attempt to make one of those romantic middle of the night adventure things
  • and fail
  • because you just want to sleep
  • Random texts when he’s busy or abroad telling you he loves you/misses you/asking if you’re okay
  • Calls you dude/m8/man 
  • bc memes man
  • I’d say he’s into those cheesy dates
  • Like an amusement park/beaches/parks
  • He’s a total blushy mess when you compliment him
  • o r if you let it slip that you love him
  • He would act like :O but when you turn away he’d be *//U\*
  • He would probably be too shy to call you his gf at first and would TOTALLY BLUSH WHEN SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT YOU
  • Someone: *Sees a picture of the both of you as his background* “Is that your girlfriend?”
  • “Umm…haha..Uhh-Well-Yeah…haha…” *//U\*
  • Singing along to songs badly together
  • Weird nicknames as contacts in each other’s phones
  • Whoever sees your phone when he texts would be very confused
  • BluSHES when he compliments you
  • The type to ask for a selfie/picture of how you’re looking today and hype you up like you’re the most exquisite creature on eaRTH
  • He’s not the kind of person to take hints
  • Like you have to tell him specifically what you waNt because he doesn’t take hints
  • omg I’m so soft for Vernon
  • He totally gives a ton of backhugs
  • all the time
  • That’s probably the most he’d do for PDA
  • Would never do anything to hurt you

I think I’m done for now but I’ve had so many bursts of inspiration that I may just add more pls enjoy :D

Toddlers - Avengers x Reader x Tony Stark

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Words: 867
Paring: Tony x Reader, basically
Feauturing: like everyone
Warnings: swear
Requested: i cant get myself to get words out of my head s here is a writing from like, five/six months ago.
Authors Note: idk I thought it would be funny to be the ‘mom’ of the group so then I imagined the avengers as toddlers. This is the result. I also hate the ending. << LEGIT THE A/N I HAD WRITTEN FOR WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA POST THIS

Masterlist. Request List.

“This is going to be one of the best things ever!” Tony cheered to you, kissing your cheek.

“Isn’t that what you said last time and it blew up half of your lab?” You asked, handing him the tool he was trying to reach for.

“Yes, but this time I know it will work. With you, my lovely assistant, and Banner being a great help, it’s going to be great!” He told you.

You laughed and shook your head. “Just don’t kill anyone, okay?”

“Mhm, yeah.” He said, apparently not paying attention to you anymore.

You walked over and gave Tony a small hug and smiled. “I’m gonna order some pizza’s for the tower to celebrate your new invention.” You said and walked out.

The team seemed happy to hear that we were going to have pizza and celebrate. No one really knew what this new invention was going to do, but it was an excuse to eat a shit load of pizza.

And even better, if this worked, Tony would throw another party. It’s been a while since the last party; it was time to wind down and have some fun.

And so time passed, and the whole team was gathering around Tony’s lab. Everyone was waiting for Tony to start the demonstration of his new project and you were very happy for him.

“This could help us predict what’s coming next,” Tony announced.

“If it works.” Hawkeye laughed a bit.

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Hey guess what kids? I’m officially not diabetic anymore! I went to a new doctor today (my old one retired, booooo I loved her!) and the new one said that I didn’t need to stay diagnosed diabetic since it’s been a long time since I tested in the diabetic category. So even with allllll this insane weight gain, my blood sugar hasn’t been that bad! As for all that weight gain, here’s a new before picture! This was taken last night, I didn’t do a side view, though I guess I still could. Maybe I should also not have them taken in the dark…. oh well! 

Hey kids, guess what time it is?

It’s time for me to explain to you why Hugh Neutron is the Devil! 

Yep, that’s the face of pure evil right there. Why is that, you ask? 

Well, let me contextualize things for ya. 

Waaay back in 2002, there was a show on Nickelodeon- The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

It was a lackluster show about an insufferable kid and his idiot friends, and all the horrible ways that Jimmy nearly ruins their lives. Naturally this meant Jimmy’s father, Hugh Neutron, was a grating, bumbling manchild of a moron who made Homer Simpson look like a well adjusted, functioning adult. Now, that alone would be bad enough, and if it was JUST that, there wouldn’t be much to talk about. Idiot Dads are a dime a dozen in television.

But then there came this one incident, from this one episode, that shifted my understanding of the guy and made me realize he was a monster. 

In an episode called ‘Sorry, Wrong Era’, Jimmy and his idiot friends wind up trapped in the Cretaceous Era, while in the present time Hugh gets access to the remote control device that made it possible. Naturally, hijinks ensue. 

What we see him do is fairly penny ante stuff- using the machine to eat the same meal over and over again at a diner and other such pathetic stuff. Eventually his irritating antics lead an angry mob to form outside his home while his wife is left to difuse the situation. The townspeople begin to air their grievances, mentioning the stuff we saw Hugh did.

And then we get to this one woman, who utters one of the most horrifying lines I’ve ever heard anywhere. 

“He made me experiance the miracle of birth, over and over and over!” 

It is at this point that she breaks out into hysterical sobs, and anyone with half a brain is left speechless and nauseated. That’s right folks- Hugh used his son’s time travel machine to make a woman experiance the same birth, multiple times over. 

Just take a moment to process that. 

So, yeah, in conclusion? It was on that day that I decided that Hugh Neutron is the devil. Not because he’s obnoxious, but because he’s a truly messed up person who outlandishly evil things when given the opportunity. There’s a sickness in that man’s soul, hidden behind his witless smile and quaint obsession with ducks. 

Pleasant dreams, folks. 

Hey kids, guess what’s getting sent out today!!

That’s right, it’s the digital editions of the zine!

Still waiting on the print - the printers are being slower than they claimed to be, but anyone who ordered a digital copy, be prepared to have your minds blown!

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Could you do something with Miss Martian being trans please?

“You did great out there M'gann” Nightwing said with a smile, “Thanks Dick” the Martian had managed to hide most of the flinch from his face and voice, a voice pitched way to high he thought. Zatanna bumped him as he tried to get out of the control room. “Oh Megan! I haven’t seen you in forever! we have to hang out, a girl’s day sometime?” 

“sure sounds great” again a fake smile and the voice that belonged to some other person, the idea of a ‘girl’s day’ of shopping for clothes made him want to throw up. He’d have to try on skirts and tops and play up Megan’s ultra girlly tastes. 

He finally made it to his room and slide the door shut. In a moment his costume with it’s dreaded skirt was gone, the feminine curves and long hair of Miss Martian were gone. He walked to the full length mirror and looked at himself. Right now he was a green humanoid shape, no clear characteristics. Which was somehow how he felt. 

Coming to earth had been a great choice, Megan had been a horrible one. Mars had been easier, you didn’t really have to pick, here on earth everyone was one thing or another, rather than more one thing than another. He’d watched a lot of Earth tv and connected with the character Megan, she was liked and likable. He’d liked the things she liked, cooking and horses and ‘girl’ things. The thing with Connor hadn’t hurt, girls liked boys that’s how that goes he’d thought. He’d thought he’d thought how uncomfortable he was in skirts or with the sound of his voice, his form all of it must just be adjusting to earth. 

At first even he had a hard time turning into boys. A mental block about the truth he suspected now. Once he got the hang of it, he found how much more comfortable it was. He tried not to think of the night that ended his relationship with Superboy, the look on his face when his ‘girlfriend’ turned into Connor and asked if he wanted to find out what it was like. He let out a sigh in the mirror back in his room, it was still embarrassing and hard to talk to Connor. 

His shape in the mirror rippled and he was Connor, twisting and turning looking at the curves and lines, the muscles. When he’d first started going out in boy shape Connor had been the base for the looks, big, muscular, manly. It was a lot better than Megan or Miss Martian thats for sure, but also still not right. He shrank down to a skinny boy of 18. Red hair shaved on one side long over his eye on the other, he dragged his long fingers through it. Green eyes a nose and lip ring, yeah tonight was a punk rock night. 

He’d found the basic shape awhile ago, mostly he stuck with this shape. A name was harder, but Magnus was sounding pretty good, not married to it. Magnus checked how his skinny jeans fit and pulled on his very patched jacket. There was an ID in the back left pocket along with a wallet for a Magnus C. Morse of Watertown Massachusetts. It said he was 21, enough to get into the gay bar in Providence, just 35 minutes from Happy Harbor. 

He turned invisible and slide through the wall, gliding down the halls past teammates. Some day he’d tell them, once he’d hammered out names, and all the details of his face. He couldn’t stay Miss Martian of course, but Mr. Martian was dumb. He slide into the seat of his car and became physical again to start it up and start the drive. Martian Manhunter Jr, would be embarrassing, Gar would know, he always had good ideas. Magnus dreaded telling him most of all, his life had been turned inside out so much already. “hey kid, guess what your alien kinda sister is your alien kinda brother, what’s on TV?” Magnus asked the empty car. It wasn’t funny, some day he’d tell them but not tonight.